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  • NEW VIDEO: Heritage Foundation Takes On White House's Misleading Tax Video

    Last week, the White House announced a new White House White Board video series in which “one of our key players on the White House team will cut through the political back-and-forth you hear every day and break down an issue affecting American families into simple, understandable terms”. Their first video features Austan Goolsbee, the new chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, discussing the looming expiration of the 2001/2003 tax cuts.

    As you might expect, the video contains a number of distortions and falsehoods that we simply couldn’t ignore. So, as a service to the public, we have re-released the video with a few edits of our own for accuracy.

    For instance, we fixed the section where Goolsbee says that “objective economists” all agree that raising taxes is good for the economy in light of a CNN poll showing the exact opposite and his refusal to acknowledge reckless government spending and the explosive growth of entitlements as the real threat to our nation’s fiscal health.

    Please take a moment to watch our version and pass it around. Please help us make sure our version is as widely disseminated as the original.

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    13 Responses to NEW VIDEO: Heritage Foundation Takes On White House's Misleading Tax Video

    1. Bobbie says:

      The word flash went too quick. But it's getting to be well known. This government leadership lacks the most important aspects of good leadership. Integrity and common sense.

      It's time the people demand these required aspects from leaders and remove those who are unwilling to comprehend and or comply to the will of the people.

      It's time congress consider impeachment of the president and then, how are members of congress impeached?

    2. Bobbie says:

      how are members of congress impeached for future reference if they happen to fraud their way back in this election?

    3. Andrew, Arizona says:

      I'm not discrediting the argument against this administration's stance on the Bush tax cuts but this video wasn't very substantive. The only factual claim I saw was the CNN poll which has strong results, but only 31 samples. I expected a more in depth critique from the Heritage Foundation.

      I've heard people say that the Bush tax cuts were made to have no deficit impact based on revenue predictions that were higher than what actually happened. How do I, as a fiscal conservative, defend tax cuts that aren't balanced? Or are those claims just lies?

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    5. Seth, Connecticut says:

      Yes, Pres. Bush signed it, but who wrote the legislation so the tax cuts would expire? Republicans or Democrats?

    6. Kevin H, College Par says:

      Pretty weak response by Heritage. Would like to see more substance and factual citation, but none offered.

      Odd that your response video states expiration of tax cuts for the wealthiest americans would doom the economy and cost millions of jobs. How can you reconcile that with the fact that udner Clinton (when the tax rates will be if allowd to expire) there was far greater jobs creation than under the reduced rates? More than double the job creation under Clinton than Bush.

      Yoe seem to make wild claims with no stats to back it up.

      Also don't know how you can scream for 2 years about deficits and debts, but have no problem adding 1 trillion in debt (much more than the recovery act cost) over the next ten years to pad the wallets of the richest 2% of Americans. Easy to see who pads the wallets of Heritage.

    7. Jeff, Midwest says:

      I agree with the weak argument but the original video from the WH is nothing more than a political stunt. Notice the GOP are the bad guys. Rather than making this argument about the numbers it is about making Repubs look bad. Not to say they don't deserve it but this is hardly an impartial argument for or against tax hikes.

    8. Tim AZ says:

      Goolsbee has successfully demonstrated the negative results oriented accounting that this regime would practice If, the majority of American citizens were the Homer Simpson's that this regime believes them to be.

    9. Tim AZ says:

      Mr. Goolsbee has successfully demonstrated the negative results oriented accounting practices that liberals always employ. If only the American people were the Homer Simpson's that liberals need them to be. To transform America into a third world country they have always dreamed it should be.

    10. Nicholas says:

      The only thing missing from this Nazi propaganda is the mention of the Jews. Someone has to be responsible for the economy and the bad decisions. There no men in the White House.

    11. Bobbie says:

      No common sense allowed with this administration! Why are people so quick to demand from their god government, the riches of two percent of Americans that work(ed) to earn their own, instead of taking opportunities to increase the percentage on their own?

      This country's leadership has been setting us up. Destroying America by destroying the opportunities people had to gain wealth on their own. Forcing businesses out of America because of government overreach. Removing freedom in essence by weakening the peoples individual responsibility to provide for their own Now resulting in a nation of people held unaccountable to their own actions, presently suffering from influentially governed self-pity, whose consequences are paid by tax paid funded programs/ (no accountability, exceptions to all rules, (unless your white, sorry) while government leadership grabs the hand to hold back meaningful potential.

      People have to demand their rightful duty of their own personal responsibilities back from Washington. Otherwise, there is no freedom.

      I came out of my mothers womb, not governments. Because my parents chose an act that procreates human life, I was dependent on them and they provided innately (not government) and until I learned from my parents how to live on my own and take accountabilities and responsibilities my freedom of choices in my individual life takes me, not where government forces me.

      People waste time focusing hatred and envy on 2% of the people that earned it for themselves using the freedoms of America to do so. People cried and opportunities died as government uses the self pities (government provoked) to create an opportunity to wipe the tears and find reason to cripple the hard work of others. People of dignity would be inspired by the rich to reach their personal level, using personal, individual skills and/or intelligence and freedom!

      Government intervention holds back meaningful potential and dilutes FREEDOM!

    12. Drew Page, IL says:

      This administration couldn't tell the truth if their lives depended on it.

    13. Paul M. Yandura Howe says:

      It has become much more difficult to believe anything that comes out of our government in total. However, let's remember that we are all Americans first whether rich or poor. For our government to try and divide the people of this nation by causing class warefare such as rich against poor is unworthy of anyone in the U.S. Congress including the president. They all need to do a better job of serving us Americans of all classes. In every society on earth, someone always had something more then someone else. Equality: If you take it away from one person, then take it away from everyone in equal percents. God Bless America.

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