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  • John Conyers Addresses the Democratic Socialists of America

    Earlier this month, liberals, leftists and unions staged a sparsely attended “march” in Washington called the “One Nation Rally.” After the event, Americans for Prosperity put together an excellent video that shows the great extent that socialists made up the audience. But now, Heritage has been sent video that shows Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) addressing the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) before the march.

    Conyers gives the crowd his thoughts on the Tea Party, the war in Afghanistan, President Obama and White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. In the video, shot and distributed by the DSA, Conyers addresses the group as old friends. The DSA National Director, Frank Llewellyn, introduces Conyers, to which the Congressman responds: “Frank Llewellyn, I’m honored to be introduced by you” and thanks them for coming to the march.

    Conyers then launches into a stump speech of sorts, sprinkled with classic lines such as “Everything is everything, we’re all connected, whether we want to admit it or not.” Um, okay.

    He focuses in on the notion of a “one-world concept” in which every nation is responsible for one another, and beholden to international regimes or multinational organizations. Conyers says: “We understand the significance of it. We know that when unions, political ideology, clergy, labor, civil rights, come together, and just people that are progressive enough to see in this one-world concept, that we’re all in this together. It makes certain things pretty easy to understand where we’re coming from.”

    Many people might find it hard to understand where Conyers is coming from. But the Congressman pivots to the threat of war, and nuclear destruction, suggesting that America is on a course “bent on accidental or intentional nuclear annihilation.” The Congressman has long been a critic of missile defense systems which would protect America and her allies from this very threat, so one can only presume his solution is unilateral disarmament.

    After expressing support for a “Department of Peace,” Conyers launches into an attack on his “beloved” President Obama and all support for the war in Afghanistan.

    Conyers says: “There probably isn’t anybody above the fifth grade who doesn’t know you cannot win a war in Afghanistan.” This might strike viewers as familiar to when Majority Leader Harry Reid said of the Iraq War: “This war is lost.”

    Congressman Conyers than focuses his attention on the political forces opposing this president, whom he just opposed. He says: “In 2012, there is a highly organized effort to make sure he is a one-term president. It started even before he was sworn in. It’s grown. I only mention the Tea Party, because they are small and dismissible. But there are much more serious and affluent sources behind this effort to interfere with a reelection campaign of Obama.”

    Characterizing the Tea Party movement as “small and dismissible” is a mistake even Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) no longer makes. But Conyers saves his most hostile rhetoric for White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, saying:

    And to have this press secretary of his, denouncing the Left, is an automatically dismissible act if I were president. I would…that, that would be the end of it. We would send, him packing, his bags packing. I don’t know where he came from anyway.

    It’s clear that Congressman Conyers is not enamored with his “beloved” president or White House staff. He continues: “Trashing progressives and the Left, and at the same time, watching your ratings go down…gee…what’s so difficult about figuring that out? So, since there seems to be some problem with it, and there is some difficulty, whose job do you think it to get him straightened out and on the right track? Ours!”

    Note that when he says “ours!” he says it in unison with his good friends in the Democratic Socialists of America. He closes the meeting by saying: “So I look forward to our next meeting. I want us to schedule it. We will have a little larger facility than this.”

    John Conyers then accepts a Democratic Socialists of America hat from Frank Llewellyn, places it on his head and exits.

    We hope Congressman Conyers next scheduled, and larger, meeting with the Democratic Socialists of America is also filmed. America deserves to know which special interests are behind the policies of Congress.

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    13 Responses to John Conyers Addresses the Democratic Socialists of America

    1. Don Goergen - Troy, says:

      John Conyers has been riding the gravy train of or tax $$ for too many years and has been one of the people (along with his wife, Monica Conyers, Kwame Kilpatrick, Barbara Rose-Collins, etc.) that has taken Detroit from a great city to an embarrassing pile of rubble. Only jail keeps them out of office.

      Detroit is near the top of every bad list and near the bottom of every good list.

      Please take out the garbage Detroit !!!

    2. Bobbie says:

      NO CLUE WHAT FREEDOM IS! Every state with the hunger of freedom has to clean house!

      Mr. Conyers stated somehow "we are all connected." that doesn't mean we don't have individual minds to think for ourselves, Mr. Conyers. It doesn't take most people a village to think for them.

      The Tea party, the good people of America, want a leader of this country that has the strength and respect to honor and uphold in good faith the principles and values of America and her people. If this is asking too much, a decent person would not apply, which makes for a one term president to those indecent. Lets all take the garbage out of all states for freedom sake!!

    3. Bethany, Washington says:

      This is incredible. I don't understand how the voters of his district could possibly be okay with this.

    4. Nettie, Phoenix says:

      Can anyone say "term limits"? (45 yrs!!!) This man is the leading member of the judiciary committee making decisions for our country.that are important. He makes no bones about be a socialist and far left. The majority of the people in the US are being taken over by these few radicals. It is time for them to see that the tea party "movement" isn't small. It is the majority in a republic and we are on the march because we DO want to overhaul Washington!

    5. Norbert Stager, Ohio says:

      What is the most alarming about all this is that too many Americans support this ideology. Now we conservatives are the crazies and wackos.

    6. NeoConVet says:

      Great example of the need for TERM LIMITS to protect us from willing fools like Conyers. I would vote for him to go join his One World Leftist Utopia outside of Congress.

      Happy Trails Bozo!

    7. Christy Golden says:


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    9. Linda Doting Edwards says:

      There seems to be something wrong with him, mentally and politically. And I won't voice my opinion about those who think him and Mr O to be intelligent.

    10. Clara Garcia/Haciend says:

      It's very simple to me to know that how we vote is for all that want the freedom that so many countries don't have. We hope that our Country still believes in God, and the reason why our Country still stands is because of our faith. We loose that, we loose the most beautiful Country that so many people envy.

    11. JEAN says:


    12. Darren says:

      People wonder why we want to completely clean house in Washington. Remember in school when we taught about how great America was and the evils of socialism? Now here we are opening our arms and welcoming it because of an administration that believes social justice is more important than our constitution.

    13. Amelia- pennsylvania says:

      Look out,Conyers! God is still in control.I suggest you pick up your Bible and read it .In the end, God and the believers win!

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