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  • Poverty Explodes, Root Cause Is the Collapse of Marriage

    New data released today by the U.S. Census Bureau show the largest increase in poverty in U.S. recorded history. Under President Obama’s watch, an additional 3.7 million Americans fell into poverty in 2009.

    Buried in the Census report are startling figures revealing the principal cause of child poverty: the collapse of marriage. Single mother families are almost five times more likely to be poor than are married couples with children; overall, nearly 70 percent of poor families with children are headed by single parents.

    The big secret in the Census report is that marriage is America’s number-one weapon against child poverty. But marriage has been rapidly declining in our society as the number of women who have children without being married has skyrocketed.

    Historically, unwed childbearing was rare. In 1964, when the federal government launched its War on Poverty, 6.8 percent of births were to single mothers. Today, the unwed birth rate has soared to 40 percent: four of every 10 births are to a single mother. For Hispanics and African Americans, it’s significantly higher.

    This trend is extremely detrimental for society. When compared to children raised by married parents, children raised by single parents are more likely to have emotional and behavioral problems; be physically abused; smoke, drink, and use drugs; be aggressive; engage in violent delinquent and criminal behavior; have poor school performance; and drop out of school.

    Contrary to conventional wisdom, nearly all unwed fathers are employed, and most earn enough to lift mother and child from poverty. Tragically, however, few unwed parents marry.

    Many commentators will say teen pregnancy accounts for most single motherhood, but this is false. Less than 8 percent of new single moms are under 18. In fact, most unwed births are to young adult women in their 20s. The majority of unwed moms don’t have much education; most end up on welfare.

    If Americans are serious about reducing poverty and getting control of federal welfare spending, we must strengthen marriage. We can do this in several ways, beginning with reducing anti-marriage penalties currently in welfare programs and providing factual information to low-income communities about the benefits of marriage.

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    16 Responses to Poverty Explodes, Root Cause Is the Collapse of Marriage

    1. Bobbie says:

      What's considered "poverty" in America? Their are some families who's household income is less of an income without government goodies and same size families who's income is higher, that are given government goodies on top of their income with both parents employed! The ones getting government goodies aren't the ones struggling…

      How come for the first time the government didn't exploit specific skin colors or eye shapes or what the government calls "race" when addressing this government-made CRISIS?…

    2. Ken Davis, Midlothia says:

      it is about time that someone finally wrote the truth about what is really causing the vast increase in poverty. Another point should be to examine the total amount of taxes a normal working family pays…I am not talking about income tax. Look at all the 1% here, 5% there…it adds up to most, even if they don't pay income tax are still paying over 50% of every dollar earned in some form of tax. 911 tax on phone bills, federal excise tax on phone bills, state and local tax…sales tax on clothes and food. property tax…etc….some form of government agency is collecting tax on every human who works, eats, wears clothes, breathes. Think about it. No society has ever been able to continue when its citizens are taxed over 50% of what they earn.

    3. Bill Tucson AZ says:

      Hmmmmmm, Seeams Dr.Spock was actually wrong back in the sixties.

    4. Philip Cohen, Chapel says:

      I think this post and the report are wrong. I have commented on this post here: http://familyinequality.wordpress.com/2010/09/17/

    5. Dave Gearhart Spring says:

      Well it is no secrete that marriage is very important,and as a true christian god has

      taught us that thousands of years ago. The first time that Jesus showed who he was,was at wedding turning water to wine showing how important it was. We have

      forgot what made this country and who did . We start following the bible and acting like real christians you will be amazed what will happen.

    6. Wanda in Ohio says:

      I find none of this enlightening; but I'm sure there are those that do/or disagree.

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    8. Teri in Kansas says:

      Disagreeing with statistics is kind of impossible you know. And making the jump to the social breakdown of families is not a difficult one. It's not even reading between the line—it's obvious.

    9. Kristin, Sheridan, I says:

      Marriage has increasingly become perceived as an archaic way of life and consequently not a requisite for bringing children into the world. There are unwed couples who do pool their resources once faced with the reality of parenthood. Sadly, there are many more women who become vested in the welfare system who continue to bring children into this world. I worked in the system and saw it firsthand on a daily basis. I wondered if I was supposed to "congratulate" single women already receiving assistance on their pregnancies and news of a new baby being born into the system… I am not a proponent of staying in an unhealthy relationship because of a child or children… But people are too afraid to speak the truth regarding the majority—and this is it.

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    12. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      You don't suppose it was Progressives usurping the Feminist Movement? Gosh! Today a family is anything, anything at all, you know it "takes a village" to raise children (not an actual family, you understand). Whacko, stuff, a fish needs a bicycle, don't you know? For years the Democrats framed the dabate so nothing of substance could be said. "Oh! The poor poor! Let's abort as many as we can and show the rest what real poverty is like!" (That's Russian peasants under Communism!) They made the women as defenseless as possible, then encouraged them to procreate! Big help! Gee thanks Lyndon Johnson (repeat after me, "It was all Bush's fault!") destroy all our beautiful women but thanks for the Highway Beautification. So actually the War On Poverty was War against Americans.

    13. Dr. Patrick Groff, P says:

      The deplorable statistic on the large number of children now born to unmarried women indicates the great need for more men teachers of these youngsters. If this means that men are paid more than women for this work, so be it. Public school districts now have the responsibility to make this change, despite teacher union objections to it.

    14. Mike Smith Reno Neva says:

      Good morning Robert Is it true that one of President Obama's first acts was to place language in the first stimulus bill eliminating the foundation of welfare reform that is the lifetime limit of receiving welfare for able bodied individuals? I know that the bipartisan welfare reform that you were instrumental in initiating during the Clinton administration brought us from 11 million on welfare to 5 million since it's inception. Is that all reversed now by the Obama administration?

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    16. Stu says:

      Both the breakup of marriages and the downturn in men who are willing to marry, or cohabitate is attributal to one thing…….feminism. Men are thrown out of their homes for trivial reasons…..or for nothing. Women file for divorce in 75% of cases. Women are cheating and passing babies that are not their husbands off of his……..child support laws, alimony laws….no fault divorce where the man is punished all the time, as if its his fault……even if his wife is a junkie crack whore who filed for divorce because he raised his voice at her for bashing the kids. Men are demonised in every area of family law. False allegations need no proof to deny men access to their children……the family court has no jury…..domestic voilence allegations see men thrown out in the street and their home and children taken away without any proof at all……none.

      These laws were all created by feminists…….and there are many more…..worse laws. As more and more men refuse to marry or cohabitate……laws are being made so that even dating a women for a length of time can entitle her to your assetts and alimony……and why……thought women were equal……well I actually never fell for that load of crock…….but thats the cry of the feminists. Men even have to pay the taxes that go to all the womens services……..services that they can not use…..and in fact are used against men……on top of having to support their own children….they have to support others as well…..via the welfare system……children that exist soley because women that they don't even know chose to bring them into this world…..yes chose……only women can abort……not men.

      We need to get rid of feminism…..and make everybody accountable for their actions. Have a kid out of wedlock……then you better bloody well be able to look after it totally…..if not…….the father or the state will….but you wont have custody and you wont be able to use the kid as a meal ticket to have your needs met. Go back to fault divorce….and illiminate heresay for all courts……..either you prove what you say…..or it's dismissed……period. No emotional games in court either…….if you get up and yell…..or cry……you are removed on the spot……no trying to pull emotional strings…….just stated facts with proof to back them up…….or shut up. If you divorce and have no proof of partner wrong doing….serious wrong doing……..then you leave the family home…….leave the kids in it…..with the partner your dumping……and get to take nothing from the home with you except personal belongings…….and you hit the road……no claim on your partner at all. That goes for if there are kids or not. Defacto relationships should carry no weight at all in property settlements. There should be no claim possible of a defacto partners property. If something is in your name……it's yours…….end of story. There should be no domestic voilence laws at all….just laws against assault and battery. Anyone accusing someone of any crime should have to prove it……..and the law should not give any account to gender at all. If women hit their husbands…….then they should be thrown out from the home just like men are…..but only after proof.

      Make marriage a legally binding contract……and make it hard to get out…….and make the incentive to make it work……not to break it up

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