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  • Morning Bell: At the Mercy of the Obama Tax Hikes

    When will the Obama administration admit their economic stimulus plan, which cost more than the Iraq war, failed? The stimulus has already failed to create the 3.5 million jobs President Barack Obama promised it would. It has already failed to keep unemployment below the 8% the President’s top economists predicted it would. And now, the Department of Labor reported today, a full 15 months after the National Bureau of Economic Research certified that the recession ended, that the U.S. economy lost another 95,000 jobs in September.

    Total employment in the United States economy now stands at 130.2 million. This is 7.6 million jobs short of where the President promised the economy would be by December 2010 if Congress adopted his economic policies. 9.6% unemployment. A 7.6 million jobs gap. Unemployment is actually higher now than when the recession ended in June. If this is not the definition of failure, then what is?

    By contrast, when the 1980s recession ended in December 1982, unemployment stood at 10.8%. Fifteen months into President Ronald Reagan’s economic recovery, and unemployment had already fallen three full points to 7.8%. Why was the Reagan recovery such a success? And why is the Obama recovery such a failure? Well, for starters, President Reagan did not saddle our children with a brand new $1 trillion entitlement. But more urgently, President Reagan also did not threaten the U.S. economy with the largest tax hike in American history.

    There still is time for Congress to act to prevent the Obama tax hikes. Tax hikes that include higher rates on individual income, capital gains and dividends. No Americans will escape the damage from the Obama tax hikes including: 1) Destroying an average of 693,000 jobs every year through 2020; 2) Draining $726 billion from disposable income, $38 billion from personal savings and $33 billion from business investments; 3) costing the average non-farm small-business owner $3,500 more in taxes, and much, much more.

    But the economic harms from the Obama tax hike are already being felt. The Washington Post reports today that because of Congress’ failure to take action on the tax hikes before the November election, millions of businesses will have trouble issuing everyone’s paycheck this January. The Post reports that if no action is taken, “millions of low- and middle-income taxpayers would see significant tax increases.” Former president of the American Payroll Association Dennis Danilewicz told the Post: “People are starting to say, ‘What are we going to do?’ Everyone is kind of at Congress’ mercy.”

    Quick Hits:

    • After Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) challenged HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ claim that under Obamacare “there will be more Medicare Advantage plans to choose from,” the HHS changed Sebelius’ online statement to read “there will be more meaningful choices.”
    • The Obama administration sent approximately $18 million worth of stimulus funds to more than 89,000 dead people.
    • Gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid (D), also son of Majority Leader Harry Reid (D), admitted last night that Obamacare puts “significant pressure on states because Medicaid rates could go up significantly.”
    • Doctors tell the “Miami Today” website that the rising costs and lower payments associated with Obamacare is making it increasingly difficult to run a doctor practice.
    • Join Heritage Foundation Education Policy Analyst Lindsey Burke today at Noon (EDT) for a special live online chat, here, on The Foundry.
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    41 Responses to Morning Bell: At the Mercy of the Obama Tax Hikes

    1. Jack Lohman says:

      The poor are not going to get us out of this mess, only the rich can. And they will do it knowing that it is the only way to save their wealth (some legitimately obtained, but other that was from ripping off the public). That we are now trying to protect the latter is unconscionable, and were our politicians not sharing in the profits that would not be happening.

      Jack Lohman …

    2. Gary says:

      My business leases suites to a number of doctors and dentists in Boise, Idaho. I have reduced rents by an average of $19,000 per year for each of my tenants. Unfortunately, it apapears and is predicted that a number of them will either fail or will have to abandon their private practices and work for a local hospital.

      They are experiencing drastic revenue reductions due to the health care bill and unemployment. They are also facing enormous unknowns. Coupled with anticipated increases in taxes, they are unable to see light at the end of the tunnel. One of the doctors has filed for bankruptcy after 20 years of practice.

      It is serious and becoming more serious.

    3. Barb in Wisconsin says:

      When is everyone going to finally realize that this destruction of our economy is very deliberate and planned by Comrade Obama? He never hid his ideology and now you are all surprised? This is the hope and change he touted. He is not making these so-called mistakes by mistake! He is following the Cloward & Piven plan to crush capitalism, socialize this country, force us into his marxist ideology and redistribute wealth until we are all dependent on goverment and all equally miserable. That is all of us except for Obama and his hand selected ruling class of czars and cronies. Even under many years of Soviet communist rule, most stood in bread lines hungry while a select few bureacrats lived like kings. This is what is coming to America soon unless this marxist idealogue can be stopped by freedom loving Americans. Get your heads out of the sand.

    4. Sharon McCreight, Sp says:

      Do hope that these statistics are being sent to every representative, present and incoming, so that when Congress next meets, some member of the House will stand up and present them to the body when the tax issue is raised once more.

    5. C LabOUNTY MERRITT I says:

      HF is missing the "point".

      The "whole point is to make all us at the mercy of Congress.Governemnt".

      THAT's THE PLAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Bryan Atl says:

      When will the rest of this country realize that the president and his wife hate this country. If you don't believe me then listen to them apologize for this country being strong. His wife has even written letters saying in black and white that she hates this country. This country needs to wake up and realize that we have a President and House and Senate that wants to destroy the freedom that we have.

    7. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      The tax hikes are minor compared to the ruling yesterday from Judge Steeh in Detroit. Unless overturned in appeals or the Supreme court our freedoms will vanish. As it stands Congress will now regulate anything and all it deems fitting in the "Interstate Commerce Clause." It can now regulate choices you chose not to make. Pehaps it decides that it is in our best interst to be healthier thus we must all join a health club. Perhaps it decides we should all drive electric cars to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Perhaps it decides we should…. The list is endless. The court has validated the Obama agenda totally disregarding the Constitution. I beg all readers, even you Ken Jarvis, to contact Judge Steeh in Detroit and voice your extreme opposition to his ruling. If this ruling stands our kids and grandkids will suffer the consequences.

    8. Carol In CA says:

      Mr. B HO is doing this on purpose. Givin the out side chance that he may extend the Bush Tax what Mr. B HO has done is played with everyone, watching us squirm, worry, and critize the B HO regime. And if he dosen't we still lose.

      We, every American has become his and Mr. George Soros pawns. Until they are no longer amused and they will squash us like a bunch of bugs. In time they will go for bigger and grander goals in the foreighn market.

      It's all about how you catch a pig. parable.

    9. Johnson, Flagstaff A says:

      Why are you continuing to reference the Expiring Non Conservative Tax Laws as Obama's Tax Increase ? Mr. Bush and the Republican Congress passed those laws with an Expiration after Mr. Bush left office. These are Mr. Bush's tax increases.

      Supply the facts.

      Your report is no better than the rest of the media.

    10. J M Hendrick says:

      So many people act like this is a big suprise after living thru this president's actions. ONLY the American people are in control of this repeated socialist action, and yet, why do they not IMPEACH this man before we are buried six feet under?? Give me an answer, please God and the American people.

    11. Jill, California says:

      We can't solve the problem with class warfare. We are all in this together.

      Raising taxes on the so-called wealthy taxpayers … those making more than $250,000 … will ultimately hurt the middle class. It's not only about job creation. It's about passing along expenses.

      To stay in business, a small business whose taxes go up will have no choice but to raise the price of goods and services, passing the tax hikes on to their customers. So those of us in the middle class will get hit the hardest.

    12. Ed Angelo, Quakertow says:

      Is the author suggesting that the recession of 1980-82 was as severe as the current recession, which renowned economists have already dubbed "the Great Recession"? The former was a grenade, the latter an atom bomb, a bomb planted by the greed of Wall Street and, more generally, the rich of this nation.

      You also conveniently omit the fact that all except 90 Billion of the Tarp monies have been recovered by the Obama Administration.

      And Pres. Obama never "promised" anything of a sort regarding job creation. He expressed a hope that we could avoid another Great Depression, and we have, and he expressed a hope that we could stem the tide of economic woes, including the loss of jobs, and we are doing so.

      You have been on this man's back since Inauguration Day. Let's give him a chance–we gave Pres. Bush 8 years to create the economic monster that Pres. Obama has been wrestling since taking office.

    13. Elna Hughes Seymour, says:

      The American people cannot keep silent any more — a revolution is needed now – every state must stand up and tell the government that enough is enough. We need to get as many citizens as possible to march on Washington and tell this regime that we will not pay higher taxes, we will NOT buy government approved health insurance and we will do anything necessary to get rid of Obama and his cohorts by voting them out. If we don't act now, it is over.

    14. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      It is NOT a HIKE

      it is a MIDDLE CLASS TAX CUT.

      HF distorting the news again.

      Not good.

    15. EMagnuson says:

      I'm sorry, save their wealth from what exactly?

    16. Dennis Georgia says:

      This whole thing is a joke. The dems and obama know what they are doing, destroying this country in an effort to make America the laughing joke of the world. The really bad part people are still drinking the kool-aid they dish out. Wake up, the rich are what keeps this counrty going, sure some have made it illegally, most are what supports jobs and benefits for us the working people. With the current state of affairs,I do not blame them for not spending money, who konws what taxes are coming, what penalities are around the corner during this lame duck session of our beloved Congress. I do not even know what my tax libality is going to be, it ios like the health care bill, pelosi said we would have to wait for it to be written before we knew what was in it. We now know that it like obama, pelosi, reid and the other stupid people in Congress it is full of lies and libalities for America. Libalities that we can not afford on the back of the tax payers.

    17. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      HF READERS need to know –

      A federal judge in Michigan has upheld as Constitutional a provision in the health care reform bill requiring uninsured individuals to purchase insurance.

      U.S. District Court Judge George Steeh ruled Thursday that the so-called individual mandate — a requirement President Barack Obama opposed during the presidential campaign but later embraced as part of sweeping changes — falls squarely within Congress’s ability under the Constitution to regulate interstate commerce.

    18. Suzanne-Florida says:

      We are now seeing the result of almost two years of a coordinated effort of both the Congress and the WH to destroy the country we have know. We have been in major financial troubles before but never to this extent. We probably won't know for quite a while whether the TARP was necessary or a sham to protect a few Wall Street giants, unions and auto makers. The stimulas however is another matter. The misuse of these funds with little or no oversight has been our undoing. One can't even fathom what Obamacare will do to our lives.

      This morning I read that not one of the special advisors designing our economy has EVER been a corporate employee or headed a business. They have all come from the school of theory and academic backgrounds receiving large paycheck for their hypothetical expertist.

      Another tidbit involves McDonad'ls health waiver for one year. Even more priceless is that one of the teacher unions with over 300,000 members was also granted a waiver. Wonder if I can get one too?

    19. Anton, Graham, WA says:

      I have said before, and repeat now…..,BO is not interested in anything that helps America. He is a Marxist…and as such believes in the violent (if necessary) overthrow of the nation. His ambition is coordinated with other Marxist ideologues both within and without the US. He wants to destroy the foundations of America, in order to create chaos, unrest, and uncertainty among the people. People who are out of work, hungry, without hope for the future, will probably riot at some point; which will lead to martial intervention, emergency powers for the President, and the end of America as we know it…THAT, is BO's plan…and that is why he seems to be so ignorant…he's just playing dumb…and he's a very good actor. Think about it. It is time for America to wake up and take the situation seriously, pray for revival of the standards that built this nation into greatness, and vote the usurpers out! Then, all the damage BO and his cronies have done can be undone. So…VOTE this november!!!

    20. Drew Page, IL says:

      I suspect that Pelosi will call Congress back in session about 2 weeks prior to the election and propose legislation that will maintain the Bush tax cuts for all income levels. This will make her and the Democrats look like big heros right before the election.

    21. Jon Citizen says:

      He wants to drain the middle class of its resources so that it can't fight back.

    22. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Quoting: "Unemployment is actually higher now than when the recession ended in June".

      Ok…let's take another look at that…"Unemployment is actually higher now"…that's "higher" than both when the "recession" began and earlier than now in it.

      Question: Is not the unemployment rate, at any point from the beginning of recession, including this one, an integral feature, identifier, and part of recession and indeed used as such?

      Answer: Yes.

      Question: So since unemployment is an integral feature, identifier, and part of the recession, and indeed used as such, then how is it that (quote) "the recession ended in June"?

      Answer: It isn't…at least not in the real world where we, the people of the U.S. and our economy are, anyway.

      Question: So simply because any one or more so-called "experts", including any group or organization of them inside or outside government, have ever before, do now, or may ever try to claim or declare anything in the real world, such as a recession, "ended", does that make it so?

      Answer: No…especially not since, for example, "authorities" and so-called "experts" insisted the earth is flat and the Sun orbits around the earth"…and imprisoned and even executed people who said otherwise…until it it took Christopher Columbus to finally prove them wrong: "education professionals" or "experts" declared Thomas Edison "uneducable", but then he proved them wrong with his inventions: so-called "experts" declared "manned, heavier-than-air powered flight is impossible", but then a couple of bicycle men called "the Wright brothers" proved them wrong; so-called "experts" declared "the sound barrier" a "real barrier which no one can break and survive" but then Chuck Yeager proved them wrong, and so-called "experts" (such as believers in such as "Keynisian" and Communist/Socialist economics) have declared that "major across the board tax cuts will only make economic troubles and recessions worse; instead, government spending and tax increases are the way to end such troubles", but then Ronald Reagan proved them wrong, yet again, for not the first time in the history of the U.S. and the world.

      The bottom line is: This recession is not only far from over, but it is in fact being continued and worsened by the increasing government spending and taxing being perpetrated and even promoted by such politicians as Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and those of their ilk at every level of government, from local, to state, to national, in the U.S.

    23. KLIMAX Baltimore, Ma says:

      If NObama pushes through his tax increases it will destroy OUR country !!! When is the American Citizens going to wake up and realize that NObama is out for himself and his special interests not the American People which is obvious with his forced Health Care coverage that he is already giving waivers to Big Businesses like McDonalds so they don't have to implement the first phase for another year !!!

      We need to Impeach NObama before he can do more damage than he has already done !!!! If he keeps up his socialistic agenda someone will take care of him before we get a chance to Impeach him !!! The Civil War is coming and if amnesty passes it will start hot and heavy !!! NObama must be stopped now !!!

    24. Phil, Boston Ma says:

      On the White House blog today they are bragging about the monthly job report, the whole focus is put in the 67,000 private sector jobs created. I agree with previous posters, this is all done on purpose. And with the dinosaur media on the socialists side, they are able to continue to live in wonderland and fool just enough sheeple to keep winning. Sad but true.

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    26. Davd Rapp, Belmont, says:

      When the recession is redefined as the "Bush Recession", we will be able to fully evaluate the sucess of the Obama's stratagies.

      If Obama can be blamed for spending more on the US economy than Bush did killing American soldiers and Iraqs in Bush's war of retaliation against Iraq…I guess he is at fault.

    27. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      If Ronald Reagan was alive today, and running against Barack Obama, would BarackObama get away with his hope and change con job or would Reagan, in his usual folksy style, say what he said to Jimmy Carter when he brought Amy into the 1980presidential campaign? "Well, there you go again, Senator Obama." Reagan, unlike Obama, was in the private sector. He was in Hollywood until 1966, when, like Arnold Schwarzeneggar, he ran for governor of California, against Pat Brown, Jerry Brown's father, and won. Reagan was the president of SAG, (the Screen Actors Guild), he was the first divorced man to be elected president, and he was also the oldest man to be elected president. Reagan, like Kennedy, knew that you didn't go Karl Marx on the American people and steal their money. He, like Kennedy, gave the American people a tax cut. George W. Bush, like Reagan, also gave the American people tax cuts. Reagan was influenced by economists like Milton Friedman and Arthur Laffer. (Yes, that's really his name, and he's the inventor of the Laffer curve). 2008, if it was the Ronald Reagan of 1980 and 1984, who could forget his quip about Walter Mondale? "I will not exploit for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience." Reagan v. Obama? If it was Ronald Reagan in his prime, not the Ronald Reagan of later life, Reagan wins. It was a bad economy that got Reagan elected in the first place. It was a good economy that got him re-elected. Jimmy Carter ruined the economy in the 1970s and early '80s. Did Reagan rub Carter's nose in it? No, Reagan had class. Obama's crassness shows his true colors. Reagan had real world experience. Obama doesn't. Reagan would have reformed health care differently. Reagan trusted the private sector. Obama doesn't. Reagan, the master showman, always had a ready prop. In his first presser, Reagan held up the Classified section of the Sunday Washington Post. What has Obama done to create jobs other than kowtow

      to the SEIU? NOTHING.

    28. Dexter60, San Franci says:

      Obama, Osama, all the same to me.

      A tyrant's last day is when he taxes an empty stomach … when he comes to take away the children for work or sale. That day is preceded by the whispers amongst those that are to guard his fortress as they too can see their days are numbered.

      This government will soon not have the power to collect taxes — but also the people will have no restraints on their self-defense; woe to the idiots who cannot recognize real power.

      Those that want the law of the jungle get the law of the jungle.

    29. Brad, Chicago says:

      @ Ken Jarvis – (on the first post) There can only be a cut if the Democrats, who control the House, choose to vote on it. Republicans can't stop or block anything in the House of Representatives, right now, so that part of legislation is completely up to Ms. Pelosi and her people. (on the second post) Anyone who follows HF already knows about the ruling. That doesn't change the way we feel about it any more than it would change your mind, if the judge called it unconstitutional. It will be appealed until the Supreme Court hears it. That's the only opinion that matters in a case of this magnitude.

      All that needs to happen, if Congress is that unsure about the tax change, is to vote to keep things the same for a year and revisit it at that time, when no one is worrying about elections. Instead, they're leaving the environment unstable and hurting the situation even more.

    30. Craig Sacramento says:

      After nearly 2 years all the Obama regime has done is to create fiscal chaos, financial instability, weakened homeland and national defense, loss of personal freedoms, huge unemployment and a health plan that will totally wreck the world's best healthcare. Yes folks it is time to dump all of the Democrats out of office this November! The alternative is to stick with the Demos and find out what life is like in a crummy 3rd world socialist nation!

    31. Acetracy, NYC says:

      US personal and corporate tax system needs a complete overhaul and simplification. A true tax discussion can’t just look at what happens on the federal level but also take into account increase and respective burdens of state and local tax levies. This article and most others writing about the Bush Tax cuts, Expired Estate Tax in 2010, etc. ignore the increasing tax burden middle class America is pay on the local level.

      55% of personal income paid in taxes. That’s the effective rate for all federal, state and local taxes combined for American families making between $50,000 to $500,000. By far the fastest growing tax categories for middle income have been social security, sales, and real estate taxes. While the top 1.0% accumulate more and more wealth, Federal taxes on capital gains and dividends has dropped in ½ in the past 25 years, yet total tax burden for families earning under $500,000 has been growing.

      Bush tax cuts is a big misnomer since many income groups did not see a tax breaks because the Republican Congress in 2003-2004 couldn’t find a way to pay for the correction in AMT (now hitting the top 5% of earners, not the 0.5% top earners as it was originally designed for). So it was a trade off, cut dividend tax rats in half or give upper middle income families a break from AMT.

      Another big misnomer in the Bush Tax Cut lingo is the -0 Inheritance tax in 2010. Well, Congress only paid for this expiration of the inheritance tax by eliminating stepped up cost basis for inherited assets. So where in 2009 a family could have inherited their grandparents home (original cost in 1950 being $15,000) could have sold the home last year for $500,000 and paid no tax (assuming total inheritance was under $3.0 million), in 2010 the family would pay 15% capital gains tax on the gain of $485,000. So there’s been a big tax increase for middle income Americans inheriting assets this year, HUGE!!!

      The other huge issue that the Bush Tax Cut discussions overlook is the affect certain low tax rates on short term capital gains, carried interest, real estate investment, derivative income, etc. has had on the disastrous financial collapse we are experiencing. Speculation rules the NYSE and hedge funds, prop trading desks, etc. have turned the US equity and bond markets into a roulette wheel. This is a direct result of pegging s/t cap gains taxes to marginal income tax rate. The lowest Federal tax rate on a security trade is the 10% tax on derivative income received from writing a broad based index option. Think about that. One of the most speculative trades on Wall Street receives the lowest tax. That’s stupid and shows why our economy is not attracting investors but speculators.

      The US economy is so dysfunctional today because the Federal tax code favors certain industries and sectors, and certainly the mega corporation over the small businesses, even though it is businesses with fewer than 100 employees that have been the major source of new jobs. Simplifying the corporate tax code so it can be a one page, online return would save $billions.

      Here is a complete tax overhaul:

      Federal Income tax rate by income bracket: Under $25K: 5%; Under $50K: 10%; under $250K: 20%; under $1.0M: 30% under $10M: 35%; over $10M: 40%. These rates would apply to all earned and investment income. No deductions. Consider giving a 50% credit to income brackets under $100K for state & local taxes. Very, very simple.

      Social Security tax should be cut in half and eliminate the salary cap, now at $103K. If solvency is an issue, pass a 1% intangibles tax on net worths over $10M.

      Federal Corporate Tax rate on Earnings before Interest and Taxes (EBIT) with brackets. EBIT under $1.0M: -0-% tax rate; EBIT under $10M: 10%; EBIT between $100M and $1.0B: 20%; EBIT over $1.0 B: 30%. There is room to debate the use of EBITAD and allow the deduction of depreciation.

      Inheritance Tax rate would be -0-% for estates under $5.0 million. 30% tax rate for estates under $10M; 50% for estates over $10M. Re-install stepped up cost basis. Eliminate the exemption of trusts.

    32. Billie says:

      What determines "middle class" and what "tax" is cut? It's another set-up…

      what it will do is cause increase costs elsewhere. "just words…"

      Johnson, Flagstaff AZ on October 8th, 2010 at 9:22am said:

      Why are you continuing to reference the Expiring Non Conservative Tax Laws as Obama’s Tax Increase ? Mr. Bush and the Republican Congress passed those laws with an Expiration after Mr. Bush left office. These are Mr. Bush’s tax increases.

      It was a democrat majority/ Democrats passed it, slick. Obama in the senate. In fact all the dems complaints shouldn't exist today if they did their job in the past and had the intelligence and common sense to stop or avoid or prevent it. But unfair, unreasonable, irrational incompetence, continues to grow under democrat leadership

    33. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      Let us all remember that Mr. Obama did not create the opportunities that he took advantage of, just that he took adavantage of them. We must remember it was one of our finist Presidents who initiated the mistake of our first Amnesty. It was Bush Sr. who initiated NATA, and a mass of American jobs went to Mexico and Canada.

      It was President Clinton who initiated the trade agreement with China that allowed the NAFTA companies to move their plants to China. That is when the next great influx of Illegal Aliens began. They were out of jobs also! And we, America, did nothing to prevent their coming, nor to employ their job losses, let alone ours.

      We just kept sending money to fuel the so called "Drug Wars", with no effect but to enlarge the scale and costs.

      Bush Jr. comes along, and the Twin Towers happen. Rather than using rational logic, he, making up for his Father's failure, invades Iraq, rightfully so, to remove one of the World's worst Tyrants. It is just that George fudged a little on the Truth. However, America did start recovering from its recession do to the number of new jobs created because of the two new Wars.

      The problem with any War is the American populace soon starts to lose interest if we are not continually making "Touch Downs" and scoring on points. Tends to foul up the election process.

      This is how someone such as Obama got elected. A man with no experience, no talents, no history-available, just telling all that He Will Bring Change!

      Well, we all got Change, didn't we? Now we all have to undo that change, going all the way back through the mistakes of Mr. Reagan, God Bless Him.

      If you ask one thousand people what this Nation is, with the exception of one or two, they will say a Democracy, and they will be wrong, and it is not their fault.

      We all hear our Republic called a Democracy each and every day. No longer are we taught the difference between a Nation ruled by Law to contain the power oc Government, and a Nation ruled by men.

      We must accept the responsibility for our own mistakes in order to clean up this mess we have brought our Nation to.

    34. Russell Sebring Fl. says:

      Our constitution provides for three branches of government and each branch is supposed to ride heard on the other two. It’s seems that all three branches, after taking the oath to uphold the constitution, have allowed the economy to spin out of control. When a problem arises it seems that only one section of the constitution is applied, such as the commerce clause or the taking clause. The one clause that is seldom or never used is the right to “the pursuit of happiness”. If everyone has the right to pursuit their happiness then the government has no right to favor one person or group over another. Our system is capitalism and depends on the competitive market place. For this system to work there must be rewards and punishments. Government welfare and subsidies distorts the market place by rewarding bad behavior. By rewarding bad behavior, the government helps one group in their pursuit of happiness while hindering others.

      Not Yours To Give—Colonal Davy Crockett

    35. paul, the villages,f says:

      Since the government will be able to make us buy health insurance, how long will it be before that they tell us what else to do that we don't want. If we want to keep the car we have ,and they decide because it dosn't get 30MPG,we must get a new one.Of course the new one must be a GM or CHYSLER since they are controlled by the government. REMEMBER TO VOTE NEXT MONTH AND PUT AN END TO THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR COUNTRY.

    36. duelles says:

      Since even Milton Friedman liked witholding taxes, we can all simply withold taxes.

      The Feds cannot, it appears, deal with 12- 20 million law breakers who are in our country iilegally, I must believe that they would not be capable of handing 20 million people not paying their taxes. Perhaps putting the "correct" tax amount in escrow would made the new law breakers comfortable in their new role as revolutionairies.

      Frankly, I don't give a damn, anymore.

    37. Linda, Louisiana says:

      I hate to predict that Pelosi will do anything good for this nation (based on her history to help the people in the U. S.), but the relief on maintaining the Bush Tax Cuts will help the Nation, possibly the Democrats a little. However, I do think that people are fed up enough with the Democratic Congress that surely they will vote them out. I am for impeachment of Obama, any legal way we can. I hope someone, somewhere, is looking for some way this can be done. Can we start with the failure to enforce Immigration Laws? Another great option is for all the States to secede from the Union. It has been done and this time I believe that it will work. People. think about it. Don't get me wrong, I am loyal to this Great United States, but how much longer can we survive with Obama in control.

    38. paul, the villages,f says:

      since the government will be able to make us buy health insurance,how long will it be before what else to do that we don't. if we want to keepthe car we have and they decide because it doesn't get 30mgh, we must geta new one. of course the new one must be a gm.or chysler since they are controlled by the government.rember to vote next month and put an end to the destruction of our country.

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    41. Dolores Bryl New Lenox, Illinois 60451 says:

      i believe in fairness and equality – those who have more earned it, made wise decisions – are now being punished – you get what you give to the world and sometimes it is not a good idea to make lazy people lazier. as a senior I am appalled at not getting a raise in social security this year again – once again my money being given away. If ss doesn’t get a raise the same standards should be given to the people who are running this country. an old saying ‘what is good for the goose is also good for the gander – but the seniors will speak in november.

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