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  • Mr. Colbert Goes to Washington - So What’s New?

    It was only fitting that Stephen Colbert, host of a comedy faux news show, testified before Congress in character and make-up regarding the treatment of migrant workers. It just demonstrates how unserious Congress is with tackling our broken borders and deeply flawed immigration system. That is, if there was a point to it all—even some of the Congressional “leadership” did not get it. According to reports, “House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D–MD) said comedian Stephen Colbert embarrassed himself last week when he testified before Congress. ‘I think his testimony was not appropriate,’ Hoyer told Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace.” The House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi (D–CA), on the other hand, thought it was “great,” though that may say more about her judgment, rather than his performance.

    Colbert’s appearance came on the heels of Senate Majority leader Harry Reid’s (D–NV) wrong-headed effort to tag the Dream Act onto the defense authorization bill. Reid knew the Senate would never stand for a measure that was little more than a “stealth amnesty bill.”

    Reid did not come even close to getting the votes he needed for cloture on the bill. All he managed to do was kill, at least for now, a bill that Congress used to consider a “must pass” each year for national security.

    Although the attitude of the Congress is down right discouraging, don’t look to the Administration for a more serious tone on addressing the immigration issue. The Administration has invested considerable effort in demonizing states like Arizona. And even when the Administration says it wants to enforce the law, such as a recent Homeland Security memo that came to light which would supposedly target resources on deporting “criminal” aliens, it turns out that out to be more of a joke than a real enforcement effort. “My sources tell me,” writes Heritage Senior Legal Fellow Hans von Spakovsky, “that this vague memo has created much confusion among ICE [Immigration and Customs] law enforcement personnel and will lead to much less focus on enforcement. It abuses “prosecutorial discretion” to order ICE employees to look the other way on most illegal aliens. It may also lead to other problems, such as liberal, activist, federal circuit court judges citing the memo as a basis for not affirming deportation orders against aliens who don’t fit the very limited criteria of ‘violent’ criminals spelled out in the memo.” In short, a memo purported to promise tougher enforcement is bound to just result in less enforcement.

    All the shenanigans from our leaders in Washington would be hilarious except for one thing—these issues are no laughing matter.

    Colbert is right. We ought to do something about migrant labor. No one should have to work in this country illegally or without decent pay or working conditions. Fixing the problem, however, requires real solutions—ones that respect the rule of law; value the sovereignty of the nation; let the marketplace work; and allow employers to get the employees they need when they need to grow the economy and create more jobs. There are Solutions for America that will achieve these ends. For far too long, the United States has failed to enforce its immigration laws. Its visa system does not adequately serve the needs of the economy, legal immigrants, or U.S. citizens. Cartel violence and continued illegal immigration along the U.S. southern border have many Americans concerned. Americans are demanding a border and immigration policy that will keep the U.S. free, safe, and prosperous—not an amnesty that simply exacerbates the problem. The Heritage solution is fair, compassionate, and practical. It starts with eight steps that will strengthen our borders, make us safe, and grow jobs. These are steps that Congress and the President can take now—or they can entertain themselves with stand-up routines, make-believe legislative efforts, and faux enforcement.

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    11 Responses to Mr. Colbert Goes to Washington - So What’s New?

    1. Give Illegals Immigr says:

      Illegal Immigrants Should Stop All This Protesting Before They Piss Us Off Like The Jews In Germany/Europe!!!

      A Plan For A Real “American Dream Act” Bill & Counter Attack:

      First bring back our soldiers from this Afghanistan war that is costly and going nowhere. Middle Eastern and Asians love to see us waste money and go broke fighting for freedom when they don’t really want it. This is their main weapon and we keep falling into their trap. Then we need to regroup military troops and military force to invade/overthrow Mexico’s government turning it into a U.S territory.

      The new land will be used as an industrial/business commerce zone. U.S citizens will be able to by property and have a dual citizenship between U.S and Mexico. Mexico will keep its current currency and there current government will be demoted to local municipal law enforcement as long as they surrender to the U.S.

      The U.S will be in full control of all laws, finances, local law enforcement, military and our “Secondary Army of Illegal Soldiers/Enforcers” in Mexico. The path to dual citizenship will require the illegal immigrants living in the U.S to serve in the U.S Secondary South Boarder Military for teen years… Along with completing the invasion/overthrow of Mexican government to expand U.S lands, business, and revive our economy. For Mexico citizen requesting to come to the U.S temporary worker programs and legal paths to citizenship & residence will be granted to those who qualify.

      This action is to liberate Mexico from its corrupt government that is destroying it self and the U.S slowly. It is also a test for them to redeem them selves for us to see, how much heart they have, how patriotic they are, and much they love this country including us, laws in all.

      Pass It On To Congress & The President!!!

    2. Kevin H, college par says:

      I do love that he cited Matthew 25:40 in hist testimony. The passage where the Lord came down and divided up those who will go to heaven and those who will go to hell.

      Those going to heaven were ones who helped the 'least of my brothers' and those who were sent to hell were the ones who turned their backs on the 'least of my brothers'. As you do to the least of my brothers, you do to me.

      It's unfortuante that some on the far right has forgotten these messages and most of them have become 'all about me' and 'all about my wallet'.

    3. Billie says:

      Most on the right understand it takes a reputable clown to represent the clowns in Washington, destroying God's message.

      Who determines the least of your brothers, Kevin? You do! Not government looking at appearances and insisting people are the least by their race creed or culture. You determine the least of your brothers, And inspire inner strength. NOT GOVERNMENT, specifically the democrat majority, who simply represents mankind weaknesses by stereotypes of race, creed and culture, to be evolved under government democrat make-work.

    4. John A. says:

      @ Kevin H.

      There is a big difference however. They are entering the country ILLEGALLY and are bringing god knows how much crime with them. If they were lawful citizens coming into the country legally, ethically, and being a benefit to society instead of a bane, then that would be a different story.

    5. Ben W., S.C. says:

      Gosh, I was unaware that criminal illegals were the "least of [Christ's] brothers." I'm surprised this guy didn't use the "Rich Man and Lazarus" or the "Camel Through the Eye of a Needle" parables to promote his liberal viewpoint. Those are usually their go-to Bible verses.

    6. Jim, North Florida says:

      Unfortunately, the fullness of the Gospel does not begin and end with Matthew 25:40! There is a lot more to it than that, including the desire for those who follow Jesus to follow HIS commandments, and that includes following the civil law (see His teaching on taxes, etc.) as long as the civil law does not contradict God's law. In fact, you might say that those who hire illegals and pay them substandard wages are acting against Jesus' command to love your neighbor. On the other hand, enforcing a nations immigration laws and requiring those here illegally to return home and enter legally is NOT contrary to the Gospel.

    7. Richard, Florida says:

      Mr Carafano

      Thanks for all your service. Have not seen you on TV lately and hope all is well.

      If the admin would look to you for wisom on borders…so sad..the DHS…underqualified..you would be so effective..

      God Bless

      Richard Piranian

    8. Custer, Mount Juliet says:

      This was a huge waste of time and money. Such a mockery of the system, but this happens often and does not get the coverage this ridiculious person received.

    9. Bill J Dassel mn says:

      To Kevin H comment.

      "The second reason for the rise of democratic socialism is more subtle. It flows from the individual's desire to have compassion on others. As such, there is an abiding temptation to use the resources one voluntarily controls to lobby legislatures so as to tap into the larger means available in the public treasury. If the efforts are successful, then the individual will be able to control the flow of far more resources for his "good" cause. Ruinously though, such efforts will be at the expense of justice since it perverts the very basis and purpose of the law and allows people to seize property from others by the use of force."


    10. Stewart Sarringar co says:

      hear! hear!

    11. Mugatu, IL says:

      Custer, where is line of waste of money coming from, FOX? Colbert paid for all of his expenses the only cost to us is the glass of water and the electricity for the microphone. And what the almost 10 minutes he spoke, wow, so much time lost. The last time this committee met there was not 1 camera from any media, now its getting a lot of attention, please explain what was so unbelievably terrible about his appearance.

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