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  • OMG, Unintended Consequences!

    “Some of the country’s most prominent health insurance companies have decided to stop offering new child-only plans, rather than comply with rules in the new health-care law that will require such plans to start accepting children with preexisting medical conditions after Sept. 23,” the Washington Post reports.

    The Post quotes one Ethan Rome, executive director of the liberal advocacy group Health Care for America Now: “We’re just days away from a new era when insurance companies must stop denying coverage to kids just because they are sick, and now some of the biggest changed their minds. … [It] is immoral, and to blame their appalling behavior on the new law is patently dishonest.”

    This type of posturing is the pat move of liberals every time their designs for society are frustrated by the reality that other people pursue their self interests. The only way to get around that little problem of human nature is for Congress, instead of regulating business, to compel exactly the sort of behavior it wants—e.g., this particular company must sell this particular product at this particular price to these particular customers. But that would raise exactly the same problem raised by Obamacare’s mandate that individuals must purchase health insurance: Such a law would not be a regulation of commerce; it would be forcing people to engage in commerce that they would otherwise not engage in. And if the Constitution allows Congress to compel people to engage in commerce, then there are no constitutional limits to what Congress may do.

    Note, by the way, that Mr. Rome engages in exactly the sort of behavior he describes as immoral, for as best we can tell, he doesn’t sell insurance to anybody at any price.

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    9 Responses to OMG, Unintended Consequences!

    1. Kevin H, College Par says:

      Looks like heritage was way off on new health reform:

      'CMS reported that the nearly 11 million seniors enrolled in the private insurance program would see an average 1 percent reduction in premiums in 2011, with a projected 5 percent enrollment increase in the program next year. Last year, enrollees were charged an average 15 percent increase in premiums.'

    2. Zack says:

      But Kevin, you can't provide facts to Heritage. They will never listen, nor will anybody that comments on this website. To them, every single thing President Obama is doing will cause the world to collapse.

      Alex stated-

      "Note, by the way, that Mr. Rome engages in exactly the sort of behavior he describes as immoral, for as best we can tell, he doesn’t sell insurance to anybody at any price"

      -really Alex, really? Fighting against monoplies that care more about profit then affordable medical attention is immoral? What is moral with conservatives blocking every single possible chance for Healthcare Reform for the last 30 years?

      -and look how prideful Heritage is to find out that companies will now deny coverage to kids with preexisting medical conditions! Some morality! Way to go Heritage!

      -by the way, If you actually read HR 3590 you would clearly see the section making it available to "opt" out of the "mandate" due to unaffordability. I assume you have not read HR 3590 or you would know that. Regardless of what Heritage makes you believe, no one is taking YOUR Insurance away, no one is taking YOUR money. It's typical conservative fear-mongering. It is all outright LIES!

      Look, the simple fact that conservatives have been blocking all attempts for reform, and while in power not passing a single measure for Healthcare Reform, when we have desperatley needed it for the last 30 years, says it all for me.

      Conservatives have zero ground on this issue. Plain and simple.

    3. Hal, Virginia says:

      If the Federal Government feels the need to provide health coverage for the uninsured poor, allow them to continue to do so via Medicaid.

      If the Federal Government feels the need to reduce the cost of health services delivery, then do a better job managing the economy, impose cost controls on the health services industry and modify the behavior of the populace.

      The reasons for the higher cost of health care are simple enough to understand:

      – the impact of inflation

      – the amount of price increases above inflation related

      to the higher cost of health care labor and


      – the increased amount of demand for and consumption of

      health care services

      Why is it that these egalitarian, radical liberals take the position that private industry may be used to fund their dream of equality of outcome? The insurance companies are not the problem here. They simply pay the cost of medical care after taking, on average, 3% for profit and 15% for administration.

      By the way, one unintended consequence of the administration's demand for lower administrative costs on the part of the health insurance industry is the out-sourcing of insurance plan data input and customer service to Third World nations. When we need jobs here in the US, Obama is chasing jobs overseas.

      How did Speaker Nancy put it? Oh yeah, “We need to pass the Affordable Health Care Act in order to see what it contains.”

      Just Brilliant!

    4. Ben W. says:

      Well, Zack, if you really feel that way about Heritage and its supporters, what is your purpose for being here? HuffPo is probably where your demagoguery belongs.

    5. Zack says:

      My purpose for being here is to expose the partisan nature of this website. It is very unfactual and the obvious partisanship is to the point of insanity. And yes, "demagoguery" is the perfect definition for Heritage and it's followers. Thank you for that!

    6. Billie says:

      Who are you exposing it to? The ill and narrow minded? Democrats? How much are you paid by the administration? Facts matter, ignorant ones. How and who caused them matters more. Ideas matter. Being led by bad ideas and IGNORANT to sound principled solutions, matters more!

    7. Zack says:

      Anybody that understands economic and legislative history or economic and politics as a whole already knows exactly what Heritage is about. They provide false information and bias material, not because I say so but because they do. Narrow minded people……do you mean people that follow this website for credible information? I'm permitted to say anything I want about Heritage and if you have a problem with it, too bad! I'm not getting payed, I get payed enough in my private sector job. See how easy it was to answer questions that were asked. You can do it too.

      Your comment was really weird and filled with jumbled up "talking points". I'm not sure you even know what you are talking about. Let me try this again, and try to stay on subject. Is it not wrong for these monopolies to drop medical attention to kids that need it because they care more about profit then the welfare of children? Tell me exactly what your "sound principled solutions" for healthcare reform would be? Hey you said it, so now its up to you to explain exactly what you would do? Or do think think reform is not needed? Why have conservatives(the very people you vote for) been blocking any and all measures for healthcare reform and not providing anything to fix it for over 30 years now?

      Once again if conservatives would offer realistic solutions they would have credibility, but for now they have nothing. You starting to lose your grip here.

    8. mike swann says:

      If a person has a bad driving record and/or is an alcoholic,l insurance companies can deny new customers. If an existing customer begins to acquire many points, DWI'S, accidents, companies have the right to drop them. Life insurance cost more for smokers,alcoholics. Some policies will not even insure a alcoholic,cancer patient. So, health insurance is no different. Don't criticize health insurance companies. Obama instigaed all this and he and his minons knew all this was coming down the road. "We have to pass it before we can know whats in it", give me a break, get these Communists out of there. They wnt to gave complete control of America and get their grubby, greedy hands on your money to distribute as they see fit. Most kids are covered under the gov't insurance for kids anyhow. Doctors are dropping medicare patients as gov

      is not paying what they were and are slow doing so. Ditto for many pharmacies. Thanks America for voting these animals in. Mike Swann

    9. Zack says:


      Wow. I don't even know where to start with you. Yea, great analogy! ahem..

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