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  • $700K Taxpayer-Funded Play on Climate Change

    The National Science Foundation (NSF) is “an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1950 ‘to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; to secure the national defense.’” It can now add “fund plays on climate change” to that list.

    The New York Times reports that the federal agency will award $700,000 of taxpayer money to a New York theater company to produce a show on climate change. Titled, “The Great Immensity,” the production will explore “the emotional and psychological aspects of the current environmental crisis.”

    Whether one agrees with the premise of the play is irrelevant. It is not something the NSF needs to allocate resources for, given its subjective message. Even the Times calls it a “rare gift” since the agency traditionally funds research that involves math, science, and engineering.

    Despite rigorous dissention among the scientific community concerning the effects of anthropogenic warming, the climatologists who believe it to be a serious problem controlled the message for years and continue to espouse warnings of an environmental crisis. The truth is that many prominent climatologists disagree. Professor Richard Lindzen of MIT writes that “we now know that the effect of [carbon dioxide] on temperature is small, we know why it is small, and we know that it is having very little effect on the climate.”

    Yes, the climate is changing, and it affects some areas of the world more than others. But it is not the crisis that alarmists purport it to be, and the environmental benefits from the proposals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are completely insignificant. Also often ignored are the benefits from living in a warmer world.

    When there is much work to be done studying the effects of carbon dioxide and manmade emissions on global warming and creating a transparent debate on the science, is now the time to spend taxpayer dollars on a politically motivated play?

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    27 Responses to $700K Taxpayer-Funded Play on Climate Change

    1. suezenne, LA says:

      COWPUCKIES!!! no such thing a climate change thats not natural and part of the earthcycle!

    2. Billie says:

      More brainwash and unproductive work of fed government. This is a play at tax payers expense addressing science fiction to be truth? This misinformation cannot be allowed.

      If these people had any talent other people would choose to see them and at their cost not tax payers? No tax payer funding of this 'special interest." It is unfair and unnecessary Government acts like it's going to happen over night which is untrue. They under estimate the resilience of the human body with the innovation and technology of mankind since the effects of nature from the beginning of time. Stop this waste of money on government falsifications and fear mongering for temporary make-work where the government isn't suppose to be.

    3. Cat, Nashville, TN says:

      This is wrong on so many levels it's difficult to start the tirade. This is just wrong.

    4. Ted Gideonse says:

      It might help your argument if you got your facts right. One of the NSF's stated goals is education; you strategically ignore that. You claim the play is politically motivated, and yet you clearly haven't read it, and all you know about the plot is the one-sentence description from the New York Times. If anything, the play sounds reality motivated. But I guess reality isn't what Heritage is about; you guys are about politics and cheap attacks on enemies. Then there's this clause: "Despite rigorous dissention among the scientific community concerning the effects of anthropogenic warming…" There is no rigorous dissent of the scientific consensus that climate change is anthropogenic. A tiny group of contrarians whose quotes you parrot out of context does not make "rigorous dissent." It's sad that organizations like Heritage are successful in convincing the uneducated and the easily misled that black is white and up is down, but it's even sadder that people's lives will be made worse, if not destroyed, when the world's governments do nothing to stop the destruction of the environment.

    5. Jef Costello, LA says:

      This is a scam, global warming is cult lie.

    6. Debbie Shoreline WA says:

      This is crazy. How do they justify spending this kind of money on a play with an obvious political message.

    7. leah, albany says:

      sings like propaganda, dances like propaganda….

    8. Lael...santa fe. says:

      Global warming is a fact. To what degree is the big debate. How soon do we have to act is the major question. Look at how quickly the polar caps are melting and tell me with 100% certainty that we don't have to act right NOW!

    9. Dexter60, San Franci says:

      After 60 years, death should visit NSF. The experiment has been over for decades, studying the studies of speculation producing nothing but costs and conjecture: smoking the dope of enlightenment until all that remains are the cold huddled masses cowering in the dark.

      Perhaps we can get Congress to also be uncreative for a real change before the money runs out.

    10. Susan, SC says:

      Good grief! At a time when every public school is searching for every penny it can scrap together! We need real people with a better grasp of what is going on in the real world today. Shame, shame shame! Such a waste.

      NSF needs to be called on the carpet for this. These funds should have been diverted to areas with the greatest priorities and needs – such as public education. I am angry, very angry. This is spending money for the sake of spending!

    11. Arne, North Port, FL says:

      The idea of Man-made Global Warming is MADE UP! It is the revival of Earth / Nature worship. Meant to compete with Christianity, capitalism, and our current ideas of right and wrong. God said "be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it."

      Global warmists say "don't you dare subdue the earth" even building a sidewalk is a sin to them, even worse having a baby… "what's its carbon footprint?"

      Without CO2 everything in this world would be dead. What should we tax next? H2O?

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    13. RG St Simons Island says:

      Hey Ted and Leal, hope you didn't get sunburned on the National Mall last Saturday.

    14. Ace Sez Bishop, Cali says:

      Never in the history of the USA have so many wrong-headed ppl been in the position to destroy this Soverign Nation A sinful waste of tax dollars for a special interest agenda But thats what the Obama regime is all about–the downfall of the USA

    15. Bill, Charleston WV says:

      Unfortunately for us, many federal agencies give grants to non-profits and NGO's which mimic the agencies' agendas. This is all public record. Most of the most vehement proponents of climate change have not read even one scientific paper while they constantly talk about peer reviewed research. All science involves dissent as this is the very foundation of science to question so people who minimize this dissent have political and not scientific views. The Foundation for the Arts, also a useless waste of tax dollars, would have been a more appropriate vehicle for sponsoring a play. It is already highly politicized.

    16. Dennis Georgia says:

      Typical of the current people in charge. Spend money we do not have for a so called cause to please the very vocal minority that get money from us the tax payer. Such a shame and waste.

    17. Robert, Social Circl says:

      It is true that the climate is warming. But back about 10,000 years ago there was an ice age in which sheets of ice covered the entire North American continent. That's all melted now. Did the human creation of fire (just shortly before the creation of the wheel) contribute to this massive warming? I just find it hard to believe there were that many humans burning that much firewood in their campfires to make the earth warm up to melt those massive glaciers. Do you think it possible that the same factors that made the earth warmer then could be still working today? I'm not denying that humans have not added to the warming, but have they added that much? Or, is it more because of natural cyclical climactic changes?

    18. Vincent says:

      No doubt, "The Great Immensity" will end with the climate skeptic in jail, killed, or otherwise vilified.

    19. Tim AZ says:

      If we can't bring about a fundamental transformation of the administration at the NSF, then the only other alternative is to ad them to the growing list of Govt. agencies that have made themselves worthy of termination or severe budget cuts. We really don't need govt. agencies that serve elitists instead of the American public.

    20. Brad, Detroit, MI says:

      Ted – I think the point of this article is that the NSF should not be sponsoring $700K for a play about ANYTHING. I think the Heritage Foundation would still have run a story about this if the play had been about Global Cooling. It is just a waste of taxpayer money that we do not have for the sake of pushing an agenda. Simple facts. You can choose to believe in your global warming myth, but spend your own darn money doing it. Don't reach into my wallet to promote it.

    21. Drew Page, IL says:

      When the "scientists" at East Anglia UNiversity decided to hide the facts that refuted their pre-conceived notions of man-made global warming, they lost all credibility. There have been full-page ads placed in newspapers around the country carrying the names of fully credentialed scientists and climatologists who absolutely disagree with the claims of man-made global warming.

      There have been and will continue to be climate changes on earth regardless of carbon dioxide emissions. In the 1970s, Newsweek and other publications were reporting the "scientific" community's heralding of the next ice age.

      Now, we have another "crisis" too important to waste. And this "crisis" of carbon dioxide emissions must be addressed with legislation that will, according to Mr. Obama's own statements, would result in skyrocketing (his word, not mine) energy prices. These carbon-dioxide emissions have been blamed on everything from cow farts to the internal combustion engines to our own exhaled breath. But Cap & Trade legislation will save the day. It would allow polluters to continue polluting, so long as they bought "carbon credits", through places like the Illinois Carbon Exchange. Al Gore made out pretty well financially investing in these alternative energy companies who rely on government subsidies.

      For all those who believe the end is near and that the ice caps are going to melt and turn Ohio into ocean front property, build yourselves an arc.

    22. Education on climate change is one thing. This play has clear political motivations.

    23. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      For those that believe in "Global Warming" aka "Climate Change" aka "The Sky is Falling" I hope you take a long and serious look at your statement and its implications. Be very very careful on how much power you give to the EPA et. al. in dealing with the theory of "global warming." The subject matter is emotional, not rational, but the consequences of government empowerment will be devastating.

      And for those that report the polar ice caps are melting what about the Fox Glacier off southern Australia that is increasing in size the last time I looked. Our how about the fact that the 'ice out" dates in inland lakes in Michigan are virtually unchanged over the last fifty plus years. Guess the Fox glacier and our lakes don't know about "climate change."

    24. Jill-Maine says:

      They won't know how to build an arc because they don't have any Bibles for the blue prints. In fact they probably burned their Bibles and added to the global warming. Hey Ted and Leah- Why didn't you guys pick up your garbage after the rally last weekend. Tea partier didn't leave a gum wrapper but you all are definitely proving you are full of hot air.

    25. Lydia, Alaska says:

      Music by HAARP stringing radio waves of force through the earth's core, with thunder and ground shaking destruction, then striking a high note to the inter-space of the Sun's heat. Chilling and cooling the actors, and they are heavy invested in the crime against humanity. Drawing the curtain for the final act of this hoax, they are laughed at and boo from the audience, tar is falling with light wisps of feathers.

    26. Bobbie says:

      speculation isn't education. Distorted facts and blatant lies isn't how I want my children taught.

    27. Rick says:

      A detailed critique on whether man is causing climate change by expelling carbon dioxide (okay, now, everyone stop breathing!!!) is not pertinent here.

      The National SCIENCE Foundation should be promoting SCIENCE.

      As a teacher, I understand that promoting science education is also part of the science mission, but using funds for a New York Theater company seems to fall outside the scope here.

      While we appreciate scientists "thinking outside the box," we wish these spenders would get back within the confines of their box, or any box.

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