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  • Why Leave Ourselves Vulnerable to North Korea's Nuclear Program?

    The Institute for Science and International Security, founded by former United Nations IAEA nuclear inspector David Albright, released a report today warning that North Korea has “moved beyond laboratory-scale work” and now has the “capability to build” a highly enriched uranium-producing centrifuge plant. The report says North Korea’s centrifuge capabilities makes them “both a horizontal and a vertical proliferation threat.”

    The Washington Post further reports that the study “comes as a senior South Korean official warned that North Korea’s nuclear program is ‘evolving even now at a very fast pace,’” and that ” that the danger from the North’s nuclear program is now at an ‘alarming’ level.”

    North Korea’s nuclear program is just half of the growing threat emanating from Pyongyang. North Korea has also established an independent military division responsible for controlling and deploying its intermediate-range ballistic missiles (IRBMs). Known as the Musudan, these missiles are believed to have a range of 1,800 to 3,000 miles–capable of targeting U.S. military bases in Japan, Okinawa and Guam.

    Instead of increasing our military capacity to meet this threat, President Barack Obama has slashed missile defense programs and signed the New START agreement witch Russia that limits our future missile defense capabilities.

    You can find more Heritage Foundation research on missile defense at 33 Minutes.

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    7 Responses to Why Leave Ourselves Vulnerable to North Korea's Nuclear Program?

    1. Mushin Ronsha, Calif says:

      North Korea at it again… They did the last two nuclear detonations… you can find out the number of nukes since your birthday with Atomic Age on Facebook (http://apps.facebook.com/atomicage/). You'll be surprised! There have been 507 since mine!

    2. Larry Welch, Idaho says:

      President Obama's defense policies are suicidal; they must be reversed soon!

    3. Joan, Mississippi says:

      Why is there no group being formed to ask for impeachment of Obama as he is not protecting the security of the United States?

    4. Jcb, Jackson County, says:

      Why is a group not being formed to ask for impeachment of Obama for not protecting the security of the United States?

    5. Dennis Georgia says:

      Oh well, maybe obama in his great wisdom can find time to leave the campaign trail and have a good cold beer and talk with the leader {dictator} of N. Korea, after all he may gain insight in how to futher his quest for a dictatorship in America.

    6. MikeS-Flint says:

      Well, maybe Mr. O can politely ask Il or Un to please promise to not use the nuclear weapons on us.

    7. Drew Page, IL says:

      I am no fan of N. Korea. During the Korean War (police action) General MacArthur had proposed nuclear attacks on N. Korea that were under serious consideration by President Truman and N. Korea was made aware of this. Our continued support of S. Korea has, over the years, been as warmly received by N. Korea as we have warmly received a Communist presence in Cuba.

      Currently, N. Korea sees itself as having an insufficient deterrent to an American nuclear threat that they feel they have lived under for the past 60 years. I believe this is why they have been developing their own nuclear arsenal. If N. Korea engages S. Korea in a civil war, in an attempt to unify, we must not get drug into this as we did into the civil war in Viet Nam.

      I believe that our State Department and the Oval Office need more experienced and seasoned leadership to strengthen our diplomatic ties with China in order to enlist their aid in controlling the possible expansionism of N. Korea into the South. China has as much at risk as the U.S. if tensions between North and South Korea worsen.

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