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  • Morning Bell: The Obama War On Science

    The Washington Post reports today that the Obama administration is entering “the politically sensitive debate” on sex education by spending $110 million on 115 programs in 38 states and the District of Columbia that “teach about the risks of specific sexual activities and the benefits of contraception and others that focus primarily on encouraging teens to delay sex.” But as the Post later reports, only five of these 110 programs are “authentic” abstinence programs and they will receive less than $5 million. So how did the Obama administration choose which programs to fund? The Post says the Obama administration is “promising to put scientific evidence before political ideology.” Don’t believe them for a second. On issue after issue, this administration has dressed up their political proposals behind the mantle of “science,” and on every issue there simply is no scientific consensus to support their political positions.

    Take sex education. Contrary to assertions from the left that permissive sex education decreases teen birth rates, after adjusting for important demographic differences among states, those with liberal sex-ed policies actually have higher rates of pregnancy for girls under 18. And a recent study in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine found that abstinence education reduced teen sex without causing any adverse decline in contraception use, while “safe sex” and comprehensive sex ed programs failed to reduce teen sex or increase contraceptive use.

    Take early education. The Obama administration wants to expand the Head Start program, claiming that a recent Department of Health and Human Services study shows that the program is effective. In fact, the study shows the exact opposite. Using random assignment, 5,000 children were either placed in Head Start, or their families sought alternatives to the program. The study then tracked the children through kindergarten and the first grade. Specifically, the language skills, literacy, math skills and school performance of the participating children failed to improve.

    Take offshore drilling. President Obama claimed that his domestic energy decisions were driven by science, not politics. But a lengthy Washington Post investigation found the opposite is true: politics drove Obama’s energy policies. After the Deep Horizon oil spill, the Obama administration instituted a job killing offshore energy drilling ban. They have since taken steps to begin lifting the ban. But at no time has the White House identified any science that underpins their decisions. Pressed to identify whether the White House has “a better sense of what caused the Deepwater Horizon explosion,” all spokesman Robert Gibbs could offer was: “But we know that — again, we know there’s inherent risks in doing this at all. That we understand.”

    Take Obama’s failed stimulus. The Obama administration already knew that temporary tax rebates, as opposed to permanent tax cuts, do not stimulate economic growth. So instead of including real and permanent rate reduction in the stimulus, President Obama slowly doled-out his tax rebates in the form of reduced withholding. Well, a new study now shows that the way President Obama chose to design his signature tax cut “led to a substantially lower rate of spending than the one-time payments.” In other words, not only did President Obama choose ineffective tax rebates instead of effective permanent rate cuts, but the form of rebates he ultimately chose made his tax cuts even more worthless.

    There is nothing wrong with using science as a tool to help inform policy debates. But as President Ronald Reagan once said: “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

    Quick Hits:

    • Federal law enforcement authorities arrested a Northern Virginia man Wednesday in connection with an alleged plot to carry out terrorist bombings at stations in the Washington Metro system.
    • The European Union issued regulations this week that, unlike legislation passed by the U.S. Congress, allow for the import and export of oil and gas to Iran.
    • According to The New York Times, critical parts of the Obama coalition (including women, Roman Catholics, less affluent Americans and independents) are switching their allegiance to the Republicans.
    • According to the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll conducted in the 92 House districts considered most competitive, 55% of voters want Obamacare repealed.
    • The Heritage Foundation’s Israel Ortega details President Obama descent into The Politics of Fear.
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    30 Responses to Morning Bell: The Obama War On Science

    1. toledofan says:

      It's like we keep decending into this big black government hole where all logic and common sense get sucked out. It's the same old stuff over and over; the government trying to play parents for everyone and just saying we know you're going to do this or that so we have to let you know how to protect yourself. So, who are they really preaching to, which groups are they targeting. Maybe the best education would be for them to develop a film that shows what the effects really for an unwanted pregnancy. Show the real details of how miserable your life and the babies life really ,but, it won't happen because the more they have their thumb on your life, the more you depend on them.

    2. Nancy Miller Toledo, says:

      This article only cements my belief that one of the areas that should be turned back to the States is the Department of Education. It needs to be closer to home. Maybe then we won't find that so many black children do not graduate from high school. Maybe then, the 50% of the black girls who get pregnant in high school will try harder and earn grades not welfare checks.

    3. C LabOUNTY MERRITT I says:

      BHO is Great!

      His plans are great!

      I know this because I just got my new healthcare premiums.

      The increase was only 11.9%. It went from $1024 /month to only $1144 per month.

    4. Gilbert Zimmerman, J says:

      The final straw in this burgeoning pile of manure is the fact that the White House is now beginning to say that “we’re just not appreciated for what we did!” Good night! What were they trying to do? They simply wanted to push the country over the tipping point into the Land of Progressive Socialism; you know, the European Model that everyone in Europe is running away from as fast as they can. Been to Paris lately? Their intent was to get us to the point where the dependence upon government and, effectively, a single party could not be unraveled. “Don’t ever let a Crisis Go to Waste.” Ring a bell? Constitutional democracy? How quaint! They very nearly did it. American Medicine will be lucky to survive the Health Care Bill monstrosity. The Doc’s are shaking their heads in disbelief.

      Well, The People looked over the edge of the divide and decided that American Exceptionalism is precious, unique and vastly preferable to the collectivist mentality of the progressive movement. In the end, the Progressives seek a New World Order and the Obama Moment fit so neatly into the playbook that they simply couldn’t help but overplay their hand. In the long run, Obama has actually done us a very great service. You can figure out the rest. But here’s a hint: He woke us up!

    5. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      I starting a NEW Google Doc today – Predictions

      I will Post YOUR prediction of what YOU expect the GOP to do

      after they get control of Congress.

      And, we can see How good a Predictor you are.
      Take a look


    6. Carol In CA says:

      On Tuesday night I witnessed a woman on Fox say "I know that isn't what you think but this is what I believe." This woman is a regular Fox contributor and yet she is going with feelings, and belief. No substance she believes what she wanted to in face of the facts. I forget the topic however it was either on Hannity or O'Reilly and she was for all intense and purposes is/was saying I really do not care what the truth or facts are this is what I believe. This is how the left thinks and as convaluted as this thinking is they really do not care about facts. The best argument I can come up with is they live in their heads and if I think/feel/believe then therefor it is so. Facts never play in the equasion of their thinking. Too bad so sad. They should try being informed instead of just opinionated. I could give her name but can not out of the fear of getting in trouble.

    7. gerald skey, princet says:

      Your article on Sex Ed included some comments in Head Start. While I do not recall when the Head Start program began, I do know that it has been around for a sufficiently long time for any number of studies all of which conclude that there is no lasting effect. Some studies show that there is a benefit during the first 2 years after entering elementary school, but whatever those benefits are, they diminish and by the third year, they vanish.

      But the problem is that Head Start is perhaps the single most manipulative program in our system. I doubt that anyone would choose to argue in favor of cancelling it as political opposition would claim that such a decision was racist in nature and an intentional attempt to limit the progress of children. The nature of public opinion is such that an objective analysis would be pointless.

      But the proposal actually to expand Head Start is mindless. We know Head Start does not work, but the real point is that we do not know what DOES work and in the absence of anything better, the White House wants to be seen as doing everything it can to advance education in our youth which is a noble cause – however failed the methodology.

      I have long thought that this is exactly the kind of manipulative proposal that has permitted the entire Department of Education to survive. Few can appreciate the fact that the Department of Education did not exist until relatively recent history. but I still do njot know what it does except recirculate money. The States have the obligation of providing education to their citizens, hence every State has its public schools and Colleges. My question has always been, if the States have this obligation, then why would there be a need for a federal agency unless that agency did nothing much more than take money and redistribute it as Washington wanted. This creates an enormous beaurocracy that creates nothing where there is no real federal issue at stake and yet, I suppose, noone is ever going to advance an argument that the Department of Education should be abolished – but it should.

      As to Sex Ed., that was a ridiculous idea at the beginning and remains so. If I were a parent in today's world (my children are all well into adulthood), I would not permit my children to attend such "classes". That area has been around since the beginning of time and we, as a society, have done nothing positive. In reality, all we have done as a society is to abandon centuries old standards in most societies that sexual encounters prior to marriage are dangerous. We have opened doors that achieve nothing but higher risk and young women, in the main, are paying for it either through being exposed to abortions or to child care well before they can afford it or have the maturity to deal with it. but in our world where we have virtually no discipline and a total refusal to accept responsibility, schools now "teach" kids about sex – just think about that. What, exactly, does one "teach" that is not already known or would become known in the fulness of time. Is it really necessary to "teach" 12 or 13 year oldsabout sex? Do I believe that my tax dollars are well spent by paying someone else – as opposed to my accepting that responsibility – to talk to my children about the birds and the bees? It would be laughable if it were not for the millions of dollars we spend in the misbegotten belief that we are "benefitting" our children – we are not. We can all benefit our children by telling them just how much danger there is to pre-marital sex and IF they choose to become sexually active, they are exposing themselves to disease along with risk. But in this day and age, Washington does all our thinking for us and little by little we are all losing the rights AND the obligations that were readily accepted by prior generations.

    8. Dennis Georgia says:

      Again we are subjected to the hot air and BS of a man that has no idea how to be president. I would bet if he had to run a business {which he is aganist} then it would go under in 30 days. This country will go under soon if we do not change the way our "guvmnet" is operating. A foreign country will own us lock stock and barrell with out firing a shot. The liberal policy of obama, reid, pelosi and the rest of the dems will be our ruin and down fall. The America we know and love is not to be again with him as the "ruler", and that is EXACTLY THE WAY HE WANTS IT.

    9. Dennis Georgia says:

      Each time he opens his mouth it is more hot air and BS. He has no idea what to do for this country, his advisors are in the same boat. If any of them had to operate their own business, {which they are all aganist} they would be broke and out of business in 30 days. This country is in ruins because of them and especially obama, reid and pelosi. They have their pay at our expense, and are determined to see the rest of us bow down to him as a "ruler" and master. A foreign country will soon own us lock stock and barrell, this country will fall with out a single shot being fired. The America we all knew and loved will be gone if we the people do not VOTE in November and change the direction of our so called "guvment".

    10. ThomNJ says:

      obama and the left are just hell-bent on destroying the traditions and fabric of our society and culture in order to establish a GOD-less society. If there is no right or wrong, all becomes relative and case-by-case exceptions can be made based upon money and political expediency. A case in point – healthcare waivers for McDonalds and others to protect the lower income folks…uh, wasn't that what the entire bill was supposed to do in the first place? Why would an exemption be needed?

      But the point is that messing with education and furthering sex in young folks helps to destroy the concept of family and reinforce casual recreational sex with anybody and eventually any thing.

      This kind of stuff allows them to go marxist and further solidify their roles as "ruling class" and push the rest of us down into the lowest rungs of society where we are all dependent upon the government dole. Nothing less than slavery.

    11. J.NormanSayles, LODI says:

      Abstinence Education lowered HIV rates dramatically in Uganda; The wages of sin (Fornication, Adultery) is death. But faith-based agendas are verboten, they do not match up with Secular Humanist dogma.

    12. J.NormanSayles, LODI says:

      Abstience Education reduced the HIV rate dramatically in Uganda. The wages of sin (Fornication, Adultery) is death. But faith-based agendas are verboten; they do not agree with the Secular Humanist dogmas that, make sure condoms remain the program of choice, And foreign aid to Third World Contries is contingent on that being written into their laws. This is a 100% reversal of pre-Obama policy. W was not perfect, but he knew right from wrong.

    13. J.NormanSayles, PO B says:

      Moderting above comment as requested, adding mailing address.

    14. Drew Page, IL says:

      Once again, I ask the question how can any grownup believe anything Mr. Obama says? Time and experience have shown us that he says one thing and does another.

      I find it especially disingenuous when Mr. Obama begins to talk about putting science before ideology. That, Mr. President, assumes that you actually read science books. Based on your past performance of signing legislation into law without having read it, I seriously doubt your claims of scientific knowledge.

    15. Anita, Ohio says:

      As Carol stated above, it is so very important to pay attention to the facts and the truth; as we know true justice is only found when truth is discovered. As I read through so much material online, newspapers, books and watch T.V. programs, it amazes me how well Glenn Beck sees and speaks these truths long before the Post or any other made these announcements. I am very thankful for the Heritage Foundation and other organizations as well who research and report these truths. I have been unemployed for awhile now, and like Glenn and others I spend my (extra) time researching all of these truths and I am so thankful to God, that while the Heritage Foundation and Beck have always been up to date on truth, others have finally caught on to realizing more truth, and realizing the discrepencies in the White House. I only wish I could do this type of research for a living, because having the knowledge that others simply do not have the time to research, and not having an avenue to present these truths is heart-aching. Sometimes when I watch the Glenn Beck program or listen to his radio show, I too have been tearful at the promising notion that Glenn is making a pathway for the truth to be known by so many who have been watching and listening, and many new listeners of late. The one very big advantage Beck has over other's in the media is that he has the privilege and admirable desire to deliver the truth through a venue that makes it easier for the recipient to obtain. Reading is one of my favorite past times, but many just do not have the free time to read the articles and books, so listening while working or watching the T.V. and relaxing is a great alternative. I guess what I am saying is, in addition to the Morning Bell make time for Beck!

    16. wallyblu says:

      It is a scientific fact that absinance works (no Sex no pregnancy).

    17. PippN, Severna Park says:

      I wonder if O'Bama is related to, or philosophically swayed by the fearless and daunting, Captain Wrongway Peachfuzz? Just a thought.

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    20. Madmickey, Reno, NV says:

      Beneath all this discussion about whether there is scientific backing for the federal government action, where in the Constitution is there authorization for the federal government (or where did Congress find authorization to expend monies) to conduct such studies? $110M is no small amount of tax payer dollars going, essentially, to fund "feel goods" for someone(s) or someone(s) agenda. This, of course, is only an example of how far our country has strayed from its origins.

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    22. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      There is nothing quite so dangerous as a person, or group, educated far beyond their capacity to learn.

    23. Nancy says:

      I wonder if the 'odramas' are going to let their daughters be taught about sex-ed in the classroom??????

      It is the parents responsibility to talk with their children about sex-ed – not some, who knows what type of, teacher that get their instructions from the GOVERNMENT……….

      As for Head Start, it is not working for the long term and should be un-funded immediately. This program has be around for 30 to 40 plus years and as I see it, is just a money-pit and a free baby sitting service. The children do show some progress in the primary grades but after that, it is all over.

    24. Randy Dutton says:

      The EPA is going to make your pre-2007 gas powered car or truck a junker, whether you like it or not. Also at risk are $1.5 trillion in American open-cycle engines according to the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute. And motorcycles and the safety of their riders will now be at risk according to the American Motorcycle Association.

      The EPA, under ‘encouragement’ from progressives and pro-Big Ag recipients in Congress, just announced its approval of E15, which is 15% ethanol mixed with our gasoline supply. Bowing to additional pressure from the agricultural lobby, the EPA decision was a political one, and not based in sound science or economics. The new orange warning labels on gas pumps with E15 will read “CAUTION: This fuel contains 15% ethanol maximum. Use only in 2007 and newer gasoline cars, 2007 and newer light-duty trucks, Flex-fuel vehicles. This fuel might damage other vehicles. Federal law prohibits its use in other vehicles and engines.”

      The EPA further is being ‘encouraged’ to allow E15 to be used for vehicles made as early as 2001. When E10 was approved, it eventually became nearly impossible to find gasoline without ethanol. And it became well known that our current E10 gas causes damage to power equipment fuel system and contributes to citizens having to get equipment fixed or replaced. But there is more. The EPA has been silent on the environmental health problems associated with ethanol use, which includes the dramatic rise of ground level ozone. The WA State Department of Ecology stated in 2008 that any more than 2% ethanol in our fuel causes Seattle to exceed EPA Ozone Attainment Levels. The American Heart Association stated that ozone causes respiratory illness and death, but this warning is falling on deaf ears. Regrettably, our progressive legislators failed to even discuss this growing problem with their constituents, despite warnings that I personally sent them. about the ethanol hazards.

      This government decision to force E15 into our fuel becomes a de facto tax on citizens to throw away your legacy equipment and vehicles and use your disposable income buy new ‘stuff’. The amounts to a bailout for US automakers to ramp up replacement car production, a dramatic increase for junkyards and landfills, a big boom to China and other countries that make power equipment, and not too coincidentally a boost to state tax coffers for all the increase in sales tax, and since ethanol in gas lowers gas mileage, it will generate more gas tax. They win, we lose.

    25. Randy Dutton says:

      China now is using its 95% monopoly of rare earth elements (REE) against the US and its allies. Every large wind turbine requires about 4000 pounds of REEs.

      Are you ready to read 'MADE IN CHINA' on everything that contains REEs? Boeing aircraft, computers, smart glass, PV cells, advanced batteries, some chemical catalysts, and US weapons also require REEs.

      Are wind turbines the best use of a dwindling resource that China will soon stop exporting in 2012?

      Read: China Said to Widen Its Embargo of Minerals


      Published: October 19, 2010

      HONG KONG — China , which has been blocking shipments of crucial minerals to Japan for the last month, has now quietly halted some shipments of those materials to the United States and Europe, three industry officials said this week.


      Decline in Rare Earth Exports Rattles Germany


      Published: October 19, 2010

      BERLIN — China’s curtailing of rare earth exports is causing so much concern in Germany that industry and government are joining forces by appealing to the European Commission and the World Trade Organization to intervene, industry officials said Tuesday.

      China’s exports of rare earths declining by as much as 40 percent worldwide over the past ten months, according to the Federation of German Industry. That decline has set off alarm bells in Germany, one of the world’s largest export-driven economies and whose industry relies heavily on rare earths.

      So great is the anxiety by the business community here that a special conference dedicated to the issue will be held next week in Berlin.

      Why is our press ignoring this? Is it because progressives, such as Rep Norm Dicks and Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, have shut down so much of US minerals and energy production? We are now reaping the results of ecopoliticians' failed economic policy.

    26. SirWilhelm, PA says:

      Even if they did use "scientific evidence" as they promised, evidence is not proof, and evidence is open to interpretation. Politicians try to solve these problems by doing science by consensus, but that's not true science either. The scientific method starts with the proposing of a theory. That theory is then tested by gathering evidence that supports it. As long as that evidence supports that theory, it's considered valid. But, at anytime, if evidence is found that contradicts that theory, it is considered falsified, and no longer valid, no matter how many scientists, or politicians would like to keep it because they like it. Unfortunately, many in science and politics have formed an unholy alliance to support policies and philosophies they both like, and are using our tax money to support them. It's another facet of rule by men, instead of rule by law.

    27. John, Texas says:

      I do not think the comments here are relevant to the stated topic. Scientific debate of the issue is impossible due to semantics of the propounder.

    28. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Oh! Boy! Dig into this iceberg for just a little while, you will be flabberghasted! There is so much Junk Science part and parcel with the Progressive Agenda it would take a small book just to list it!

      "Oil is a fossel fuel" – False. Look out in our solar system! There are whole planets of hydrocarbons. This stuff is coming out of the Earth perpetually. If we don't mine it? It will seep out into the Oceans.

      "Global Warming (now 'Climate Change,' notice the backpeddaling)" – False Climatology, but worse a Progressive get rich quick scheme while America's Energy Industry is destroyed. CO2 is not poisen gas.

      "Post Industrial Age" – False Economic Science. There has never been nor will there ever be such a thing as a Post Industrial Era.

      "Self Image" – False Educational Science. Fed Dept Of Education promotes nothing but Junk educational 'science.' There are hundreds of bad ideas and ideals promoted our Liberal Education Institutions backed up by pure Junk Science. Competition is good for the kids! High standards is what the kids need and want! Kids need discipline!

      Thank You Heritage! There are hundreds of these bits of Junk Science to prove your premise: Progressives are abusing Science and scientists to promote slavery for Americans.

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