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  • VIDEO: Heritage President Ed Feulner Reacts to the Conservative Wave Election

    Posted in Ongoing Priorities [slideshow_deploy]

    4 Responses to VIDEO: Heritage President Ed Feulner Reacts to the Conservative Wave Election

    1. Trea Graham Pittsbur says:

      Hear! Hear! Hallelulia! Well said. Now let's get to work, remain active and in touch with your representatives.

    2. v. ann maguire, mt. says:

      American Patriotism is back in Vogue! The people have spoke against

      the socialistic policies of Obama's expanding government.

      He needs to CHANGE direction and work with his fellow GOP/teaparty reps.

      and get this economy BACK on track. No More Spending.

      The vote has spoke.

    3. Sandra Lea Schell, T says:

      This morning my husband woke up and asked, "Is the nightmare over, or are we still stuck with Brown and Boxer?" After telling him we were still stuck with Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer, he exclaimed, "That does it! We're moving to Kentucky where they elect Rand Pauls."

      I share this because I don't want the rest of the country to think all of California is looney-left.

    4. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Ed, thank you so much for your efforts!

      The new House of the 112th Congress must, simply must investigate the double dealing, graft and corruption of the Progressive government officials. 80% of our public funding is going to partisans, the Unions and the Captive Media. The Pay Offs that have been exposed at this Site should all be put in front of Committees in the House.

      More Abuse Of Power is in the Obama pipeline. Just watch as the Czars in the Administration continue the Progressive take down of America by abuse of Presidential Power, usurping Congress while Obama's Veto thwarts any rollback the American People want (and demand).

      This is not a Communist country. Communism is an unlawful form of government here! Unlawful. It is unlawful to usurp Representation if you are in the service of the Foreign Interest (of long standing enmity). The way is clear for us to expose the Half Vast Left Wing Conspiracy in front of our House Oversight Committees. ACORN, CRA, Fanny & Freddie, our President is red handed along with Government Officials in so many Abuse Of Power situations, the wonder is "Why are these criminals not Impeached?"

      Somebody do a Cold War Damage Assessment! Or release the one you have. We have the Damages that make the Case presentable. Now all of a sudden we have the Players in the House to stop them for the criminals that they are! Communist usurpers are not Loyal Opposition. Look! The Progressives are not loyal to the Sovereigns they serve! We are Sovereign Citizens at Liberty Under God! All their actions prove how much Progressives hate Americans. Get them! They actually are Traitors and now they are vulnerable!

    5. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      for your convenience here is my Articles:


      ARTICLE ONE: Acts of Treason, against the Constitution; False Swearing a Senate Oath; False Swearing a Presidential Oath; Conspiracy to Usurp Representative Government; Conspiracy Serving Foreign Interests in Congress; Serving Foreign Interests in the Presidency.

      ARTICLE TWO: Acts of Treason, against the Constitution; Fixing Elections; Buying Elections; Creating Organizations for the purpose Election Fraud, ACORN; Conspiracy Fixing Elections By Intimidation and Unlawful Attacks on Opponents of Election; Fixing the Electoral Process; while Infiltrating the United States Government in the Interest of Foreign Powers.

      ARTICLE THREE: Abuse Of Power, Against The Constitution; the Establishment Of Unlawful Government Styles of Socialism, Communism (Czars), Humanism, in Abrogation of Lawful Republican and Representative Government; Creating Abusive and Unconstitutional Laws; Crafting Criminality into Law; Unlawfully Selecting Candidates For Election Abusing Presidential Powers:

      ARTICLE FOUR: Conspiracy, Against the Constitution and the People of the United States, Infiltration Of Political Parties, Government and Caused Unlawful Communism (Theft by Deception, Conversion) to Arise; Unlawful Socialism; and Totalitarian Government in Fulfillment of the Plans of a Foreign Interest.

      ARTICLE FIVE: Conspiracy, Racketeering, Influence and Corruption in Government Service, Malfeasance of an Officer of the Court; Unlawful Private Payments, Vote Buying; Conspiracy to Change Private American Institutions by Intimidation, Coercion, Usurpation of Private Property; Conspiracy to False Prosecute, Harass Loyal Opposition and Influence Elections; Conspiracy to Usurp Free Speech, Media Manipulation against the Constitution in Collusion With Foreign Interests of Long Standing Enmity.

      ARTICLE SIX: Treason, Infiltrating and Operating in Public Office, including President of the United States, against the Constitution, against the Interests of the People and in the Interest of Foreign Powers of Long Standing Enmity; Treason and Conspiracy, Creating Treaties against the Constitution in the Service Of Foreign Interests; Undermining the Sovereignty of the People of the United States, Attempt to Place Government Under a Foreign Influence, One World Governance.

      Conspiracy, Collusion and Criminal Organization Causing Severe Damage to the Republic, the People, the Wellbeing of our Nation and Representative Government against the Constitution; Direct Linkage Being Found to the Former Soviet Union; Damages Done by Infiltration of Government Shall Be Prosecuted.

      ARTICLE EIGHT: Sentencing, Serving the Foreign Interest and Maliciously Failing to Represent the People’s Interest, Treason, Murder by Accessory, the Death Penalty Shall Be Imposed; Restitution is Ordered for Damages and Assets Seized of All Guilty Parties, Conspirators and Infiltrators of the United States Government; Acts, Orders, Treaties and Directives of the President are Nullified and Void that Controvert the Constitution of the United States and Serve the Foreign Interests; Treason Must Be Prosecuted and Penalties Imposed

      I also have a Cold War Damage Assessment. My Summary is:

      Cold War Damage Assessment—BOX SCORES –70% down

      1. Culture down –80%

      2. Economy down –50%

      3. Institutions down –90%

      4. Education down –40%

      5. Liberty down –70%

      6. Industry down –40%

      7. Religion down –75%

      8. Money down –65%

      9. Government down –60%

      10. Security down –80%

      11. Health down –20%

      12. Values down –50%

      13. Law down –80%

      Ed, I have more stuff (contact Glenn Beck & Fox News Corp. They have Rights non exclusive promotional). I'm a Refounder (Ex Gov Employees who contribute to Glenn's program).

      I have sent Heritage full copies of my work "Boiling Hot In The Melting Pot – An Analysis And Diatribe Against The Progressive Agenda"

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