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  • Immigration Absconders

    Anyone concerned about immigration should read a guest column in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution by my former Justice Department colleague Mark Metcalf, a former immigration judge who was in the heart of the federal immigration-enforcement process.

    He points out that in its 2008 annual report, the Department of Homeland Security reported that “558,000 fugitive aliens — those who fled court or disobeyed order to leave — had avoided removal.” Despite the Obama administration’s claims about stepped up enforcement:

    [T]his number has grown. Some 715,000 people now reside in the U.S. that DHS refuses to deport. In one year, unenforced deportation orders have climbed 28 percent. And the numbers keep climbing.

    According to Mark, millions of illegal immigrants can avoid deportation because “DHS declines to enforce valid removal orders, discourages routine police reports and dismisses cases it was prosecuting.” Even worse, Mark says, the Justice Department has been misrepresenting the numbers reported to Congress about the aliens handled by the administrative immigration courts. In 2009, for example, Justice claimed “only 11 percent of aliens dodged court” when, in fact, “32 percent of aliens disappeared before trial.”

    What we discover about the federal government’s handling of the immigration-enforcement problem just gets worse every day.

    Cross-posted at The Corner.

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    5 Responses to Immigration Absconders

    1. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      If they wanted to catch these scoflaws all they need to do is go to the closest WalMart where they live on Sat. the one in Fredricksburg,Va. is loaded on Sat. and so is the one in Dumfries, Va. If paying for the cost od deportation is a problem, why not due what has been done in court cases before?? Sieze property+, like the cars and trucks, furniture and sell it at a huge yard sale, the argument about their anchor babies?? they may take them back to their homeland. If the 14th admendment were to be interpeted as meant, these babies would not be citizens. The admendment reads," All persons born or naturalized in the United States and SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION THERE OF, are citizens". To become a citizen you MUST renounce your homeland and allegience to it. Since these parents do not uphold our laws, except where convienent, they do not have the right to have their children called citizens. This admendment was meant to insure the children of slaves and former slaves had right to citizenship, not for it to be used in this way.

      • G.M. says:

        Jeanne, do you have kids? Maybe not… Maybe you are one of those who like "dogs and cats" over your own offspring.. because you don't have the loving heart for them. If you were able to see this from a mother's and father's point of view, or better yet, from a human perspective, you wouldn't be talking the garbage you are talking here. You need to go back to school and learn how to interpret legal terms. You are not qualified to do so yet… By the way is not "scoflaws" the right spelling is "scofflaws". Just to help you there… Anyway, those scofflaws keep your country clean and looking beautiful— something Timothy McVeigh weren't able to do. Were you able to find him at Wal-Mart too, or are you talking about honest, hardworking people who respect other nationalities no matter how they are treated? Have you look at yourself in front of the "integrity mirror" yet? What do you see? Can you be taken as "scofflaw" also? Hmm… I doubt you are infallible… These "scofflaws" just get exploited by your Europeans immigrants counterparts—or better said—real scofflaws, because they are the ones enabling them to come here to work . Yes, you are a descendant of immigrants who came here looking for the same freedom and dreams your ancestors came here looking for. Give that some thought, and then come back and speak more intelligently. Be compassionate as someone will be with you some day, regardless of their nationality… We don't look at colors or races, we look at people, and we are all made equal. At least that is what the Constitution is based on. Read it! By the way, I protected you for 20 years while you had the good life back home… Yes, some of those "scofflaws" serve in the U.S. Military branches. Be thankful. Be considerate! We are not so bad…

    2. Russ says:

      Thank you for giving us an honest report on this hugh national problem which our politicians and bureaucrats refuse to deal with in any sensible manner. The border needs to be secured and the employers of illegals fined so heavily that the jobs disappear, the welfare and education benefits need to be stopped as well as demanding cash payment for medical services and eliminating the anchor baby issue. Then a sensible worker program strictly enforced could be implemented. Any bureaucrat who failed to properly carry out the laws should be prosecuted, fined and all retirement benefits cancelled. America is being forced to support another nation to the tune of more than 50 billion dollars sent back to Mexico each year and additionally shoulder billions of dollars of intternal costs including the criminal issues. This is the most ridiculous and insane situation ever allowed to develop.

      Will the congress deal with it or will this President do the Back Door Amnesty? If he does he will commit an impeachable offense. We shall see.

    3. Carol,AZ says:

      Thank you for reporting this fairly.

      I like to conpare your article with a recent program I viewed on the History Ch.

      The program is correctly named ; "The Day After Disaster.

      The point of view is an attack on Washington D.C.

      Throughout the scenario it's suggested:

      To think the unthinkable..

      In my life, here, now, in the State of AZ, I am witnessing the unthinkable,by my own government based on just one issue mentioned in your article.

      Yes, America we have been lie to, and after mid-terms elections we will demand resignations. I refuse to accept the unthinkable .

    4. medical transcriptio says:

      If you are open to having a guest blog poster please reply and let me know. I will provide you with unique content for your blog, thanks.

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