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  • It’s Time to Foreclose on Big Government

    The biggest foreclosure yet may begin on November 2nd, as voters start foreclosure proceedings against big government. It’s run up more debt than we can afford to pay.

    The paperwork has been validated. It’s found in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, duly approved and signed by our Founding Fathers.

    Previous proceedings went awry. President Bill Clinton’s 1996 pronouncement that “the era of big government is over” proved to be empty words, as demonstrated by the subsequent free spending of Congress and Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

    So what’s different about today? The Tea Party movement, for one thing. It’s here to stay, as noted in an approving op-ed by Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner and U.S. Senator Jim DeMint and documented in the new bestseller by Scott Rasmussen and Doug Schoen.

    No foreclosure is painless. Millions of Americans are suffering the grief and indignity of losing their homes. Millions more will suffer from the stupendous new debt heaped on their families by runaway spending. Add the extra tax burdens scheduled for January 1 and the job-crushing mountain of more federal regulations. These are raising costs of consumer transactions, energy, and more. And don’t leave out the heavy expenses of Obamacare.

    A foreclosure of big government will bring pain, but it won’t be evenly felt. It won’t please those who champion giant bureaucracies that they then milk for billions. One prime example is massive subsidies for ethanol, wind, and solar; only subsidies keep them afloat because they create low-yield, high-cost energy. But fewer subsidized jobs means major growth in self-sustaining jobs in affordable energy like nuclear and clean natural gas. A burst of work is also available if we open up more areas to responsible drilling.

    Public employees who milked the system for high pay and higher benefits will be unhappy to see their numbers diminish when government is reined in. But who can defend average federal compensation of $123,000 per employee? The private sector provides more productivity at half the average cost per worker.

    The best boost waiting in the wings is almost $2 trillion of genuine economic stimulus—private funds now held back in cash reserves by companies who need only a business-friendly environment. That ready cash is primed to go as soon as expansion and new hiring become affordable. Unlike government projects, these private sector funds need not be delayed and siphoned off by a tangled maze of bureaucracy.

    An economic surge is awaiting America if elections force Washington to change its ways. The signs are good. Obama’s campaign tactic of blaming businesses for his unpopularity is backfiring. So is his team’s endless bashing of the Tea Party movement. Obama’s rhetoric is energizing his political foes more than his political friends.

    Election Day is but a first step to foreclose on big government. Citizens must constantly watch and speak up. The next step is to require that Congress changes its internal system. After we change the people who make the decisions, we next must change the way Congress works. Only then can we expect them to produce better results—and less government.

    It’s time to foreclose on big government.

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    6 Responses to It’s Time to Foreclose on Big Government

    1. Billie says:

      …and since they can't do it for themselves, let's hold them individually accountable with reprimand, for failure to their duty to uphold the Constitution, with countless acts of treason!

    2. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Foreclosure is the right word. It is fast and is effective. This foreclosure needs to start by closing down domestic programs, agencies and departments (DOE, DOE, DOT, HHS, DHS, etc.) as soon as possible. Those duties should be passed back to the states and to private organizations. Anything that can be converted to the private sector should be (SSI, MC/MC). All federally funded foundations or organizations should be privatized. The FDIC should be privatized.

      If the function is not backed by the constitution and it cannot be privatized, it should be closed.

      Sell off all public building no longer being occupied by federal workers to the private sector lest we have an opportunity to occupy them once again in the future.

      Revert the Military back to a military run operation by putting reasonably paid soldiers in jobs that are being done by high paid feds.

      For all remaining federal workers, get their numbers, their pay and their benefits back in check with the private sector.

      Eliminate unions for public sector employees and replace with a free system of employee representation on employment decisions within government.

      Declare a state of emergency on public pensions. This is turning out to be the worse economic disaster that has hit America in all times. People should be allowed their principal they paid in back plus some nominal interest. The rest of the "promise" part needs to be declared gone. This should also be extended into the private sector. Make a simple and strict legislation the controls future pension plans to something that can be funded. The federal government and to a lesser extent state governments have been far more abusive to this fraud than any private sector company has with similar swindles. I would also like to see the people responsible for these plans put in jail – but that may be going to far.

      The feds have put us in a very bad situation and it will take some pain for decades to get us back in the black so to speak. The longer we ride up our debt by doing nothing the worse our chances are in getting out of the hole the feds dug for us. We are at THE point of deciding: do we want a country for another 100 or more years or do we want a strong central government for just a few more years. The strong central government option is proving to be unsustainable.

      The only thing about the American "experiment" that has failed is the government – but not the one set up by the founders. That one did quite well for 150 years, It is the one created by FDR and company. Start the foreclosure process. We cannot count on the feds to clean this up. They have created this mess 70+ years ago and had plenty of time to fix it. We need to fix this – not just for our future, but the future of our children and so on. Once again, let the vision of the founders get back into swing.

    3. George Colgrove, VA says:

      I would also add to my to-do list that federal employees – once retired will not be allowed to return to federal employment, thus putting a permanent end to "double-dipping". This is by far the most egregious abuse of federal employee milking of the public trust.

    4. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Ernest, I really liked your article. But then, I want to do it literally! And more! Take the Federal Reserve, for example. Now they want to purposely inflate our Currency. I want them liquidated, and all their money parted out to the American Citizens. Yes, they are a shadow government, but I think we should also foreclose on all that Federal Property (especially out West) that our Government has taken for no particular reason. Sell that or part it out to Americans. Cut the Federal Government in half! Did you know the government has many many duplicative agencies. They hide their responsibilities (and lots of money) in them. Get rid of the Department Of Education entirely! That is a States Right, Education. Hands off! Get rid of the EPA, HUD, Fannie and Freddie. Send all that money to the People, make them put it in Banks. Listen to the Chairman scream "That would cause Inflation!" Yes, same difference, but we would have the money instead of you.

    5. Donna, Virginia says:

      While I agree with Mr. Colgrove I think Social Security should be phased out on a gradual basis because that's all the majority of baby boomers will have to rely on for retirement.

      I think both Medicare and Medicaid should be kept in place for the elderly and those truly in need, but, place emphasis on over sight of such as well as enforcement of other laws, such as those against illegal immigration and restrict law suits against malpractice and pharmaceutical companies that are defrauding the systems and costing those in the medical fields – which, in turn, cause the prices of malpractice and health insurance premiums to skyrocket.

      I'd even go as far as doing away with IRS and The Federal Reserve Act and go with a Federal flat tax on income and do away with federal "excise" taxes or vise verse.

      We don't need EPA, FDA, NEA, or ANY other of those unconstitutional "Acts."

      And we DEFINITELY NEED to reign in and LIMIT the president's to appoint "czars" without approval of Congress, AND, limit his powers to use "Executive Orders," which I feel can be used to bypass Congress by giving authority to those agencies described above. Cap and Trade, as the great O says, can be bypassed for approval by "Executive Order" to have the EPA "change" their policies to where we can be forced to pay penalties if we over consume energy.

    6. D.Smith says:

      As a Federal employee with going on 23 yrs in Fed Svc and 22 yrs in the US Army, I have to agree with much of what Mr.George Colgrove, VA on October 15th, 2010 said.

      I would even take it a step further. It is my opinion that but for culturally engrained traditions of each service we could combine much of the redundancy between the military branches. These redunancies and rice bowl fighting (which is extremely costly) within the military branches could be eliminated by consolidating into one military service. Everyone wares the same uniforms. Everyone uses the same basic weapons, etc… As for the varying responsibilities, they could simply be consolidated and integrated into this one military service. As it stands now the Army has it's own Navy, it's own AF and even elements that can perform amfibious operations. Granted they may not be as efficient as the services that traditionally perform these functions, but that efficiency would come with training. It could be done and I believe we would see a significant return on our money, if we just put our minds to it and made it happen. Never mind rice bowls, never mind the traditional military mind sets. Our country is in a crises and it needs significant and real changes and those changes will in the long run change the overall face of our culture as we know it today. But it will not change our Constitution which is what every military person and civili servant has sworn to uphold and protect.

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