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  • Morning Bell: The Bipartisan Fight Against the Obama Tax Hikes

    At 20 minutes after midnight this morning, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) gaveled the House out of session, assuring that Congress will now adjourn until after the November elections without taking any action to stop the Obama tax hikes. Earlier in the day, 39 Democrats defied Speaker Pelosi and voted with the minority to keep the House in session until they could vote on the impending tax hikes. Speaker Pelosi, who rarely votes on day-to-day legislation, was forced to cast the tie breaking vote (210-209) on the adjournment resolution. To the members of the majority who broke ranks with Speaker Pelosi, the meaning of the vote was clear: a vote to adjourn was a vote to raise taxes. They voiced their displeasure after the vote:

    • Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA): “I think we should stay and deal with taxes. We should extend the tax cuts now. Before we adjourn. I get paid to be here. Let’s do our job.”
    • Rep. Bobby Bright (D-AL): “I’m not ready to adjourn if there’s any work they expect us to do. We’ve got a lot of work to do, a lot of unfinished business, and I’m ready to take it on. That’s my position. The vast majority of people in my district are saying ‘Don’t raise taxes when the economy is in such a bad state, on anybody.’”
    • Rep. Zack Space (D-OH): “That’s an issue we should be resolving before we go home. I think that small business, big business, individuals, have a right to expect some certainty. The longer we keep this open, the more uncertainty there is. Our economy is such that I don’t think we can afford that.”

    House Democrats are not the only ones willing to fight the Obama tax hikes. Yesterday, Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) explained to an audience at The Heritage Foundation why he was in favor of not raising any taxes until the economy shows stronger signs of recovery:

    In my view, raising anyone’s taxes, given our fragile economy would be a move in the wrong direction. Nebraskans I represent tell me they feel a lot of uncertainty about the future. Nebraska business owners do to. The possibility of tax increases is just one more reason that companies at home and across the country are holding on to cash and are hesitant to invest in new equipment, new production and new employees.

    Sen. Nelson’s speech yesterday was hosted by The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis Director Bill Beach, whose recent study, Obama Tax Hikes: The Economic and Fiscal Effects, found that the Obama tax hikes would:

    • Destroy an average of 693,000 jobs every year through 2020.
    • Drain $726 billion from disposable income, $38 billion from personal savings and $33 billion from business investments.
    • Raise taxes on the 55% of all joint filers earning more than $250,000 who run small businesses that employ others.
    • Cost the average non-farm small-business owner $3,500 more in taxes.
    • Cost the 49% of all seniors with income below $250,000 $525 in additional dividend taxes.
    • Cost the 25% all seniors with income below $250,000 $742 in higher capital gains taxes.

    The CDA is not alone in their verdict. A recent CNN survey of economists found that the most important thing Congress can do to help the economy is stop the Obama tax hikes. But now, thanks to the current majority in Congress, that will not happen.

    At the beginning of his remarks yesterday, Sen. Nelson reminded the audience of Ben Franklin’s wisdom that “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Sen. Nelson then added: “And it was Will Rogers who amended that by saying the only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.” Hopefully the next Congress will prove Rogers wrong.

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    52 Responses to Morning Bell: The Bipartisan Fight Against the Obama Tax Hikes

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      The Middle Class NEEDS a Tax CUT.

      The RICH DON'T

      The Demo's are on the Middle Class side

      The GOP is on the RICH side.

    2. Nancy Miller Toledo, says:

      It is so nice to see that there really are some responsible Democrats left. I believe that a Conservative Democrat (such as we used to see) would receive a lot of support from Tea Partiers.

      Would also like to know why Obama doesn't send the troops that he has hauled out of our war on terror to Arizona and the other states involved, to protect our borders. We are already paying them.

    3. Chuckwagonchuckie2u, says:

      So what can one expect from a bunch of Millionaires in Washington wanting to take from those who actually work for a living or who have worked all their life to give to those who produce nothing.

    4. Stephen Keen, Craigs says:

      I always appreciate Heritage's excellent analyses and presentations, and greatly value the organization and its work. Please check, however, to see if there may not be a typographic error in one or the other of the last two bullet points in the article above, where the effects of the Obama tax hikes are described. There are two different numbers, 49% and 25%, both used to describe that portion of seniors with incomes below $250,000. Clarification would be appreciated.

    5. joann chard, san mat says:

      It seems like a contradiction having Ben Nelson speak at the Heritage Foundation denouncing Obama's tax hikes. I believe he voted for the biggest tax hike ever…..ObamaCare. Why would the Heritage Foundation allow a forum for this crook???

    6. toledofan says:

      What a bunch of spineless Democrats; I guess the whole point is that if these people, the Democrats, were so caring and concerned about the welfare of our country and so concerned about the economy and creating jobs, why wouldn't they do what is necessary before leaving town. The irony is that some of these same people will campaign on everything but the Obama agenda and will tout the fact that they wanted to vote for the tax cuts. They don't have anything positive to say except we screwed the Amertican people and we did it right in front of your face, so, give us a second chance to do it again, you liked it before, right? Who cares if insurance or other companies drop your coverage, we passed healthcare and now that it's passed maybe we can understand what's in the bill, don't worry, we'll fix it after you vote us back in. Please just let us have our way, we know what's best.

    7. Ray Davenport Portla says:

      Sen. Nelson's plea to not raise taxes is makes a good point.But he sold out.He took the money and ran.A no vote on health care might have stopped the whole mess.

    8. Mary.... WI says:

      We're approaching the finish line and should the conservatives not regain control of congress in Nov this country's national emblem, the mighty eagle, will permanently fall from the sky……we become just another european country full of high taxes, entitlements, loss of our personal freedoms and chance to prosper and think on our own…..nothing more than serfs to the government. We got here with lies, deceit, greed and brainwashing. We will become a country with no values, no goals except to become more dependent on government for all our needs in order to exist. Through the new healthcare program our population will be controlled for lack of quality healthcare we once knew. Our children will be taught less and less about the history of what made this country so great.

      I keep thinking about that Walt Disney movie, Wall E. There are so many similarities….well, at least to me there are. Conservative values must win in Nov and we must take back our country or live like "mindless robots" the rest of our lives. Please wake up America before it's too late. Socialism is lurking just around the corner to snatch away your freedoms. Vote Republican in Nov and take back our country.

    9. Ray Davenport Corbet says:

      Sen.Nelson made a deciding vote on health care. His no vote might have have stopped some of Obama's momentum.He took the money and ran.

    10. DanJ, Detroit area says:

      Pelosi and Reid called legislators back from vacation in August, passed votes late on Fridays and more than once in the middle of the night on weekends. This was okay when it was something they wanted and the voters didn't. But when it involves something they don't want and the public does, they head for the hills with thier tails between their legs.

      This epitomizes how the Democratic leadership not just runs the Congress but how it runs the country.

      The voters in thier districts should ask them what they are doing at home when there's so much work still to be done in Washington.

    11. Dean, Dallas says:

      Funny how all these Democrats get a concience immediately before an election where Democrats and liberals and their policies are under scrutiny or at risk to be voted out of office. These people are wolves in sheeps clothing. Lest we forget Ben Nelson and the cornhusker kickback deal regarding his favorable healthcare vote. He thought he was "buying" a sweet deal for Nebraskans and constituents when it backfired and they rejected it because of the overall scheme of backroom deals and the poor policy itself. This is the same Ben Nelson who is now suddenly speaking some sense about not wanting to raising taxes. I wonder which side of his mouth he, and others would be speaking out of had this not happened at such a pivotal time in the election cycle. I hope people are not fooled by these fools.

    12. Judith from Michigan says:

      Ms Nancy, on her way out as Speaker of the House after the mid-term elections, will be far more dangerous for the American people than she has already been. She knows many House members will no longer be around next year, so she can "convince" them to vote her way. and there will not be any consequences back home. Even out of her role as House Speaker in the next new Congressional session, she will still have incredible power This Lame Duck session will probably do untold damage to America. New conviscatory taxes for Americans? Who cares! Power is the name of the game!

      Ms Nancy's sole purpose in the Lame Duck session will be to "pay back all those Democrats who opposed her and she will be unbelievably vindictive. Plus she will be angry with the American people for forcing her out of her coveted seat of power

      The Lame Duck will be her own personal "Pay-Back" session..

    13. Carol In CA says:

      The wicked witch of the East, West, North, and South has done it again.

      God will get her for what she has and is doing.

    14. JULIE, OHIO says:

      This call of democrats to stay and vote to extend tax cuts is contrived to lead their constituants to be duped into believeing that they are on their side. It is another ruse, do they actually think that the people are that stupid,especially when pelosi was the deciding vote. We patriots are not that easily fooled.

    15. Chris, Sacramento, C says:

      If there is anything we have learned the past 2 years is there is always a plan in the back ground to make the Spender-in-chief look good. It wouldn't suprise me 1 second to hear the President make a plea to congress to come back in an emergency session so that they can extend a portion of the tax relief. The fox is never too far away from the hen's house.

    16. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      "There's nothing as certain as death and taxes."

      —-Mark Twain

    17. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      I rolled around for hours recalling Obama's lies to the American People. It is perfectly irrational if you respect the Office of the Presidency so much to allow this Communist to destroy it. Amazing! He stole election (with lies) to the highest Office! Do you still think he is a Democrat?

    18. Jill, California says:

      Anyone who believes that raising taxes on the wealthy will help the middle class needs a lesson in common sense.

      Wealthy business people will not absorb those higher taxes alone. They will pass them on to the middle class via higher prices on goods and services.

      A vote to raise taxes on the wealthy is a vote to raise taxes on the people who can least afford it. I vote to let the wealthy keep more of their money so that I can keep more of mine.

      Let's force government to stop the wasteful spending instead. Better yet, let's take the decision-making out of their hands. The day that taxpayers get to decide how their money is spent is the day we begin to restore sanity in Washington.

    19. Evan, Alaska says:

      So according to HF, if a person making $500,000 a year taxes go from 36% to 39%, he will quit and go on unemplyment than pay the increase. Give me a break. Most self employeed can't quit without defaulting on their loans and loosing everything. I know. The tax rate was 39% during Clinton. It was 70% before Reagon. People want certainity—-that the US isn't going to go broke!

    20. Don Raskey, Lincoln, says:

      I don't know what your purpose was for having Ben Nelson speak at The Heritage Foundation. I am disappointed that you gave him an opportunity to spew his rhetoric. I have lived in Nebraska my entire life. So I can tell you, this man is a fraud and disgrace to our state (and our country). He has no principle and will say whatever it takes to get re-elected. Nebraskans have finally figured him out and he will be defeated soundly when he is up for re-election in 2012.

    21. Russ says:

      One of the favorite statements as to why the rich should get tax relief along with the Middle Class under $250,000 is that they will not make more jobs but be forced to restrict investment unless they get the tax cut extended. Well, there are countries where the rich run the government and make the laws so they do not pay any taxes. Their countries are not examples of prosperity. In fact America is sending foreign aid to most of them. As to what the American rich people would do no one knows. The Donald said they would leave the country if taxes are raised so where would they go? To some country that does not tax them we guess. And then, where would they make investments? No one knows.

      So America is being Held Hostage by all of the following, are they not? The Rich Will Leave, The Illegals will bring the Rest of their families, The Homosexuals will have Don't Ask, Don't Tell Removed or Lawsuits will overwhelm the Courts, The Black Panthers Control the Voting and ACorn Subsidiaries will have furnish enough Dead voters to insure a majority for the their candidate. The Left and the Minorities will call all their supporters together for RIOTS unless the Congress passes their immoral laws and on and on it goes.

      Anyone want to run for Congress or the Senate? Good luck in getting CHANGE. The master change artist is already busy in the WHITE HOUSE.

    22. Jeff, NV says:

      The Dimocrats obviously believe the government needs our money more than we do. How backwards can you get.

    23. KC - New Mexico says:

      Our current income tax process is broken and is clearly not fair. I doubt if the VAT would be any better. The far right side of republicans think this would work. Most Americans in the middle want a fair and equitable tax process. I continue to support and suggest a flat tax for everyone based on income. No exceptions, no deductions, everyone pays their fair share – if they live and work legally in this country. As an example, a 5% flat tax for a person/family that makes $20,000 a year would be $1000 or $83 a month, for a President $250000 – $12,500 a year or $1042 a month, and a Hollywood star in the millions – $1,000,000 – $50000 a year or $4167 a month. These are just estimates but even at 5% flat tax, we would have an equitable tax base and would have more incomming tax than with the current system. We also would not need all the wonderful IRS folks and even the head of IRS who did not pay his back taxes! Those not working – not tax until they do work. No April filing since this is an automatic deduction based on the income.

    24. stevegee, philly says:

      Pelosi is the epitome of a liberal elitist — she thinks she knows best, but in reality is the worst! And the same goes for Obama and all the Democrats. Their arrogance and unwavering attempt to turn the U.S.A. into a Socialist nightmare has stirred the heart and soul of our nation. So on November 2nd, millions and millions of good, common sense patriots will vote American, they will vote Republican. And then, We The People will have a chance to renew freedom and liberty, from sea to shining sea.

    25. William Butler, Cent says:

      It's utterly ridiculous to think that those Democrats actually voted to keep the Congress in session. They knew ahead of time to cast their votes just as a window dressing for the media to pick up on. A big political move to cover their asses! Fellow countrymen, do your homework and find out how your representative voted on the important issues from the past. This is where you can make an accurate voting decision for yourself!

    26. Doug Whaley, Lake Ha says:

      These 39 so called conservative democrats weren't so conservative when they voted for Obamacare, stimulus, cash for clunkers and every other job killing capitalism killing measure the libs could dream up. All they were doing is positioning themselves to say they voted for not repealing the Bush tax cuts knowing full well it wouldn't pass if it ever was brought up for a vote. Their only purpose was political cover. None of them should be re-elected because of their past liberalism and you can bet they will be just as liberal if they get re-elected until they have to face re-election again. VOTE THE FOOLS OUT!

    27. Rob, Oklahoma says:

      I'm not sure how these came to be called "Obama's Tax Hike."

      Wasn't he still in the Illinois legislature when these were enacted?

      The Republicans couldn't get Democratic support for the tax cuts, so they had to use "budget reconciliation", which defines anything of less than 10 year impact as "temporary", and prevented a Democratic filibuster.

      So the Republican authors of the tax cut bill set the date that the cuts would expire. That was the Republican plan all along. They believed they would have their "permanent majority" for those ten years.

      President Obama has supported keeping those tax cuts for 98% of taxpayers. Democrats have joined him on that issue, but no Republicans.

      I would like to know who defined "small business" to include (for tax purposes) these mega-companies I've seen listed. "Less than 100 stockholders" doesn't mean it's a small business, just a small annual stockholders meeting.

    28. Rick says:

      "Earlier in the day, 39 Democrats defied Speaker Pelosi and voted with the minority to keep the House in session until they could vote on the impending tax hikes. Speaker Pelosi, who rarely votes on day-to-day legislation, was forced to cast the tie breaking vote (210-209) on the adjournment resolution."

      It is amazing (not) that the Democrats muster EXACTLY the number of votes against a measure that may have significant negative impacts on members up for election to allow the measure to BARELY PASS.

      How many bills have been passed now with minimum majorities?

      How many Democratic Congressmen (e.g. Congressman Connolly of Virginia) are again able to go home and say they STOOD UP to their leadership?

      This is all BOGUS.

      If Madame Speaker needed three more votes for the adjournment vote, she would have PERSUADED three of these Democrats – and only three – to support her.

      Stop the madness.

    29. clarence Loder says:

      I am not a teacher but I am getting upset with the so called smart leaders of our nation. Why do they continuely blame the teachers for the fact the kids don't care to learn. It it not always the teachers, how about the parents, or even the kids. Kids listen to the worse music, and the gangs don't want you to be smart then you would not join them. Blame the parents for not making the kids do their homework or go to bed so they can be ready for school. My dad and mom did not care if I want to school or not, so I did really bad in school. I am a truck drive because of there lack of careing about me. I want to go back to school so I can do better for my self and family. I make my son do his homework.

    30. Rick, Georgia says:

      The MIDDLE CLASS won't get JOBS until the "RICH" get tax cuts.

      I'm middle class, and I don't care about sides. Aren't we all in it together?

    31. Absarokee, WY says:

      To continue to imply that we have "Classes" in the United States is so retarded that it is completely incomprehensible how some folks live in the 19th and 20th Century, forgetting that this is the 21st Century. In America we have folks that work, everyone works (unless your name is Rockefeller, DuPont, etc.). Some people work by starting businesses and other by being employed in those businesses. The folks that start the business file income taxes for the profits and expenses of the business. The folks that work in the business, if they have ambition as many of us have, learn from that business and spin off to form other businesses that in turn repeats the cycle. What is so difficult to understand about this American concept? If you file an Incme Tax report for over 250,000 or for 300,000 or whatever in heavens name you file it for, it is because you employ other folks that in turn pay taxes and contribute to the country's growth. If you don't grow your business (and therefore make more money from it), you cannot employ more folks because Uncle Sam is taking the money to distribute it in tiny pieces that for sure will not allow anyone to buy a car, or go on vacation to a National Park, and you live in the Projects. That is what is happening, we will pay more taxes and therefore employ less people and the deficit continues and the GDP cntinues to slide. Why are some folks so economically stupid that they can opine on this blog, but don't take the time to learn the basics of economics in a free market. Maybe they need to move to Venezuela, where petrodollars pay for everything and you live in the slums without a computer…..

    32. ThomNJ says:

      Ken Jarvis – please check your facts. You will find that the richest people in the Congress are dems, but they have eluded taxes – or just don't pay them – for years. Rangel, Geithner, Kerry and a host of others – just look at all the proposed cabinet members that had to bow out over tax issues when obama took office.

    33. Charles Nystrom Summ says:

      Julie of Ohio has it exactly right. If Democrats really wanted to keep the House in session, there would have been 210 votes FOR the proposal, not a (very convenient) tie at 209,

      Now those Democrats will go back to their constituents and say they really wanted to stay and resolve the tax issue but Pelosi wouldn't let them. It's a sham, all a sham!

    34. Dan, SC says:

      if the tax rate is 10 now, and in a month it will be 10+something , That is not a cut.

      We are talking about a tax increase.

      At least the government will be able to do better things with this money than the guy who owns 4 pizza places. Cause he's rich and needs an increase, ? right Ms Pelosi ?

      it used to be 'we the people', now it's

      we the government…

    35. Ricky NJ says:

      Now it not the time to be raising taxes with all the people out of work and our country in such a mess and time to get Pelosi the hell out of there IMO she is a arrogant to say the least come November clean the whloe House and Senate out and start new

    36. Johnson, Flagstaff A says:

      You mention the Obama Tax Increase that will occur. What tax increases are you talking about ? Are you talking about the Sunsetting of the Bush Tax Cuts, that Mr. Bush signed to Sunset ? That the Republican Controlled Congress voted to Sunset ?

      Your credibility and respectibilty are dwindling.

      Are you sure you know what you are talking about ?

      I doubt that this will get published. Your ideas of free speech and debate appear to be ones that agree with your own.

      Thank you.


      Flagstaff, AZ

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    38. cinderella, IL says:

      Lest we forget, Reaganomics was based on the "trickle down theory" Only it never did. As a small business person, the only trickle down I ever experienced was that some one couldn't pay me and therefore I couldn't pay. No Matter what…it is the middle class that ends up providing the most money to the government. Now that they have out sourced a vast amount of our jobs at all levels, will they come to realize that people with little or no income do not buy??

    39. BJR, Montana says:

      If this is TRULY what the House wanted, was to stay in session, why not get together a session to reduce Pelosi's position? Or is that not possible? It seems that there HAS to be some way to 'impeach', if you will, Speaker Pelosi.

    40. Norm Klevens says:

      Some people and facts ? Please. They live off what the NYT writes. I wonder who they work for and if those employers have to make a profit. Facts and history do not matter. JFK, who last I looked was a democrat and his tax cuts brought more money to the treasury than their initial outlay. So did Reagan and s did GW Bush's tax cuts. Bush tax cuts raised taxes on the wealthiest and removed the poorest from the tax rolls. But don't let facts get in the way.

    41. Jamie-wash. says:

      I give up. When Obama took office, I quit my second job. I bust my butt to get out of debt and now they want to take more. I have worked 2 jobs most of my adult life and now I refuse. I do not support the lazys. I have a friend that has 4 jobs. They are not every day…I think she is crazy to continue to work hard to make her life better when it is only going to benefit some lazy person. What happened to self respect? What is happening to the American Dream? I feel despondent for the first time in my adult life about our nation. I think it is because now I have grandkids and I worry that they will have no drive and why should they? They would only be supporting the lazys. I am sorry kids. Gramma has no answer..America is losing it's mind and is turning into a nation I do not recognize, let alone know how to live in. It was not the way I was raised. My pride and ancestry is being spit upon and political correctness is allowing it to happen.

    42. mn gal says:

      Isn't the tax issue just a shell game anyway.. cut here and pay there.. it all comes from somewhere. With all the jobs outsourced, high unemployment here,, high unemployment means no money to spend.. No money to spend – nothing to be taxed.. Have to raise the tax on those working … fair? no? solution?

      Maybe Bush should have thought about this before a TEMPORARY cut that he put an experation on before leaving office so again it is no longer his problem but one more thing to cause problems later.. and blame someone else.

    43. Ben, SC says:

      "President Obama has supported keeping those tax cuts for 98% of taxpayers. Democrats have joined him on that issue, but no Republicans."

      –And the current Republicans supported extending the tax cuts to *all* taxpayers…with 39 Democrats joining the Republicans on that issue. With the GOP currently being in the minority party in Congress, that says a lot.

      These will rightly be called the "Obama Tax Hike", since he will occupy the White House when they go in effect.

    44. TK, USA says:

      If taxes hurt the economy, why not lower them even further. Why plan to raise them later? In fact, why is it not considered immoral that the government has the power to another property. Aren't people entitled to keep what they earn? Do the views of a group trump individual rights? When God commanded that thou shall not steal, where did he exempt government. When Christ ask to help the poor, did he state that it is ok to covet thy neighbors property, in order to do it. And if people willingly pay their taxes, why do so many fear a volunteer tax?

    45. Bob Godwin, Jarretts says:

      Wonder what type of buy-off will it take to have Senator nelson to change his mind this time.

    46. Byron in Alabama says:

      DON'T BE FOOLED! These are the same Democrats that voted party line for all of Pelosi requests. Now that it is election season, they want to appear conservative or moderate.

      HANG'EM HI! Washington needs deloused for the sake of our great country.

    47. Pat, PA says:

      I agree with Drew of Dallas, Julie of Ohio, William Butler, Doug Whaley, Rick, and Charles Nystrom. I suspect those 39 Democrats and Ms Pelosi are only interested in keeping their jobs. "…defied…" isn't the correct verb.

    48. Mark, South Carolina says:

      Ken Jarvis,

      What is Santa bringing you for Christmas this year?

      If you follow that rainbow…right at the base of it, there is a pot of gold!

      Democrats are FOR THE LITTLE GUY!

      Hey Ken, children are allowed to believe in silly myths…adults who believe in them are simply STUPID, or a member of the leech society that believes they are entitled to the fruits of productive people's labor.

      Government doesn't have anything to give you that it doesn't first take from someone else.

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    50. Jake Uhlenkott says:

      Politics is the art of compromise. It's good to see a few people willing to compromise on issues that are vital to everyone.

      Just in passing, as this is an academic article, having the correct grammar and spelling should be commonplace. Make sure you have a more strict editing of your next article.

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