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  • Morning Bell: Fighting Back Against Arbitrary Government Rule

    Abner Schoenwetter had been in the commercial seafood business since 1986. Over the years, Schoenwetter built a successful company distributing seafood across the country, including lobster tails imported from overseas. As far as Schoenwetter knew, all of his business transactions were perfectly legal and he had no reason to believe that he or any of his business partners were breaking any laws. But at 7 a.m. one morning in 1999, armed agents from the FBI, IRS and National Marine Fishery Service (NMFS) showed up at his south Florida home with search warrants. The federal agents herded him, his wife, his mother-in-law and his daughter (all still in their night clothes) into the living room where they were told to sit and be quiet. A year later, Schoenwetter was sentenced to eight years in prison, three years of supervised release and fined over $100,000. His crime? Schoenwetter testified to the House Judiciary Committee last week:

    No matter how you frame it, the truth is that I am a convicted felon who has just spent the last six years of my life in federal prison for entering into a contract to buy lobsters.

    Specifically, the NMFS charged Schoenwetter with violating the Lacey Act, a law that makes it a crime for an American to take wildlife in violation of domestic laws or regulations. The law was intended to punish, for example, an American who killed an elephant in Kenya in violation of Kenyan wildlife protections. So what foreign regulations had Schoenwetter violated? Well, the NMFS claimed that the lobsters he had contracted to buy were in violation of three Honduran regulations: 1) they were in plastic bags, not cardboard boxes; 2) they were undersized; 3) some of them were egg-bearing lobsters. Despite the fact that this specific shipment was no different than any of the hundreds of other deals Schoenwetter had done over the years, despite the fact that Schoenwetter had never seen the lobsters in question and knew nothing of the Honduran regulations, and despite the fact that the Honduran Attorney General confirmed that the size regulation had never actually been signed into law and the Honduran Minister of Justice testified that the egg-bearing regulation was directed at turtles, not lobsters, Schoenwetter’s conviction was upheld.

    The injustice done to Abner Schoenwetter illustrates a very real problem that is currently undermining the civil liberties of all Americans. Between 2000 and 2007, Congress created 452 entirely new crimes, a rate of over one new crime every week. By the end of 2007, the U.S. Code included more than 4,450 federal crimes, with an estimated tens of thousands more located in the federal regulatory code. Civil liberties attorney Harvey Silvergate estimates that the average working American unknowingly commits Three Felonies a Day. Heritage Foundation Senior Legal Research Fellow Brian Walsh explained to last week’s Judiciary Committee hearing why this is happening:

    Placing thousands of vague, overbroad criminal laws in the hands of government officials means that no one is safe from unjust prosecution and punishment. Many of these criminal laws punish conduct that the average person would not guess is prohibited. The body of criminal law thus fails to meet one of the primary requirements of due process: providing individuals with fair notice of what conduct can be punished criminally.

    Since our nation’s founding, a core principle of our system of justice has been that no citizen should be subjected to criminal punishment for conduct that he did not know was illegal or otherwise wrongful. This principle is embodied in the requirement that, with rare exceptions, the government must prove a defendant acted with intent, or at least knowledge, before subjecting him to criminal punishment. Responding to this undermining of our nation’s founding principles and the need for major changes in how the federal government criminalizes behavior, a wide range of conservative, liberal, and independent organizations have joined forces to push back against arbitrary government rule. A similarly broad spectrum of organizations also supported last week’s congressional hearing on overcriminalization, including the American Bar Association, American Civil Liberties Union, Families Against Mandatory Minimums, The Heritage Foundation, Manhattan Institute, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the National Federation of Independent Business.

    In conjunction with NACDL, The Heritage Foundation released a report, Without Intent, in May recommending that Congress should: 1) Enact default rules of interpretation ensuring that mens rea requirements are adequate to protect against unjust conviction; 2) Codify the rule of lenity, which grants defendants the benefit of the doubt when Congress fails to legislate clearly; 3) Require adequate judiciary committee oversight of every bill proposing criminal offenses or penalties; 4) Provide detailed written justification for and analysis of all new federal criminalization; 5) Redouble efforts to draft every federal criminal offense clearly and precisely. In his opening remarks last week, Schoenwetter explained why he chose to testify now:

    I’m not testifying here today to complain about my personal predicament or to seek publicity for my case. I simply wish to prevent other Americans from having to go through the same terrible ordeal that my family and I have had to endure. If I can help just one family avoid the pain and suffering of watching a loved one go to prison because of vague and overbroad laws, then I will consider my appearance here a success.

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    57 Responses to Morning Bell: Fighting Back Against Arbitrary Government Rule

    1. Rod, CT says:

      IMHO, we need an entirely new breed of lawmakers in DC. This new breed need to be regular citizens and NOT professional politicians. Then, the entire US code needs to be audited. Every law not directly and obviously supported by the US Constitution needs to be repealed immediately.

    2. migaluchi, IL says:

      this is just about the last straw! these (&*^*(&^*^ nazi's should be tried for war crimes!

    3. Mike, Chicago says:

      This sounds almost as bad as the abuses allowed by the "Patriot Act".

    4. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:


      This is 2010.

      WHY is the HF giving us a 1999 story?

    5. ThomNJ says:

      I find it utterly distasteful to be on the side of anything with the ACLU – though they do occasionally get one right – BUT in this case, is not the generation of so many laws partly the fault of the ACLU? After all, they constantly petition lawmakers, threaten businesses and individuals with suits and sue for so many ludicrous issues that they help drive these inane laws, and now they want to be on the side of the good guys?

    6. John Arizona says:

      Isn't this typical of the liberal / progressive thought process, which says the average American citizen is too stupid to make their own decisions, so we, the government are here to help.

      Ronald Reagan was absolutely correct. "……..government IS the problem!"

    7. Mary.... WI says:

      I had no idea this "piddly stuff" was going on so intensely. Why doesn't the government go after the real bad criminals and lock them away forever, you know, the ones that kill, rape, and steal Why don't they go after people in this country illegally that are stealing American taxpayer dollars or here with the intent to blowup this country.

    8. Jim Horn, Menifee, C says:

      Stalin's Secret Police chief, Beria was able to utilize just 2,300 laws on soviet books to put just about anyone he (or Stalin) wanted in prison. America's Justice Department now has over 4,500 such laws which can be applied to put anyone they want into prison. We are technically worse off and in more danger than the average Soviet citizen was at the height of Communist fascism in the USSR under Stalin.

    9. Drew Page, IL says:

      Yeah, but don't you just 'feel' safer?

      What the hell ever happened to common sense, aside from it becoming less common? How would the average American know that an import he may have purchased violated some foreign law? This is insane.

    10. Steve S. California says:

      Does this surprise anyone? This is government out of control, government making it's own rules to increase control over the general population. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness cannot exist in such an environment. This is another excruciating example of why we distrust those in power who wield it like a weapon.Housecleaning is no longer a routine chore, it is a survival tool for the people.It is our fault, as a people, that things have gotten so far out of hand with no challenge simply due to inattention exacerbated by poor education (a prerequisite for tyranny to exist). It is our resposibility to rectify the situation. Exercise the freedom to self educate and to vote, lest we lose that as well.

    11. Daniel, Michigan says:

      Outrageous as well as frightening. I'm stunned and my heart aches for this man and family…and for America. How on earth can 'We The People' remain asleep so long at the wheel? Our way of life is being eroded incrementally *every day*!! I wish I didn't feel so helpless about it. No amount of money or support or involvement in opposition seems to slow down these jack-booted statists from gaining control over every aspect of our lives via our bought-and-paid-for legislators.

    12. Betty, Lafayette Ind says:

      Government, a bully with a fist, a boss with a gavel supporting body of blood drinking flesh eating vultures. Sad so sad, do not say this with joy but shame. How did we get here? All over mind and heart control as: America you are no longer dividual thinker or left to self to guard your heart or mind. Those who will not yield will have no job, no land, no business, no voice on this land. That folks is blood drinking and flesh eating in short vultures. Seventy years or more in the making while many were sleeping. The good news is this: ( The sound you hear in the wind is Liberty wrapping her body around her heart) Her throat slashed removed voice box. Her last heart beats are being heard while her blood drains out in pools around her. In one day and in one hour her SALVATION comes. The vultures have their portion in the valley and their heritage is with the worms. Saw this vision with my own eyes in the day hour. It will not be void and will come suddenly folks. Choice time here.

    13. gary sheldon arizona says:

      Mr. Schoenwetter may be a candidate for an award of some sort; perhaps a medal of freedom. He and his family must have felt as though thy were living under Marxism.

    14. Al Scriba, Florida says:

      And these are the same Congressmen who regularly take money for favors from lobbyists, are delinquent on their income taxes (or cheat outright), have affairs with Congressional pages/aides, and duck out of town just before an election without voting on a vital tax bill???? These people are disgraceful, and deserve to be voted out.

    15. DBN says:

      The many laws are sometimes used by people who have a vendetta against another person. I have a friend who had a thriving business that a competitor wanted out of the way. The competitor was close friends with a government official who had the power to investigate and initiate prosecution. My friend was indicted of criminal acts which required large sums of attorney fees to defend. His name was published on TV and newspapers, and the family suffered greatly. He was found innocent, so he was accused of another crime, and again found innocent. This continued until he was bankrupt. He finally confessed to a crime to put a stop to all the persecution of he and his family, even though the judge confided that he was not guilty. The judge sentenced him to five years probation, but he is now a convicted felon. They moved to another state and started another business. Again, a competitor discovered an opportunity. One day a TV news crew showed up on his door step and asked, "Is it true you are a convicted felon?" All his clients moved their services to the competitor. Life is not fair.

    16. jim smith yonkers ne says:

      This is reason #4,563.087 that explains why Congress, like mattresses, should be periodically turned over, after fumigation. Congress is notorious for creating laws that criminalize legal behavior while creating other laws that can't be enforced.

      When Nancy Pelosi tells us that the Health Care legislation must be passed without reading it, I find myself in the middle of an old Marx Brothers movie wherein Chico, not Groucho, asks someone he has just duped. "Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?"

    17. Dennis Georgia says:

      Laws are written by lawyers for lawyers. Citizens are not afforded the plain language that would be needed for us not to violate these laws. How else would a lawyer make a living?

    18. C LabOUNTY MERRITT I says:

      Not at all surprised by this –

      How about being fined or jailed for not buying health insurance?

      Get used to it!

    19. John Bubolz says:

      The Morning Bell is an excellent publication that is on my daily "must read" list. Keep up the good work!

    20. Edmond McGill says:

      Did a Florida jury convict? What sort of defense lawyer did Schoenwetter have? There may be more failures here than those of an excessive Congress.

    21. Dinah Garrison Fairb says:

      This comment is not about today's Bell. This is a question in response to Gerald Skey's remarks about enabling statutes 2 days ago. If using that system, even to the point of taking over the government by going around approval by the Congress is legal, then how do we control such action?

    22. Sandra Shea says:

      Thank you

    23. WisOldMan says:

      'This sounds almost as bad as the abuses allowed by the “Patriot Act”.'

      Democrats are still upset that they can't be sure when talking with friends in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, etc. without worrying that someone at the NSA may be listening.

    24. Monty says:

      Sadly, America is going to hell in a handbasket. We have kept silent for so long. Now we can be put in jail for just about anything. I firmly believe that every American over 16 should have a CWP and carry a firearm. We Are no longer safe here. We have people who are homeless, dieing because they can't afford medication or can't get healthcare. But we send billions overseas to help people in other countries. We are a sad people. God help us!

    25. Daryn Kent-Duncan, N says:

      Wouldn't it be a good idea to simply go through and get rid of the majority of those 4000+ laws? We surely don't need them.


    26. Timpclimber Provo, U says:

      Ken your naivete is amazing. It usually takes years for a private citizen to get anything to the floor of the House and maybe six years in prison put a small hold on his case. The AH suggestions are well thought out and doable. I'm forwarding this AH to my Congressional representatives and requesting feedback.

    27. David Howard Benner says:

      Freedom and Liberty! Like it says on my Virginia flag: " Sic Semper Tyrannis"

      Freedom and Liberty loving Americans, be there November 2nd and vote! We must turn this madness around. If not for your grand children, if not for your children, than for your selfish own self.

    28. Jesse Townsley says:

      The problem of "overcriminalization" is only a small part of the illegal actions perpetrated by the Federal Government. The fact is, that most of the legislation that has been "passed" in our U. S. Congress is absolutely unconstitutional.

      The answer to this is for Americans to understand precisely that The People are at the top of our government pyramid, and not the government itself. Every American needs to read, and re-read as often as necessary, the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, which states, in effect, that the only purpose of the U. S. government is to protect the Rights of The People to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The government is in power only due to the decision of the people to create it, and it can be abolished and replaced at will by The People if it fails in it requirement to protect us.

      Once The People fully understand this Power, they need to do everything they can to implement it. For example, if the Federal Government is doing illegal things (which it does almost continuously), then don't support it. Refuse to pay income taxes. Disobey unconstitutional laws, rules and regulations. If the U. S. currency is illegal (which the Constitution says it is, don't use it.) If the banks employ illegal devices, such as the fractional reserve system, while also dealing in illegal currency, refuse to pay back bank loans, and force them to sue you. If everyone does this, or even a significant minority, we can cripple the system and force real change.

      This is not terrorism, this is real Americans exercising their Rights.

      This is the message we need to get out to The People, and The People need to respond. Otherwise, our liberty and Rights will be lost forever, until a less compliant population in the future decides to fight with deadly weapons, something I would not like to see.

    29. toledofan says:

      The bigger the government, the greater the laws and the more injustice. It's obvious that we are so inundated with garbage law all for the sake of somebody doing something to protect somebody or something and then allowing many to interpret the ouitcomes in their favor. This is not only a ridiculus waste of this guys life, it was a big waste of tax payer dollars. I wonder how many Abner Schoenwetters' are out there. It's time to deflate the monster.

    30. Robert Schnebelen says:

      Could the governors of the border states call out their respective national guards and close their own borders?

    31. F.D. O'Toole, N says:

      When Congress doesn't read the bills before them, and the staff that prepares the bills is biased against business, or ideologically motivated with respect to the environment or whatever, a number of criminal penalties are inserted into the bill. I remember the WSJ citing hundreds of criminal penalties in Hillary's mid 90's health bill.

    32. Clarence Crosby ,Hub says:

      This all Mr. Schoenwetters fault , he believed the propaganda that the United States of America is still a free country . This was true until the radicals of the sixties grew up and took over the U.S. government , now it ( freedom ) , is just a myth or legend , long dead but kept alive by deceitful propaganda .

    33. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      We have at the Federal and State level some 51 legislative bodies and huge numbers of regulatory offices pumping out rules and regulations that have the force and intent of law at alarming rates.

      Add to this the cities, counties and each creating ordinances and rules and regulations again with the force of LAW and you have modern America that has become an Enforcement Society.

      Is it any wonder that we have hundreds of thousands of attorneys making very good livings in this maze of unbridled Tort, Criminal, Business, Tax and other Civil Laws.

      Is it any wonder that the dominant professional background of this huge Regulatory and Law making morass is in fact The Law, as in Lawyers.

      Is it any wonder that we have multiple runaway engines cranking out thousands upon thousands of "Job Enhancements" favoring their continued lucrative employment.

      "There aught be a Law" should be stricken from our language.

    34. Joseph Gerant, Boyne says:

      The troubling thing is the government has the 4th Estate on it's side since the Wilson bunch. Now they are becoming much bolder in support on big government. Read Hayek, "The Road to Serfdom"

    35. gorio, calif. says:

      How about a new law that requires that ALL legislation that contains felony punishments be listed in its final form for 10 days on the internet, not only the legaliese but a condensed laymans version so the public can read and comment and register their response to proposed laws. The best part of this idea is that the purely insane environmental legislation would get exposure which would put many legislators in the class of the mentally challenged. The healthcare law would probably not have passed saving the taxpayers trillions.

    36. Mark Smith, NC says:

      My heart goes out to Abner Schoenwetter, his family, and all the others who have been wronged in this way. I think that one reason that the government gets away with these abominations is that there is no limit to how many times Congressmen are elligible to run for office. Once someone gets in, they can stay there for as long as they can get their constituents (those who vote) to buy into their schemes. I think it would be a boon for the people to institute a two or three term limit on Congressional seats for any one individual. That would take away the possibility of any one individual (and his or her insider cronies) "owning" a seat. It might take away some of the incentive for corruption and foster a more self-policing body.

    37. Christopher Popham S says:

      It's the lawyers. They draft our laws. Most Democrats in power today are lawyers.

      Mr/Mrs Obama were once lawyers. Together with the unions, Congress and the

      lawyers, we will be 'regulated' to death by lawyers.

      We just keep allowing them all to get away with the 'lawyering'.

      If you are not outraged, then you are not paying attention.

      Good luck, America.

    38. and2therepublic, ill says:

      "If men through fear, fraud or mistake, should in terms renounce and give up any essential natural right, the eternal law of reason and the great end of society, would absolutely vacate such renunciation; the right to freedom being the gift of God Almighty, it is not in the power of Man to alienate this gift, and voluntarily become a slave." – John Adams – Rights of Colonists – 1772

    39. David Bess, Carson C says:

      Laws were originally concieved to protect the genereal population. They were iniatiated to control crime aginst the population. Now laws are written to control the population they were supposed to protect.

      In running a small business an owner needs to comply with numerous laws and regulations inforced by various agencies, city, state, and federal. All of these various agency regulations number in the hundreds of thousands. I find it very disturbing that these laws and regulations have become a means for governments to extort, fine, and punish businesses that don't go along with the government's wishes.

      Now we must not only face the laws and regulations implemented buy our agencies, we must also comply with the rules and regulations of foriegn governments or be prosecuted by our government.

      Hope that everything that you buy from Walmart meets all of the foreign laws or you may be hauled away and prosecuted. (No disrespect toward Walmart)

      The time is now or never to regain control of our country

    40. Jonathan, NJ says:

      This sounds like a true miscarriage of justice. The vagueness of the law notwithstanding, there are some rare circumstances where jury nullification is justified. This was one of them.

    41. Pingback: ADF Alliance Alert » Fighting back against arbitrary government rule

    42. Peggy, Massillon, OH says:

      Ken Jarvis – Las Vegas on October 6th, 2010 at 10:13am said:


      This is 2010.

      WHY is the HF giving us a 1999 story?

      Could it be that the old saw "the wheels of justice turn slowly" is in play here? Why did it take 11 years for the judicial committee to look into something like this? That is probably the correct answer, Ken. Congress never looked into this injustice nor did they bother to worry about such things happening because of the laws passed. Unintended consequences x 4,500 laws. Imagine how many Americans are in jail because of these laws!

      Unfortunately, this proves just how inept congress is. For years, our laws have been written by lawyers with no legal experience, who are elected to office. Since they evidently don't read their own work, they never look for unintended consequences. Maybe if they had to actually include implementation and judicial committee oversight, they would better consider how their laws would affect the average American.

    43. Frank Karkota, Westf says:

      This article describes only half of the problem. The government does not enforce legitimate laws.

      My company made equipment for blind people. We had a minor problem with the IRS, and because the agent was so hostile, I hired a lawyer. Instead of resolving the issue, because he needed money, he told me that I had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The bankruptcy was a fraud and now the creditors are ruining my life with lawsuits. The business is gone and my career is ruined. Nobody will investigate the lawyer for the numerous crimes that he committed. The cover-up and over-look goes from the state into the federal government.

      I have been threatened by the sheriff's department and I live in fear that I will be prosecuted for the crimes committed by my lawyer or other crimes that I cannot even imagine.

      I have created a web site to expose the corruption: http://www.mass-gov.com

      I am also fearful that I will be prosecuted for exercising my Constitutional right of free speech in exposing the corruption.

      I cannot believe that this is the country that I defended with my military service.

    44. S Rubicon, Southcent says:

      So, this man was prosecuted for violations of Honduran regulations that apply to wildlife. America agreed to enforce such regulations & prosecute any who violate them. Wonder if this guy knew Honduras had such regulations?

      If a judge allowed this to proceed, I wonder why? I mean all they had to do was review the circumstances & history to show there was no intention to violate any Honduran or international laws.

      It just seems to me this is an overreach of law.

    45. Ron, CA says:

      Two years ago, the US government seized $93,000,000.00 of our citizens money when they raided an Internet advertising company in Florida, under civil forfeiture law jurisdiction. To date, no one has been prosecuted, and no one knows where the money is.

      Anyone who wants to see Government corruption at it's best might want to follow up on that one.

    46. Vinny, Dallas says:

      What has the GOP been doing when it controlled White House & legislature. Cutting taxes for rich & famous or rewriting the arcane regulations!

      Quite rich on their part! Lets see where does this leads to and what excuse they trot after they gain control in either houses. They will be back to their old favs; abortion, gun control & tax breaks; legal reforms… It always pays to be tough on crime! Even if crime is to harm a lobster in Honduras!

      BTW: You can actually slaughter real people and never go to jail. FBI has not managed to convict a single US Resident for murder, corporate manslaughter committed abroad.

    47. Irene, Pfafftown, NC says:

      excessive fines shall not be imposed…I think I read that somewhere…oh yeah, the US Constitution…no biggie, hey, he is out of jail now, and now is all that matters.

    48. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      How about a fifty percent pay cut for both the President and Congress?

    49. Jack says:

      It happened to me. I was sentenced to 33 months for storing food in a condition whereby meat or poultry products might become contaiminated.

      It was 600,000 freezer building that the government "raided" and within 1 hour they issued a seizure warrant and determined that all the food product stored were contaiminated.

      Intent or knowledge was not required to sustain a conviction.

      The government has unlimited power and resources to fabric, manipulate, and alter the truth.

    50. Steve S. California says:

      Well, Vinny, you've exposed yourself as another who wants to keep the argument partisan, which actually says you want us to stay stuck in this morass instead of moving forward and fixing this system so that these things don't happen. I shouldn't have to explain this to you, but here goes anyway…Persons of less than savory nature, addicted to power and willing to do anything or any one to maintain it, exist in governments regardless of party, all over the world. This is a result of inattention, inaction, and in some cases abject cowardice ,on the part of citizens, and also of the government and the process creating conditions which reward those stewards of freedom far too much, and hence draw the wrong kind of people to said government. Benjamin Franklin said as much long ago. Those who think it's OK to sacrifice our liberty to some greater evil are going to have a fight from those of us who will not, as we will not cower behind the door when the future of our inheritors and freedom itself hangs in the balance. We will also NOT be accused by future historians of having done nothing while the soul of men was being crushed, and freedom itself was stolen from our Heirs.Keep your immature partisan crap, and good luck to you. If all you want to do is say "hooray for our side" so you don't have to do any real work or independent thinking, you will reap what you sew. Absolutely nothing.

    51. John, Ecuador says:

      In fact, the government would like to make each of us criminals so they can control us. Once accused of a criminal act, and then either convicted or plea bargained, you lose your rights and become part of the penal system in the US.

    52. Drew Page, IL says:

      To Mike in Chicago — This is ALMOST as bad as the Patriot Act? How many people can you name that were sent to prison for eight years for violating a provision of the Patriot Act as frivolous as the one on which Mr. Schoenwetter was convicted?

      The Patriot Act was adopted to protect the American public from terrorism and authorized wire taps of those suspected of terrorist activities.

      And you think eight years in prison for receiving lobsters, shipped from Honduras in plastic bags instead of cardboard boxes, some of which might have been undersized, was ALMOST as bad as the Patriot.Act. Mr., you have one hell of a value system.

    53. Linda, Louisiana says:

      Do we know the full story regarding this story? If so, why did it take 3 government agencies to go to this individual's home to make an arrest. This is going overboard. A local law enforcement with the documentation for an arrest should do the proper arresting with followup investigation by the individual agencies. Did IRS have reason to be there? What is IRS's involvement when the broken law cited had to do with a very vague law. Why did IRS not walk into Geitner's office and sit all his family down and proceed to intimidate them? This is a pick and choose society. I wonder what obscure law I have broken today by just getting out of bed.

    54. A. Keen- Libby, Mont says:

      Many a great comment here and it does give me hope. However, I am at a loss to understand why a government would want to plant the seeds of it's own destruction as stated in our Unanimous Declaration of 1776: "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security." How often do they need to be reminded of the oath they have all taken…and broken? Much thought must be given to the solution that we must sooner or later made in regard to taking control of our government. Pray that it be a peaceful return to order because if it must be taken back by force it will not become what we have hoped for. The first Civil War will become a lost memory after the next Civil War.

    55. Patty says:

      my company contracts with a government agency that retaliate if any object or speak up about their arbitrary, negative and excessive ways, not to mention the dishonesty and the use of fabrication at will. This kind of abuse of power in inexcusable, but exists and rules. Individuals in this government agency can reward their friends and destroy any who may speak against injustice. Human rights get violated routinely although they say to the public that they protect them. Who protects a small business against these mafia type tactics? retaliation rules!

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