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  • Obama on Chavez's Nuclear Program:"Act Responsibly, Mr. Chavez"

    When asked about his reaction to the signing of a Russian deal that promises to deliver two nuclear power plants to oil-rich Venezuela, President Obama answered:

    We have no incentive nor interest in increasing friction between Venezuela and the US, but we do think Venezuela needs to act responsibly.  Our attitude is that Venezuela has rights to peacefully develop nuclear power,” he [Obama] said, “adding that as a signatory of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty it must also meet its obligations not to weaponize those systems.

    For all the many rebuffs delivered by President Hugo Chávez, including the current impasse over the selection of the next U.S. ambassador to Caracas, President Obama remains determined to minimize the potential threat Venezuela poses to U.S. interests and security in the Western Hemisphere. Obama blithely dismisses experienced critics who have raised red flags regarding Chávez’s nuclear ambitions and the growing challenge of the Venezuela-Iran-Russia connection.

    Technically, the President is right when he says that the U.S. will not stand against peaceful, civilian nuclear programs. But there is a major catch.

    The fundamental problem with Obama’s statement and his enormous lack of judgment is the underlying assumption that Venezuela, under President Chávez, will act responsibly. In fact, Chávez has a long and notorious record of acting in exactly the opposite fashion, at home and abroad. Chávez is a secretive, ambitious leader filled with autocratic pretensions and a consuming hatred of the United States. Whether it is supporting international terrorism and the misdeeds of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), harboring Basque terrorists, meddling in the internal politics of Honduras, or standing toe-to-toe with the Castro brothers, Chávez battles unceasingly against U.S. interests. His mismanagement of Venezuela’s economy and oil wealth has left his country badly polarized, battling recession and inflation, bleeding productivity, and drifting abysmally into Marxism-Leninism.

    As if to emphasize the point, the President’s ill-timed comment coincides with Chávez’s arrival in Tehran for his annual pilgrimage to the land of the Ayatollahs. Embracing his dearest friend Mahmoud Admadinejad, Chávez proclaimed: “Venezuela will remain alongside Iran under any circumstances.” Iran’s sanctions evasion will be high on their agenda during the visit, as will Iranian-Venezuelan nuclear and military cooperation and further Iranian penetration into the Americas. They will certainly seek to parse the meaning of Obama’s readiness to accept a Venezuelan nuclear program.

    In this vital foreign policy issue, the White House is acting like a distracted teacher who winks at the class bully and issues a mild word of warning while fully expecting him to continue his pattern of misbehavior. Of one thing we can be certain: this is not the final word on Chávez’s budding and dangerous nuclear ambitions.

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    13 Responses to Obama on Chavez's Nuclear Program:"Act Responsibly, Mr. Chavez"

    1. Logical123, US says:

      President Obama indeed has "enormous lack of judgment." However, his lack of judgment is in listening to all the die-hard paranoids who see a monster under every rock. His foreign policy is completely bankrupt. It follows exactly the failed Bush policies, while pretending that it is different.

      There is absolutely no justification for any sanctions on Iran since Obama himself has acknowledged that Iran is not building nuclear weapons. Also, no IAEA report has found any concrete evidence for nuclear weapons work in Iran. All the claims to the contrary are based on pure speculation and on conjecture about what may happen sometime in distant future. So, why don't we execute people before they commit a crime?

      The prospect that now Venezuela is also going to be accused of seeking nuclear weapons will signify that the people in charge of the US foreign policy are complete paranoids and belong a lunatic asylum.

      Nuclear weapons are useless in today's world and only irrational leaders like Kim Jung Il and Netanyahu think that there is any need for them. The old nuclear powers like the US, UK, France, Russia and Britain are just going along for the ride, while pursuing their feeble attempts at resurrecting old colonial policies towards the rest of the world.

    2. Luke Weyland, Austra says:

      Scores of nations have peaceful nuclear power stations – Australia Japan, Brazil, Germany, etc without having nuclear weapons. Venezuela wants to be one of them. It is their right – even though I personally think nuclear power should never be used.

      The main threat to world peace is the United States.

    3. NeoConVet says:

      Recent experience with ObaMao indicates he is and remains "all talk and no action".

      I am certain he will not let this bit of news interupt his T-Off time or his planning for another vacation.

    4. Dave Aldridge says:

      Hey Luke, next time somebody threatens Austrailia, (Japan WW2) you can take care of it yourself and we won't bother to bail your ungratefull a`+++ out.Your can't see the forest for the trees. Dictators want power, nukes give them that ego trip. You need to study history and learn where the world leaders made their mistakes by accepting "peaceful solutions" when dealing with this type of nutjob! Keep an eye on the Middle East and where the Iraians(SP) go with "peaceful" nuclear plants. Their declared intention is to wipe Isarael off the map!!!

    5. Drew Page, IL says:

      And of course Mr. Chavez will honor Mr. Obama's request, seeing as how they are such good friends and all.

    6. Tom Stark, West Virg says:

      Luke Weyland/Logical123 – Both of you immediate display your obvious socialist bias and environmental extremeism. The threat to the world is ISLAM and as long as they are pushing their relationships with other countries into the western hemisphere and our back yard, they will be held accountable (although the current administration is totally inept in its attempts to hide its desire to cater at every turn to the socialists of the world. The end for his plan, though, is coming in less than two weeks when he loses his grip on Congressional power and people begin to retake control of the government's limits on power. If either of you want to live in a world where Iran and Venezuela have nukes, you are welcome to do so, but many of us prefer not to put those weapons in the hands of terrorists who will surely sell them to anyone with the price. You may think what you like about the US…just stay where you are and live with the consequences. If Australia thinks for a minute that Obama will come running if you start having Islam troubles "down under" think again. He doesn't have the guts. He's a pawn for the leftists and Islam. He should never have become our president.

    7. robert jones golden says:


    8. Larry Adams says:

      Oblahblah is minimizing his concern for the Venezuela-Iran-Russia connection because he has NO BUSINESS being in his current position.

      He has NO IDEA what he is doing, as is obvious by his past two years, and doesnt seem smart enough to be scared by the possibilities.

      For a man that hates the military he certainly is assuming they will be there to protect us when he drops the ball, like he has with the Muslim threat. I never thought of him as stupid…but his kowtowing to Islam, like it will make any difference to them, is frightening.

      Now our Southern border once again is being powered by Russia ….just like the 1960's again….

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    10. James Fisher, Whispe says:

      Don't for one minute get the idea that Obama is a dummy. He knows exactley whtat he's doing. After almost two years of Obama, some people still think of him as the best thing that's happened to this country.

      I don't know what is going to wake up the real dummies that put him in office. Do we all have to go on welfare before they understand that with the liberal democrats (they don't deserve capital letters) we will be no better off than the worst socialist, European country?

      Thank God for the small amount of people in a rage with both political parties. Maybe they will wake up the rest of this nation and get us back on track.

      Obama, Pelosi and Reid have lied to us from day one.

      Please vote them out at the first opportunity.

      If the so called smart people had looked up Obama's qualifications for this job or

      the people he surrounded himself with, they would have seen or had an idea of his socialist agenda.

      The Republicans in 2008 didn't give the voters much choice. I hope they do better in 2012. There were three other people I would have voted for in 2008 insteaqd of McCain.


    11. Nicholas says:

      History is full of warnings that went unheeded. Millions paid the price with their lives.So again this will happen. Someone gave Obama 850,000,000 to run for president. Any guesses? Not only to further the destruction of the U.S., but to do nothing when he should act to protect American interest. What was Bill Clinton's claim to fame,1st attack on the world trade center….nothing. He didn't even go to New York. The attack in Saudia Arabia, wouldn't even ask the king to allow the F.B.I. to assist in the investigation. George Bush Sr. asked. The attack in Somalia, He ran.The U.S.S. Cole attack ….NOTHING. This is not the whole list, can you see a pattern yet. On the U.S. terror, the response was to single out Conserative Americans as the terrorist and pass laws to give the goverment more power to control any political opposition. Wire tapping the speaker of House of Reps. and use the I.R.S. to persue conserative groups with audits. No patterns yet? 2010 will be the poster election for voter fraud in American history after 2000 and 2008.This year we'll give Iran a run the money, you may or may not see it. Like the complicity between Cheveze and Obama.

    12. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Give Obama and his ilk control of our Foreign Policy for even two more years then we may be facing a Red Dawn moment (the movie Red Dawn) as another enemy goes nuclear. I am sure the Dirty Bomb scenario has been swept under the rug (as it was in Iran). We are not safer because Obama's radical friends actually want more juicy disasters they can exploit. They think one billion people is all the Earth should have! Progressives are engineering more chaos than we have time to handle.

      The Venezuelan People have let Hugo Chavez go too far already. Great they have taken a step, but I'm sorry for them. It is too late to avoid the violence and murder. Imagine an American Foreign Policy that allows Iran access to Dirty Bomb materials at the same time it alienates Israel! Oh! And somehow the Russians are our new friends?

    13. Testbo, Peru says:

      Chavez knows what thinks Obama… for just one reason… Chavez is spying on Obama. Check this out http://sites.google.com/site/whoisspying/home

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