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  • U.S. Teens Lose in Obama Administration’s Sex Education Agenda

    Recently, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced the winners of $110 million worth of grant money for sex education programs for adolescents. The money will go to fund five-year cooperative agreements as part of the Obama Administration’s new Teen Pregnancy Prevention program.

    However, while HHS stated that they “were hoping for and hopefully got a healthy mix” of programs, according to The Washington Post, “Abstinence proponents … identified just five ‘authentic’ abstinence programs receiving less than $5 million.” In total, 115 programs in 38 states received grants.

    Valerie Huber of the National Abstinence Education Association stated, “Today’s funding announcement demonstrates a disturbing imbalance in a process touted to be open to abstinence education programs.”

    Unfortunately, an imbalance in funding is nothing new. Over the years, spending on teen pregnancy prevention programs has drastically outweighed funding for abstinence education. Even during the Bush Administration, when 169 abstinence programs received grant money, spending on programs to promote “safe sex” still outpaced funding for abstinence education by a ratio of four to one. And now these abstinence programs will be losing their funding.

    This is a real tragedy for teens—and for the nation—for many reasons.

    First, abstinent youth perform better in school, are more emotionally healthy, and are less likely to contract an STD. Furthermore, abstinent youth are more likely to avoid having a child outside of marriage and, by doing so, will be significantly less likely to live in poverty and be on welfare. Eighty percent of all long-term poverty occurs in single-parent homes. A decline in the number of single-parent families is not only good for youth, but it also benefits taxpayers who must shoulder the burdens of ever-growing welfare roles.

    Second, research indicates that abstinence education programs successfully help students delay sexual activity. A review of 22 studies revealed that the large majority (17) of these programs provided positive outcomes for youth, including helping them delay sexual activity. Most recently, a study released in February of this year showed that students who participated in abstinence education were more likely to postpone sexual activity when compared to their peers who received comprehensive sex education.

    Finally, parents want their children to receive abstinence education. According to a 2007 Zogby survey, parents—by a two-to-one margin—prefer abstinence education over comprehensive sex education. Nearly 60 percent said more funding should go toward abstinence education, and close to 80 percent said that sex education classes in public schools should focus more on promoting abstinence than teaching about contraceptives.

    Abstinence is clearly the best choice for youth. Parents know it, too. It increases the likelihood that teens will have a promising future and decreases their likelihood of welfare dependence. Policy that encourages youth to make the healthiest choices—and at the same time support a stable society—is a win–win for teens and taxpayers alike.

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    7 Responses to U.S. Teens Lose in Obama Administration’s Sex Education Agenda

    1. Andrew, VA says:

      Abstinence-based or otherwise, why is the federal government involved in sex education in the first place?

      Heritage claims it wants the government to be more faithful to the Constitution, but where does it say it's OK to fund education programs about something so personal? ("We the people … in order to have an abstinent, sexually responsible populace…") I don't think so.

    2. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      I think sex belongs in the subject of Religion (it is Sacred) and under the control of the Family (sex is private). Government has no business regulating sex whatsoever, the Laws we have for recognized crimes have always covered sex crimes. The new layer of Law is largely Thought Crime False Prosecution, using statistics in place of Damages. The schools will do sex education like everything else they do! Poorly! Then parents will suppose it was done. Net result, "Let the schools do it" means it will backfire on our kids! Parents will abdicate, again! Kids will continue to lose. They will think they know something, but they don't!

      Government regulation of Morality has grown to such proportions that it actually puts Government in unfair competition with Religion. Our new Communist Government usurps Faith, Hope and Charity. All of it! And they promote Humanism openly (Establishing Secular Humanism as our National Religion, all other Religion is disestablished.)

      HHS can be counted to do the very worst thing for kids. It is a matter of Policy. (Yes those are Unconstitutional Policies!) The workable method gets 5% and the crap gets 95%. That is a pattern with Obama. It shows criminal intent to cover up so he doesn't get caught. Guaranteed all the money goes to Democrat Districts and 'approved' schools. Communists are benefitted by wide spread poverty, and the number one source of poverty is Single Motherhood. They like chaos. Watch! All the Federal Agencies are doing it! Exactly wrong things! They take miniscule problems, blow them out of proportion, then perpetuate the problems with unworkable solutions.

      They are just going after Americans again!

    3. ania says:

      the lackness in this country by parents who refuse to talk to their children. the point is to start young , explain the cons and problems to your child and also the need to floolow house rules. to many in this country have been promiscuous and feel they cannot help their children. Fortunetly in my household and my relatives all fronm a foreign country were able to help children by making them know to have a pregnancy without marriage is a SHAMEFUL ACT. TIS PRACTIZED BY PARENT.oday there is no shame. Go to a mall and watch the young, their dress and mannerisms. also watch the parent with them. SAME SO WHAT WILL A CHILD LEARN ONLY WHAT ONE observes .

    4. Kate says:

      Seriously, I don't understand why conservatives – who want a smaller federal government that stays out of people's lives – support federal funding for sex education programs of any sort.

      Isn't this precisely the sort of responsibility that lies with state and local governments (or parents and churches), and that the fed ought to have no place meddling in?

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    6. Maya, Boston says:

      Great Article. I'm very disappointed in Obama for not getting rid of ineffective abstinence-only programs. For a look at some more effective sex education programs- take a look at this essay comparing sex education and sexual health in several countries.


    7. Jason M says:

      I do agree that abstinence is a big issue within America. I also believe that if the teens in America were more abstinent it would prevent a lot of the social problems prevalent in America today, such as std's, poverty, broken homes, and so on. What i disagree with is that it should be the government's responsibility to fund programs to preach abstinence. What got me is that this articles says that parents want programs and schools to teach more abstinence. Abstinence should be taught at home first and foremost and parents should not be relying on government programs to teach lessons. Taxpayers should not have to pay for the government to teach other people's kids values such as abstinence. Americans needs to take responsibility for teaching values to the next generation and stop relying on the government to solve the social problems. It should start with family first. When people start genuinely caring for the well-fare of others, many problems can eventually be solved.

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