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  • No Relief for Jobs Killed by Drilling Ban

    Shallow-water rig workers and those in industries unrelated to oil drilling are losing their jobs and being denied access to relief funds because of what Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) calls a “de facto shallow-water drilling ban.”

    Nearly $1 billion is going to Gulf Coast industries that are suffering in the aftermath of the BP oil spill, but many workers losing their jobs due to the drilling ban, imposed by the Obama administrations’ Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, are not eligible. BP’s $20 billion relief fund for those affected by the Gulf oil spill does not cover workers that have lost their jobs due to the moratorium.

    BP created a separate Rig Worker Assistance Fund with a $100 million fund for workers of select deep-water rigs that lost their jobs, leaving out workers on rigs that have moved out of the Gulf and shallow-water rig workers altogether. Shallow-water rigs are not banned from drilling in the Gulf, but have had more stringent requirements placed on them for obtaining permits to drill.
    As a result, there’s been a decline in the number of shallow-water rigs in operation. Only 53 new wells have been permitted so far this year as opposed to 96 last year. Shallow-water rig owners are faced with keeping workers on the payroll while waiting for permits at great costs or cutting those workers’ jobs.

    Other industries that are not involved in drilling, but depend on rig workers as customers, are also suffering from the “de facto shallow-water drilling ban.” They’re also not eligible for relief funds. Gulf Coast businesses are left in limbo on relief from this moratorium, but they shouldn’t have been put in this position in the first place.

    There is no need for this moratorium. It is not necessary to prevent another disaster and only exacerbates the economic toll on residents of the Gulf Coast. Landrieu recently wrote, “In the parlance of the industry, the administration’s policy struck a dry hole.”

    In lieu of the administration’s obstinacy, Landrieu placed a hold on Obama’s nomination of Jacob Lew to replace Peter Orszag as the Office of Management and Budget director. Landrieu was not satisfied with Lew’s and the Obama administration’s understanding of the economic effect of the moratorium on the Gulf Coast and the need to end it.

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    5 Responses to No Relief for Jobs Killed by Drilling Ban

    1. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      The first point is the Mary Landrieu is doing nothing by "grandstanding" by

      her Obama apporved sham that she is actually blocking Jacob Lew appointment.

      Landrieu has always been one of Obama biggest lackeys that voted for every

      bill the Dems brough to the Senate floor. Now she is running scared and trying to save her seat in Congress in light of the total rejection of Obama. It's just more

      Dem destraction and diversions. She knows full well Obama cancelled oil lease

      sales as one of his first moves when he took office and will always oppose offshore drilling. Landries is just doing what most Dems do, cover Obama's


    2. Rich in weirton says:

      Well, obummer did say that jobs was his number one priority. What he didn't say was that killing jobs, not creating them is his number one priority…

    3. Drew Page, IL says:

      Maybe Mary Landrieu can dip into that $300 million dollar she got for voting for Obamacare and distribute that among the unemployed oil workers in her state. I wonder what happened to that $300 million, is it sitting in the State Treasury? Has it already been spent on other things? If so, I wonder what they were?

    4. Renny MD says:

      Another "Alinsky" approach!!! cause commotion and have the people on their knees then the leader will step in and give you food stamps and unemployment for the rest of your lives. 'NOT THE WAY TO LIVE!!!!"

    5. TJS, FL says:

      The de facto drilling ban is an economic crime. It is just one more issue telling us that Democrats are unfit for command. I hope all citizens take note – if Democrats draw a bullseye on your industry, they will destroy you. Remember too that they are defying a federal judge, and they lied about the report from their panel of seven experts, saying the experts supported a ban. The experts came out later and said they did not recommend a ban, and that they opposed it.

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