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  • Don't Mess With Texas; Learn From It

    While the United States struggles to escape a recession — and California is plagued with a massive fiscal crisis — there is one outlier posting big job growth numbers, all while keeping taxes low and government small: Texas.

    In a new study, the Texas Public Policy Foundation finds that though Texas, like the rest of  America, is suffering the effects of the great recession, “its economic decline in the state has been milder than in California and the rest of the country,” and “The Texas economy has been growing stronger, with less negative volatility, than California or the nation overall.”

    Job creation is one of the Lone Star state’s bright spots. In the last year, Texas saw the creation of 119,000 jobs between August 2009 and August 2010 — more than half of all jobs created in the United States — while California saw a loss of 112,000 jobs. And while Texas has seen a 2.3 percent decline from its peak employment, it fared better than the United States’ 5.7% decline and California’s 8.7% decline.

    What’s Texas’ secret? As Rich Lowry writes in National Review Online, the answer is pretty simple:

    What does Austin know that Washington doesn’t? At its simplest: Don’t overtax and -spend, keep regulations to a minimum, avoid letting unions and trial lawyers run riot, and display an enormous neon sign saying, “Open for Business.”

    In a side-by-side comparison by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, the differences between Texas and California policies are clear. Texas has no personal income tax (California’s average marginal rate is 9.56%), no taxes on capital (California’s top rate is 10.55%), a lower corporate income tax rate, lower state sales tax rate, has a better regulatory environment for businesses (Texas is ranked second national for its state liability system, California is 27th), is a right-to-work state (California isn’t), has lower per capita state and local expenditures per capita, and has a lower average growth rate in government spending.

    Texas isn’t without its problems. Its recession-induced budget shortfall could exceed $21 billion. But its economy is still a national standout, and the state has been acknowledged as a national leader in state financial health, and was named the leading state for national economic recovery by The Atlantic, America’s Top State for Business by CNBC, and the “Best State to Do Business” by CEO magazine.

    The United States must recognize that just as companies have been able to move from state to state within its borders for years, job creators can now move between countries. If the United States wants to create jobs again, it must become a more competitive place to do business. Following Texas’ low tax, low spending, simple regulation example is the way to go.

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    21 Responses to Don't Mess With Texas; Learn From It

    1. Donal A. Dermody Mou says:

      Having also lived in Ohio, New York State, California and Florida we are still proud to be Texans! Texas is not just a geographical creation and a former nation; it is most of all a state of mind!!!!!

    2. John in Texas says:

      Yes, Texas is doing exactly this:

      What does Austin know that Washington doesn’t? At its simplest: Don’t overtax and -spend, keep regulations to a minimum, avoid letting unions and trial lawyers run riot, and display an enormous neon sign saying, “Open for Business.”

      Have we been hit? Yes, but NOT like the rest of the country. And just as a FACT, the only problem we have here is that the REST of the US is following socialist…no, it's worse than that….policies.

      The Dems were once the party of "States' Rights." MAN! Have time's changed! (Yes, I am old.)

      Texans – at least the thousands that I know – are pretty darn adamant about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The more we can keep Washington out of or lives the better. We still operate as a "Republic."

      An before you start screaming about Rick Perry, just don't. If he gets out of line we can get to Austin in a few hours and take our grievances to the Capitol.

      Bill White is in Obama's back pocket. If you read between the lines in White's ads. it's saying "We're going to take money and instruction from obama and goosetep into a new world order." ugh…

      And one final question, since he eems to be ranting about 'education' in Texas:

      Who – WHO? – are the ones dropping out of school? WHO is being denied an education? Guess what, Bill?!? I'm in that field! Our top kids are a match for any kids in the world. Don't compare our aggregate scores to countries who "weed out" the weak students and report ONLY the top kids.

      WE EDUCATE EVERY KID WHO WALKS THROUGH THE DOOR! From the special needs kids to the genius level, from every demographic you can chart.

      Texas will be strong as long as we disconnect from the unConstitutional "rulers" in DC.

      Remember the Alamo? Yes, we do. And we will again put our lives on the line when tyranny threatens us.

      So, obama: DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS!

    3. John Ryan says:

      We have a good Governor here and plan on re electing him to stay on that path he has kept us on for a decade.

      We don't need any ''Socialist'' ''Sanctuary City'' ex mayors taking charge unless we also want what Houston got when Bill White was the Mayor there.

      We still enjoy a number of freedoms here in Texas and don't want to lose them to become like "Northern'' cities in trouble and their states as well.

      If you are willing to work you will make a living here and be able to achieve your goals as long as Rick Perry or in the distant future, someone like him is Governor of Texas.

      Take it from a ''Yankee'' who has lived and seen the tax and spend sytems of the once industrial north crumble as California is now..

      Graduated from my Damn Yankee and G.D. Yankee status and have lived here for 31 years. If a fight breaks out and Texas is in it you will find me standing shoulder to shoulder with all the other Texans, '' I love Texas "….

    4. Barbara Jones says:

      The Texas mind-set is what our country needs….namely, "we are bigger and better than just about everyone!" Whether that is "really" true or not, Texas is run by the people of that state. They have a say, not like what Obama is trying to do in America. He is trying to over-power what the people want. That my friend will never work. At some point, and I think it has reached that point, the people will rebel against the government. Texans are "God fearing people," whereas the Obama administration is trying to limit or completly wipe out actually, the idea of God in our society. I lived in Texas for tweleve years and I give the Texans their due. Mr. Obama, your on your way out! Taking a position that Texans take – we're gonna take our Big Boot and kick ya'll out! God love Texas.

    5. Howard Taber, Rockpo says:

      Texas is being guided through the storm by our leadership and now an Obama type liberal wants to destroy it like he almost succeeded doing to Houston.

      When will the Democrats ever learn?

    6. Grace says:

      Bill White will ruin Texas…Vote for Perry!!

    7. peter t says:

      now!!if only the progressives would heed the results! "create wealth through commerce not govt. redistribution"

    8. Tucker-----Kansas says:

      I've always said that Texas does it right. The states as well as the federal government need to watch what they do in Texas and model after them.

    9. Russ, Flower Mound, says:

      In last 35 yeas Texas has been one of the best states for employment, low taxes, limited regulations and propspority.

      Houston and Austin which are semi-senctuary cities have suffered like other senctuary cities ike San Farncisco, LA and Denver.

      In short liberal states and liberal state goverments are failing because of high taxes, too many regulations and runaway unions. What more proofs one need to understand this….. ?

    10. Johann Wolfgang von says:

      It is noteworthy to observe that Keynsians will turn a blind eye to the Texas comparison. Sadly most Keynsians (at least in print) hold one enormous error to their thinking and that is the flawed premise: an economic system must control all resources, their allocation, and means of production in order to function properly. This is theory and not reality. The capitalist "market economy" functions quite well without any of the above "forces" being controlled by government panels or "czars" because of the principle of supply and demand pricing. Texas is a reasonably good example of market setting prices, not government.

      It leaves one to wonder how many other citizens of the USA would like to appropriate the Texas model and are willing to continue to work and pursue those out of office, and into office, that will permit the Texas model to become a reality in other states.

    11. John MacDiarmid says:

      Please tell this to all the left leaning eliteists that are backing Bill White for governor. White does not undersatnd the meaning of illegal when as mayor chose to make Houston a sanctuary city. Nor does he understand the role of government as he has suggled up to Obama and his defunct policies.

    12. Daryl Coopersmith says:

      Go Texas! Perry for President 2012!

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    14. John MacDiarmid, Tex says:

      Please tell this to the liberal elitists here in this state. Bill White just does not get it as does Obama. White made Houston a sanctuary city for "illegal" aliens. What does he not understand about the term "illegal"? Look at the drain on that economy. Worse than that, as a liberal democrat, he would espouse the same views as Biden and Obama. What a great economy Delaware has, not.

    15. NV Jerry, Nevada says:

      Ya' gotta' love Texas. A few years ago, I was transferred to Texas for business. Although I was based in Austin, I traveled throughout the State. Austin is simply beautiful, much of TX is not so much, but throughout the state I found the friendliest, warmest, and generally the happiest people anywhere. You have to drive with only one hand on the wheel because you need the other to wave back at everyone else. I used to think that when individual freedom died in this country, Nevada would be the last stronghold. Dirty Harry almost single-handedly fixed that. Now I don';t have the means to get back to TX (not all Harry's fault) But I don't regret one day of the time I spent there, and to all Texans, a heartfelt "drive friendly", and STAY FREE!

    16. Melinda Sutherland, says:

      You are doing great work, thanks so much!! Have you done research on the national Associaton of Professional Women, how do they stand politiclaly?

      Thanks so much for your opinion on that.

      Melinda Sutherland, San Antonio, TX

    17. TERRANCE, PRESCOTT A says:

      Everything said here im sure is true, but there is ONE key factor that no one has brought up. Texas has a HUGE revenue stream that most states dont, OIL TAXES, although people all over the United States pay for it. This allows them to have lower taxes across the board to those living there. The model is still sound, but please take into account ALL information.

    18. TERRANCE, PRESCOTT A says:

      And before anyone jumps on the Flame bandwagon, no im not liberal or democrat, im a recovering Democrat (read staunch conservative) for over 20 years. but when statements like this are made, and it leaves the opening for Marxist and Progressives to tear into it and make it look "faked".

    19. Charles R. says:

      Since I live in Oklahoma I hate to omit Texas is on the ball with their taxes. Speaking of"ball" we did defeat texas a couple weeks ago. Go O.U. Sooners

    20. AWM -NW Indiana says:

      I'm a Hoosier who regularly holds up Texas as a wonderful example of the possibilities we could achieve here in Indiana, if we will but stand against the deceit, tyranny and fraud perpetuated on this country by the Progressives!

      I pray that God will continue to bless Texas, and keep it strong.

      Keep fighting what truly is, "the good fight"!

    21. Pragmatic in Texas says:

      To quote a bumper sticker here: I'm not a native, but I got here as fast as I could.

      I've lived here for 15 years, and honestly cannot think of any other state I would be happy in, other than Alaska, where the people are still as rugged an individual as Texans are. The state and local governments here pretty much leave you alone to figure out your own path.

    22. Bill - Forney, TX says:

      I lived next door to Taxachusettes (TA) while in southern NH and saw close up the model the Dems like to use on how to run a state. Only, TA is succeeding in running businesses out of the state. NH had a "Live Free or Die" mentality and the no-income tax, no-sales tax mantra that served it well. The TA crowd has been running over the border for the last decade to escape their plight and has succeeded in bringing their attutudes with them and are in the process of wrecking NH. After my move to TX due to industry re-location, I looked back and saw NH as the closest thing to the TX attitude left in the Northeast. The people in NH were great and I would love to see them return to the roots of what made them great. I agree that the roadmap back to that success can be found in TX, not in TA.

    23. J.C. Wood, San Anton says:

      As a nativeborn Texan, and alumni of Rick Perry's university(TEXAS A&M), I prize my citizenship of both the U.S. and Texas a great deal! So, I am truly saddened by the too partisan attitudes of many people in the U.S., and the dangerous political philosophies being espoused by both parties. We are and should be as the first word of the title of OUR country, UNITED! Texas is a great state because we had to fight for our freedom from a political despot, and that spirit has remained throughout Texas history! We are also ready to fight again, if necessary!! When Texas joined the United States, prior to the War Between the States, the Union became much stronger because of the independent spirit of Texans! Now, as in the past, we ALL need to pitch in and maintain the rights of all U.S. citizens, and not cave in to the pressure of other nations or groups who don't like us!

      As to the question of illegal immigration, Texas has had the problem longer than California, and has tried to deal with it all along. The word is ILLEGAL, not UNDOCUMENTED! These people, regardless of where they're from, ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE AT ALL!! Their disrespect of our laws and regulations needs to be handled with a more permanent solution than has been done in the past! An itemized bill, with names and addresses of ILLEGALS, should be presented to the governments of all the countries where these people came from! I just wonder how many Canadians are here illegally?! Hmmm??

    24. Buck Crosby says:

      All this because Texans are better Americans as well , They have the guts to demand real history in their text books for the kids instead of revisionist history and also that Christianity get at least a level playing field with Islam . Thank God for Texans, makes me wish I was one.

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