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  • The EPA Ozone Regs: Another Obama Jobs Killer

    Just two years ago, President George Bush’s Environmental Protection Agency lowered the ozone standard from 84 parts per billion (ppb) to the current 75 ppb. Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule made up of three oxygen atoms that can be unhealthy at high levels. It is often created when vehicle and industrial emissions (from manufacturers and refineries) react with sunlight.

    The EPA normally waits at least five years before revising their ozone standard, but their is nothing normal about the Obama EPA. In January 2010, the Obama EPA proposed reducing the again, this time to 60 ppb. The EPA claims this will save as many as 12,000 lives a year and as much as $100 billion annually in health care spending by 2020. But then there is the cost.

    According to a new study by the Manufacturers Alliance are huge including $1 trillion in annual attainment costs by 2020 and over 7 million jobs lost. Some of the states hardest hit? Washington would lose 234,000 jobs, Ohio 296,000, Pennsylvania 351,000, and Louisiana 983,000, and Texas would lose a whopping 1.7 million jobs.

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    13 Responses to The EPA Ozone Regs: Another Obama Jobs Killer

    1. Patrick, North Carol says:

      This is probably a lost comment but does anyone really believe that Obama cares about business or those working? He is not so stupid that he cannot read and understand such scientific reports. If, as he claims, can understand the human caused global warming science surely he can grasp the simple economics in this study. Ah, but then it is not about science or even economics. Obama is driven by a socialist ideology that demands equality for everyone. Well… except for his elitist friends.

    2. Art Miami says:

      Better pass legislation to limit lightning strikes while their at it. Lightning strikes about 1600 times a second worldwide and produces huge amounts of ozone……Go ahead and make a law about that ! right?

    3. Greg, Illinois says:

      That makes perfect sense – punish the states involved in manufacturing and energy production. We can import more products AND energy. Can you see me rolling my eyes? Nineteen days…

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    5. Dennis Georgia says:

      It is plain to see, obama and the dems along with the epa do not care about business or the people in this country. They only want to push their own agenda.

    6. Bob says:

      By now, we must understand this elitist is working US over on a very purposeful mission.

      Taught, by his socialist father to bring fiscal equality to All by limiting the profits of businesses and distributing what is left to those who do not put effort for their existence, is what he is attempting to do to US. It is all there for us to see.

      Remember what he said before elected….with my emission regulations,many coal energy plants will go out of business.

      So..just vote in November and start the process to get rid of this guy.

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    8. Jill-Maine says:

      BHO and the Democrat Communist party are out to destroy this country.

      I watched the Presdient of Chile last night on tv. Anyone could see he loves his country and his countrymen. I heard that he put his popularity on the line and focused only on saving those trapped minors. He centered everything on others not himself. All I could think was we have the exact opposite personality in the White House. I never felt BHO liked America or cared about the people. I think he has done impeachable offenses. I look forward to a time when I don't have to hear that liar babbling away on tv.

    9. Brian j conway Valat says:

      I feel obligated, as an American, to say the following things about our current economic condition and the response of the federal government.

      No one, that's no one, consistently makes as many poor decisions which result in damage to our economy and employment environment, as this administration does unless it is on purpose. I feel that we are witnessing a systematic dismantling of our nation. It's industry, agriculture, and ability to produce energy independent of foreign powers are being smothered by self-imposed bans and moratoriums and entry into unwise treaties.

      There are only 19 days till the mid-term election, but who is counting? The time for our nation as we know it, is getting very short.

      Get out and vote. Put America back to first priority and keep America Strong.

      Brian Conway

      Kinderhook, N. Y.

    10. Tim AZ says:

      The EPA seems determined to head the list of govt. agencies to be unfunded until it can be determined if they will remain incorrigible. For those found to be incorrigible they must be eliminated to protect the American citizenry. I would like to thank the EPA and the many other govt. agencies for placing themselves on the short list for budget cutting by slapping down the American citizenry at every opportunity. Thanks again for stepping forward.

    11. Charles Sainte Clair says:

      This is slightly off topic. I used to work with nuclear compaction gages. I had to wear a radiatiion film badge and if it showed receiving a dosage of more than 50 millirems of radiation in a twelve month period you were not allowed to operate the gage for a year.

      You would receive 50 millirems of full body radiation by moving from sea level to mile high Denver, Colorado.

    12. Bob L Halifax N.S. says:

      Pardon me boy, is that the EPA crap choochoo ? A very little while ago,there was a lot of fear mongering about our disappearing ozone layer, pharmaceutical monoliths made fortunes in sunblock, sunscreen, polaroid glasses,worry beads et al. A few years farther back we were doomed to experience a new ice age. Chicken Little was right, the sky Is fallen and it strangely resembles…….bull excretion? I must run and tell the king, Gore, well, it's stamped return to the almighty bull slinger? Hey Al, Al…..catch.

    13. Dan PA says:

      Actually, the Obama EPA revisited the 2008 ozone decision because the Bush EPA overruled EPA scientists' recommendations on standard, a literally unprecedented move. So going back and revisiting the matter is a return to normal, not a departure from it.

      Furthermore, the reason why limiting pollution is legitimate function of government (indeed, perhaps the most legitimate) is that there are enormous social net-benefits of doing so. Fewer missed days of way, increased worker productivity, fewer hospitalizations from asthma–these things add up in the hundreds of billions. The costs foregone translate into higher spending for other things and hence more jobs. This really isn't that hard to understand.

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