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  • Pledge to America is Step in Right Direction

    House Republicans should be commended for offering an alternative vision for America’s future, in their Pledge to America. It is an important element in moving America in the right direction. Conservatives must present ideas to America that are consistent with our nation’s founding principles and empower people, not government.

    The Pledge rightly frames the argument to be about the choices we face going forward and the need to return to core first principles, about the role of the state, popular consent and self-government.

    The most important constitutional reform a new Congress can make is to cut spending significantly and reduce the overall size and scope of today’s unlimited government. That includes particularly the repeal of Obama’s health care overhaul, the largest assault on the Constitution in our lifetimes. The Pledge addresses these important subjects.

    Free enterprise is vital, so it was pleasing to see the promises to stop all job-killing tax hikes and to rein in red tape. Limited government is likewise imperative, so the immediate hundred-billion dollar cut, lower taxes, and spending caps are a welcome start toward the goal of shrinking government. And individual freedom is a fundamental value of our nation, which reducing reporting to the IRS and repeal of Obamacare will advance.

    Once Obamacare is repealed, the reform process can begin anew. That process to replace ObamaCare with a superior set of reforms must be more open and transparent than the process that led to it in the first place. This means extensive oversight and hearings to highlight the shortcomings of the ObamaCare and explore alternatives; committee level markups which permit lawmakers to consider and vote on numerous amendments; and a wide open floor debate that maximizes the ability of rank and file members to air their reform ideas and secure floor votes on them.

    Other spending cuts in the Pledge designed to put us “on a path to balance the budget and pay down the debt,” including the return of unused TARP funds to the Treasury and the proposal to end Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should also be equally well received.

    The Pledge’s approach to entitlement reform of “preventing the expansion of unfunded liabilities” is reason for optimism. Especially, if this means the total amount of unfunded liability is capped at current levels. It may mean, however, that there will be no further additions to the baseline. In any event, their proposals follow Heritage recommendations very closely with respect to requiring a full accounting of the entitlement programs in the budget.

    The Pledge makes essential commitments to protecting and defending our nation and our interests and reinvigorating Reagan’s successful doctrine of peace through strength.  One of the most important parts of the Pledge is the recognition that providing for the common defense is government’s fundamental obligation. Protecting us is job #1, and it will require vigilance, more purposeful investment in the tools of national power, and education.

    The Pledge’s priorities recognize the world as it is — that the threat of nuclear ballistic missile attack is grave and that missile defense must be a national priority; that a nuclear Iran is unacceptable; that the long war on terrorism is far from over; and that our broken borders and flawed immigration and workplace enforcement strategies are unacceptable.

    Singling out of missile defense is particularly vital. The Obama Administration not only has scaled back missile defense programs and abandoned our commitments to comprehensive missile defense, it also concluded a New START nuclear agreement with Moscow that could prevent future presidents from building comprehensive missile defenses. Scrutinizing this treaty, which currently rests with the Senate for approval, and reenergizing our missile defense programs must be a priority for the Congress.

    Most important, the Pledge recognizes that playing politics with national security is unacceptable. Defense legislation should focus on defense. In order to give the men and women who protect us what they need to do their jobs, we need robust defense budgets that pay for current operations, maintain readiness, and prepare for the future.

    The Pledge points out that it’s time to stop playing politics with terrorist detention and interrogation policy. The Administration’s policies have been marked by posturing and pandering rather than striving to develop and implement effective policies that keep us safe, keep captured terrorists off the battlefield, and get the information we need to stop terrorist attacks before they occur.  It is past time for the Congress to act on this vital issue.

    The Pledge to America rightly focuses on making real changes now. Lawmakers now have an opportunity to act constitutionally, restoring limited government and making real and serious spending reductions and program reforms.

    Congress will change its ways and look to its constitutional role and obligations: legislation will be available before votes; it will be easier to cut spending and legislative issues will advance one issue at a time.  Most significantly, each piece of legislation will need to cite its source of constitutional authority, an important step in getting Congress back to operating within its grant of constitutional powers.

    More, of course, will need to be done. The Heritage Foundation has its own package of policy recommendations.  It is called Solutions for America, and it a bold and comprehensive blueprint for governing for the next Congress. It’s designed to replace the failed policies of the liberal establishment with solid conservative solutions that will shrink government, reduce debt, keep taxes low and put Americans back to work and keep us safe. Both the Republican Pledge and our Solutions for America should be seen as important steps in a debate that is finally heading in the right direction. However, action will speak louder than words.

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    9 Responses to Pledge to America is Step in Right Direction

    1. Kevin H, College Par says:

      The pedge is a joke – it's a comic book. More photos than substance. No details in how they plan to do anything.

      Why nothing on earmarks? Or immigration? or reforming Social Security and Medicare?

      Why no details on anything – seems to me like nothing but platitudes and cliches.

      And think it's funny you and they say legislation will be available before a vote. Please tell me one bill in the last 2 years that did not have legisaltion available before a vote. Just one. As one who doesn't even work on the hill, i can find the legisaltion pretty easy with the wonders of the internet and THOMAS congressional record. But if this is such an issue, please point out what bill was voted on before anyone could read it.

      But i did get a kick out of the very first full page photo in this graphic novel. For last 2 years, GOP has been bashing europe and their politics, poking fun of France and Spain and Greece and the 'socialist societies of europe' – yet the very first full page image is of the statue of liberty – which was designed by an italian, built by the french in europe, and given to america as a gift from france. Seems a bit odd to me.

    2. Bobbie says:

      The pledge is very specific to address the areas led astray by obama! The solution is obvious, LIMITED GOVERNMENT FOR THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE TO GOVERN THEMSELVES, like America is suppose to.

      My vote goes to those that have faith in the American people, respect of the American people to listen to the American people and do according to the American people.Those who defend and protect America's freedoms, liberties and equal rights of the people they serve. Who believe in honesty and discipline to give back to the American people what is being taken. The American Dream. Looks like the Republicans are my big brother once again!!

    3. Steve K - MD says:

      With a 1.5trillion deficit, and the 'pledge' saving $100billion annually (according to Minority Leader Boehner at unveiling) that only addresses 7% of the problem. Really? Deficits and debts are the big issue and this only addresses 7%?

      7% and leading to cuts in education, cuts to all the national parks imaged in the 'pledge', cuts to highways and transportation. Good gravy – this plan is horrible. With only a 7% cut into deficit, i'd expect a lot more.

    4. xfactor says:

      "No details in how they plan to do anything" – Kevin H

      Oh how soon the obama sycophants forget. House Democrats haven't even presented a budget!

      "Why should we put a plan out? Our plan is to stop him. He must be stopped" – Nancy Pelosi 17 March, 2005 referring to POTUS George W Bush

      "The American people voted to restore integrity and honesty in Washington, D.C., and the Democrats intend to lead the most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history." – Nancy Pelosi

      "We have to pass health care to find out what's in it." – Nancy Pelosi

      6 months into obamacare and SURPRISE, it's worse than non-supporters predicted.

      Your situational demand for specifics is comical

      "statue of liberty – which was designed by an italian" – Kevin H

      LOL!!! Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi was French not Italian!

      Anyway comparing 1886 with 2008 to present does what?

      "Seems a bit odd to me." – Kevin H

      The only thing that is odd is your lack of facts. But hey, it didn't stop your cretinous rant did it?

    5. Zack says:

      “No details in how they plan to do anything” – Kevin H

      -hey xfactor, he 100% correct.

      what legislation has been brought forth from conservatives/republicans?

      "6 months into obamacare and SURPRISE, it’s worse than non-supporters predicted" -xfactor

      -worse? which parts? specific sections of HR 3590. explain, I would love to know?And for your sake, I wouldn't bother with Heritage "research"

      besides, what have conservatives done for healthcare for over 30 years aside from "part D" and blocking every single attempt for reform Healthcare?

      "Your situational demand for specifics is comical" -xfactor

      -your inability, along with every other conservative, not being able to answer that question on specifics is beyond comical. seriously, why nothing on earmarks? or immigration? or reforming Social Security and Medicare? do YOU have the answers? will you just use more "talking points" or provide legislative and economic evidence as to how conservatives have worked on these issues or how conservatives plan to address these issues facing our country?

      "The only thing that is odd is your lack of facts. But hey, it didn’t stop your cretinous rant did it?" -xfactor

      and your "facts" are?

      I have some…

      1-crime in connection with illegal immigration in arizona is down 12% from last year- On Obama's watch WAY before sb1070 was enacted.

      2-illegal immigration is down 20% from 2008- On Obama's watch

      3-HR 3590/healthcare reform bill was available to the public for more then 74 days before passage, doesn't seem like "closed doors" to me.

      4-Nasdaq and s&p 500 have both been up over 20% since late 2009

      5-unemployment was at 7.7% when obama took office. it has gone up 1.9% under Obama, up 3.1% under bush's two terms

      6-job losses were over 700,000 per month before Bush left office. job creation is currenly (67,000+ private sector) per month

      hey, how about some more facts..

      (i like putting these in question form because conservatives seem to have no ability to answer for legislative and economic facts)

      1-were conservatives/republicans not in charge of the house and senate for 12 years, the presidency for 8 years, banking and finance committee chairs for 14 years, treasury secretary for 14 years?

      2-did this recession not happen over a 14 months before Obama touched the white house steps?

      3-did 90% of all legislation not come from republicans in the "democrat controlled" ahem…110th congress?

      4-did bush not veto over 93% off all democrat sponsored bills in that same time?

      5-was 85% of the entire housing market share from 1999-2009 not private sector lenders?

      6-were the losses in 2008/2009 fiscal year for private lenders not over 1.5 trillion comparred to fannie and freddie and all other lenders subject to cra 293 billion?

      7-did conservatives pass any housing reform for over 14 years?

      8-was 5.5 trillion not added to the national debt from 2000-2008?

      9-.5 trillion for unfunded military contratcs in "operation iraqi freedom" from 2000-2008?

      10-at least 2.5 trillion from both bush tax cuts by 2014?

      (all together adding over 8.5 trillion to our national debt)(around 7.7 trillion already)

      11-will "tax cuts" automatically start working after we extend them even though they have been public law for over 8 years now?

      12-did a single healthcare reform bill come from any conservative/republican congress or conservative/republican president for the last 30+ years, not to mention blocking every single attempt for 30+ years

      im sure that will keep you busy for awhile. keep in mind, YOU have been asked questions and YOU are responsible for answering these questions. no spin, no "talking points". until YOU can answer those question, I will respond. But, just like every single other time I demand answers for failed conservative policies and failed power i get nothing but "talking points"

      The american people should not believe in anything this new "pledge" has to say, this website, conservative and republican leaders as a whole. Do you guys really think we are that stupid, and suffer from that much amnesia to believe in anything conservatives or republicans have to say or write?

    6. Zack says:

      by the way Heritage, no scapegoats this time. My comment is shorter then the blog itself and it is 100% within the rules of moderation and approval. Just incase anyone reading this doesn't understand, Heritage has not posted over 17 comments within this year alone, for what reason? I couldn't say. Thank you Heritage Foundation for keeping your word on "promoting a civil society where ideas and debate flourish" NOT!… ok, I stole that line from Micheal Bluth from Arrested Development. But seriously Heritage, your credibility has just about dried up to nothing.

    7. Billie says:

      Agree, all the weak minded are 100% right in their world of deceit and distortion.

    8. Zack says:

      more talking points Billy. do you ever have anything credible to say?

    9. Dr dbiggs,CA says:

      Pres OBOZO: "Tea Bagger-in-Chief"

      You Can LIE but can you READ?

      Invasion by illegal ie "Criminal Aliens"

      Obviously you have never read the United States Constitution or

      else feel that in your ivory tower and wealth that it does not apply to you!!

      I feel you need to read the following and act according to the peoples wish

      not your wishes or special interests wish list!

      There are three references to the words "invasions," "invaded," and

      "invasion" in our U.S. Constitution:

      Article I, Section 8: "The Congress shall have Power To Provide for calling

      forth the Militia to execute Laws of the Union, suppress

      insurrections and repel Invasions."

      Article I, Section 10:"No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any

      Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time

      of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with

      another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War,

      unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as

      will not admit of delay."

      Article IV, Section 4:"The United States shall guarantee to every State in the

      Union as Republican Form of Government, and shall

      protect each of them against invasion, and on

      Application of the Legislature, of of the Executive (when

      the Legislative cannot be convened) against domestic


      Your Oath of Office and sworn duties as referenced mean you must Act and

      put a Stop to the Invasion of all the Illegal immigrants we are experiencing.

      Our U.S. Constitution mandates that invasions shall be repelled by Congress.

      and that means the persons in the House of Representatives and the U.S.

      Senate. Our nation's sovereignty must be protected.

      How can you even stand in front of a mirror and even look yourself in the eyes

      knowing you are a "Bought & Paid Hoe" for special interests and the

      Democratic Party Hacks? Tell me I am wrong, please because I fear for the

      future of our country as you certainly don't care about the people or our


      You go to the SAME PLACE for LYING as you do for STEALING!!

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