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  • Morning Bell: If You Cant Beat Them, Silence Them

    The Progressive Movement is desperate. The 2008 election was supposed to be the dawn of a new liberal era. An enlightened bureaucratic elite in Washington was supposed to enact a broad and transformative agenda that would save the economy, return the nation to prosperity, and legitimize big government for a generation.

    But only the enactment of the agenda occurred, without any of the promised benefits. President Obama’s trillion-dollar stimulus and trillion-dollar health care entitlement are now law. The leftist bureaucrats have been empowered … but their policies have failed. Health insurance premiums are rising, poverty is up, and the nation’s unemployment rate hovers near 10%.

    Faced with the obvious failure of their policies, the left is now desperately seeking to avoid accountability by blaming others. So President Barack Obama told a crowd in Philadelphia this weekend that “special interest groups” like the Chamber of Commerce are “spending unlimited amounts of money on attack ads.” The President continued: “It could be the oil industry. It could be the insurance industry. It could even be foreign-owned corporations. You don’t know because they don’t have to disclose. … Now, that’s not just a threat to Democrats – that’s a threat to our democracy.”

    The President may say he is only interested in disclosure, but his policy prescription does not accomplish that. When Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) introduced the DISCLOSE Act to the Senate he gave away the real aim of the bill. “The deterrent effect should not be underestimated,” Schumer said. And just what does the left want to deter Americans from doing? At the House committee DISCLOSE Act markup, Rep. Michael Capuano (D-MA) said: “I have no problem whatsoever keeping everybody out [of elections]. If I could keep all outside entities out, I would.”

    The President is not interested in educating the American people by making everyone disclose their donations. He is only interested in silencing his opponents. That is why unions were specifically exempted from the DISCLOSE Act as were a slew of other interest groups.

    On Face the Nation this Sunday, CBS host Bob Schieffer confronted White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod about a New York Times article showing that White House charges of  “secret foreign money” “stealing our democracy” were completely baseless. Schieffer asked: “If the only charge, three weeks into the election that the Democrats can make is that there’s somehow this may or may not be foreign money coming into the campaign, is that the best you can do?”

    Axelrod went on to contend that it is the responsibility of those the White House accuses to prove they aren’t breaking the law. This morning, NBC’s Chuck Todd described Axelrod’s answer as “McCarthy-esque” on Daily Rundown.

    Yes. Baseless charges about foreigners stealing democracy is the best the left can do. Their policies have completely failed and they are afraid of being held accountable. The President’s response is to try and use the power of the federal government to deter all dissent. If there is a threat to our democracy in this election, it is not coming from the Chamber of Commerce.

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    82 Responses to Morning Bell: If You Cant Beat Them, Silence Them

    1. M. Barton, Virginia says:

      I wish people would research Joseph McCarthy and his SUBSTANTIATED, Venona-Project-Proven "allegations" before using a term such as "McCarthy-esque." Joseph McCarthy was excoriated by a contemporaneous journalist who also (it has been proven) had ties to the Soviets. Those news reports have been the basis for much of the revisionist historical view of the man.

      As for the DISCLOSE Act, of course the Unions have been given an "opt-out." As if they aren't a "special interest."

    2. Ron T, Albuquerque,N says:

      Isn't Axelrod the spin doctor for the administration? They will accept money from Soros, foreign countries…etc and won't fess up with who and how much! What a double standard, but what would you expect from a group that won't release college records, passport information, as examples. What a corrupt group!

    3. Turner says:

      Laughable if it were not so serious. Obama is the real threat to our freedom!

    4. Mary.... WI says:

      I hope Americans continue to educate themselves as to what this president and the democrat party are doing to destroy this country. Enough of their whining, spending, and lies.

      Vote them all out on Nov 2. Let's restore honor, freedom and prosperity to the United States of America.

    5. Anne, Rumson, NJ says:

      Typo in headline. "Can't" is misspelled.

    6. KLIMAX Baltimore, Ma says:

      How can NObama get away with making statements like it might be the oil companies, it might be the insurance companies, it might be foreign companies trying to throw OUR election ???!!! The key word here is "MIGHT" if he can't substantiate his claims NObama should keep his mouth shut !!!! I'm tired of the Democrats trying to influence the November election with statements they can not prove and are not trying to prove !!!

      Wake up America, NObama and the rest of his Democratic Sheep are trying to throw the election with "Lies, Deceit, Innuendos, Etc" and I would hope you can see through the Bull…… that Nobama is slinging !!!!!

    7. ThomNJ says:

      My gosh, where to start? "Axelrod went on to contend that it is the responsibility of those the White House accuses to prove they aren't breaking the law." Really, axelrod? really? Show your true colors a bit more why don't you? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? YOU have the responsibility to prove YOUR allegations. Otherwise it is like that old refrain, "So David, tell me, when did you stop beating your wife?" Prove that you didn't and don't.

      And here is something else I have not seen anyone refer to as of yet – and I certainly don't understand why even the above article doesn't address it. Quite literally, we have the pot calling the kettle black. "The President continued: “It could be the oil industry. It could be the insurance industry. It could even be foreign-owned corporations. You don’t know because they don’t have to disclose. … Now, that’s not just a threat to Democrats – that’s a threat to our democracy.”" Let's see now, just which candidate for president reaped MILLIONS IN FOREIGN DONATIONS in his run for the presidency and then REFUSED TO DISCLOSE where it all came from? Could the answer be barry hussein obama? We have a winner!

      And someone school that jerk in the fact that we live in a republic, for crying out loud.

    8. Joe, Tooele UT says:

      Did I read this correctly – Axelrod says it is the responsibility of the ACCUSED to prove their innocence, not the responsibility of the ACCUSER to prove guilt? I don't remember that lesson in American History. But, then, since when are liberal democrats concerned with history, or the rule of law. . . ?

    9. Juan A. Vega, Sr. Co says:

      The rantings of Obama and his minions remind me of every petty aspiring dictator that came into power through deceitfull elections ( a la Chavez) or betrayed revolution ( a la Castro). They can not accept that when public opinion turns it is the absolute right of the people to change their minds and turn on those that betrayed their trust. Obama is not an American by virtue of his birth- he is un-american by virtue of his petulant and dangerous disdain for the country's values, the Constitution and its protection of individual rights versus the state and the right to vocal and stong dissent. The battle on Nov.2nd must be but the first skirmish on that struggle to stop creeping socialism and statism on its track. To say no when it is warranted is simple and worth any long and verbose compromise- We the People undertstand that to be the loyal oposition is not meant to be the subservient opposition.

    10. Heather, Ohio says:

      the bush administration did the same exact thing, when there was the "truth movement" out to shed the light on all of their lies. the obama administration is no different. they are all a bunch of bullies who try to silence the opposition by any means necessary, and if their tactics should go against the constitution or bill of rights, well, they will just rewrite the laws and deem it in the interest of national security. the point is that they do and say whatever they want, because they can. our whole political system is a joke.

    11. Gerry Box, Edmonton, says:

      Has Obama and everyone else on the liberal/progressive side forgot how much money was funneled into the Obama campaign for the 2008 election? Did he ever report it?? No!! Because he said it came from "small donations", some even from Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Did he report what George Soros dropped into the Obama coffers? No!! The man is such a hypocrite and he sees his power slipping away.

    12. PJV, Michigan says:

      Dear Heritage,

      I am so worried that if the Republicans take control they will do the right thing and that is to be honest politicians, if thats possible. I hope thats not a dream. Also, is it possible for the republicans to put forth bills that only deal with one or two things at a time? We all know that Social Security is in trouble. I am a senior citizen so this worries me. I hope they can take one step at a time to improve Soc. Sec. in a way that they will not scare off voters. Just speak to the American people in plan terms and tell us what could be done. Another thing is the repeal of healthcare, tell us what exactly they can do for this huge problem. I think Americans just want some honest people running Washington instead of all these politicians.

    13. John Newman, Naples, says:

      You state that Obama has failed in his policies. Please, I beg of you, watch this video: http://video.foxnews.com/v/4345343/beck-fundament
      and then decide whether he has "failed" or is, in fact, succeeding in his goals. I know, as an American, it doesn't seem possible that other Americans would want this, but they do.

    14. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Anything they don't understand, they fear. Anything they fear, they destroy. That's not a quote from any of Tom Clancy's novels. It's not a quote from the 1980s miniseries Amerika, or the original version of Red Dawn. It was going to be a quote from one of my novels but I never got around to writing it. However, it's true. Liberals, or progressives, as they call themselves, are dangerous. There weresome good, and bad, aspects of the Progressive Era. The good, the elimination of the traveling medicine show, where con men traveled from town to town in painted wagons selling what most people called "snake oil." They were also called snake oil salesmen. That's what today's Democrats are. Snake oil salesmen. Barack Obama's the Snake Oil Salesman-in-Chief. He hasn't served one day, one week,one year, in the private sector. His economic advisers were all from academia. Reagan's were from the private sector. So were George W. Bush's. The majority of professors in colleges and universities today are the same people who'd protested the Vietnam War. They're also card carrying communists. Ward Churchill,

      the ex-University of Colorado professor who called those who died on 9/11 "Little

      Eichmanns," and was fired for it really believes it. So do other Kool-Aid drinkers.

      To all you Kool-Aid drinkers out there, put down the Kool-Aid.

    15. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Go to this WSJ link –



      Even the part about the $100,000 from Foreigners that the -

      Chamber doesn't count.

      Remember – The CofCommerce is part of the -

      Circle of HATE

      Murdoch, WSJ, FOX, Rush, Chamber of Commerce,

      Heritage Foundation, Karl Rove, Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly,

      Coulter, LV Review Journal, Koch Bros. Newt


    16. B hall Syosset N.Y. says:

      Mr. Barton, For your information any

      , I mean ANY group the has it's own interest involved in lobying or fund raising for any cause or canditate of any party. qualifyies as a special interest

    17. toledofan says:

      Wasn't it the special interest groups that pushed Obama over the top in 08? Regardless, from TARP to the Gulf and everything else, this administration can't point to one solid thing they did to make America a better place in 2010. Unemployment is over 10%, our budget has been busted and our President can only blame FOX, the Chamber of Commerce, and the American people for his failed leadership. If history doesn't paint this President and his Administration as the worst in American history, well, something is really rotten in Denmark for sure. And who said it could never be worse than the Carter years. Go Figure.

    18. ClydeB, MO says:

      It is reminiscent of the McCarthy hearings when charges are brought and the accused is required to prove innocence. The situation then was that bringing the charge was all that was needed to do great damage to the accused. Guilty or innocent.

      The foundation of our legal system is one of "innocent until proven guilty". If this regime is allowed to go un-challenged on such behavior, it will balloon to uncontrollable proportions.

    19. Cherie O - Florida says:

      Why hasn't more investigation going on about all the foreign money that came into the Obama campaign? He didn't/wouldn't reveal where his war-chest came from: How much and from whom! Quite interesting to say the least.

    20. Don in CA says:

      and what is the next thing that the White House will announce? A suspension of elections because of the special interest's that it says are trying to influence the election?

    21. James L. Campbell (T says:

      Why has there been no effective discussion of the large sums of money transferred into the political coffers of Obama through foreign banks? This seems to me to be a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black!

      James L. Campbell

    22. sherrie, NC says:

      just want to say thanks for taking time to keep us "little people" informed. God bless you. praying for you.

    23. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Classic Frankfurt School – never argue policy or discuss the issues attack the person. The Daily Kos has posted a request for any "dirt" on Republican candidates to be forwarded to them for use in the attack advertisements. Yes, the left is getting desperate.

    24. Mike S, Walker, WV says:

      I said it a year ago: Barack Hussein Obama seeks to eliminate the "vote", meaning, that though can not stop the voting process, he seeks to make voting for him and his union thugs a way of life for all — the FINAL SOLUTION. Barack Hussein Obama is as evil as Josef Stalin, Benito Mussolini, and Adolf Hitler combined. He heart seeks evil every second of every day. We are in deep and desperate trouble with this man as president.

    25. Dennis Georgia says:

      When all else fails, blame anyone, but not me. The failed policy of those in charge is plain to see, now the blame game begins. PRESIDENT BUSH caused all of the problems, I do believe the dems were the majority at the time, so they went along. Now the shoe is about to fit another foot, the Republicans are the "say no " bunch, no to spending money we do not have, no to entitlement programs we can not afford, no to a socialist "guvment", yes they are the say no bunch. After November the Republicans must realize they are going to be held accountable for what happens, and obama will have to face the fact that his policies were and are wrong.

    26. David Greenop, 2013 says:

      Morning Bell was right on. However, at this time of the campaign, the conservative party candidates must be vigilant to the downright lies that the Democrat (Socialists) will start to spew. The closer to election day we get, the more insipid the lies get. There isn't enough campaign money to counter all of their lies.

    27. B. Schaefer, Marylan says:

      "it is the responsibility of those the White House accuses to prove they aren’t breaking the law"…….

      Are you KIDDING me?? The last time I looked, a person in these United States of America is innocent until PROVEN guilty.

      O my God, what are they trying to do?!!!!

      Remember in November…….

    28. Norm Klevens says:

      The president wa

    29. Jerry Bateman, Ovied says:

      Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? It seems to me that maybe politicians should have to substantiate their comments. All of the lying that takes place in our country really makes it difficult for folks to know and understand the truth. Ben Franklin said something like this – if the people don't remain moral and ethical our country can not last. I think we have a moral crisis in our country that must be changed if we are to survive as a nation.

    30. Diane, NJ says:

      Isn't it odd that obama accuses others of doing what HE did to collect campaign donations? Atleast American politicians arent' using fraudulent Social Securtiy numbers.

      Schumer's nonsense should have been written in the sky when he stated that "American citizens STILL have the right to move state to state". Obama and posse are an embarrassment to our nation's history. When they leave the White House we tax payers need to fumigate before our American leader arrives.

      I am sick and tired of being a victim of the communist party. I often wonder why the military hasn't thrown obama to the curb, yet.

    31. Norm Klevens says:

      The president wants the corner on campaign funds. He whines when the Supreme Court makes a decision that allows corporations to give like the unions give. The playing field should be 90% his territory. Dignity, fair play and "manning up" are terms he has no use for and no understanding of. This so called man is an excuse for an American, let alone the president. After this election day, he will blame his loss on everything and everyone, when he should look in the mirror. Then he will continue down the same road as he started on when he dumped the Chrysler bond holders, calling them greedy. The big day for our man child president is coming in two years, if we can keep Acorn, the Black Panthers, Al Franken copy machines and like away from the polls.

    32. Terry Brown, Albuque says:

      Wasn't there also some question as to where funds originated for the 2008 Obama for President campaign. I seem to recall some articles and news reports claiming that there were foreign money received also to fund his campaign. I think those funds were undisclosed – right?

    33. Lil, San Diego says:

      Clearly, they, including the President, see their power evaporating. They fear the outcome of the November elections and the consequences of their failed progressive policies which will beggar this nation.

      It really is amazing how much latitude this guy, this ACORN organizer, this guy who NEVER worked a day in his life is allowed by the so-called media. Fortunately there are media out there who will not allow his lies to continue and there are sites like this one which, also, not allow his lies to continue.

    34. BillH - Augusta GA says:

      Their attempts to silence us only makes our voice louder. We will prevail and they will make excuses for their failures. Obama will do what he does best, point fingers of blame at everyone but himself for his failed policies. Fine, let them point fingers. Let them place blame. Then leg them pack and get out of D.C. and let us have our country back. If we need to fight again for our freedom, bring it on.

    35. Barbara Tamargo Miss says:

      I wonder if now Mr. Obama will disclose his donations he got from overseas during his campaign for President….he will not disclose his birth cirtificate, nor his college records….he had them all sealed…why…what does he have to hide…who gave him the money to go to those high priced colleges….if the republicans need to disclose where they get their donations then so does Obama.

    36. Teapartyoverhere1776 says:

      It's rather unfortunate that the Republicans will be buffeted with stupid attacks from the Liberal media giants every single day once they get elected into office. Now Barrack Obama has two scapegoats to blame everything on: former-President Bush, and the Republican Party. I hope we can get some of my people (the Tea Party) into office to turn America around from becoming a European, socialist nation!

    37. Evan, Anchorage says:

      What's the differance between "deficient spending like Reagon's 3 trillion and Bush's 4 trillion, and Obama's stimulus spending?" Not much–they all leave this country broke.

    38. J. Johnson, Missouri says:

      Not to mention George Soros, China and middle eastern countries who all supported Obama and the Dems, have all been protected. Kind of hypocritical for Obama to accept money from these foreign entities and then turn around and try to make it look like those who oppose him were the ones. What can be expected from a man who has lied and been shown hypocritical so many times, and still won't release his birth certificate or educational records. It is him, Pelosi and the Dems who have something to hide.

    39. Jill, California says:

      If this ain't the pot calling the kettle black …

      Obama just can't stand the thought of being outspent. Who was it that spent record amounts of money to defeat his opponents in 2008? Who was it that refused to answer questions about the source of his campaign contributions? And who is it that is spending us into oblivion now?

      These latest accusations are a reflection of Obama's own nasty playbook. It's his dealings that should be investigated.

    40. L. Norman says:

      Apparently the Obama administration, and David Axelrod in particular,

    41. L. Norman says:

      Apparently the Obama administration, and David Axelrod in particular, doesn't understand that our government, the democracy he accuses the Republican party and foreign governments of stealing, is NOT a democracy. It is a REPUBLIC! There is a huge difference, as any literate voter would know. As usual, they are counting on the illiterate voters to maintain their power base, and power is the only thing they really care about.

    42. Clarence De Barrows says:

      We've gone from a Country that put communists and their sympathizers on the hot seat with investigations of the type Joe McCarthy conducted to a Country that, at a recent event, saw these same communist types and their sympathizers, parading openly around Washington in a get-together sponsored by progressives, Unions, Socialists, race-baiting malcontents and assorted rabble rousing liberals. I'll take Joe McCarthy any day, his aim was to preserve the Constitution and defeat those who would undermine it. The mouthy radicals on the scene today, from the White House on down, simply want to disassemble America and replace our Constitution with a liberal socialist agenda. An agenda which has never worked anywhere it has been tried in the past. Redistribute the wealth – bunk – life isn't fair, grow up and get used to it.

    43. Richard Quinn, Saras says:

      Obama and his liberal, progressive flacks have mis-read the American people by thinking the "change" they voted for in 2008 meant a socialist agenda. In fact, the vote of most main stream Americans, who are generally conservative, really meant the kind of change that would lower government spending, reduce the deficit and foster strong job creation. On November 2 nd I believe the people will repudiate Obama and his failed policies.

    44. Kris Dahlquist Misso says:

      So Obama wants the republicans to refute the charge, in other words prove that they're not true. then how are the democrats going to refute the charge that space aliens are living in the Lincoln bedroom and had controlled the 2008 elections?

      Crazy as that seems, that's what the democrats are asking the right to do. Proving innocence in a baseless charge is an impossible task.

      reaks of desperation

    45. John, San Bernardino says:

      Talk about the "birds coming home to roost"!!, The Dems are running so hard to try and persuade the American people that they are the ones who can save this union from disaster!!?? Well, look at their policies! They are complete failure. When Obama discloses his birth record, his financing for attending Ivy League schools, and other so far secreted accounts of HIS, then maybe there could be some civility in discussing HIS and his lackies' ,abject failure to create jobs FIRST in stead of emplementing a Health Care Agenda that 70% of Americans do not like or want,then and only then does he deserve to be listened to. Otherwise, VOTE for a Republican to try and change this MESS the DEMS have created.

    46. J. Gilbert, Massachu says:

      The philosophy that we innocent until proven guilty doesn't apply with this administration. Now, according to David Axlerod, "it is the responsibility of those the White House accuses to prove they aren’t breaking the law".

      So, the new rule is, this administration can make accusations against anyone, and it is our responsibility to prove our innocence, not their responsibility to prove the validity of their accusations.

      For the President of the United States to publically make "baseless" accusations trying to attack his political opponents with "“It could be the oil industry. It could be the insurance industry. It could even be foreign-owned corporations. You don’t know because they don’t have to disclose. … Now, that’s not just a threat to Democrats – that’s a threat to our democracy.” with no facts to back up his statements is demeaning to the office.

    47. Drew Page, IL says:

      I was taught in law school that the burden of proof was on the accuser, not the accused. With an advisor like Axelrod, it's no wonder Obama is in sad shape.

      Aren't unions "special interest groups"? Aren't government workers "special interest groups"? Or are these "special" special interest groups?

      We have all seen how Mr. Obama responds to critics. First he tries to ignore them, then he turns to mocking them and if that doesn't do the trick he criticizes, marginalizes and demonizes them.

    48. Sandy says:

      The NRA was another one of those groups exempted in the DISCLOSE Act. Groups made up of private citizens, by the very nature of the group, were exempted.

      That is very different than these little side groups that are funded by wealthy individuals and are designed to protect corporate interests at the expense of real live human people. People need the water and air to live. Your corporations don't. It's OUR planet, not yours. That's why corporations shouldn't have any "Civil Rights", it's the most ridiculous mistake ever made in this country.

    49. Andrew NY says:

      I've been in some scraps in my life, desperation from an opponent may look silly, but that's the time to be the most vigilant. He is most dangerous when desperate because he's got nothing to lose (the fear of being knocked out is gone).

    50. Rob Stoddard, San Di says:

      Barton's right. Most of what was blamed on McCarthy was actually done by HUAC. Many of those suspected of being commies were actually commies. The history books that detail "McCarthyism" should be sold from the fiction section of your local bookstore.

    51. Joseph Gerant, Boyne says:

      McCarthy was a wacko who tried to accuse reporters, and others, of turning China over to the commies, as America owned China. And other such stupid baseless charges. That is why he was finally denounced and stopped. Stupidity still pops up, not infrequently. Anybody remember Mark Twain's famous comment about our congress?

    52. Pete, Carson City, N says:

      The Democrats ARE a threat to democracy !!!

    53. Gary Wise says:

      It is so annoying to have the president keep referring to America as a Democracy, it's a REPUBLIC stupid! If he cannot get this straight, then he is a jackass! You can always tell when Obumer tells a lie too the old saying is true, his mouth is moving!

    54. Pingback: “If you can’t beat them , silence them” « Newsbeat1

    55. PippN, Severna Park says:

      When O'Bama ran for office, instead of employing commonly accepted and usual security measures to identify illegal donations, his campaign openly admitted accepting donations from prepaid, untraceable credit cards. They said they will check them after the donations are recorded. Of course, they never did. In most cases, there's no way to trace a prepaid card.

      A liar and a cheat is always the first one to suspect that someone else may be stealing their scheme. Not because it's real, but because it could be real. Even when there's absolutely no evidence to support their paranoiac assertions, they, more than anyone else, recognize an opportunity to sully a process through their own familiarity and excursions into indecency.

    56. PippN, Severna Park says:

      I wonder if the Act includes prepaid credit cards – not!

    57. DL California says:

      Socialist tendencies are bold because "they won". Well I hope conservatives – in any party – "win". But let's not stop there. The winning is the beginning. Rollback Obamacare. Fix TARP and Bailouts (freeze unspent funds). Revise the tax code. Eliminate earmarks – really – eliminate them. Read a freaking bill… legislate the review period if you have to – just read the flipping thing.

      If things like the Fairness Doctrine seem so great – either put them in – for everything – Television, movies, newspapers, magazines, radio, advertising, on and on…. OR, shut up and let the law and market dictate where things go.

      This batch of "democrats" has been the most disgusting bunch of liars I have seen in my 51 years. I hope Issa's plan to hold inquiry into things after a power change accomplishes something – I would love to see "the truth" exposed and long jail time for Chicage style thug lawbreakers.

      We won't be "silenced". The "silent majority" may be polite and containing their anger – not like the progressive thugs – but that anger will be vetted with a "house cleaning" and more!

    58. Renny MD says:

      Read up on the Alinsky Theory of socialism!! Even if we take the House and Senate, this guy has an agenda and will continue on, walking all over the

      Constitution. Why don't we talk and report the way it is instead of beating around the bush????

    59. S Rubicon, Southcent says:

      On a CBS talk show, David "Axelrod went on to contend that it is the responsibility of those the White House accuses to prove they are not breaking the law."

      So. Now according to Democrats, you are guilty until you prove you are innocent!?!

      When did America adopt this line of logic?! Just exactly why is it OK for ANY sitting president to tell the public there is a conspiracy afoot, yet he can offer & apparently is not expected to offer any evidence of his accusation?

      Obama's campaign was rife with donations from 'undisclosed' sources. The amounts were supposedly small. Still, what is the amount have to do with a crime? The fact is, many of Obama's donations were suspect. The other fact is, the Federal Elections Commission decided to not look into that! Maybe the fact that many board members were Democrats had something to do with that? Maybe not!

      The point is, Barack Obama has now resorted to actual fear mongering, a tactic he has always accused Republicans of using. Maybe they did. However, we KNOW Obama is using the tactic.

      I know political campaigns are messy. I know many actually exaggerate. But, the man has made a criminal accusation & according to our laws, he is now responsible to prove this or he is guilty of false incrimination. With the current state of the media in America, Obama is counting on no one question this! Worse is, many liberal media members will not only allow him to get away with it, they will promote his accusation as though its truth!

    60. Timpclimber Provo, U says:

      The opt out option for unions will allow the NEA, who I fought for years to get disclosure information, to continue to hide whom and what causes they pour money into. The sheer audacity of the act is so similar to all the opt outs in the other 2008-2010 congressional bills that anyone can now see their agenda. I hope my fellow citizens have wised up and send a message in November by their votes.

    61. C LabOUNTY MERRITT I says:

      The "threat to democracy" is BHO and his cronies!!!!!!

    62. Donnie F. Buchanan M says:

      Why has no one countered Obama's lies by pointing out foreign donations to him as well as those from Mickey Mouse, etc.?

    63. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      From: “If you can’t beat them, silence them” (quote): "Axelrod went on to contend that it is the responsibility of those the White House accuses to prove they aren’t breaking the law. This morning, NBC’s Chuck Todd described Axelrod’s answer as 'McCarthy-esque' on Daily Rundown".

      Ah yes, Mr. Axelrod, “presume guilty until proven innocent”, the favorite tool of yours and others so power-mad and corrupt throughout history to this day, against which this country, the United States of America, and our fouding documents, including our Constitution, were founded and written.

      Yet, well, first the bad news, and then the good news…The bad news is such a comment as "McCarthy-esque" by NBC's Chuck Todd most probably isn’t really what it is apparently assumed to be.

      How so? For one thing, among others, as I and countless others who actually dare to research, engage in independent thought, and otherwise observe and learn, can and will confirm, throwing about the term "McCarthy-esque" is neither the supposed without exception automatic exposer of evil or wrong-doing nor rightly the "password" into momentary or longer welcome or acceptance it is evidently supposed to be to either the "Left" or "Right" or "the middle", especially not when it is spoken with any ignorance, and even contradiction, of Joseph McCarthy and the actual facts of and surrounding his case and his anti-Communist (Leftist) efforts.

      So again, as is so often demonstrated throughout history, including by criminals and their legalized equals in government and the media, such is only too possibly yet another case of "honor among thieves betraying" considering also how it is the “in” thing to do among too many, including and especially so among so-called "Progressive" politicians, bureaucrats, and their comrades in the news and entertainment media, to turn against and betray anyone, including among themselves, however and whenever it suits their fancy, and especially when the results of their shared agenda are exposing it and making them try for any cover they can come up with.

      Now the good news…The good news is we, the people, can in actual deed do something about it, starting with disabusing ourselves of relying on the still dominant politically biased and verifiably complicit so-called "main-stream media" (ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, CNBC, PBS, et al, and their internet, newspaper, and radio divisions, and others depending upon them as sources), and instead actually dare to turn to or at least include other sources of information and even dissent, do our own "fact checking", engage in independent thought, and educate and inform ourselves and each other about what such politicians and others are doing; all of which will cause so many of us to stop following and relying on them that we disabuse ourselves of them and their influence and power over us and so ensure that we, the people, save what remains of our freedoms, resources, and security, and that of subsequent generations.

    64. Silverpoodle,Ca says:

      Foreign money?? Anyone question all the 'cell phone ' donations to Obama??? Not traceable. Hmmmm!!!

    65. Billie says:

      Who cares what they call it?

      Democracy Mr. President? Threat OUR DEMOCRACY? What is yours and my democracy, Mr. President? For democrats to be accusing foreign donations, tells me they are the guilty ones!

      foreigners stealing democracy???? Foreigners donating to Obama's opposition just means they are looking for decent, honest, competent, rational leadership they know Obama doesn't have the strength or dignity or discipline or intelligence to conduct himself by!!

      “spending unlimited amounts of money on attack ads?” Wow, Mr. President, how would you know that? They use their own money and donations from those that choose to donate, unlike the democrats that will just steal from those forced obligations of the tax payers hard earned money pot to bribe people to support them, creating a bias, condescending program such as Acorn, which is intimidation right off the bat. People who want to vote, will with no help or intimidation of ACORN!

      Glad you mentioned "special interest," Mr. President. How about getting rid of ALL that don't apply to Americans equally?

      About that healthcare reform? Where are ALL THOSE AMERICANS waiting and waiting for it? Mr. President? Those that can't seem to do a darn thing for themselves without your hand? Where are all the 98% of people you promised your health care reform to? Where are they, deceiver?

    66. MJF, CT says:

      We don't have to worry about foreigners "stealing" our democracy, Mr. Obama and the Liberal House & Senate have done that already!

    67. Dexter60, San Franci says:

      This type of governance requires, demands, a Soviet-style response.

    68. Swemson Phoenix Ariz says:

      M. Barton is right.

      Words are important, and we must use them correctly.

      Another example that bothers me is the way we always say that their policies have failed. That can only be true if you assume that their goal is to solve our problems. In fact, their policies are achieving exactly what they were designed to achieve. Does anyone still doubt that their intent is not to save America, but to tear it down?

      Nobody who understands the Alinsky method & the Cloward Piven strategy, can possibly have any doubt. How many avowed progressives, socialists, Marxists & communists must there be in this administration before everyone wakes up?

      A few brave souls are beginning to say it out in the open…

      I think we all should.

    69. Knowsit, Reno says:

      I would like to remind the reader here that at least 1/3rd of Obama's campaign contributions in 2008 were never confirmed to be legal, the FEC did not investigate the origins of those Obama's campaign contributions.

      So Obama speaks from experience, he himself cheated massively.

    70. Jim Horn, Menifee, C says:

      So, Obama is whining about contributions to the US Chamber that are NOT being disclosed, but he refuses to disclose the $300+ million he received in campaign donations from nebulous sources rumored to be Arab money. Then there were the millions in union donations, and more millions from Soros and his pals. Thus, Obama was the biggest whore ever and sold himself to those ugly special interests.
      So, what's good for the gander is good for the goose, and Obama can just piss off into the wind, and it's blowing back in his face.
      Obama is so bad that Carter feels good about himself again.

    71. Dave W Indianapolis, says:

      Please, people! When are you going to realize that they don't give a flying f— WHAT we think; they want to put the right into such a minority position that when we protest it'll sound like a kitten mewling for milk. (Some do, now!)

      Give him 40 yrs., get him to grow a beard, and you won't know the difference between BHO, Osama Bin Laden, or Fidel Castro.

      They want to see you grovel for every penny you get, because they'll have it all!

      (Please, I don't like people when they argue from extreme right ,or extreme left, but I understand their passion for their issues,) Just got carried away for a minute; I'm back!

    72. rosemarie, fresno says:


    73. norm says:

      Just why can they just start impeachments on this clown,every president always di closed his qualifications,and everything else,he has been proved to be a liar,a joke to the American people to other country's,on and on?????All of his plans have failed(mind you this is NOT bush's fault)this yo-yo has been in office to to keep blaming someone,along with pelosi,fienstien,reid.,,etc,etc!!!!!Screw them all

    74. capri WI USA says:

      "Axelrod went on to contend that it is the responsibility of those the White House accuses to prove they aren't breaking the law. This morning, NBC's Chuck Todd described Axelrod's answer as "McCarthy-esque" on Daily Rundown."

      And there's the flip…you are accused=guilty, until you 'prove' you are innocent.

      Throw it out there and see what sticks.

      Skip McCarthy-go straight to the grand ole days of Russia, China, Germany, Cuba, Venezuela…

      Bravo to all pointing out the 'donations' from around the world to the last prez election. No investigation there…nothing to see folks…move along…

    75. Eva , New Jersey says:

      Typical of what Muslims do: always accuse your enemy of doing the very thing you did. HE"S worried about a threat to OUR democracy???????

    76. gerald skey, princet says:

      There are several depressing thoughts about the notion that one has to prove innocence, the first such thought being that in the political season, neither party makes even a half hearted effort to tell the truth. Anything and everything is twisted to suit the ambitions of the candidates. I am reminded of the Jerry Brown claims against Meg Whitman in California regarding her hiring someone who turned out to be illegal. On balance, Ms. Whitman did everything right and I suspect that Brown knows this, but still the finger pointing by Brown has commanded front page attention regardless of how ill conceived and intellectually dishonest it is.

      So it is with the Chamber of Commerce issue. The obvious analogy is the individual who is asked when he intends to stop beating his wife. With no evidence of any such beatings in the first place. The point being that regardless of the lack of evidence, the accused faces a tidal wave of criticism. Brown and Obama know this – but the point is that neither they nor virtually any other politician cares.

      Democrats will dismiss the matter as nothing more than politics as usual and Republicans will scream to the heavens that the allegations prove the lack of honor and honesty in the administration. And the rest of us continue to wonder why Politicians do not understand how much the country in general despises them.

    77. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      My hope is that someone out there has the BA—'s to bring to the light the whole truth behind BHO. If this is done and verified he and his cronies will go to jail, where they belong, they are commiting Treason. We need to be sure and vote, don't say, "well everyone else is doing it so I'll stay Home" If everyone voted and made sure that a neighbor or friend got to the polls we will beat all records for an off year election. 21 days to go GOD BLESS AMERICA, and keep her safe from all harm and outside influence.

    78. ThomNJ says:

      Joseph Gerant – your take on McCarthy is the "revised" form of history that the dems want you to remember – except that it just ain't so. Read the book Blacklisted by History, and you will find a wealth of information there to change your mind. It is an incredibly interesting story.

      Reminds me of another great fraud on history – the slander over the years of Captain William Bligh by Fletcher Christian's family and Peter (I think I have that name right) Haywood's family. They couldn't take the fact that their respectable families had these guys gone bad; so they continually built up lies about William Bligh to change what really happened. Same thing with Joe McCarthy.

    79. Dennis Georgia says:

      Foreign money and countries are not stealing this country, greed for power and controll have already sold us out. The dems and obama never wanted to keep America strong, they only wanted to instill a dictator with a socialist style "guvement".


    80. progressoverpeace says:

      –>Baseless charges about foreigners stealing democracy is the best the left can do.

      This is especially funny considering the illegal and un-American way that BHO conducted the 2008 campaign. After all, the biggest political rally of his US Presidential campaign was in GERMANY!! For Germans!!! This is just flat-out illegal and should have been deeply offensive to the sensibilities of any AMerican … having a US political campaign taking place in a foreign nation for foreigners, with the help of the foreign government in setting up the campaign trip and gigantic rally for Berliners (flyers were printed in German, to take away any doubt that that rally was not for Americans).

      And we have this same guy, who should have been kicked out of the race the minute he got back from Germany, trying to make hay over legal contributions to the Chamber of Commerce (and tiny contributions, at that) by invoking the idea of foreign influence. LOL. The Indonesian Imbecile who isn't even eligible to sit in the Oval Office (due to his foreign nature, evidence by the multiple other citizenships he has held – and may still hold … who knows) is trying to attack business interests on the basis of "foreign interference". BHO and this absolute insanity have become the new textbook example of chutzpah.

    81. Linda, Louisiana says:

      Obama is a slick-talking, salesman who uses his words wisely. Using the word "might" speaking about the Republican Party, The Chamber of Commerce, and foreign money is a suggestive word that keeps anyone from filing a suit against false accusations. Of course, Mr. Obama doesn't mind to lie about anything, then lie about the lie. There's no doubt he has not fulfilled any of his campaign promises. I'm not sure if it is from ignorance on RUNNING a Nation or his ability to RUIN a Nation. Changes in November will be great, but the biggest Change needs to be in the White House ASAP.

    82. Merinas van der Lubb says:

      I disagree nearly completely.

      I think the 'Rats knew from the outset that they'd have one chance to destroy America before they got thrown out in the midterms, and they set about enacting legislation which locked their "Reforms" in place in such a way that they can't be reversed. For instance – insurance companies are already making drastic changes in their policies in response to the *anticipated* effects ot the Death Panel Bill. Does anyone seriously believe they'll just slam it in reverse and "undo" all those changes? My guess is the Republicans won't even realize what kind of a "fait accompli" they've been handed, until they actually get to Wastington and start trying to actually DO what they've promised they'll do. Then, the waffling and compromising and hemming and hawing and "Explaining" will start…

      Like I said, I think the 'Rats – or the satanic forces behind them (and I specifically mean George Soros) have gamed this all out. Like Dr. Kevorkian, they've injected their poison, and now all they have to do is sit back and watch the patient die. Soros isn't even bothering to contribute to this election – he knows it's a waste of money, and isn't necessary because the damage is already done.

      And to put the icing on the cake, when the Republicans don't magically "Make It All Better" in two years, the little Oprah-watching nitwits who elected Obama will turn right around and re-elect him in 2012.

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