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  • The U.N.’s Perpetual Effort to Attain the Power to Tax

    Tell me if you’ve heard this one. The United Nations champions many good ideas and efforts afoot that would vastly benefit people around the world if only it had the resources to pursue them. Standing in the way of all of this “good” are stubborn, stingy nations (like the U.S.) that do not give the U.N. enough resources to pursue their goals. If only the U.N. could circumvent the pesky issue of national sovereignty and tax individuals directly the U.N. could do wonders.

    Although this may sound reasonable to those unfamiliar with the U.N., it is a recipe for disaster considering the U.N.’s extensive record of mismanagement, ineffectiveness, unaccountability and opacity.

    Creating an international tax to fund the U.N. and other multilateral programs has long been a dream of global government advocates. Over the years, various U.N. reports and government officials have proposed taxing currency transactions and carbon, airline flights, international arms sales, resources harvested from outer space or the oceans, and e-mail.

    Historically, proposals to give the U.N. a stream of income independent of the member states, for the most part, have been rejected for two fundamental reasons: national sovereignty and accountability.

    • National Sovereignty. The United Nations is not a sovereign government elected by and accountable to the people. It is an international organization created to carry out the instructions of sovereign governments. Granting the U.N. authority to tax Americans or citizens of other nations directly would illegitimately grant the organization authority that it does not legally possess and morally should not. As stated in a 1996 Heritage paper, the ability to tax “represents the exercise of sovereign power. The U.N. should never have this power; it would be a usurpation of the constitutional rights of the American people. These rights are protected by the U.S. government, not the U.N. The U.N. does not represent the interests of Americans; it represents the interests of its 185 [now 192] member states, many of which are undemocratic and repressive.”

    Like many bad ideas, however, proposals for creating international taxes to fund the U.N. keep popping up:

    These proposals will find sympathetic ears in Congress. U.S. Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) introduced The Investing in our Future Act (H.R. 5783) to “to impose an excise tax on currency transactions exceeding $10,000 equal to 0.005% of the value of the currency acquired in the transaction (currency transaction tax)” to fund (1) the Child Care Assistance Trust Fund to finance child care assistance in the U.S., (2) the Multilateral Global Health Trust Fund to address HIV/Aids and other health causes in developing countries, and (3) “a United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change global climate fund for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

    Thankfully the Obama administration is reportedly opposed to these proposals for international taxation. But, clearly, not all U.S. lawmakers share this view. Now is not the time to go wobbly.

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    9 Responses to The U.N.’s Perpetual Effort to Attain the Power to Tax

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    2. Perry, OK says:

      It used to be said in poetry and words of endearment the caress of the wing of a dove. Now days all I see and hear are the shadows of the buzzed democrats as they circle over my business and my bank accounts. Their continues squawking and constant bickering remind me of the birds at a gut pile.

      Pleae vote this year! Not republican or democrat. VOTE AMERICAN

      Then maybe we can get the buzzards back to road kill and our country back to number 1

    3. Dennis georgfia says:

      I can not belkieve that obama is not in favor of something the un wants. I guess he must have "mis-spoke" on this. We the people must not allow something like this to happen, those that are in favor of this type of tax must be remopved from office. Yesterday is to late.

      When we read the Bible especially the book of Revlations, we see that in the end times there will be a one world government, and the un is setting itself up for thsi verything. The bad part we have people in power that approve of this type "guvment", and will go to great lengths to get it. We also have people that will abondon Israel and let them go down the tubes. Well,once again read your Bible, and see what happens to the nations that turn their back on God's people. they are lost from the love of God.

    4. David Bess, Carson C says:

      Senator Pete Stark needs to realize that this is NOT "The United Nations of America"

    5. Drew page, lL says:

      The U.N. is like any other government. It exists to serve itself and grow.. That takes money and like any other governmental body, it will do whatever it can to get their hands on it.

      I'm amazed that Obama hasn't yet put them on our federal employee health and pension plans.

    6. John, Newport Beach, says:

      In listening to the mincing Mandarin's speech yesterday, I was struck by his use of the phrase "blurring national borders" as if that would be a good thing. He wants to be king of the world, I tell ya.

    7. G-mama, PA says:

      I agree with David Bess.

      I don't think we should be supporting the United Nations. They are very corrupt. It's terrible to have the ruler from Iran come to United States and saying what he did today. Look at all the aid we have given to all the people that have had disasters all over the world on our own and through the U.N.

    8. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Good one Drew!

    9. Will says:

      Well it's coming guy's, you might as well get used to the idea of a real world government. It will happen. Maybe not in our life time but maybe in our kids life time. As world resources become more stretched and conflicts over resourses like fresh water and the air we breath become more threatened by transnational activities, an international mechanism to handle the legal challenges is logical and the UN is the current body that is best suited to handle it. It is far from perfect and does need reform and accountability, but this is what international diplomacy is all about. It is a go slow process. Watch the evolution of the EU as a template for the evolution of the UN into a real governing world body.

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