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  • Some ICAO Kudos for the DHS

    Well deserved kudos to the Department of Homeland Security and Secretary Janet Napolitano.  Since the failed December bombing attempt over Detroit demonstrated gaps in airport security DHS has been engaged in an extensive outreach around the world.  Convening regional meetings in every corner of the globe, DHS has worked the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to develop an agreement on an international set of standards for security in the aviation industry.

    To be sure, Americans can’t outsource its security to other nations.  But it is all the more worthwhile and successful when we can, through the power of persuasion and the rational force of our concerns, help the entire international community raise the bar for a safer world for everyone.  Last week, in the culmination of a 9-month effort, Secretary Napolitano participated in the ICAO Triennial Assembly where representatives from nearly 190 ICAO countries approved a joint Declaration on Aviation Security. The declaration approved in Montreal will:

    • Broaden existing cooperation mechanisms among the countries and with other parties to the Chicago Convention, and the civil aviation industry, for information exchange;
    • Provide for the sharing of best practices in a range of areas related to civil aviation, such as screening and inspection techniques, airport security, behavioral detection, and passenger targeting analysis;
    • Call for the utilization of modern technologies to detect prohibited materials and to prevent the carriage of such materials on board aircraft;
    • Set a standard that countries should transmit in a timely manner passengers information prior to takeoff to effectively support screening, as well as develop and improve compatible systems for the collection and use of advance passenger information (API) and passenger name record (PNR) information.

    These are all ideas that have been developed in the US since September 11.  Though careful, patient work, DHS has now made them part of the international discussion.  And everyone will be the safer for it.

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    2 Responses to Some ICAO Kudos for the DHS

    1. R Turner says:

      Spoken like a true slave, like a model citizen in a banana republic. I didn't know I could come to the Heritage Foundation for my daily dose of Statism. Although you'd have to go pretty far to the left to see this level of fawning obeisance.

      Since when did the Heritage Foundation become an appendage of the Office of Public Affairs for the Dept. of Homeland Security??

      smh, It's pretty disconcerting to see someone celebrate their continuing loss of freedom and dignity worse still is to see them lauding the people taking their freedom and dignity away.

      Your enchantment with the government's continued assault on our freedom and dignity notwithstanding, has it never occurred to you that the war on terror is a fraud?? Have you ever thought to ask why they're imposing these freedom destroying security measures despite the fact that there's never been an investigation into 911? Or why so many of these alleged terror plots turn out to imaginary (the ricin plot), way overblown (Alessa & Almonte) , plotted by incompetents (NY Synagogue plotters) if not aided and abetted by the state ( WTC 93 Bombing, Fort Dix, Toronto 18 etc)? You do know that the 7/7 Bombings Mastermind was an MI6 agent right?

      Has it ever occurred to you as just the east bit odd that the fact that the government leaves our borders and ports WIDE OPEN while constantly increasing security at our airports? Don't you think that a government really serious about security and not running a hoax would have the common sense to tighten security EVERYWHERE and not just at one point of entry into the country – the airports? And do you not think it odd that despite utterly unfettered access and travel opportunity through and across the Mexican border there has not been ONE terrorist attack originating from the border?

      Has it never occurred to you that th real danger to the citizenry to a free people is the state? Maybe you should review your history before you take up your place on the sideline cheerleading for the state's destruction of your rights and dignity. History shows it's the state not jihadists that pose the danger to citizens eg Germany, Armenia, Russia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Chile South Africa etc etc. History's lesson is that the state goes rogue and when it does it attacks its own.

      Take a look around you. That's what's happening here. That's what's happening now.

    2. Carol,AZ says:

      …and so we should all stand- up clapping and cheering, since 911, our airports are more secured In nine years? Perhap your expections are lower then my own but I'm very clear of the present dangers that happens every day on our S/W borders and lack of security.

      The nit witted decision to purposely and willfully not secure all S/W borders into the USA is insane. American's are being murdered, ( not often reported by the press) and thousands of MX citizens have been murdered.

      HLS/ J.N.has with full duplicity,with Obama blocked all help for troops to support the carnage on the AZ border. TX has sent there own troops , and can pay for them, AZ is still struggling under the rest of the USA's noses, with a major portion our land perserve , own by the Federal Governmet that refuses to declare lawless now under cartel control. How quickly we for forget!

      How pathetic to think there, that the USA of Amerifa is committing treason in it's own counrty, to its own people, and this issue will go away under some wacko anmesty progam called backdoor , reunification progam/' Dream Act.

      Yes Virgina there IS a Santa Claus ! and HLS is clueless.

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