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  • Arms Control at the U.N. General Assembly

    As the U.N. General Assembly meets this week, arms control and disarmament are likely to be hot topics on the agenda. It is important for the United States not to pursue any means of multilateralism that would damage U.S. national interests, including any agreement to reduce arms. The Obama Administration should not cede any authority to an intensely bureaucratic forum that seeks to limit U.S. capabilities.

    In his chapter in ConUNdrum, Heritage Senior Research Fellow Baker Spring, argues that any effort to disarm the United States constrains America’s ability to defend itself and its allies. Additionally, these processes fail to confront arms buildups of unpalatable regimes like Iran. Spring suggests that the U.S. should work to streamline the U.N.’s arms control and disarmament infrastructure. Furthermore, he argues for the elimination of several processes and traditions that have proven counterproductive. By doing so, the U.S. would be able to achieve a more structured and less bureaucratic means of multilateral diplomacy while at the same time maintaining America’s sovereignty.

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    6 Responses to Arms Control at the U.N. General Assembly

    1. Dean Cobb, Stockton, says:

      Noone anywhere, including my own country, has the right to take my guns away, especially an organization that hates the U.S. Disarming the citizens is the first thing a despot tries to do. Then comes free speech. NOT ON MY WATCH!!

    2. Dennis georgfia says:

      If we are going to depend on obama to protect this country we are lost. I expect the white flag of surrender to fly any day.

    3. Drew page, lL says:

      I believe that we can trust President Obama to totally disarm America, because after all, America is the only warlike nation on earth. As Mr. Obama sees it, America doesn't need protection from other countries; it's the other countries that need protection from America.

    4. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Something yellow runs like a thrill down Obama's leg, as he stands at the pulpit of the New World Order, and sure, he can talk about disarming. The only Nation to disarm will be US. The Missile Shield so close to realization the Obominator has to get rid of that, otherwise the Russians won't agree to start their equal rights to bombs Treaty. Ah! Isn't that nice, equality with the Russians! They haven't disarmed the tiniest bit. As much as what our President talks about, it is far more interesting to examine what he is not talking about.

    5. Slick - Nebraska says:

      Nearly on a daily basis I ask myself HOW a man with NO business experience, almost no experience in government, and no practical experience in the success of capitalism became the President of this country! It must have resulted from the fact that the citizens of our country were so discouraged that they would have bought snake oil from a slick salesman traveling by covered wagon.

      Then I have to remind myself that if the Republicans has conducted business during Bush's eight years the way they should have, we might not be in this mess. I am very disgusted with the Republican Party in general, and this is their LAST chance. If they don't follow the "Pledge to America" to the letter, they are finished.

      I am sick to death of Obama and his "reign of terror", and to think we have two more years to endure scares me for my grandchildren. That is why is it IMPERATIVE that we all go to the polls in November . . . . if we don't try to change the path our country is on, we will surely end up like European nations.

    6. Al Flint, IN says:

      Not gonna happen here!!! If they take away our weapons, then the rest will be a piece of cake for them. For American citizens to be able to rebel, fully armed, is about all we have left to defray a complete takeover. We can not allow them to take this last stronghold that we have. To quote Mr. Cobb:

      NOT ON MY WATCH!!!

    7. Johann Wolfgang von says:

      It sounds like it is time to put some distance between the people of the USA and the United Nations. It might be time for the UN headquarters building to be relocated to an island somewhere and not in the territorial regions of the USA.

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