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  • Morning Bell: What is Obama President of Again?

    On December 1, 2009, when President Barack Obama announced his new Afghanistan policy after months of delay, Denise Young of Kokomo, Ind., who has a 22-year-old son serving in the war, told The Wall Street Journal what she wanted to hear from the commander in chief: “That he is going to let the generals make the decisions. They have asked for more troops. They should get them. There is safety in numbers.” Today, we learned from a sneak preview of Bob Woodward’s new book, Obama’s War, that President Barack Obama completely failed Mrs. Young.

    Instead of listening to his generals, we learn that President Obama (who had zero military experience) was “at odds with his uniformed military commanders, particularly Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Gen. David H. Petraeus,” who was then head of U.S. Central Command. When the Pentagon presented President Obama with a “low risk option” of an additional 80,000 troops that had the “best chance to contain the Taliban-led insurgency and stabilize Afghanistan,” Obama “bristled at what he saw as military commanders’ attempts to force him into a decision he was not yet comfortable with.”

    Instead of listening to his generals, Obama drew up his own strategy calling for only 30,000 troops, denying Mrs. Young’s son the “safety in numbers” she so desperately wanted. After the Pentagon kept trying to reopen the President’s decision, Obama reportedly lost his poise, saying, “Why do we keep having these meetings?” and “I’m done doing this!”

    But arguably worse than the President’s decision to send fewer troops than were needed to provide the best chance of success was the President’s insistence on a timeline for withdrawal. The morning after President Obama announced his strategy we wrote:

    The announcement of a withdrawal date only provides a psychological advantage to the Taliban who will convince their recruits that the American will is lacking and thus they can just “wait us out.” Promising firm dates for troop pullouts is an entirely political move that has everything to do with placating the leftist base of the Democratic Party and nothing to do with the national security interests of the American people.

    Woodward’s book confirms we were 100% correct. The New York Times reports today:

    “I want an exit strategy,” [Obama] implored at one meeting. Privately, he told Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. to push his alternative strategy opposing a big troop buildup in meetings, and while Mr. Obama ultimately rejected it, he set a withdrawal timetable because, “I can’t lose the whole Democratic Party.”

    In June, President Obama was forced to relieve Gen. Stanley McChrystal of his command of U.S. forces in Afghanistan after the general’s displeasure with Obama’s policy became public. He has since installed Gen. David Petraeus in that post. That’s the same Gen. Petraeus who, according to Woodward’s book, the White House banned from the Sunday talk shows and who disliked talking to Obama senior political aide David Axelrod because he was “a complete spin doctor.” Who is President Obama listening to more now? The spin doctor Axelrod or the architect of the surge in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus? In other words, what is Obama the president of? The Democratic Party or the United States of America? Having the courage to admit he made a horrendous mistake and officially dropping the Afghanistan withdrawal time line would go a long way to answering that question.

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    67 Responses to Morning Bell: What is Obama President of Again?

    1. Norma Rowley, Pittsb says:

      Mr. Obama's allegiance is not to this country and its Constitution, nor to its citizens. He is, as others have dubbed him, an African Colonial – a third world man who was unfortunately elected to lead the greatest country in the world. Now even the uninformed, misled and history-challenged voters who cast those Obama-Biden votes are, in great numbers, questioning their choice. Some continue clinging to their belief in his hope and change promises; but those who live in the "real world" have come to realize the emptiness of his promises, and the truly socialist philosophy that guides his actions.

      It's time for a true "change" in November, which will give us "hope" that a monumental change will occur in November 2012.

    2. PJD, Enfield CT says:

      This is proof that it is amateur hour at the White House. Obama is clueless and with every decision he makes, he just confirms this. I agree…he needs to back down from his timeline for withdrawal or he risks our troops in Afghanistan and the last 8 1/2 years would have been a waste of thousands of American troops' lives.

    3. Mary.... WI says:

      In his mind BO is president of the USA and officially he is president of the USA. To me he is bogus president of the USA. He does whatever he wants to do and to hell with whatever anyone else suggests or even what the majority want. He thinks he knows everything but he knows very little especially when it comes to the military. He is the president of "nothing"……a failure and one term "president".

    4. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Shouldn't have asked me that question! Obama is the President of the Communist Insurgency here in America. The Cold War is not over, this is the end game. Because he arguably stole all his elections Obama doesn't have a mandate with the American People. Look at his actions, they all say he is representing the Foreign Interest. The People get words, the Foreign Interest gets our money and Sovereignty. Look at the Obama Doctrine, it does nothing for America. We have built our best PR with the World by being that shining city on a hill. Let's have a new Doctrine for America's Foreign Policy, shall we? Shine so bright the World will come along by emulating the U.S.

    5. Paul Rinderle says:

      Obama = The Prince of fools we will get rid of but we cannot get rid of the fools he is beholden to and who also voted for him and thats whats troubling to America's future.

    6. Hans, Pennsylvanie says:

      Well, that is what we get for allowing a totally incompetent person occupy the White House. So, lets get out there this November and make sure that he is a totally LAME DUCK for the remainder of his term. Matter of fact, lets persuade our congress persons to lodge charges against him and lets get him impeached and convicted even before his term is over. This guy is a total threat to our security and well being!

    7. Norm Klevens says:

      Axlerod is the one to listen to for the Commander in Chief, sadly. The war in Afghanistan is a miscellaneous function of the president of the democratic party. Its a distraction; its campaign topic, like yesterday when he said two wars off budget [at the time he does not even have a budget]. He goes around on AF One everyday and says this and that should not be a political matter when everything including the Afghanistan action is political fartor . Obama may like the photo op with the troops for political reasons, but the troops must feel like a Pinata. Keeping the General from the press is just another violation of human rights that is another topic for the Woodward book. He sends troops to battle and doesn't know what victory means. It is criminal. The brave men and women who volunteer at the initial tour and then re-up, along with their families, deserve a commander at the top that wants to win and can clearly enunciate it . What can happen in two more years ? How many will die and be seriously injured for a war their CIC doesn't want to fight and repeats the mistake of Viet Nam ?

    8. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      I just finished David Limbaugh's book,"Crimes against Liberty" about the Obama administration, a bully of a Pres. who has a mind set and doesn't listen to anyone who disagrees with him, he threatens the people hired to govern, lies to us, the people he swore to uphold. Now we have Bob Woodward telling similiar tales of this arragant, self serving person who has commited treason, defied his oath of office and has put this country at a great risk for more acts of terrorism. I cannot wait until the new congress is seated and someone brings impeachment charges against him. He is not fit for this office.

    9. helen M. Alex, Sprin says:

      Thank God for the entry of the Book! I thought we would never get off hearing about Christine O'Donnell. At last some real News!

    10. Pragmatic in Texas says:

      I am a plain spoken person. President Obama is even worse than Clinton when it comes to our military. He has never served, and he doesn't even listen to those that do, and are skilled in combat areas. Even President Clinton listened to his advisors.

      I am extremely angry at this President. My youngest son is being deployed to Afghanistan for the second time in a year. If anything happens to him, as far as I am concerned, my son's blood will be on Obama's hands, and every other far left liberal's hands in this country.

    11. Wayne, Virginia says:

      Not one single civilian in our government would know the difference between a cruiser or a destroyer if they were actually sitting on the bridge of either one. This saddens me.

    12. Lil, San Diego says:

      Is it really surprising that this person does not listen to his military experts? He is going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq and will do nothing to assist General Pratreus from a decisive victory in Afghanistan!

    13. PippN, Severna Park says:

      I have long believed Presidents must have military experience before they can be qualified as a presidential candidate. O'Bama's failures cost American lives. But he's not the only one. Rumsfeld, Cheney and Pearl tried to take Iraq "on the cheap" when it came to troop strength and look where that got them.

      If we're going to fight a war, let the soldiers do their job with superior numbers and fire power. Enough of this "politically correct" war planning. This is like pulling the pin on a grenade and playing catch.

      As Gen. Sherman said, "War is cruelty." The side that is most cruel has the better chance of winning. We must be prepared not only to kill the enemy but destroy his infrastructure and remove his ability to provision his troops. Wars must be fought hard and fast or they run risk of loss. O'Bama will never approve enough power to destroy his Muslim brethren.

      The best we can do as Americans is disarm O'Bama in the mid-terms and defeat him in the generals with the same decisiveness and force necessary to win a war.

    14. Rob Willey, Rockvill says:

      This president is clearly unqualified for his position, particularly as commander-in-chief. However, his blatant arrogance toward our military generals and favoritism to his political left base places greater risk to our troops and their mission. If the Afghanistan initiative fails Obama will be recorded in history as a failed president much like LBJ when he become overwhelmed by his micromanagement of the Vietnam war. Obama's disregard for the safety of our troops in nothing short of criminal.

    15. MJF, CT says:

      Mr. Obama is President only due to the stupidity of the people who were dumb enough to put him there! I admit that McCain was no prize package, but at least McCain wouldn't have put his tail between his legs as Mr. Obama is doing.

      Face it, Mr. Obama is looking to get the US out of the Mid-East as any good Muslim would want. Oops, did I "mis-speak" here? I'm afraid not, and it is more obvious day by day. Mr. Obama's love for the Muslim way is beginning to crowd even his Liberal agenda. Mr. Obama is in the right position to overthrow the United States and by messing up things in the Mid-East theater, he will help Iran and Al Quidea take over everything there.

    16. Randall Holland, Ari says:

      The Campaigner-in-Chief will always put his party before his country.

    17. KLIMAX Baltimore, Ma says:

      It sounds like McCrystal was screwed because of NObama's "HUGE EGO" would not let him admit that he was wrong about troop levels in Afghanistan !!!!! This "EGO THING" has been one of NObama's stumbling blocks which causes him to ignore what is best for the Country and The American Citizens !!!!!! NObama is more worried about how he can support the illegal aliens in OUR country than he is worried about the American Citizens who have had a hand in building OUR Country into what it is today (before NObama's deficits of Trillions of dollars) !!!!! The Democrats are going to take a beating at the polls in November because they chose to follow NObama and his Puppets and vote the party lines instead of voting for what is best for OUR country !!!!!!!! They deserve what ever they get and out of office would be the appropriate thing !!!!!

    18. Tater Salad says:

      Now the phrase "Bite-Me" has new meaning! this President is so far in over his head as a Commander-In-(Out)-Chief that it is Pathetic! Hey, this is what we get for falling for this "Change BS" that he lied to us about and still is to this day. Sad, if you think about it. He has to lie and use the old "Bait & Switch" tactics to get his way, even up to two years into his administration.

    19. LucyMac says:

      The guy never even ran a hotdog stand. Commander-in-Chief??????What a joke. The personification of incompetence, a disgrace to America. Let's face it; the ony reason that he is President of the United States is that he BSd the American people.

    20. LEE KENAGA says:

      Here, we have a commander-in-chief that has not as much as run a front yard lemon-

      ade stand trying to run a war, so obstinate that his judgment is better than his general

      out where the general is facing an equally obstinate enemy, the Taliban, I fear for our country.

    21. Charles, GA says:

      Just confirms what most of us with a brain already new. Obama making political decesions instead of letting his military advisors make the winning decesions.

      Contemplating politics while young men fight for us should be an impeachable offense.

      Why is it that men with NO military experience dictate military policy. I don't mean lack of civilian control, but . micromanaging military objectives, strengths. and individual targets is what got men killed in Vietnam by the thousands. Haven't they (the politicians) learned anything.

    22. Ron Derry NH says:

      Here is what we have…a child in a mans body who pulled off a heist…he is now faced with the reality of an education that left him unprepared for leadership, life or facing the truth. He can't back down as he is too proud to admit he is not just foolish for believing in his ideologue but a darn near imbecile…

      This struggle is what we all go through as children if we aren't given a free pass, have to get a real job and have to take responsibility for our actions. Decades ago this delinquent should have had some life lessons but apparently he has been used as some ones tool some ones play thing to plan an agenda that us beyond his abilities to make sense of. Some how he has avoided facing facts of his own limitations and bamboozled many to get where he is.

      But don't worry the most dangerous, most unpredictable man is one cornered by his own incompetence. Sooner or later he will start sacrificing others to get his position back and seek power over humbling himself to the job required to be the President of such a great nation….then we need to worry about where he takes us blinded by the madness of power over sense.

      So far he hasn't shown an ability to deal with the frustration that reality exposes in his policies or his methods and regresses further into lesser skills of leadership more in keeping with an angry tyrant.

      We all gain our maturity at different time in our lives…I'm just not sure the presidency of the USA is a good place to have a child going through his growing pains.

    23. TNSTEVE says:

      This President does not like the US or our military, nor repect the military leaders. While Obama thinks very highly of himself he continues to damage the US in every area. The question is does Obama want to hurt the country or is he that misguided? He could not do much more damage, if he were an actual plant from another country seeking our destuction while transforming America into a Euro socialist type country while moving us from a super power wealthy status vs just an arrogant professor who does not know what he is doing and is terribly mis-guided. Some concerns: Cap and trade, National health care, nationalized insurance/auto, finance, Dream Act, elimination of most of Nasa, killing the next space vehicle, sending millions to other countries for social issues/programs, etc.

    24. Mark, Rochester Mn says:

      Tell me again why we are in Afganastan. We routed the taliban years ago. Nation building? We are a bankrupt country. I do not see the national security justification for this war. As much as I hate to admit it, Biden was right when he opted for covert CIA driven response.

      For sure going halfway with 30k troops is wrong. I say get out all together. El quida is into Pakistan. Are they next, then Iran…when does it stop. And are we creating more problems than we are fixing?

      someone please tell me the severe national security threat which justifies such huge investment. I don't see it.

    25. laurie, hawaii says:

      He needs to resign before he completely destroys the country. For example, once our oil rigs move to other countries,(THANKS FOR THE BAN ON OIL DIGGING0 they will not be able to return because it is too expensive. THIS DICTATOR is placing nails in the American coffin so fast…..his chicago thug politics is working so well for his personal and "buddies" (like Chavez and Soros) that he doesn't need to have another term in office. He and his corrupto-cronies will have drained the U.S. treasury completely and replaced it with monopoly money that we are quickly becoming a third-world nightmare…..and he and his thugs wealthy retiring millionaires. Please, God let him resign or impeach him fast. ….IT IS ALMOST TOO LATE.

    26. Kevin says:

      Mother F¥€k Obummer in his unauthorized, illegal, Muslim milque toast a$$!!

      Let the impeachment begin!!

    27. Bruce J. Kolinski says:

      BHO's actions answer the question. Even if he didn't hate America he is not capable of leadership. This man is a lazy, deceitful organizer who made a living on the public dole by taking advantage of poor, uneducated people.

      The U.S. should learn not to send an organizer to a gun fight.

    28. Larry Welch, Idaho says:

      If reckless endangerment of our country is not an impeachable offense, what is? A Senate Foreign Relations Committee that sends the START treaty to the senate floor proves that this president's leadership is a deadly threat to our country. We watch as fools betray us.

      The French Revolution had its excesses but the guillotine was not one of them.

    29. Jimiguana, florida says:

      Obama has a striking resemblance to Captain Ahab in Moby Dick. This country has a dangerous, incompetent, petulant narcissist at the helm of our Ship of State. He has his paranoid eyes focused on the "White Whale" of political expediency, attempting to preserve crumbling Democrat Ideals at the expense of

      the nation's security. He was fortunate to have a dumbed-down crew in the electorate who allowed him to take the wheel. It's time for the Starbucks (not the coffee chain, crewmembers!) of this great land to incite a November Mutiny!

    30. Mike in McLean says:

      The majority of American voters elected a man with no record of accomplishment at any level to be the Commander in Chief and CEO of the greatest military the world has ever known and the most complex economy. And now people are surprised at the self-inflicted wounds the Obama Administration has shed on our nation's allies and military not to mention the incredible debt that has been created with no real return. On Mr. Obama's best day he is a hypocrite of galactic proportions. Most days, he's just a common liar.

      I have ceased to be surprised by him, but I continue to be appalled!

    31. rosemarie, fresno says:

      OB, he needs to goo , i`m not a born American , i love this Country , i adopted as my one , wy are we so slow in ousting him, impeach him ,OB commits crimes every day ,against the people of a great country , he dos not like the USA , SO WY ARE YOU HERE IN THE GRADEST COUNTRY, GET OUT AND STAY OUT. Can annyone tell me wy he send`s 25 BILLIONS TO KENYA,

      He will make a Cuban and AFRICAN COUNTRY OUT OF THE usa,


    32. Suzanne-Florida says:

      When Bob Woodard brought down Nixon he was applauded. When one of his books demeaned Pres. Bush he was applauded. Liberal, progressive or far left, it's one in the same. One wonders how the truth about our current president will sit with the above?

      As a Navy wife whose husband spent several tours in the Pentagon I find this current atmosphere even worse than that under Pres. Clinton. Men and their families suffered through years of less for love of country. Disregarding advice of senior generals and admirals who have studied every aspect of war and battle makes one speechless. One can only pray we can survive until 2012.

    33. Jayne CA says:

      My spouse and I saw this coming back in July 08, when I googled "The Cloward-Piven Strategy." Then the infamous Obama speech where he declared "We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United states of America!" Note to the electorate: do your homework, don't fall for the lingo, what's the track record of the candidate and for heaven's sake, stop letting the pundits lead you around by the ear! God Bless the USA and give us the strength and wisdom to save our republic.

    34. Linda, Louisiana says:

      I agree with most of the above comments and will not bother to repeat most of them. Yes, we have a President, elected by people who either acted ignorantly, acted expecting much in return, or sold their vote. This man was not qualified for the job, and has not learned anything in his on the job training. He is arrogant, thinks he knows it all, resents his opinion being questioned, is defiant, is spiteful and revengeful, and everything he does is for and all about himself. This man is putting himself and politics above the lives of our men and women in service. He is destroying this Nation. Impeachment is our only recourse, and Sooner the Better. I will repeat, Politicians should not be in charge of Running/Winning a War. This should be left up to our Great Men and Women in the Military who are trained to Win a War. I hope I can live long enough to see this Nation salvaged from the hands of Obama and read the analysis of his failed Administration. On the quick hits "Immigration Backdoor Bill" is another example of buying votes; "Increasing Taxes" – another step Obama's lack of knowledge to run this Nation's Economy. This man is not capable of being President of the United States.

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    36. MARC L. NJ says:

      I am totally convinced that the Obama administration has no conception of what type of image and message they are sending to our dedicated men and women who defend our country. We are reverting back to the Carter – Clinton era agenda when the defense budget and research & development of new weapon systems were not concerned important. Our nation is facing a enemy who is encourged by our Commander-in-Chief beliefs that if we accept their ideology and religious laws the U.S.A. will be better country. It is the time that the President realizes that his "Social Welfare" agenda does not, and will not protect us from the very people he has extended his hand to in "Peace". President Ronald Reagan lead by example,he never backed down to threats confronting our nation. We must regain that attitude that President Reagan inspired in us, that our Constitution and the Capitalism will prevail. We need a leader with guts who will speak out against our real enemies,not Republicians or the Tea Party, the countries who promote, support and provide shelter for the terrorist cells in our nation and around the world. We must not let the extremist who believe in the jihad destroy our way of life by saying that they are being being treated unfairly. Mr. President,it is your duty under the U.S.Constitution to protect and uphold the safety of this nation!

    37. MIchael, New Mexico says:

      May God watch over America, no one else is. The people on both sides of the isle have been doing little over the past dozen years, except for themselves. Our President seems to be in over his head, too many poor advisers, and the people 'in the know' are ignored or discarded.

      I fear that we won't have a good choice to replace him when the time comes.

    38. Registered Independe says:

      For nearly 50 years of my adult life I could never have imaged our president no matter which party they belonged to reject the advice of the military concerning the amount of troops needed not only to win a war, but were necessary to provide the added security needed for the troops the president had sent and were going to be sent in harms way. It is even more unfathomable for our president to do so based on the losing political support from his own party. Finally, before reading the excerpts I would never have believed a president would be annoyed at his military renewed requests for troops in order to add the protection for their lives. Good grief! Any president who was faithful to his office should fire any heads of the military who showed indifference to a rejection of their request that they deemed necessary of the protection for their troops.

      The statements by our president in my opinion are far worse than any statements every disclosed in my lifetime. It does not matter if I supported or opposed the war in Afghanistan, the fact is that Congress declared war against the terrorists there and authorized funds to win that war so as Commander in Chief under the Constitution President Obama was and still is required to do all that he can to win that war. The fact that he put politics ahead of his constitutional duty is deplorable, shameful and has created unwarranted risks to our service man and woman. So I say to all politicians of all parties who profess to support our troops, the sincerity of those statements will be self evident by your support for them or the president if you defend his statements.

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    40. Judith in Michigan says:

      What is Mr Obama president of? I think that in his mind, he is on the pathway to becoming "President of the World." That "New World Order" thing he keeps talking about. Having to deal with pesky national issues in the United States only impedes his progress.

      Those suffering from Malignant Narcissism usually end up destroying themselves. Unfortunately, Mr Obama will destroy America, too. We can stop the process by voting out his enablers this upcoming election, and finishing the job in the 2012 elections

    41. Alan says:

      Whatever title he holds, he does not carry himself as a leader or even a competent administrator.

      Barak continues to behave in the manner of either a demagogue or campaigner.

      We have committed the horrible act of rewarding this office as a participation trophy.

      Obama having been elected president is the culmination of years of rewarding certain

      victim group members a prestigious office in the name of certifying the "first" in a certain.

      political office of position of leadership.

      Too often this is not on the basis of someone having earned the post and rather having just hung

      on and knocked off more worthy opponents.

      Ultimately though, the responsibility for this falls on an increasingly dumbed down and cynical electorate which itself does not understand the meaning of government or leadership.

    42. Mema, NJ says:

      Amen to all the above comments. Wayne (VA): The president aside, a precious few, smart government officials are busy studying the freedom movement that's staring them down right now, and fast learning which ship is which, which service branch is which, what really works to have freedom and what works to have a sound economy and stable country. Hey, they may even be learning how inportant the Judeo-Christian roots and moral code of our country are. If they are learning, there may be hope for them — all those who aren't, are gonna be outta there in 5 short weeks! It's pretty clear this is a grass roots uprising and nothing is going to stop it. See you at the Polls!

    43. john arizona says:

      Didn't the politicians lose the war in Vietnam? Now we have the same thing going on in this White House. They could care less about how many people get killed. They only care about how to spin the Obama decisions for the next election and the next big tax and spend plan in Congress.

      Ken Jarvis: You were a Marine. How does it make you feel that the military you served in is being run by a bunch of community organizers, liberal loons, and politicians???

    44. brenda hart, RI USA says:

      just simply appalling and nauseating

      Can we have him up on treason yet?

    45. Dan R says:

      If Obama has taught us anything it was don't wait 8 years. The last eight years! He said. That famous motto that he repeated over and over and over and over again during the elections and his 1st year in office should teach us one thing. Don't wait 8 years when we see the country going in to a dung pile. Nip this problem in the bud in four short years. What most people fail to acknowledge is the FACT Dems have had the house NOW for almost 8 years already.

      Let's have an exit strategy for this President and call it The Next Election.

      Say goodbye Barrack hello Sara.

    46. American says:

      His highness is inept in every way

    47. Ted Stein, Philadelp says:

      President of the United States of America and Commander in Chief. I speak as an officer who was in the military during Vietnam through the ROTC program of my college. Although I know it's in the Foundations best interest to only print that which meets your agenda, it might be helpful to your readers to know there was and is disagreement within the senior military ranks, and maybe more importantly, those requesting more troops, also required ten to twenty more years to "win" the war.

      Sound familiar?

    48. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      I don't know. The world? Certainly NOT THE UNITED STATES.

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    50. Christopher Popham S says:

      With all due respect to the 'revelations' of Mr. Woodward's book; it is time once again

      for everyone, from the WH to Congress and especially the American people to learn

      from history. There will NEVER be any military successes in Afghanistan.

      From Alexander the Great to Ghengis Khan, the British and the Russians; all were

      eventually driven out of that God-forsaken land. The tribes of the Taliban are descended from the people, who drove out the infidels of ages past and of the more

      modern military might of Great Britain and Russia. These tribal folks have the

      advantage of time, terrain and an interminable determnation to disallow any invading

      force to exercise control or hegemony over them. In my humble opinion, the Coalition

      forces will never 'win' anything in Afghan territory. They will only continue to sacrifice

      the young lives of our troops and further drain our treasury. Militarily, it is a totally

      hopeless situation. Pres. Eisenhower warned us in the early 50's, that the military and

      industrial complex would be a problem.

      The real reason that we are in Afghanistan is to protect a 400 mile long oil/gas pipeline, that will run from southern Siberia, through Afghani lands southward to the

      Indian Ocean ports and from there to the oil/gas hungry far east countries.

      Do the research. The seven largest oil companies all have had stake in this since


      It has always, but always been about the hundreds, perhaps trillions of dollars in oil

      and gas available in southern Siberia.

      And now we are recently 'told' that Afghanistan itself is rich in a variety of minerals.

      More reason to fight on right?. No, enough is enough. Afghhanistan is a corrupt and ungrateful nation. Let Afghans have and hold Afghanistan. It is not our imperialistic

      'business' to be sending our young men and women home in coffins, or to be

      depriving our desperate economy of much needed funds here in America.

      The tribal Afghans, with their poppy production and ancient traditions and culture

      will never allow western intruders to subjugate them.

      We will never 'win' anything in Afghanistan, except blood, sweat and tears.

      Good luck, America.

    51. Bobbie says:

      What is Obama President of Again? Not the community organizer associations?

      If he was President for the best interests of America(ns,) it's America(ns) he would have the dignity to step down from.

      Because the strength of Americans will continue to stand for the strength of the principles and values of America, Obama will be humbled ("hoping" for sympathy) or arrested.

      Have no sympathy he does not and never did mean well. His actions and words are control and deceit. His ambition is destruction of America' to the core. He said in his subliminal way, to make "change" look right. Some saw through it and we now live the beginning of it today…

      What was the name on his birth certificate? When did he change his name? Why did he use the name Hussein? If he's so intelligence how come we haven't seen anything to prove that besides the classes he took and possible degrees I haven't heard about? And Classes where teachers can be bribed. Why wouldn't he share this information openly (not the assumptions) those can be found out without letting him lie,) if he wasn't hiding something?

      The people deserve to believe in a higher standard of leadership. A President who doesn't make hidden what every President freely gave. The President isn't offended is he???? Talk about way distorted to lead America/! This is wrong!

    52. Bill, Kansas City says:

      I think it is clear that Mr Obama is the President of the Democrat Party. He hs no respect for the Republican Party or the Military or the experts in Defense. He is an academic who can't be told anything. Tell him anything and he will stick to his theories until he sees that the whole country is destroyed or we have been attacked repeatedly. Mr Obama has even stated that this country can handle a few big terrorist attacks. Does he not understand that we willnot accept those attacks. He is not willing to do what is necessary to protect this nation from those attacks. It seems as though he wants those attacks to occur. He needs to be removed from office he is not willing to do the job according to the requirements of th job.

    53. sandy @ cleveland:) says:

      I have never been much for politics, and i used to vote dem, just picking out top issues , researching a bit and never looking back. THAT HAS CHANGED, I guess at 50 some yrs old, I Finally grew up. This fool on the hill is NOT my president, and i am still in shock he won, HOW DID HE WIN? if little ole me could research this man and see what a terrible person he really was, what are the rest of the voters doing? I wake up every morning shaking my head seeing the direction of our country and so fearful for our children, THIS IS NOT AMERICA THAT I GREW UP IN. This fool on the hill is a crack smoking , GD America fraud and God help us all. I pray every day to wake up from the nightmare this fraud has caused. I pray November brings a light in the darkest tunnel I have ever seen in my lifetime.

    54. RME KRNL, Northern V says:

      "Having the courage to admit he made a horrendous mistake and officially dropping the Afghanistan withdrawal time line would go a long way to answering that question."

      DO. NOT. HOLD. YOUR. BREATH. Obama has yet to admit a mistake or say he's sorry for anything. But then, narcissists seldom do.

    55. MN J says:

      Clueless on so many fronts. This is what the so-called liberal, elitist, and academic environments produce. What they will never understand is that once they have indoctrinated so many, many of those indoctrinated will turn on them.

      The gift of the US was the ability to criticize, disagree, and move forward. For O and his buddies, criticism only goes one way and their base is based on the past. They don't understand much of what made and makes the USA unique. It is politics above all at all costs.

    56. John PE, Spring Hill says:

      Among the great failures Obama has committed is destruction of the Democratic Party as well sacrificing the first opportunity the "black" community has ever had to show that competence is not a function of skin color. How many voters elected him to show they were not "racist" and are now finding that he is an ideologue who arrogantly puts himself above his duty. I fear that it will be generations before another "black" man, no matter his competence, will have the chance Obama has been given.

    57. ogie,Lewes,DE says:

      Commander in chief?~Obama wants to be dictator in chief! Most Presidents wait until they are out of office to write books~they are way too busy leading this country to spend the time needed while they are in office~but not Obama. He has plenty of time to write now as he doesn't know how to lead this country. He will be leading it to "rack and ruin" if we citizens don't move together to stop his agenda. There will be nothing left of our Republic if we don't let Congress know what we want. We want our country back!!!

    58. Lukas85tom says:

      hmmm,Great job.I agree with you.(………..)Thanks..(Daily Breaking News)

    59. toledofan says:

      Isn't it strange that this type of question would even be raised? It's obvious from the lack of management, vision and actions, Obama is the President of I don't really have a clue and I don't care what anybody says. I don't have to do anything other than spend your money and change the direction of this country from a capitialist state to a socialist state because that's what I know, have been taught and I'm the only one that can do it. Got it. I am the President of hope and change and myself. If you don't like it leave the country, the party or whatever, it doesn't matter because, soon, I will be the Global Leader of the entire universe. What is really a tragety in all of this is that this inexperienced person holds the lives of our military men and women in his hands.

    60. Mary Konyndyk, St. P says:

      Right on!

    61. and2therepublic, ill says:

      Memoranda to: President Barack H. Obama, from: Governor Benjamin Franklin:

      "For having lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged by better information, or fuller consideration, to change opinions even on important subjects, which I once thought right, but found to be otherwise. It is therefore that the older I grow, the more apt I am to doubt my own judgement, and to pay more respect to the judgement of others." – In Convention – September 17, 1787

      Sincerely, Benjamin Franklin – Signer of the Declaration of Independence; Diplomat; Printer; Scientist; Signer of the U.S. Constitution; Governor of Pennsylvania

    62. Pyeatte says:

      Mr. Obama has go to be the worst war-time President we have ever had. He is almost like a sheltered child who will not confront reality and will do anything to please the extreme left. He is not on our side.

    63. John Desmond PE, Spr says:

      This imitation of a president was elected by Americans who wanted to show that they were not racially biased. He is a terrible mistake. He will have destroyed the opportunity for another, and competent, black man or woman to be elected to the office for generations.

    64. Pingback: Obama and Ahmadinejad North Capitol Street

    65. D Moreno, Michigan says:

      Mr Obama continually makes decisions that put our troops and our United States of America in jeopardy. In my opinion, every move he makes is based on some personal agenda and has little to do with what's best for this country. If he had one ounce of patriotism, he would admit the fact that he is vastly underqualified to perform his duties and step down. It's frightening to watch him and his left wing cronies systematically take apart this country on a daily basis. I saw a billboard recently that said "Voted for Obama? Embarassed yet?" Good question.

    66. Louise Cornell, Ster says:

      Terrorist attacks can be absorbed yes, but at what cost and at what consequence? I say if any more, i.e., at the level of Ft. Hood, it should be Mr. Obama's job for his cavalier attitude…his job is to protect all Americans, not decide what death and destruction we can or cannot absorb.

    67. Jim; ny says:

      obama is our resident of the white house. a vidio clip reported to be obama with criticism toward the holy bible; his new religion is floating around the world in e-mails. my question to him is tell us what you don't like about the muslum religion

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