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  • Morning Bell: Constitution Day and the Perilous Future

    On September 17, we celebrate the creation of our Constitution, one of the greatest governing documents ever conceived by the hand of man. This is the day we commemorate the birth of the United States as a nation, based on the rule of law and dedicated to the preservation of personal liberty, political freedom, economic opportunity, and the natural rights with which we are all endowed by our Creator.

    But 223 years after the formal signing of the Constitution, our country stands at a dangerous crossroads, the likes of which we have never faced before, although it is one that was certainly feared by many of our Founders. James Madison and many of the other leaders of our country who were at the Constitutional Convention were all classically educated. They were better educated about history than many of our representatives in Washington today and they were well aware of what had happened to ancient democracies in Athens and Rome.

    We are faced today with two different roads, one of which follows the path of liberty set by our Founders in the Constitution, and one of which diverges from that path and leads us down the road to tyranny. There are two different warring camps within our society, and the ongoing battle between those camps has been graphically illustrated in recent primary elections and by the vicious fight over the nationalization of our healthcare system.

    On one side are those of us, including the members of the Tea Party movement, who work hard to support their families, who love their country, and who understand and revere a document that has stood firm for 223 years to guide us. These ordinary, everyday Americans rightly fear the unprecedented growth in the size and power of the federal government. They are angry over the unsustainable and uncontrollable growth of federal spending and the federal deficit that will inevitably lead to financial ruin. They are appalled over the contempt shown by so many in the other camp for our governing document, the Constitution.

    The Heritage Foundation has distributed over 4 million copies of the Constitution, a number that shows the interest and dedication of so many Americans to preserving the liberty, freedom, and limits on the power of government that are ingrained in that charter.

    That other camp is made up of politicians who recognize no limits on their power, their liberal activist allies in the judiciary, and members of the media, Hollywood, and academia, who have been stretching, bending, and chipping away at the Constitution for decades. They welcome a tyranny of elites who can govern however they see fit without being checked and limited by what they view as an “anachronistic” document and the parochial views of the American people. After all, they know what is best for all of us. They should control our lives and our economy.

    Their contempt and disdain for the Constitution was vividly illustrated by Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she was asked “where specifically does the Constitution grant Congress the authority to enact an individual health insurance mandate?” Her now infamous answer was “Are you serious? Are you serious?” The very idea that Congressional power has limits never even occurred to her. Similarly, Cong. Pete Stark (D-CA) was asked “How can this [healthcare] law be Constitutional, but more importantly than that, if they can do this what can’t they?” Starks’s answer: “The federal government, yes, can do most anything in this country.” The very idea that Congress only has the enumerated powers laid out in the Constitution is completely foreign to Stark. And too many in Washington have that exact same view.

    This same camp of elitists uses class warfare to divide the American people and to expand the power of the federal government. They use entitlements as a bribe and have taken away the requirement for large numbers of Americans to pay taxes, making it easier to raise taxes and extract exorbitant amounts of money from the producers and entrepreneurs in our country who have, before today, given us the prosperity and quality of live that has made us the envy of the world.

    We have not had one momentous event that has put us on the path to tyranny. Rather, we have had a long series of small steps by the courts, the executive branch, and Congress through legal decisions, regulations, and legislative enactments that have steadily diminished our liberty and freedom, and increased the power of government over our lives. My former boss, Ronald Reagan, correctly observed that a government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have. We are, unfortunately, increasingly on our way down that road.

    We have a dedicated elite intent on destroying the Constitution and building a government so big and so powerful, that eventually we could be unable to resist and fight back against the inevitable loss of our freedoms. But fortunately, we are seeing the start of a revival amongst the American people, a recognition of the importance of preserving the Constitution and it’s wonderfully designed, interlocking provisions that were intended to protect our God-given rights and to prevent our government from becoming a tyranny.

    There is a growing movement throughout America to reinvigorate the tree of liberty, a tree whose trunk is the Constitution, whose limbs are the Bill of Rights, and whose leaves are the new sons and daughters of liberty who embody the same spirit that infused our Founders. On Constitution Day, let Americans rededicate themselves to securing “the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” by actively working to preserve the Constitution of the United States.

    The author, Former Attorney General Edwin Meese, III is the Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow in Public Policy and Chairman of the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at the Heritage Foundation.

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    83 Responses to Morning Bell: Constitution Day and the Perilous Future

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      The Constitution is the LAW OF THE LAND.

      What else is there to say?


    2. Gerry Box, Edmonton, says:

      Is there any way Barack Obama can be stopped? It seems too many conservative commentators are of the opinion that "it'stoo late" to stop him. If this is your opinion, then why don't we all just throw up our hands and surrender? This man in the most dangerous person in the world today and he has minnions that are backing him. God help us.

    3. Damian Hockney, Lond says:

      You make some excellent points, and what strikes me so forcibly on the other side of the Atlantic is the similarity in the US with what is happening in the European Union. The powers of the individual states are being eroded (very quickly within the EU), and all rights to make decisions are increasingly centred on an elite. In the case of the EU, the decision making process is not even initiated by elected representatives: the EU 'parliament' is nothing but a sham assembly. But what is so appalling in countries like the UK, unlike the USA, is that alternative voices are actually restricted from access to media by the law. During elections alternative voices are barred from tv and radio advertising, while the main parties (all in thrall to the EU) are given millions of pounds worth of nightly free coverage (effectively state sponsored advertising masked as 'election coverage'). The alternative voices are then also barred from a share of this media coverage by rules enforced by the BBC for all broadcasters in the name of "fairness"…you would find this difficult to appreciate but at most elections alternative voices are given a set (and tiny) number of seconds all carefully worked out to allow them to 'put your message on air' at midnight or in some programme with small listening figures, and barred by spending rules from sending a communication to every voter, never mind advertising (even if they were not banned from tv and radio advertising). You at least in a far more democratic system have the ability to see a movement emerge and for it to get its message across through raising money and advertising – in the UK, the media and the big parties collude through anti-democracy laws to suppress all alternative voices like the Tea Party Movement, with the exception of occasional pieces ridiculing them.

    4. Ted Stein, Philadelp says:

      I believe a more accurate interpretation of the "are you serious" comment is based on a disbelief that there are folks that don't agree that health care is an inalienable right under the Constitution. Since there are costs, mandates are a way of addressing them. Taxing the benefactors is another way. Doing nothing is unconstitutional.

    5. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Excellent summary of our struggle – fair and balanced.

      Last night I heard Nancy Pelosi refer to the Bush Tax Cuts extension as the "Obama Tax Cuts". This woman is truly mental and needs psychiatric help.

    6. Bernard from Michiga says:

      I do appreciate mans understanding of law but I do not appreciate mans understanding of the rights we have been endowed by our creator. Having said that I must comment on the situtation in this economy, country and the world.

      All things that occur are a result of mans belief that he is intelligent, to some degree this is true but it seems that man refuses to acknowledge the truth of GODs word concerning our true nature. We have not humbled ourselves, we have not prayed to GOD THE CREATOR and we have not understood the prophecys of HIS word. Hence our situation today. The prophets gave us a warning of what we must do and JESUS established the truth in their words but we have still failed to acknowledge GOD as our Leader, JESUS as our teacher or the Holy Spirit as our source of power. This in the end is the cause of our present situation gentlemen. We contrive all manner of ways to 'fix' our situation and the complexities are such that we are not only unable but we are even unaware of them. My prayer is :"GOD forgive us because we are unable to do what we seek to do.We are to smart for our own well being and as such must rely on YOU the CREATOR but we refuse to do so, so I plead with YOU for your grace, Mercy and forgiveness." I make this prayer on behalf of all mankind.

    7. Jean, Bridgewater, M says:

      As a female, the constitution gives me the right to vote. We have a system where in a voting primary we can choose who we would like to run in the final election. The loser of the primary may not be happy but that person should consider supporting and "helping" the winner of their party.

      As a female in the USA, I can go to work and receive a paycheck in my name, I can go to coffee with a group of people–male and female, I can drive my own vehicle, I can get an education. I do not take these freedoms lightly.

      Thank you for the education you offer us.

    8. Bernard from Michiga says:

      After reading your comments I wish I had posted my reply to you fellows. I have already sent it on its way but will try as best I can to restate my beliefs concerning the situation we are faced with:

      Man is unable to 'fix' this situation because it is to complex. We contrive all manner of ways to do so but in the end we are still left without answers. We have thought so highly of our own intelligence that we have foresaken the GOD of the creation. We have rejected GOD as leader ('we have evicted HIM from our constitution), We have rejected JESUS as our teacher (we have made it illegal to talk of HIM or teach HIS words) and we have rejected the source of the power to do what is right in the form of THE HOLY SPIRIT. Gentlemen that is the crux of our problem. Can we fix it, of course not. The prophets of old have warned us and we still reject their words, JESUS re-emphasized it and we do not ackonwledge HIS words so in fact we are on our own and that is unfixable and preposterous. Our best way is to seek HIS wisdom, knowledge and understanding (as individuals) and pray that HE WILL BLESS OUR LAND.

      I trust that this will help you find the answer you are looking for.

    9. Mary.... WI says:

      I also heard Pelosi call the tax cut extension the Obama tax cuts. She is amazingly ignorant if she believes the American people don't see right through her.

      I am forwarding this article to many of my friends. I'm sure I will get allot of flack from my liberal friends and relatives but I don't care. Thank you HF

    10. Brandon, Philly says:

      I don't think it is a question of if we can stop the democrats, November will prove fatal to many of their careers. And once there is a republican majority in congress the president will have his hands tied and be forced back to center… kind of sounds familiar. The problem as I see it comes when the Republican party (as the party stands today) regains both the congress and the presidency.

      I loved president Bush solely because he stood by the soldiers and the belief that we could win even though it was political suicide. That sort of fortitude is rare. Though I have serious questions about the leaps and bounds made by federal power under Bush's presidency. Gene Healy has written and EXCELLENT book called "The Cult of the Presidency". In it he shows how the progressive virus has spread over the past 100 years to both parties; how presidential power (and thus federal power) has grown a massive amount on the call from the American people to provide more services (think FEMA and Katrina, Welfare, Medicare, Social Security, USDA, HUD, etc.). Politicians will always do what the -most/loudest/best financed- people want because they are self serving and greedy and want to keep their jobs.

      We, the American people, need to reign in our own needs, we need to be MUCH more self reliant. Since we have always been a two party system (much to the dismay of President Washington) we need to remove the progressive entities from the Republican party in order to have a chance to fight this march toward socialism and return America to what our Founders envisioned. The Tea Party is the motivating force behind this possible change although I wish they would change their name to Constitutional party as the represent so much more than lower taxes. Tea Parties all over the nation are coming together on Saturday to read the constitution in a location near you, please attend and show your support.

      Very Respectfully,

      Brandon Wooton


    11. NeoConVet says:

      In George Washington's final address he defined who a Patroit was…and he cast doubt on those who would seperate religion and morality as not being a patriot. Sadly we have those we have elected who cast aside religion and morality in the name of expediancy and current interpretation of the Constitution. We have used our votes unwisely in the past. I can only hope that this re-awakening as seen in the Tea Party will see WE THE PEOPLE returning to a forceful use of our vote.

    12. Andrew Patterson says:

      God bless you, Mr. Meese! Thank you for articulating the truth about the American founders and our beautiful Constitution; for clearly delineating the two world views now warring in America: those of faith in God who value human liberty, limited government, personal responsibility, free enterprise, and peace through strength; and, those "progressive" collectivists, with little to no respect for individual human dignity (and God given potential), leading us further down the road to oppressive tyranny! May those who read your words be inspired, continue to educate themselves, mobilize their families. friends and neighbors, and vote in the upcoming elections (and there ever after)! So help us, God!

    13. JOSEPH L SADIE KINGM says:


    14. Mike R. Las Vegas, N says:

      Presuming that the pendulum swings to the right in the next election, how does the government shed un-needed departments and jobs without seriously impacting unemployment?

      The need to reduce the effects that government has upon our lives is critical, but it will be a challenge to undo the massive growth in government employee levels purposely done by Obama and not engender some job loss and resentment.

      More ammo for Democrats who'll point at the result without accepting responsibility for the cause. (again)

    15. Dennis Georgia says:

      Congress should hang its head in total shame. Many people gave their lives for our CONSTITUTION, for the rights we enjoy under the CONSTITUTION. We the people should also be ashamed, we have allowed the "guvment" to make our decisions, to take controll of our lives, we have been brain washed by those in power to believe we lack the common since to make our own decisions. We have allowed the "guvment" to provide many with their needs and most of their wants, with out holding any of them accountable. They have generated generations that depend on the "guvment" and the tax payer, they do not work they, are not a productive part of society. The liberals have every intention of remaking America into a socialist country, or worse.

      I feel certain that the foundibng fathers have turned in their garves at the mess we the people have allowed to happen.

    16. Ben Droblas M.D. says:

      Are you aware that no more HIV testing is done on aliens applying for residency,but syphilis still enforced,one can kill you the other can be cured with ashot of penicillin,is that make any sense?

      I see this as another way that the goverment is playing with the health of the American people just to be politically correct.

      I dont see any outcry from thre Medical Community, am I the on;ly one who cares ?Health Carew Center of Miami.

      786 218 0992

    17. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      I encourage everyone to get a copy of the Constitution and make themselves familiar with it. A Paper back copy of the Constitution,Bill of rights and the articles of Federation cost about 12.00 on Amazon. This way we can be informed disputers when we argue with Congress.

    18. Bernard P. Giroux, S says:

      Those who believe in a constitution-based, republican form of government need to be wary today of the next moves which will be made by this corrupt Congress. It is my opinion that, between now and the end of this Congressional session, knowing what is going to predictably happen on Nov. 2, the governing body will try and pass laws which further restrain and constrain the electorate's liberties and they will try and wash over the country with laws and regulations which destroy the equanimity preserved by constitutional law. In my opinion, the problem is that the country has been asleep for too long and it may be too late to stop the wreaking of havoc which these people wish to perpetrate upon this country.

    19. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      ALL the HF does is


    20. Don Harper says:

      I just read a Washington Post article about Jim DeMint. The link is below. Please read the comments following. It is frightening to see that nearly all of them are viciously anti-conservative. We still have an uphill battle to wage in returning our country to political sanity.


    21. Bruce Isaachsen says:

      Could it be that the uprising is the result of John Galt paying a visit and rather than move to the mountains, we are trying to take back our country.



    22. Clearhead -- U.S.S.O says:

      How far, America? How far, before you wake up and start pushing back? It's a long way back to America, but we are stronger than the enemy.

    23. Russell Sebring Fl. says:

      ? With the economy in the tank, all the pundits, the left, right and all the ones in between, are exalting

      their cause and solution to the problem. But nothing has stopped the ebb and tide of the economy.

      I guess I will weight in with my opinion. To start with, the ratio between goods and services is proportional or relative to technology.

      When the pilgrims first came to this country, they had to grow their own food and build their own house. They had little or no food to exchange for a service. While we are talking small, we can describe the problem. If the farmer takes the family to a restaurant The only thing the farmer could do is to charge the dinner. If the farmer had a little technology and grew more food than he could use then he

      would have something to exchange for his dinner. So the only way to measure the ratio between goods and services is debt.

      In theory all debt is bad. But in practice we have to put up with some debt. Is a mortgage really a debt? The bank owns the property. As the monthly mortgage payment is made the ownership is gradually transferred. Where the debt comes in is when the income is below the requirement for the monthly payment. This goes for autos, appliances, etc. Debt for short lived goods like food, vacations

      etc. is bad.. This debt has no collateral. In the public sector the spending on service was held to what was affordable, that is until the credit card was introduced.. The government sector is a whole different story. The Government as a whole is a service industry and is a monopoly. Therefore the cost of government must be added to the

      service of the private sector. The government has grown immensely and getting bigger. How big does the government have to get or has gotten to unbalance the ratio of goods and services? Because of the huge government debt, I would say that the government is way, way too big. The negative balance of trade has some effect on the debt. When the trade is in balance then the income and taxes of the exports

      balances the lack of the income and taxes of the imports. When we have a trade deficit we lose the income and taxes of the imports.

      “In economics, the Laffer curve is used to illustrate the idea that increases in the rate of taxation do not necessarily increase tax revenue. . Increasing taxes beyond the peak of the curve point will decrease tax revenue….” Have we reached this point on the curve?

      The only way to pay down this debt is to reduce the size of government.

      When a politician is elected to office they take an oath to uphold the constitution. Once they are elected they think they can do anything without regards to the constitution. Where is the judicial branch of government?

    24. John Rossi, Oakville says:

      First of all the Constituton is a Living Document. The fact that all Obamacrats believe they have the authority to interpret the Constitution as they see fit is something very disturbing. We are in a very deep, dark and lonely place. Until the American people wake up from the Oblama nightmare, they have no understanding of what is going on. The 2 appointees to the Supreme Court are a true example of how fragile this document is. Ms. Kagan, if given the opportunity, will try and rewrite the Constitution so that we have no FREEDOM. Our founders are rolling over in their graves because of the plight we are facing. Let us stand as a nation and retake our country and end this tyranny that Oblama has begun and reverse the course of history.

    25. Cheri - Valparaiso, says:

      Mr. Meese is "spot on!!" Thank you for saying what MUST be said, and further, must be shared with our citizenry. I will be sharing this on my FB page.

    26. Cindy, NC says:

      Thank you Mr. Meese. The destruction of the Constitution, our freedoms has been the death by a thousand cuts. The adversaries do not tire and nor should we. We The People are not dead yet.

    27. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Ed, I knew Nancy Pelosi when she was a puppy. I sat on her couch, played my guitar for her and discussed spirituality with her. That was when she was a Library Commissioner. I swear to you she was in total denial about Spirit and God. An atheist! A Boston Communist, planted in San Francisco politics, and because she was an atheist, she was destined for 'great' things in the Progressive Infiltration of the United States Government. Follow the local press, the libraries were burning books, Farenheit 451, it was a scandal! The Progressives have a spoils system, "Do something totally Un-American and we will reward you with a slot in Congress!" Likewise, Obama got his slot for 'services rendered' and not as a lawful Representative.

      The economy of America has a magic ingredient, the Sovereignty of our Citizens. The People have the power to tax, which power they lend to their Representative with their Vote. Some diabolical tax machine that destroys everything actually usurps this fundamental power, it is for Congress to determine each year in the light of day. Representatives must be loyal to the Sovereigns! They must not lie to the Sovereigns, they must Represent the Sovereign Citizens. (Not Red-present Foreign Interests).

      The answer to the Health Care Crisis is to train more doctors and train them very well. Open a thousand new Medical Schools. The answer to the destruction of American Law is to qualify every Sovereign Citizen for the Bar. Teach Law all throughout K-12, teach Jury Nullification, teach the Legal Specialties in College but all Citizens must be taught to practice Law. Teach the legal fact that all power is vested with the People, as the High Magic bond with God and no one else. Understand, this way nobody can write an Authority, except the Representatives. All those onerous Regulations are null and void. Czars are Unconstitutional. They usurp Congress!

      I argue that anything the Government Infiltrators create is Unconstitutional on grounds they usurped Representation. It is one thing to Represent the Vested Interest, it is Treason to Represent the Foreign Interest (of long standing enmity).

      The Political reality is that America is in bed with God, like it or lump it, our Founders wove a High Magic Spell. And America could not have existed without God to unite her. To our Atheists I say be content with your liberty, believe anything you will, say what you will, but it is Treason, de facto, to undermine God's bond with America. That's a legal corollary. The real substance of American exceptionalism is our Sovereignty. All of our Law derives its power from that. As a Shaman I have come to tell you true (like the Black Robe Brigade), you Americans have a genuine magical alliance with God and an obligation to the Children. You violate that at great peril!

    28. Stuart Armstrong, We says:

      This is a critical time in the United States, the wolves are at our door and if our leaders continue down this path of spending and taxing we will doom our way of life forever. Its time for a little common sense! Stop the Feds from spending, pay down our debt and scrap this stupid healthcare law. There are real consequences down the road if we can't stop the loss of jobs.

    29. edmund irvine says:

      There's an agenda. Look at us – anti-God, anti-parents, anti free speech, anti Constitution. AND WE ALLOW IT. It starts with notice, then tolerance, then acceptance and finally endorsement. WHERE ARE WE?

      We've saved over half the world and now is the time to roll up the sleeves and stop the invasion – at whatever the cost.

      WHO WILL LEAD??? The tea party lacks focus. WHO WILL SPEAK FOR US??? Where are Patton and Reagan?

      THEY STARTED A WAR. WE WILL WIN IT using every means at our disposal – gloves off. 1st Battle is Nov 2nd.


    30. Virginia McCarthy says:

      Thank you Attorney General Edsin Meese (wish you were still in the A.G.'s office) for articulating so well what I have felt for many years. Examples of those who are trying to nullify the U.S. Constitution such as the current administration, Mayor Bloomberg of N.Y.C., et. al., are doing everything in their power to silence Americans who believe in God and the rule of law.

      And last but not least, I wish to thank our Founding Fathers for writing one of the most brilliant documents known to man.

    31. Lil, San Diego says:

      WE must stop this man from further erosion by electing and putting into office in the House and the Senate men and women who BELIEVE in the Constitution! We must contact national, state, and local GOP committees and DEMAND their support (money and time) for ALL the candidates thus far selected in the primaries. This nonsense that this person or that person can't win is just playing into the hands of the Obama media and the democrat party!

    32. hungry4food in AZ says:

      Everything we see coming out of Democrat Policies are designed around Population control by way of regulating and restricting /rationing our use of resources , Cap and Trade health care all they do is restrict and ration use of resources .

      The idea here is example of a Elite Liberal's View on what should be done in the Health care , and By God I tell you this , If this is the best these Democrats can Come up with before we the people have a say so in the matter , I say these people have NO Business in Decision Making positions at this time or ever . At Least they could come out and be Frank with Us people about what it is they really are all about !!!!!


    33. Walter Darr, New Bru says:

      Well written, Mr. Meese. Our Founding Fathers were far ahead of their time.

    34. KC - New Mexico says:

      Okay Ken J – you are correct in stating the Constitution is the law of the land. The issue is that we need individuals in Congress and Supreme Court who are there to uphold the Constitution. What we are lacking is true American leadership in both Congress and the White House. I do not see this as a democrat or republican issue, but an issue of survival for this country. I only hope that the elections in November will remove the professional politician who is only interested in themselves and replace them with someone who cares. Again, I do not care if they are Republican or Democrat or Independent (Tea Party). I want real representation and action that will make a difference.

    35. Gail GR MI says:

      There are several well written, thoughtful opinions here. I applaud all for caring about our Constitution and future. However, we cannot just look at the R's and D's…..the USA was founded on CONSERVATIVE beliefs. That will be our salvation in voting and securing our future today.

    36. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Read Article 81 of the Federalist Papers, understanding the Courts are somewhat bound by precedence to use them for the Interpretation of the Legislative Intent of our Founders. (Paragraph 9) The phantom has flesh in the persons of Sotomeyor and Kagan, they must be Impeached if Rule Of Law reaches to the Constitution anymore. I would say it is unlawful for them not to be Impeached. Along with Eric Holder, Refraining Prosecution and Compounding!

      If I were breaking the Law a hundred times a day, Equal Justice, how long do you suppose before I were in jail?

    37. Leith Richmond says:

      Ms. Warren will never be our "consumer advocate" or "special advisor". BO is once again railroading The Senate. So much for advice and consent.

    38. Leith Wood Richmond says:

      Ms. Warren will never be my financial advocate or adviser. BO has once again railroaded The Senate. So much for advice and consent.

    39. Drew Page, IL says:

      The Constitution was drafted to limit government's power over the people and to ensure that, the Bill of Rights was adopted to ensure there would be no equivacation of those rights. Our President has gone on record saying that he feels the Bill of rights is a list of "negative" rights, in that it limits the power of the government. The Constitution, with the consent of the governed, gave government certain authorities and responsibilities (not rights). Rights belong to the people, they are God given and are inalienable.

      The Constitution created three branches of government which to be a system of checks and balances, so that no one branch could have complete power. Many in our country don't understand this, primarily because it isn't being taught in our schools any longer. Some people in our country, and in our government, don't like the Constitution because it gets in the way of what they want to do. Well, that's was the whole point of forming a Constitution, to prohibit a few from dictating their wishes to the many.

      This Constitution has served us well for 234 years because it is timeless. "The fundamental things apply, as time goes by."

    40. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      The GOP would vote no for a Cancer Cure…"

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    43. Antone, Kentucky says:

      I conservatives take advantage of this moment in history, when conservative ideals on increasing in most people–if they take utmost advantage of it, and do a full court press for a return to fundamental conservative principles, seeing this as a WAR that may take generations to win, instead of something they spend one election trying to accomplish… then yes, conservatives will win. If we do not, then our ascendancy will be short lived, and the next swing to the left will be even more likely to be the end of our constitutional America than this one is. We have to stop trying to be "politically correct' . We have to treat it like a war, and develop a strategy that targets key areas that have weakened us and strengthened progressives for years. For example, the liberal propaganda going on in our schools. As long as we allow this to stand, eventually we will lose this country, because our children will have been educated by our enemy–and so they will think like our enemy.

    44. Darrell Wallace, Tay says:

      The starting of the erosion of the Constitution happened in 1860 with the election of the Whig/Republican Abraham Lincoln. Time and space will not permit all that was done, but here are a few : (ignoring the writ of habas corpus) usurption of freedom of speech (Lincoln shut down 300 newspapers in the NORTH disagreeing with HIS war. Declared war without the approval of Congress. Jailed most of the Maryland delegation (just because he THOUGHT they would go with the South.. Called for a draft against his own countrymen. 1866 Congress violated Article 5 of the Constitution by refusing to seat the legal Representatives of 10 Southern States. Passed the illegal Reconstruction Acts (even after the war was won) divided the South into 5 miliary districts, did away with the legal governments of the Southern States and placed freed blacks, carpet baggers and scalawags into power in order to pass the 14th Amendment, which has never been legally ratified by the States of the Union. (See refererences in the following: "America's Caesar: by Greg Loren Durand and "The Real Lincoln" by Thomas J. DiLorenzo, professor of economics at Loyola University, in Maryland.

      And as you all now know it has gone FAR, FAR, beyond that. Yes, the Constitution is now being violated but it all started in 1860,

    45. RG Schmidt says:

      To illustrate how much trouble we're in, today's issue of the Citrus County (FL) Chronicle had four 11- and 12-year-olds answer the question "What is The Constitution?" None got it right, one saying it was "… when they got their freedom. One of our presidents signed it." What amazed me was they had the feature, photos included, on Page 1A, above the fold. One would think they'd have been ashamed to run it at all, no less front page.

    46. Angel69 Alabama says:

      In addition to what Mr. Meese wrote we must put God back in our country and humble ourselves before him. God was put in our constitution by our forefathers and that is the reason our country has been so great. They believed that the love of God by following his teachings is what made our country great. When we stopped loving God by loving our neighbor and listened and let all the naysayers influence us our country started faltering.

      Evil has almost taken over. Let's not let that happen. Beseech our Lord to take us back into his fold and ask for his forgiveness, then he will help us take our country back. I am not saying to depend on him alone but to embrace him again as we did before this evil took over. God has always said those who help themselves help each other or those who believe in me will be stronger.

      In the meantime we must not let our country be taken over by the UN, the New World Order or any other faction. We must get it out or else we will be slaves to this evil.

    47. Elaine S - Georgia says:

      I believe in the Constitution and without it there is no America. I also would like to say that if the Obama HealthCare plan is so great, then the President, his family and all Congress and their families should have to be on this plan. They should also get a social security check each month when they retire. We can no longer afford to pay these large retirement checks. We can no longer continue to pay for the best health care available nor should we since we are assured that the Obama health care plan is very good. We will be taxed beyond what we are able to bear and still furnish for our families. Less government is always better government. We Christians must humble ourselves, pray and seek God's face and then will God hear from heaven and will heal our land.

    48. Angel69 Ala says:

      If you people (by that I mean the ones making fun of the tea parties) get your way, who do you think are going to pay all the new taxes being hoist upon us by this administration? It certainly won't be anyone in the USA because they will all be working for the government. What are you going to do when there is no government check coming to your house, no food stamps, no food bank and numerous other things they are planning. Do any of you use your head to think of these things or are you so dim-witted that you can't see what is headed our way if things don't change. You better start reading what the new laws say and not playing your games.

    49. R HARPER ---GEORGIA says:



    50. Teresa Smth Port Sai says:

      My group read the Constitution aloud, and as it was read you think," My God The Oath of Office has been trampled at every turn of the page." Our great country does not need the United Nations, the United Nations needs us and they are hell bent on destroying our Constitution. I want to know why no one has arrested Mr. George Soros, since he has been destroying country after country. There are very few brave men. No George Washington's among us!. There is true evil at work to take our Constitution and make it obsolete, "We The People Will not let it happen.There is change coming, and it is not going to be the change you all were fooled into voting for . America has a surprise too. It is her people that love her. God Bless America. The Land I love. Wont you stand beside her?

    51. glenna mohr spokane says:


    52. A. from Florida says:

      I can think of no reason for anyone to do anything but honor our constitution. Our traditional American values and standing on our constitution are what has made this country the one that others have wanted to run to since the 1700's. Only a traitor would want to do away with our constitution. If our constitutional values cease to be, that will be the downfall of our country. God bless America.

    53. Bobbie says:

      And if American leaders understood the true meaning of the constitution, this country and her people would have the respect and dignity not to look to government for their personal responsibilities

      except what the government owes the elderly, social security…

      It isn't fair to cheat my Father.

    54. Bobbie says:

      And if American leaders understood the true meaning of the constitution, this country and her people would have the respect and dignity, not to look to government for their personal responsibilities

      except what the government owes the elderly, social security…

      It isn't fair to cheat my Father.

    55. Agnes Tillerson says:

      I consider the Constittion the greatest gift our prescient Founding Fathers left for us. I will do my utmost to see that we never allow it to be diminished. I realize schools do not teach American History, Civics, American literature etc which are necessary vehicles for student understanding so our work is cut out for us. I have ordered 100 hand held constitutions and will take them to a school that will use them to discuss our foundation with students. I pray that God will also enlighten us on steps to take to save our great gift and the Republic in other ways. I urge everyone to take a proactive approach to save our nation for without our freedom and liberty, we become slaves to government control. It is happening now with this administration and Congress. November is around the corner so we do have a step we can take on November 2..we can vote! Before voting, we can volunteer our services to those conseravtive candidates who will fight for our Republic. Sitting complacantly and speaking to the horrors that face us is not an option. This election is one that can save us and our Rule of Law and continue to keep us a nation under God.

    56. charlie says:

      We will take our nation, we will elect constitutional conservatives. the constutution is the supreme law of the land

    57. Ronald DuBois Bogota says:

      A year ago, I felt alone and powerless.I was frustrated and angry with the politicians who were ignoring the wishes of the people, as they forged ahead with a Progressive plan to turn our Constitutional Republic into a socialist state. Then I joined a Tea Party. By working tirelessly, faxing and e-mailing politicians, going to Washington seven times, and writing articles, I, and the millions of patriotic Americans who felt as I did, are reaping the fruits of our non-union labor. We are in this to win, and we will win, because allowing this great country, entrusted to us by our Founding Fathers and God, to be lost, is not an option.

    58. JoeMic, Georgetown, says:

      I agree with so many comments already made. I would like to add, though, that as we are all praying for a major change in leadership with the November election, we need to make sure that those elected continue moving ahead with restoring America once the elections are over. We need to keep reminding them after they are in office in January that we still mean business in regards to the House and Senate making those decisions that are honestly in the best interest of our country, our freedoms and all of America's citizens, and not for their respective political parties, not for special interest groups, and definitely not for their own selfish interest.

      There is still a great future for America—we all have to keep believing that. If we don't, we will lose for sure.

      We need to pray for our leaders to make the right choices for our country, and we need to communicate with them and let them know we appreciate the good and right decisions they make, and that we are going to hold their feet to the fire when they make bad choices to the detriment of America.

      We can also help our country return to the values and traditions of our founding fathers by speaking well of her. Whenever we hear someone within our circle of friends, family and acquaintances make derogatory remarks about our country, or about those leaders who have proven that they are fighting for the good of all Americans, we need to take a stand and speak in defense of America, and of those proven leaders. Fly our flag proudly.

      Without the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence we would not have anything to stand on now to win this battle. But, thank God, we do have those sacred documents, inspired by God Himself, that have proven their worth over and over again throughout their 223 years of existence. They have held us together as a people, a free people, and they will in this time as well. We are in a battle—and I believe we will win, for all Americans now and for the future.

      Thank you, Mr. Meese, for your good comments and encouragements, and thank you, Heritage Foundation, for the great work you do for all of us. We cannot thank you enough.

      Keep on keeping on, Patriots!

    59. Dexter60, San Franci says:

      Mr. Meese::

      Thank you. An excellent reminder to take another read of The Heritage Guide to the Constitution and an opportunity to thank you for that effort as well.

      I will not submit, I will not be overcome, I am an American..

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    61. DS - Pennsylvania says:

      Yesterday I had to go to a Neurologist to try and understand why I'm having the pain I'm having. Of course it's a giant conglomerant of a medical establishment and here I was unemployed for over 2 1/2 years now and I've been denied my UC benefits and no one will even give me an interview. The problem I was faced with is there was a young MEXCIAN lady working there as the head of houskeeping and she was wearing a VIVA MEXCIO shirt on with the Mexcian flag proudly displayed. When she turned around and saw me her face lit up with a huge smile and I was very offended. When will this country ever wake up to the threat of these outsiders?? My wife and are in the process of losing our home and this outsider was working making VERY good money and I'm sure she was sending it "back home".

    62. clarkster from orego says:

      Yep , Here we go again , America sits back and watches China and OUR GOV. SLEEP TOGETHER. When do we drag the SO called idiots out of their position of corruption, or do we wait till all jobs are gone. China is the Key , government is the other half that needs to be abolished. I am out of work now for two years. I have no dreams except to punish our elected officials by sending them to a tall tree. Why is it : no one is demandiing their jobs and kick their azz's out of office IMEDIATELY, THEY ARE SELLING OUR COUNTRY TO CHINA. Stop the corruption, don't deal with the big banks , who got all of us , working class people into the biggest bail out , at our expense. DO ANY PEOPLE UNDERSTAND : WE ARE PAYING DAILY FOR THE GREED OF GOV. AND RICH ! ZERO PERCENT ON YOUR MONEY, WHERE DO YOU THINK THE REAL PROFITS ARE GOING ? God Help me ! I CAN SEE SO MANY IGNORANT AMERICANS NOW, IN FRONT OF ME , AND IN BACK OF ME. They either are on the dole for free money , or don't pay taxes , and get the freebies. Why is it illegals of all nationalities get more benifits than us , the Americans who live and worked here first ? Screw the government and screw the parties in office on both sides of this big scandal. Take America back literally , soon, or just stick your head in your butt, like Washington does, when we want less regulations, and our chance at jobs and liberty again. Maybe I should run as a official, I know how to balance a budget, trade , and kik the freeloaders out or off ENTITLEMENTS, EVERYONE WORKS OR DON'T GET CRAP FROM ANYONE ! My mother taught me to work hard and you get what you put into something! I also would dump the public education system, they want our kids illiterate as far as I am concerned ! America , frick en wake up , either we fight by vote, if it fails due to corruption again, take to the streets or we become communist , not socialist. THIS GOVERNMENT HAS SCREWD US FOR TOO LONG ! I don't trust anyone on either side of the isle now! screw gov. screw the regulations which makes it impossible to create anything here , made by americans, save the land, water , ground , power , save the congress etc. and put them in the forrest for fertilizer, mulch the trees, otherwise we are doomed as a once great nation. FIGHT OR BE STEPPED ON FOREVER ! Oh gov. officials , in Oregon got furlow days off, but hey ! they got 4.5 percent raises again , due to corrupt policies, now Kitzhabber , wants to ruin this state as we are already falling off cliff as Califmexico is too! Keep up the good work DEMO NATZI A HOLES !

    63. Frank D. Harrisson - says:

      Thomas Jefferson did indeed warn us and as he stated "The tree of liberty from time to time must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants and patriots." Well folks, has it come down to this? Can we turn this thing around before we have to take up arms once again? I had high hopes in Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. when he took office that maybe we had another John Marshall that took command of the Supreme Court and literally Congress and the President were forced to stay within the limitations of the Constitution. We have another problem as well; The Democratic Party of today is not the original party as we knew it. It has become a socialist party bent on world governance, see Damian Hockney of the UK above, and as soon as you Democrats realize this and change the better off our country will recover. The Republicans who are in power are a basket case and their mores and morals do not exist any longer. They for the most part and the Democrat leadership for the most part in bed with each other, I scratch your back you scratch mine. Well the Tea Party was the best thing to come down the pike in a long time and it has infused itself into the Republican Party in that it has refuted the party leadership and literally attempting to clear the Congressional slate from all incumbents and bring our country back to its greatness that we had for the first 150 years, prosperity and liberty. This is actually better than starting a third party although the temptation is there. To you Yellow Dog Democrats, if you can't in your heart vote for a Republican or a very constitutional minded Democrat please stay home on Election Day.

    64. Steve Dolyniuk says:

      Until we the people get rid of the OLD TIME INCUMBANTS, the majotity of so called reps in congress will never abide by the Constitution. These people have had it their way too long. Both parties are guilty of being Power Mad, Money Hungry, Liars & Down Right Crooks. Hopefully, November 2nd will change some of this, however in November, 2012 we need to vote out more of them. Thank God for the Tea Party, many peoples eyes have been opened, & the Old Establishmet doesn't like it. All of these Old Timers head up the various committees, & new members have very little say about anything. Sadly, not only are the members of congress idiots, but Judges, Lawyers, College Professors, & the Media have really taken this once great country down.

    65. NeilBJ, Arizona says:

      I can't recall who said that if you give a branch of government the power to interpret its own laws don't be surprised if the power of government increases.

      This is exactly what has happened ever since the Supreme Court assumed the authority to interpret the Constitution. There is no Constitutional mandate granting the Court this power. Who, then, should have this power?

      Some have argued it is the states that should have this power, since it is the states that created the federal government in the first place. The popularity of the book "Nullification" is indicative of the fact that something needs to be done.

      France has a Constitutional Commission that has the duty to determine if pending legislation is Constitutional. Should a Constitutional Commission be created in the United States? I have often thought that this is a possiblity to be considered. I have envisioned a commission of Constitutional scholars (who truly understand the original intent and meaning of the Constitution) that consists of two members from each state. There are, of course, many practical and philosophical details to be worked out in implementing such a commission.

      One philosophical problem that bothers me is that I believe that there is no perfect system of checks and balances. There are only some systems that are better than others, or should I say worse than others?

      Would even a Constitutional Commission be immune from political manipulation and human foibles?

      One question that always comes up when I think about this subject is what do we do about all the existing unconstitutional laws, agencies, and programs. To "unwind" our existing unconstitutional government, and transfer all the undelegated powers back to the states where they should be would be a gargantuan, if not impossible task.

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    67. Kristina Kruchowski, says:

      I'm an American. I love my God and my country. I have faith that the message spoken long ago by our founding fathers, who gathered with a vision that freedom and liberty shall prevail, will be heard throughout our great land once again. Let this message be felt in the hearts of every American patriot. Let no division of race, color, or creed divide us, as with division comes weakness. Let us not lose sight of this vision, though others may attempt to blind us with the false premise that they are wiser and their vision is greater. Turn a deaf ear to these individuals for they only seek power, the power to destroy the freedom and liberty that was fought for and defended by true American patriots. It was the blood of that liberty and freedom that shed across the battlefields, here and on foreign soil, so that freedom could be spread not just within our borders, but across the oceans and seas to the hollow grounds of foreign land. For every oppressed man, woman, and child who was at the mercy of a foreign brutal dictator, our soldiers marched for their freedom. They marched and marched and marched. Through valleys and up hills, toward the mountains and along the shores, through jungles and across the deserts, into forests and upon the fields, our soldiers marched. They marched to the cadence of freedom. It is now time for every American to become a soldier of freedom. As long as we are willing to pledge our loyalty to the principles set forth by our founding fathers and spread this message to every corner of every town and city, and to defend our freedoms, as they were intended by our founding fathers, and not as some in Washington (D.C) would like to transform them to be, our nations greatness will continue to be exceptional. But as some in Washington (D.C) would like for this country to be divided by the have and have not’s, the elites and the rest of us common folks, race, religion, etc., we must not succumb to a nation divided by our differences but a nation united and not be divided as a nation of American's – our freedoms and liberties will prevail.

    68. peggy minnesota says:

      we the people will only prevail if we stick together like glue and fight everyone that thinks this land of ours is a socialist country!!! this world was created by god!!! god gave us these rights not humans we should be more respectful for these wonderful freedoms god gave us!!! obama keeps trying to separate us and put us into boxes like african, american, asian american, indian american, etc…. see where he's going? i personally think that we are all great americans made up of all nations under one god indivisable with liberty and justice for all UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL AND OBAMA KNOWS IT WELL WE THE PEOPLE MUST KEEP THIS IN MIND SO THAT OUR CONSTITUTION STICKS IN THE MINDS OF AMERICANS FOREVER AND EVER!!!!!!!!! and no one man can touch our constitution ever again it says what it says the way it was written almost like the bible any man should interpret it in any other way, shall fall!! lord we know you are the one running the show, and you tell us, to do what we can, but pray night and day for the lord is at hand!! thankyou jesus for all of these great americans that know your truth and are trying to live according to your word may you bless them always and give us strength and courage whom are looking for you and that they may find you soon may god bless america today and always in jesus precious name i pray our country looks to god for their answers and follows through with what god tells them to do

    69. Marsha Gustafson says:

      We need to vote for God fearing patriots and get the fraud and corruption out for good!

    70. jack says:

      The upcoming election is a rare opportunity for those who would restore the Constitution. A tide of reform is sweeping the Republican party. Let us hope it succeeds in turning out the cynical RINOs from leadership.

      Some worry that the left can pull Clinton's tactic of demonizing the opposition to escape responsibility for their ill conceived governance. This time, rather than a gentlemanly effort to pursue reform thru straightforward legislation, the Republicans should adopt the left's tactics of attacking the opposition's credibility thru hearings. Giving the basic unpalatablity of the left's agenda, that is their weakest point.

      One threat for the voters to be wary of this fall is the usual tactic on the left to "run right and govern left" by posing as Blue Dog Democrats or whatever to win election and then cast the most important vote of all for a hard left leadership. This phony bait and switch has gone on for too long.

    71. Ed,Farmington Hills, says:

      Constitution Day use to be CITIZEN Day. What it meant to be a citizen of this country supporting the Constitution of this country.The politician should follow the three C's–Citizen,Constitution and Country in that order.Respect and listen to the Citizens. The Citizens,remember that politicians are citizens, shall protect and suport our Constitution. With the Citizens and the Constitution we can make and did make a Country which is Greatest Country on God's Earth.

    72. John Houser says:

      I think it is very questionable. My own, though not accepted, opinion is that the GI bill of rights was the cause to of our demise. Every generation has been to war, but this time the returning vets were exposed to a loss of discipline. As the parents would say "get the mule and plow the field" the "child" would respond the "Professor Jones" said the was a socratic solution to that conundrum was an oxymorom so the parents could not pass on their values made strong by work, manners and discipline. Today, the federal government wants everyone to go to college, a place were you get an edgeecation rather than an education. Get the fed. govt out of our lives and RESTORE the Constitution AS WRITTEN.

    73. John H. Erickson says:

      It says; "WE THE PEOPLE". It does NOT say: "I. THE PRESIDENT".

    74. JoAnn Lough, Fairmon says:

      Our Constitution is "under attack" from within from almost every direction. This means, of course, that our country is "under attack" from within from almost every direction.

      One of the saddest and most telling/symbolic sights I have seen on the national TV news was Senator Robert Byrd (WV) not so long ago addressing Congress concerning the Constituion during Constitution week. The camera panned the seats. As far as they let me see, all the seats were empty!

      Both houses needed to hear him! Wonder how many of them could/can pass a test on the Constitution?!!!!!!!!!! Shouldn't they? They take an OATH to uphold it!

      This, of course, suggests the obscentity of our method for electing government leaders. What are the criteria–age, citizenery, and how much money they can raise? That's it isn't it? Not even a literacy test!* And we know that many don"t even read the bills they write, let alone the ones they defeat or pass. Is it don't or can't?!

      My remarks are not meant to be facetious.

      I can accept a reply that says these people have formal ecuations. I am collegiate level professor emerita. I am well aware of what a degree in higher education can mean!

      Of course, all members of the the three branches of government should be able to pass a test on the Constitution prior to their running for office and/or being appointed.

      Current Congress judging the qualifications of Supreme Court judge candidates!?

      Of course all of this relates to govenment officials on State, County, and municipality levels. Many don't know where they are nor what the "rules" are Worse, they don't know they don't or if they do, likely they know how to find out!

      Of course, Byrd got through a bill a few years ago (I think this is true) that schools that get Federal funding must include an active study of the Constitution during Constitution week or their funding is cut. If this is true, I wonder who knows this and who is policing it.

      Several years ago he was trying to get history/social studies back in the public school curriculum. Did that ever happen?

      Thanks for giving me a place for my voice.

    75. Ren Jensen says:

      I have e-mailed and called several times requesting a copy of your offer for a pocket Constitution. I have also asked where one might obtain a copy of the Federalist Papers. I have yet to get either the Constitution or where I might find the Federalist Papers. I have been a contributor th the Heritage Foundation for some time now, and would appreciate an answer.

      Ren Jensen

      5319 Pheasant Lane

      Fort Collins, Co. 80524

    76. R Nicholson says:

      There should be some enforcement mechanism to turn to when men do not honor their oath to the constitution. This piece of paper is powerless unless people stand up for it and defend it. If the oath is unenforceable then whats the need of taking an oath to defend it in the first place!!! A traitor to his country is someone who wants to disregard the constuition. Start taking action against these traitors and you will see things take on a different perspective, this should include any traitorious supreme court justices !!!

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    78. Cody says:

      After celebrating the signing of the Constitution last week I drove home and along with thousands of other citizens were illegally detained about 20 minutes each by a sobriety check point.I was pissed off and felt like I was in some totalitarian country..

    79. and2therepublic, ill says:

      "I do not believe that the Constitution was the offspring of inspiration, but I am as satisfied that it is as much the work of a Divine Providence as any of the miracles recorded in the Old and New Testaments." – Benjamin Rush – Signer of the Declaration of Independence; Surgeon General of the Constitutional Army; Ratifier of the U.S. Constitution; "Father of American Medicine;" Treasurer of the U.S. Mint; "Father of Public Schools" under the Constitution – Letter to Elias Boudinot – July 9, 1788

      "I am a Christian in the only sense in which He wished anyone to be: sincerely attached to His doctines in preference to all others." – Thomas Jefferson – Letter to Benjamin Rush – April 21, 1803

      "The Holy Ghost carries on the whole Christian system in this earth. Not a baptism, not a marriage, not a sacrament can be administered but by the Holy Ghost … There is no authority, civil or religious – there can be no government but what is administered by this Holy Ghost. There can be no salvation without it. All without it is rebellion and perdition, or in the more orthodox words – damnation." – John Adams – Letter to Benjamin Rush – December 21, 1809

    80. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Barack Obama doesn't believe in "We, the People," he believes in "L'etat c'est moi."

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