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  • Schools Need a Hero

    National attention has been focused on education reform at unheard-of levels in the last weeks, with the release of the new documentary “Waiting for Superman” and the launch of NBC’s week-long Education Nation series. Education reformers from across the political spectrum are calling even louder than ever for much-needed measures akin to progress made by DC Schools Chancellor Michele Rhee and New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

    In this week’s Heritage in Focus podcast, Heritage Visiting Fellow and executive director of DC Parents for School Choice Virginia Walden Ford discusses education reform in the context of “Waiting for Superman.” Listen here.

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    4 Responses to Schools Need a Hero

    1. George Colgrove, VA` says:

      Schools need their communities to get back involved – simply put. We need to take the power awau from the few and put it back in the many. Schools have become an extension of the federal government and the parents and taxpayers have been shoved out. Superman? No, we just need people getting back into those buildings and taking back control. If schools have to be public they need to be operated by the local public – not bureaucrats in DC.

    2. Kenneth E. MacAliste says:

      Public schools don't need a hero. They need qualified teachers who give a damn about the kids they are teaching to replace the indoctrinators currently in the teaching positions in the schools. Kick the left out of the schools & you will see dramatic improvements in the educational achievements of American children. Politics should be kept out of the classroom, especially if kids are only getting one side of the story.

    3. Paul Johnson, Sierra says:

      Schools do not need a super hero, children need parents willing to parent! The only super hero in a child's life should be the family members they return home to everyday. The problem with education in America is that we have come to feel that that schools are on their own to educate our children. Education starts and is reinforced in the home. A school that lacks the better curriculum and support tools does not mean the children must suffer. When the parent supports the education process, the child does better. It is the family unit that has collapsed and instead of seeing the problem for what it is, we blame the education system. Case in point; both my children are in the 99th percentile nationally, but go to school in a state ranked dead last in K – 12 education. what they fail to do in the classroom I pick up on because that (believe it or not) is one of the responsibilities of being a parent. If our children were not having children, perhaps this would not be the problem it is.

      What is most laughable is that people think that Obama can save their children for them. Perhaps it is time they realize that no one is more responsible for their children than they are. If they figure that out, their children will go further in life than they have.

    4. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      I am a ret.pediatric nurse and currently do day care, 3 of my children have mothers that are teachers, 1 is a special needs teacher, we have discussed the problems with schools today, IT IS NOT the teachers, first, too much money goes for other things than the schools, like our fancy home for the local Board. The money for this building and for some of the salaries outside schools would be better paid to teachers, good teachers. I provide my 2-4 YO's a blackboard, toys that teach numbers and letters, we walk and see nature when we can, children can learn through play. One problem I see is that parents are filling up off school hours with activities, leaving no room for them to be kids and use their imaginations. After work parents should spend some time with the kids and TALK about the days activities. When I have school age kids, we do homework, so that they can do things with Mom and Dad. Bad teachers should be removed and Unions should not interfere, in fact Unions should be abolished.

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