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  • Monthly Archives: September 2010

    School Choice Missing In Obama Address

    10 March 2009 - Washington, DC - President Barack Obama delivers remarks on education reforms at the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of CommerceÕs 19th Annual Legislative Conference at the Washington Marriott, Washington DC

    Students and teachers at Julia R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School began the school year with the ultimate back-to-school pep rally on Tuesday. President Obama delivered a speech to students at the highly-ranked Philadelphia magnet school, which was named a 2010 national “Blue Ribbon School.” Last year, the president delivered … More

    Sophie's Choice - and Washington's

    Would you vote to cut taxes only for the middle class, if that were your only choice? The furor over the answer from House Republican Leader John Boehner (R–OH) obscures the fact that it’s a tough question—one for which all politicians should have a response ready before it’s asked. Reporters … More

    Senate Fails to Repeal Burdensome Obamacare Business Requirement

    The Senate failed today to repeal one of the more troublesome provisions of Obamacare. Tucked away in the legislation that made Obamacare into law is a tax provision that will be a compliance nightmare for businesses when it goes into effect in 2012. The provision calls for all businesses to … More

    House and Senate Cloakroom: September 13 - 17, 2010

    House Cloakroom: September 13-17, 2010 Analysis: The House returns from their six week recess with a light schedule this week, heading towards a potential adjournment date of October 1st. House leaders are signaling attempts to get their members home a week earlier than expected in anticipation of Election Day. There … More

    Tax Hike Prevention: A Good Idea

    Senators Mitch McConnell (R–KY) and Chuck Grassley (R–IA) have introduced legislation titled the Tax Hike Prevention Act. According to information provided with the release of the legislation, it provides for a “permanent extension of the provisions of the 2001 and 2003 tax bills, permanently patches the AMT [Alternative Minimum Tax] … More

    Side Effects: Obamacare Widens Health Care Disparities

    In a recent op-ed in the Spanish media, President Barack Obama espoused the new health reform law would ensure that minorities like Latinos would have access to health care services through better coverage options. However, the President left out that the bulk of this “coverage” is pushing many Hispanic and … More

    Obama Tax Hikes Already Hindering Job Growth

    Without action from Congress, the Obama tax hikes are set to take effect January 1, 2011. However, this doesn’t mean businesses are waiting until then to prepare for the potential impact. In fact, the uncertainty surrounding the tax increases is already holding back potential job growth. Today’s Wall Street Journal … More

    Advance Competitiveness Through Economic Freedom

    Early this year, The Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom reported that the U.S. economy is no longer in the top tier of economically free countries and runs the risk of falling further behind. This disappointing news is vividly echoed in World Economic Forum’s just-released study, Global Competitiveness Report 2010-2011. … More

    Morning Bell: Obamacare vs. the Rule of Law

    Health Insurers Plan Hikes. That was the headline of a Wall Street Journal story last Tuesday which reported: “Health insurers say they plan to raise premiums for some Americans as a direct result of the health overhaul in coming weeks, complicating Democrats’ efforts to trumpet their signature achievement before the … More

    Setting the Record Straight: Spending Cuts

    The Heritage Foundation favors far-reaching reforms of our Federal Government’s spending, including with respect to entitlements. The ever-growing, out-of-control entitlement culture fosters dependency instead of self-reliance.  At the same time, the Federal Government takes and spends an ever-growing portion of the wealth of this Nation, and spends the money of … More