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  • Rising Tide Of Government Regulation Faces Rising Opposition From American People

    The Heritage Foundation’s Red Tape Rising report released this week documents not only the rising tide of government regulation in President Barack Obama’s first two year’s in office, but also the tsunami of regulation set to crush Americans over his final two years in office. Specifically, fiscal year 2010 federal regulators promulgated 43 major rules estimated, by the regulators themselves, to cost the U.S. economy $28 billion. That is the highest level ever on record.

    And that total only includes a few of the 243 new formal rule-makings by 11 different federal agencies required by the financial reform bill and the over 1,000 instances where HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is empowered to regulate the health care industry by Obamacare.

    Even before the Obama regulatory tsunami hits, the American people are already tired of government intervention in their lives. As the Gallup chart to the right shows, 49% of Americans say there is too much government regulation compared to only 27% who say their is too little.

    Gallup also asked Americans if the government was “fairer and more just” than business. Only 36% of Americans thought government was more fair and just than business. 60% chose business over government.

    There are some things that a new Congress can do to stop the rising tide of red tape:

    • Establish a Sunset Date for New Federal Regulations. To prevent outdated regulations from being left in place in perpetuity, new regulations should, as a matter of routine, include a “sunset” date by which they would expire automatically unless specifically renewed by lawmakers. Such automatic sunset clauses already exist in some cases. Congress should make them the rule, and not the exception.
    • Protect the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA). Over the past 30 years, OIRA has played a key role in Republican and Democratic Administrations, scrutinizing proposed new regulations, checking their effectiveness and cost, and providing an outside check on agencies’ regulatory agendas. This institutional role is a vital one and should be preserved. Congress and the Administration should reject attempts to reduce OIRA’s role or authority.
    • Repeal New Health Care and Financial Services Regulations. The regulatory regimes placed in President Obama’s health care reform and financial regulation bills were a step backward for consumers and the economy, and imposed unnecessary regulatory costs or taxes on American businesses and families. Congress should repeal both and adopt market-based solutions in their stead.
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    6 Responses to Rising Tide Of Government Regulation Faces Rising Opposition From American People

    1. Joy Putnam, CA says:

      The Docs4PC website — http://www.docs4patientcare.org — has an interesting video ("Dear Patients — please vote to repeal Obamacare") explaining that under Obamacare the Secretary of HHS will become the boss of our doctors. This site also has a list of all of the opponents of the 219 House Dems who voted to pass Obamacare. We must vote for people that will get this program and its many regulations and taxes repealed.

    2. Sherlock says:

      Absolutely, repeal, that's the word most wanted by the voters in this election. This administration attitude of ram it, jam it, down the throats of the people, is the spark of the firestorm. Tuesday, we'll really show Washington D.C. and the elites just how angry the voters are.

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    4. Jim Angry, Californi says:

      We were fed this great lie about sausage making, but where is our tasty sausage? Obama has shirked his reponsibility to produce and introduce responsible legislation. Instead, he asked Pelosi to draft it in a "smoke-filled room" filled drug-company reps, cronies, and union bosses. And to top it off, passing the legislation, even among sweeping democratic majorities, required massive criminal corruption all shamelessly performed in the open under the eyelash-batting drool of a gushing press. From bribing officials with judicial appointments, to naked shower assaults in the congressional gym, this administration is more like The Shield than The West Wing.

      Congress has plated for us a rotting heap of offal, blood, and sinews. There's nothing resembling sausage here. Obama, as advertiser-in-chief can't stop waffling between baby talk and guilt-trips.

      One day its. "Open. Open. Just take a bite. You'll like it. I promise… Here comes the airplane. It's offal delicious.", and the next day its… "I work hard cooking for you, putting food on the table, and I get no appreciation. (Sob…Sniff) There are kids in the world with nothing, and all you do (shriek) is hurt my feelings."

      We will eat the rotting offal when we are are hungry enough, which is why I suppose Mr. President is working so hard to induce starvation conditions. But in the mean time we should all just pat him gently on the back, and using the new official title of the leader of the free world, say: "Dude, we're really sorry that we hurt your feelings, but Dude, it's NOT sausage."

    5. CARDON says:

      I personally think we should repeal the last Presidential election also. Throw all the bums out, including the czars!

    6. CARDON, CA says:

      I personally think we should repeal the last Presidential election also. Throw all the bums out, including the czars!

    7. A1rcher, Bronxville says:

      What is truly scary about this article and its commentors is how readily apparent it is that the American people cannot seem to remember anything before January 20, 2009.

      The lack of regulations and regulators on Wall St and in the mortgage industry, the repeal of the Glass-Steagle Act and two unfunded wars are largerly responsible for the situation we are currently in. And to turn back to the same people that had 6 to 8 years to creat this mess is insanity or more likely stupidity.

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