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  • Morning Bell: The Tea Party Is Here to Stay

    Today, The Heritage Foundation released its 2010 Index of Dependence on Government. This annual report tracks the growth of dependence-creating federal programs, programs that crowd-out what was once America’s great civil society. At one time, social obligations and services were carried out by community groups, family networks and even local governments. Now, an ever growing and ever more unaccountable federal bureaucracy undermines our spirit of self-reliance and self-improvement by making more and more Americans dependent on Big Government. In 2010, we witnessed a record-breaking surge in American dependence on the federal government including:

    • Government support for dependent persons has grown from $7,293 per person in 1962, to $31,950 per person today (adjusted for inflation).
    • 132.5 million Americans either pay no income tax or live in a household that pays no income tax. This is up from just 34.8 million in 1984.
    • Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid eat up 41% of all non-interest federal program spending. Unchecked, this will grow to 62% over the next decade.

    Not all dependence is bad. As Heritage Foundation Center for Data Analysis director Bill Beach writes: “People spend most of their childhoods utterly dependent on their parents, and many people will rely on caregivers during their last years. Dependence on family, neighbors, fellow members of community groups, and—yes—local government is the normal, everyday stuff of life.” But dependence on the federal government is categorically different. Federal government aid does not strengthen communities and families: just look at how the federal welfare system undermined family structures and hollowed-out communities for a generation.

    Worse, federal government programs quickly become a drain on the vitality of the nation. Jonathan Rauch explains in his book, “Government’s End”: “By definition, the power of government to solve problems comes from its ability to reassign resources, whether by taxing, spending, regulating, or simply passing laws. But that very ability energizes countless investors and entrepreneurs and ordinary Americans to go digging for gold by lobbying government. In time, a whole industry – large sophisticated, professional, and to a considerable extent self-serving – emerges and then assumes a life of its own. This industry is a drain on the productive economy, and there appears to be no natural limit to its growth.”

    But there is still hope for our country: the Tea Party. Decentralized and skeptical of central authority, the Tea Party offers baffled politicians and lobbyists no one to co-opt. Sally Oljar of Tea Party Patriots recently told Rauch: “Our real mission is education and providing resources to grassroots activists who want to return the country to our founding principles. We recognize that’s going to require a cultural change that will take many years to accomplish.”

    The Heritage Foundation fully supports their endeavors and believes the Tea Party movement is here to stay. Heritage Foundation president Ed Feulner and Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) write in today’s Politico:

    Americans have been disappointed by leaders in both parties who campaigned to right past wrongs and then, after getting to Washington, cared more about power than promises. Tea party supporters care more about principle than party labels or politics. … [T]he tea party has roots that are deeper and aim higher. Deeper because it is within the best tradition of popular movements in our history — from the Great Awakening that gave rise to the American Revolution to the conservative revival that helped elect Ronald Reagan. Higher because it aims to recover our moral compass, bequeathed by our Founders and preserved ever since.

    Some past grass-roots movements have succeeded, and others have failed. Success comes because the energy of the moment is translated into a lasting, governing philosophy consistent with the settled opinions of the American people. On this score, prospects look good. The tea party isn’t about to go away after the November elections. Its powerful message of limited government is likely to remain a sharp thorn in the side of those in both parties who want to continue politics as usual.

    As The Daily Caller notes today: “The Heritage Foundation think-tank has made it clear: they may be an established conservative organization, but they’re with the Tea Party activists who’ve risen up to protest Washington’s old ways.” The only way for us to end the era of big government dependency is to fight against it together. As Ed Feulner would say: “Onward!”

    Quick Hits:

    • According to the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel, the Treasury Department has escaped transparency by using outside contractors to execute the Wall Street bailout.
    • According to the actuary for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Obamacare will force seniors to pay more for their Medicare Advantage plans.
    • Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates told reporters that Congress, not a federal judge in San Francisco, should decide the fate of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law and not before the Pentagon completes a study of the impact of lifting the ban.
    • In this weekend’s New York Times magazine, President Obama admits that at the time he signed his failed $862 billion economic stimulus into law, he did not know that “there’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects.”
    • The Heritage Foundation’s Brian Riedl fact checks Paul Krugman’s claim that “There never was a big expansion of government spending.”
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    51 Responses to Morning Bell: The Tea Party Is Here to Stay

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Goodbye – TParty.

      The TParty thing will be over,

      as soon as the Elections are held.

      They have NO Leader,

      and the GOP Will Throw them out.


    2. Joe Butler, Syracuse says:

      I'm retired from a public school position and receive a pension and now work in the private sector. I am also collecting social security. What seems to be missing in most conversations about government expenses on pensions, retiree health and social security is the contract that we had through those working years. I chose school employment and remained for 27 years because of the pension promise and health benefits that were part of my contract. Also, the federal government took 7.65% of my wages both from my pay and my employers to set aside for my social security benefits. I am all about smaller government, but the demon is not the worker but the short sighted managers and politicians. Those contractual relationships need change before the relationship begins, not after.

    3. Ron in Poland says:

      The probability of the continuance of the tea parties is inversely proportional to the continued economic strength of the middle class. If this unemployment and loss of standard of living persists, the tea parties will get more organized, stronger and bigger. If we have an unexpected increase in standard of living, the movement will dissipate. This won’t happen because our representatives have abandoned us.

      The Tea Parties will eventually overcome the one political party we now have (the big government party) with its two wings – the democrats and republicans. Really, are we any different right now from the old Russian totalitarian state with its one political party – the Communist Party? Is there anything the feds can't do to us? They are unbridled in their capacity to tax us, their usurpation of our Constitutional rights and their spending of our money. Sounds like tyranny to me. Right now the Tea Parties are a storm out in the middle of the Atlantic with no direction or organization but increasing in strength day by day. If these representatives of ours continue to turn their backs on us and serve their lobbyist friends and special interests instead of us, the Tea Parties will become Katrina and Washington will become New Orleans.

    4. Sal G says:

      It's good to hear that from the Heritage Foundation because it is hard to tell who REALLY believes in our Constitution and who is just 'smoke and mirrors.' I, for one, am fed up with the Republican Party. They are only a tiny bit better than what has become the democrat communist party. For the last twenty years I have been 'wasting' my vote on third party candidates but at least I can sleep at night. I have grave doubts that things can be turned around but I will give the Tea Party a lot of credit for trying.

    5. Dennis Georgia says:

      Ken, you are wrong, the true caring citizens of this country are tired of the crap that congress and the white house have pushed down our throats. The working person is being saddled with cost we can not afford. I am not sure it will be called the Tea Party, but I think you can rest assured that in some form it will exist and will be a major player in the future of America.

      The so called entitlement programs that the dems of set up over the years have gone to far, there are two many people that depend soley on us, the tax payer, for all thet want and need. There is a program for a free cell phon and minutes, I help pay for it, food stamps, that enable people to eat better than my family, I work, medical care because they are to laxy to work and have found a way to milk the system. These programs are what is wrong with this country, people do not mind helping those in need, but when generations of the same family are a dtrain on the system it is to much.

    6. McDoors, Wisconsin says:

      Wherever there are elected officials who complain about government spending but then go back to their constituents and dole out the pork dollars, the tea party will be there! Wherever people complain about socialism and then go home to see if their social security check has arrived, the tea party will be there! Wherever a candidate says unemployment insurance is unconstitutional, but then "fires" his wife so she can collect unemployment benefits, the tea party will be there!

    7. Mary.... WI says:

      Yes! Onward!

      Mr Jarvis is wrong…the Tea Party isn't going anywhere soon. Our politicians, both democrat and republican, need to be monitored closely and reminded constantly that they work for the American people…..that this government is for the people, BY THE PEOPLE, not by politicians.

      I thank the Tea Party for all their hard work as well as The Heritage Foundation.

    8. Paul Baker says:

      Let the GOP throw them out, or break ties with the GOP on your own. The average intelligent American doesn't like the Republicans any more than they like the Democrats, because both parties are full of representatives who have their own brand of pork, or their own special group to protect.

      Re-name the Tea Party as the Accountability Party. Make your message "Be accountable! Step up and do what you can. Don't ask for free handouts unless you are truly in need of them."

      Not everyone can be productive, and as a nation we need to take care of those who cannot. We also need some common sense used to decide who needs government help and who does not. These decisions are much easier to make on a local level than they are from Washington. Breaking the cycle of money to Washington and then back to the states or local governments would make for a more efficient use of the money. Laws already on the books would restrict corruption and misuse of those funds if said laws were enforced.

      Any replies are appreciated. An intelligent dialogue is the first, best step to turning things around.

    9. Doug - Carpentersvil says:

      The Tea party is an act of patriotism and for those who believe that it will go away only believe that the founding principles of our country are gone. The time has come for regular people to, once again, take their place in the halls of congress.

      Look for candidates who are NOT career politicians that can bring common sense back into our government. Vote for the person NOT the party.

      Doug Marks Libertarian Congressional Candidate 14th District of Illinois

    10. Randall Scott says:

      Big Government will only grow bigger. There's no stopping it. Proof of this resides in historical fact that no Federal agency has ever closed it's doors. It's too late for these worthless agencies to reform, reorganize, or restructure — they only do what they were designed to do: fabricate make-believe jobs at tax payers expense.

      The only hope America has is to dissolve itself – each State secede from the Union, thereby, starving the beast (Federal agencies) out of exsistence. Once the "old" America is dead, reorganize under a new constitution that takes stronger measures against centralized government. Bitter medicine to take, I know, but the only cure for the terminal sickness inside America.

    11. J C Squiers, Michiga says:

      I agree, the Tea Party is here to stay. We need a party that will represent and listen to Us, the People of the United States of America, and not be controlled or influenced by party affiliation or special interest groups.

      Keep up the good fight!

      Thank You, Heritage Foundation, for all the endless work you do for us.

    12. cincinnati kid says:

      First of all, thank you to Heritage Foundation for the nod and mention of the longevity and strength of the Tea Party Patriots. There are millions of us working diligently and tirelessly to take our country back by bringing the Republican and Democratic parties to heel, along with the White House, the Supreme Court and the Federal Courts, in accordance to our Constitutional Principles and Values upon which this country was founded. We are working from the very 'grassroots' up (our school districts, our townships, our city governments, our state governments). We will not "flag, we must not fail."

      Secondly, Mr Jarvis is one of the many people who simply doesn't understand the importance of the decentralization of the movement and the depth and magnitude of the Tea Party. Nor does he understand the Spirit behind the movement. Perhaps if he reads "The 5000 Year Leap", the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, he might begin to get a glimmer of understanding.

      Yours in Liberty,

      Brenda J

    13. David Herman ,Shamok says:

      The Tea Party movement will stand against increasing Progressive policies and increasing Government and increasing Government control regardless of which party is in power. The Tea Party Movement is for and will stand for policies such as Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets.

    14. Matt Matuszewski, No says:

      I believe that there is a 70% chance that the Tea Party will continue successfully into the future. One of its strengths is it does not have any recognized national leadership, thus no one person or group that would be vulnerable to the corrupting influence of power and money. However, the lack of leadership could potentially become a fatal weakness. If the many decentralized factions, independently organized across the country, fail to recognize and provide,atleast, some morat support for other regional issues, there could result factionalism and eventual fracturing of any unifying cause.

      One of the biggest hurdles facing the Tea Party as it matures into a viable organization is that it must become more than issue oriented and at the same time, it must maintain a purity of purpose. As it continues to exist there are going to many opponents who will wish to discredit it and either dilute its effectiveness, or bring it down altogether.

      I hope and pray that the Tea Party continues to exist because this country needs it now, and will so well into the future.

    15. Stephen Cafaro says:

      I agree Americans have become far too dependent on the government. My hope is we can return to the spirit of independence and self-sufficiency that is largely responsible for America's past prosperity. I think social security, medicare and the myriad of government assistance and welfare programs need to be addressed. However, I believe these issues are sytomatic of a far greater problem!

      That greater problem is the government's refusal to deal with the unfair trade agreements that have decimated our economy and caused the loss of hundreds of industries, tens of thousands of factories and untold millions of jobs. I believe our economic plight is directly attributable to this sellout of American resources to foreigners whose chief advantage is an abundence of cheap labor and lax labor and environmental laws. These unfair practices are a rebuke to generations of Americans who have labored, fought and died for the living standards we enjoy in our country today. If insufficient wages, child labor, weak labor laws, smoky factories, polluted waters, unsafe working conditions, etc are the desirable traits for capitalistic sucess, I fear our political and business leaders have severly harmed the interest of the people of the United States of America, for a profit and/or an election!.

      The USA must immeditely begin to produce for her own needs if we are to have any hope of maintaining a resonable standard of living. Hopefully, the Tea Party, the Reublicans and the Democrats will soon embrace true patriotic ideals such as nationalism and protectionism. If we, as a country, can not take care of our own best interests, I can assure you no other country will indulge our needs.

    16. KC - New Mexico says:

      I think the real issue today will be the strength of those elected or re-elected to NOT follow their party leadership but instead follow the input and feedback from their constituents. Today’s political ads point to the democrats who only side with Pelosi or Reid.

      If the republicans were to take over in the house or senate, the republicans would also need to wake up and not just do what their leadership tells them to do. This is what the Tea Party is all about – representative government. We are tired of politicians only acting on what big money tells them to do – such as union involvement.

      Regarding entitlements – yes we have paid into the system since this was formed many years ago. Social Security and Medicare are critical. But the other entitlements need to be earned – just as Social Security and Medicare are earned today through taxes. An issue that the Tea Party has addressed is how to make sure Americans give back to their communities when receiving entitlements. Included with this thought is the need for flat tax – everybody and every business pays, no exclusions, based on income – no deductions. If this were the case, entitlements would at least be earned instead of given. This is the land of the free – not freebees!

    17. Mark, Port Monmouth says:

      For those wishing the Tea Party goes away, you are in for a disappointment. We are not going anywhere. If anything, watch us get stronger, smarter and more politically effective. Coffers are filling with donations at the national level. We are just warming up, baby. We will keep the seats we gain this cycle and add more 2012 at the federal level. At the state and local level, gains are anticipated 2010 and 2011. Here in NJ our blueprint for 2011 is coming together with help from all over the state.

    18. Mike Mott, Elko, NV says:

      I was a TEA Party Patriot when it wasn't cool. We didn't have a name nor did we know we were TEA Party Patriots, but we were there defending the limited government principles that made America that Shining City on the Hill. Our heritage includes the original right-wing extremists, the Founding Fathers. It includes Ronald Reagan who made us proud and put America back onto the path of greatness. If you are old enough, like me, you listened to William F. Buckley and you supported Barry Goldwater even though that was hopeless.

      Mr. Jarvis we've always been there and when necessary, as is the case now, we defend America's ideal and promise.

      Here is how another patriot described it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ju4Gla2odw

    19. G. K. Weber Port St. says:

      The Tea Party movement has been, perhaps, the most invigorating and plausible grassroots effort to return this government to sensible constitutionality that we have ever seen. It will not wither on the vine, but instead blossom continually and bear the fruit of true conservatism. Why ? Because, in my opinion, The Tea Party is not about Democrats nor Republicans. It is about what is right and what is wrong. Common sense, responsible, truthfull people of integrity, will be spawned because of the strength in numbers that the Tea Party represents. The silent majority, finally, has a voice and a platform from which to speak and be heard. The protection of our God given costitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness must never be permitted compromise by any administration. We already have one foot firmly planted in Socialism and we must not allow the other shoe to drop.

    20. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      The Tea Party is made up of "We the People" as intended by the constitution, we need people in Congress to protect our interest not their personal needs. As for Soc. Sec. and Medicare, they are not intitlements, we who worked paid into these every paycheck, I agree the Gov't. did a poor job of protecting these, they should have reamined seperate from the general fund, better they should have been overseen by an Insurance Company like Met life or Prudential, they would be solvent now if they had. There are many of us out there that could not survive without Soc. sec. , this should not be going to those who 1.) did not pay into it, not incl. dependents of those who did ie:Widows and orphans 2.) Illegal aliens. This goes for Medicare as well. I still say every elected member of Congress should be required to read the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Articles of Confereration, and sign an afadavit stating they did. They also need to sign that they read a bill before voting on it, no more passing bills to find out what is in it. No more hidden pork.

    21. Drew Page, IL says:

      I sincerely hope that the spirit of the TEA Party continues its active participation in the political debates in the future and maintains its conservative principals. I believe that the TEA Party's stance on government administration and involvement in people's lives represents the opinions of a majority of Americans.

      We Americans who support the TEA Party are those who favor smaller government, lower taxes, more individual freedom and free enterprise come from both parties and from independents who object to the massive government spending, a growing deficit, higher taxes, growing unemployment and a growing welfare state. We are Democrats, Independents and Republicans, young and old, male and female, black, brown, yellow and white, actively employed (or want to be) and retired. We are tired of broken government promises and of politicians who have screwed up our economy, created the housing and banking crisis, failed to prevent Wall Street abuses, ignored and insulted us, regardless of their party. And we don't believe that socialism is the answer.

      The Democrats and liberals who support the current regime can blame Bush and blame the Republicans. You can blame those who support the TEA Party if you want, if it makes you feel better. But it is interesting that none of the Democrats who voted for the Stimulus, bail-outs, health care reform and cap & trade are bragging about those votes in their re-election campaigns. In fact, most Democrats running for re-election are trying to put as much distance between themselves and those votes (and Mr. Obama) as possible. Many are bragging about how often they voted against their own party.

    22. John Arizona says:

      Mary….WI: Ken Jarvis is wrong? Quite an understatement. When has Ken Jarvis ever been right…..about anything???

    23. and2therepublic, ill says:

      "Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition." – Thomas Jefferson – Notes on the State of Virginia, Query 19 – 1781

      "[I]t is not by the consolidation, or concentration of powers, but by their distribution, that good government is effected. Were not this great country already divided into states, that division must be made, that each might do for itself what concerns itself directly, and what it can so much better do than a distant authority. Every state again is divided into counties, each to take care of what lies within its local bounds; each county again into townships or wards, to manage minuter details; and every ward into farms, to be governed each by its individual proprietor … It is by this partition of cares, descending in gradation from general to particular, that the mass of human affairs may be best managed for the good and prosperity of all." – Thomas Jefferson – Autobiography

      "The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all. I like a little rebellion now and then. It is like a storm in the atmosphere." – Thomas Jefferson – Letter to Abigail Adams – February 22, 1787

    24. paul, the villages,f says:

      The tea party movement will continue only if they will force the people who are elected to do what they say they are going to do.Since the government will not do things they should be doing we must take things in our hands. Two examples are. 1. never deal with companies who hire illegals.This is the first thing I ask when I hire a company. 2. If you see somthing in a store you want to buy, that is made in another country ask it they have it in an american made item at the same price.If not ask to see the manager and explain to him why you will not buy the item. Just telling the clerk will not solve the problem. When we insist that things must be made in America the economy will improve. The government must become business helpful so this can happen.

    25. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      In 1984, Ronald Reagan was President, Tip O'Neill was Speaker of the House, and

      there were more conservative Democrats, (Reagan Democrats), and moderate Republicans, in Congress than are now. The sole conservative Republicans in the

      U.S. Senate thirty years ago, were Gordon Humphrey, elected in 1978, and Robert

      Smith. We need more conservative, and yes, moderate, Republicans, in Congress.

      If I was running for Congress, I'd cut government spending by 60%, not 10%, like

      Paul Hodes, the Democratic nominee for Senate, wants to do and that includes cutting it 10% for both Congress and the President. Why not 50% for Congress and

      the President? Congress is immune from the ups and downs of the economy. Members of Congress don't have to worry about losing their houses in the Washington, DC, suburbs. Cut government spending back to 1980s levels and let our Washington kleptocracy, to paraphrase Bill Clinton, "feel our pain." Members of

      Congress would think twice before voting for TARP, an eight hundred billion dollar

      failed stimulus, and billions in earmarks, like the infamous bridge to nowhere. Congress also needs to cut its pay from $143,000, to 123,00, approximately what it

      was in 1984.

    26. Paul Schnake says:

      We have gotten so far away from our constitution. I am having a hard time understanding why our politicians have not been prosecuted. They all take an oath to uphold the Constitution.

      Thank you for sending me a copy of the constitution and the declaration of independence. I, at one time, knew these documents and all their ramifications. This is a very good program that you have. Perhaps it would be good if we once again had a mandatory semester in high school where this and only this must be taught. Over the years we have lost a lot.

      Paul Schnake

    27. Tina D, Grand Rapids says:

      This is all so true. When the few of us came together in early 2009 to form Tea Party of West Michigan, we did so with a future in mind. We set our groups up to continue even after this election and next and hopefully much longer. We protested yes but that was never my goal in the end. That was just a way to grow our numbers and get the attention of our politicians. We latched onto Independence Caucus to vet and endorse our candidates so we really know who the good conservative ones are. We are now working to get them elected.

      Many of our members have also become Precinct Delegates to learn the inner workings of our chosen parties. We now know this has also been neglected by us.

      One thing we have realized is that we have been asleep to our detriment. We know, unfortunately, that we cannot just send people to Lansing and DC and expect with all that power around them they will do the right thing for our country or state. We are working on becoming lobbyists right along with the big money guys. We will be in Lansing and even DC if we have to to reach our legislators when they fall off the wagon of restraint that we expect them to stay on. This goes for the good ones as well as the bad. Maybe even more for the good as there will be more pressure on them to vote against their consciences then for those who naturally vote wrong for their own benefit. We are all about our U.S. and Michigan Constitutions and the following of them by our legislators. That is the following of their original intent, not the rulings they use today to justify the mistreatment we've been receiving. WE WILL WIN!

      Thank you Heritage for the books. What a surprise and joy to have received them.

    28. B. Hall Syosset N.Y. says:

      Mr. Jarvis Read the Constitution if you can. There are 3 coequal branches of gov't [I am not referring to oak or maple] Legislative, Judicial and Exectutive. We now have a President who has subverted these provisions. He has become an imperial dictator in that he has 31 czars with no congressional oversight. They can at a whim make regulations with all the powers of laws over heath care, energy ,and any number of the facets of our evert day lives. Wake up. If this is allowed to continue our liberty and the country that we now know will be lost and it's recovery may take a very long time to restore

    29. paul, the villages,f says:

      The tea party will continue as long as we continue to follow the principles that inspired it.if we start thinking for ourselves and stop listening to the leaders of both parties whoare only concerned about their own power we will be better off.Two areas that need to be addressed are illegal immigration and foreign made products by american companies. Never hire a company who hires illegals.Buy things that are made in the U.S. and let the managers of the stores know this.Just telling the clerk will not solve the problem. With government incentives to accompish this will help the economy. First thing we must do is get rid of those who want to destroy our country. BE SURE YOU VOTE NOV. TO BEGINTO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY.

    30. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Ken Jarvis: I am a Tea Party person and I have no intention of going away. We realize there is much work to be done and we are in it for the long haul. Sorry to burst your bubble but all of my fellow Tea Party friends feel the same way. See you in 2012.

    31. Steve S. California says:

      Good on you, Paul. Trolls and pundits aside, rational and civil discourse, though currently seemingly unpopular, IS actually constructive. The reason so many don't get it is that they are still stuck on the idea that the Tea Party is a republican vs. democrat thing, which is right where mainstream politics-as-usual wants them. (Capitalization omitted for cause). Any party which throws out the people due to affiliation is taking a huge risk upon themselves. And I agree absolutely that it is about accountability. With present government so blatantly ignoring the will of the people, they must be held accountable, or any representative form of government here will simply cease to exist. We will have ourselves to blame. We need to vote our consciences, explain our rationale effectively, and vigorously pursue not only the ouster of the power hungry, jaded politicians, but also, just as vigorously the seating of "regular" citizens in their place. I also think that we need to overhaul the environment of Washington, D.C. itself. Lower the pay, restrict earning power and invoke term limits. While discussing this with a co-worker, he said "nobody will take that job for a Staff Sergean'ts pay!" (my suggestion) My retort? Lots of them are in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, and they're getting shot! I hold a much higher opinion of our average citizen than he, obviously. We must look for the sources of our failures, and root them out. Too many have died giving us the ability to fix what's wrong. It would be criminal to ignore that.

    32. toledofan says:

      Over time, probably within the next year, the Tea Party will become the Conservative force in America, a couple of leaders will emerge and force the Republican Party either to change and stand on it's principles or be forced into extinction. I think there are enough people who, after seeing the destruction the Democrats, Pelosi, Reid and Obama, have created over the past 3 years, won't stand for another progressive push towards Socialism. I think that as time goes on, the Democrats will re-fashion themselves back to the days of Kenedy and will forgo any attempt to move so far to the left. If they don't moderate back towards the center, they may face extinction as well. The arrogance of this administration is clear and main stereet America has said enough.

    33. Clarence De Barrows says:

      The term Tea Party is a pseudonym for We the People, the once silent majority, who have finally been shaken out of their complacency by the corruption and disregard for Constitutional imperatives they see eating away at the fabric of our Country from the borders to Washington D.C.. As such it is ludicrous to even think that the movement will be "thrown out" or be "over". "Salt of the earth" citizens have finally come together to the despair of those political elites who have, for too long now, had their own way at instituting an agenda which served themselves first, ignored the constraints imposed on them by the Constitution, and looked with disdain on those who they were elected to serve. No, the Tea Party is in no danger of "being over", it in fact has just begun, much to the dismay and chagrin of entrenched "trough feeders".

    34. Elna Hughes Seymour, says:

      As long as some people say "it's too late, nothing can be done to get our country back" we never will. We need fighters -people willing to fight for freedom who will stand together and take our country back. Do you hate the direction our country is headed ? If so, there is no room for doubt. The road back to "normalcy" and a government "for the people, by the people" and the return to our founding fathers principles will be difficult. However, we can get there if everyone stands together and pushes back against the forces that are attempting to destroy us. It is NOT too late to get America back – it's time we prove that. Get on board with the Tea Party and the principles they stand for and we can get our country back – please.

    35. Marte Cliff, Idaho says:

      I believe in less government and in taking care of our own. But I do have an issue with the stand against Social Security and Unemployment benefits.

      Workers and their employers have paid in to these funds – not by choice but by law – so that they would be available for retirement/disability/times of unemployment. The self-employed are REQUIRED to pay in both the employer and the employee share. In other words, this is money that was taken by the government – to be held in trust for the individual for whom it was paid. As such it is not a "hand out."

      These are only welfare programs when they are used incorrectly. Social Security and Medicare should NOT be doled out to those who did not pay in. Yet, those in power in Washington give it out freely and even spend those dollars on totally unrelated programs.

      Unemployment benefits used to be given based on the hours worked and dollars paid into the fund for each individual worker. While I don't agree that it ever should have been taken from the employers, it was at least paid out in proportion to what was paid in… it was INSURANCE to help out during temporary unemployment.

      Extending unemployment benefits on the Federal dollar was simply wrong. And, from everything I'm reading and hearing, the extension is serving to keep many people from bothering to seek employment.

      Why bother when they get a check, food stamps, help with the rent, etc.?

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    37. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Regarding "The Tea Party Is Here to Stay" in Heritage's "The Morning Bell":

      Finally! Here is an article which so nails it, in this case the morally bankrupt, necessarily, systematically, and inevitably most unfair, unjust, and altogether inequitable and indefensible character, freedom, and resource robbing and even family supplanting and destroying Statist "welfare state", and it's like-minded power and money-grabbing government dependence promoting politicians and their flunkies…to which so-called "Tea Partiers" of all races, creeds, and opinions, etc, with or without any party affiliation or preference, are all opposed to various degrees or extents…that it so virtually says it all that just about the only thing remaining to say is "'nuff said" (that's "enough said")!

    38. KLIMAX Baltimore, Ma says:

      I have grown very tired of the Heritage Foundation constantly lumping Social Security in with programs like Medicare and Medicaid which are a direct drain on the Tax System !!! I have paid and my employers have paid into the Social Security Trust, not by choice, for over 40 years and most of that time I paid the maximum in before the years end !!! If and when I get a chance to collect from the S.S. system I will only be receiving the money I paid in "NOT YOUR TAX MONEY" as everyone wants the public to believe !!! It may be an entitlement to some people but for the most part the American Citizens get paid in retirement what they paid in !!!!! It would would be nice if everyone would realize that Social Security is not a total drain on the tax system because the money Congress puts into S.S. is just replacing the I.O.U.s they put in place of the Trillions of dollars in the Trust that they took to help balance the budget years ago !!!

    39. Joseph, Birmingham says:

      The Tea Party has generated a great deal of enthusiasm; one wonders how it will translate later this fall. One of the greatest challenges of the new congress will be that of gaining control of spending. America needs principled leadership as called for in a post http://www.christianretirement.com entitled "Learn to Say No."

    40. rosemarie, fresno says:


      the tea party is not a party thos are peple that are so sik of your preasures OB in the withe house , we are sik of his propeganda ,

      youneed to get a life , DUMMER ESEL

    41. Paula Gatewood, Mari says:

      For years we've depended on our elected officials to do the right job, WELL SHAME ON US! because now the Teaparty Patriots are the "UNITE WE STAND MOVEMENT" in holding our elected accountable. We told them in April, if you vote for the Health Care Bill "WE WILL REMEMBER". Voters exercise your patriotic right and remember in November.

      And one other note in reguards to Jan Brewer in AZ. Jan is a true patriot, the law she is trying to uphold (SB1070 Bill) in AZ effects ALL of America not just AZ. I support & salute Jan Brewer. Reading an article written in "2006" by Representative Steven King stated that 12 American's are killed every day by illegal aliens. That equals 4,380 Americans murdered by illegals aliens in one year. Todate, our death toll of US Military killed in this 8 year war in combat = 3,496 totaling 4,424. America, wouldn't you say WE have our own war here in the US involving illegals.

    42. Bob Smith, Lindon, U says:

      Don't count on the Tea Party movement being around very long. The general public has no interest in maintaining an Idea – and that is what the Tea Party is now.

      Without the True Believers that succor the extremes of right and left ,and regardless of newspaper comments, the Tea Party ideas are not extreme, the movement may just be a fond rememberence by the next election, if that.

      I hope I'm wrong.


    43. Linda, Louisiana says:

      I can give Obama and the Democratic party credit for one good thing: Because of the way they are destroying this Great Nation, they have awakened the American People. However, neither knew what they are doing nor did they do it intentional. The American People have pulled together through the Tea Party and is making every effort to turn this nation around. The Tea Party has been the means for many Americans to vent their feelings, their frustrations, and to call attention to everyone

      just what the Obama Administration has done, is doing and will do. Thank you Tea Parties of America, and I do think you will be around for a long time.

    44. Elna Hughes Seymour, says:

      The Tea Party ideas are NOT extreme ?

      Taking back our country – taking back the freedoms that the Obama regime have stripped us of -shrinking the boated government – controlling government spending – getting government out of our small business -getting rid of the "czars" that Obama has elected by himself to watch over everything we do — holding our government accountable for what they do — these are not extreme ideas ?

      Americans are fed up with government pushing us around, ignoring our voices when we do not agree with what they are doing – the Tea Party is here to stay .

    45. Elna Hughes Seymour, says:

      I too am angry at those people who include Social Security, Medicare and unemployment in their list of "entitlements" . We have paid into Social Security and medicare beginning with the first day we started working . These are things that we paid into so we would have something in place when we retire. These programs are NOT entitlements – and we still pay into Medicare after we retire – payments for Medicare are deducted monthly from our Social Security checks .

      Those in our government are NOT contributing to the Social Security fund and they don't pay into Medicare – they have their individual retirement funds . While they don't contribute a penny to these funds which hold our money, they have taken money from both funds freely and have not returned one dime. Everyone should be paying into both programs – there is nothing special about those in government – they are not entitled to special treatment and this has to change if we are to have enough money for all retirees .

      Unemployment is not something that should be discontinued – those who are unemployed through no fault of their own still need to eat and pay bills . The money they receive is hardly enough to get by on but it helps. In times like today with the economy near rock bottom there are thousands more who are unemployed with no fault of their own – cutting unemployment payments will produce increased foreclosures and an increase in homeless people seeking any place to sleep . What is needed is more investigation of those who seek unemployment so fraud is made impossible. Unfortunately, at the moment, people who don't deserve unemployment benefits get them while others who do deserve the benefits are denied them. This must be addressed and changes made so that innocent people don't suffer any more than they have already.

    46. Vinny, Dallas says:

      Any body willing to cut free lunches is welcome!

      Lets see the agenda-

      Medicaid- Nope

      Defence- Nope

      Social Security- Yes

      Unemployment Support- Yes

      Tax Refroms- Nope (Only tax cutting plz)

      Wonder where does this leads to

    47. Shawn - Bourbonnais, says:

      There are more people engaged in politics now than since the sixties. There is a

      bit of our forefathers in all of us. But as they had disagreements, so do we.

      One side is less ambitious, but wants the same freedom of lifestyle as the

      ambitious. One wants to spend and spend, but the breadwinner needs the money

      to invest, so they can make enough money for the spender to spend. We have to

      live within the friendly confines of our beloved constitution!

    48. Bobbie says:

      That is right! Members of the tea party do not have ONE leader, members of the tea party are ALL leaders, Ken "can't do it for ourselves, WHERE'S GOVERNMENT" Jarvis…

    49. SueD says:

      YEAH, Ed and amen.

    50. Pingback: What type of HTC cell phone should i buy?

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