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  • Morning Bell: The Obamacare and Obama Tax Hike Double Whammy on Seniors

    No demographic was more opposed to Obamacare’s passage and no group wants to see the law repealed more than America’s seniors. They know that Obamacare used Medicare as a piggy bank to transfer half a trillion dollars out of Medicare, not to shore up Medicare’s solvency, but to spend on a new government program. As if that were not enough, now President Barack Obama wants to raise taxes on the dividend payments that millions of seniors depend on for their livelihood. American seniors are beginning to wonder when they’ll stop being target #1 of President Obama’s economy-crushing policies.

    Obamacare’s Impact on Seniors: President Barack Obama repeatedly promised Americans that if they liked their current health plan, they could keep it. But as Heritage analyst Robert Book and Ethics and Public Policy Center fellow James Capretta detail in their new analysis of Reductions in Medicare Advantage Payments, that is demonstrably not true for millions of senior citizens. Medicare Advantage (MA) plans are the private insurance options available to Medicare beneficiaries. In 2006 (the latest figures available), Medicare covered only 59 percent of traditional beneficiary health care expenses. Ninety-one percent of all Medicare beneficiaries have some sort of supplemental coverage. Obamacare is going to change all that.

    The new law imposes deep cuts in the payment rates for MA plans, beginning with a payment freeze in 2011. In addition, the other indiscriminate payment cuts to hospitals and health care providers will also get passed on to MA plans as well. Book and Capretta calculate that the average nationwide per capita reduction in the value of coverage for MA and would-be MA enrollees will total about $3,700 annually by 2017, or a nearly 27 percent cut from what would have occurred without the new law. Faced with these cuts, MA plans will be forced to raise premiums, reduce benefits or leave the market entirely. The President’s own Medicare chief actuary estimated that the number of seniors with MA plans will drop from 10 million today to just 7.4 million in 2017.

    The Obama Tax Hikes’ Impact on Seniors: The top tax rates on qualified dividends are scheduled to jump from 15 percent to 39.6 percent on January 1, 2011. The left will claim that these tax hikes will only soak the rich while lower-income Americans will enjoy a free ride. This is false. Higher taxes on dividends will reduce the value of all corporate stocks traded in U.S. markets, regardless of who owns them. According to some estimates, the tax hike on dividends would cause stock prices to drop by more than $211 billion. The reduction in share values would happen almost immedi­ately at the beginning of 2011, or whenever Congress makes clear it will allow the rate to rise. Seniors hold the most stock of any demographic group, so the Obama tax hike is a direct assault on the retirement security of millions of Americans.

    And that’s not all. Millions of seniors also rely heavily on dividends to supplement their Social Security income. And when dividend payments are taxed at a much higher rate than capital gains (as they would be after the Obama Tax Hikes), companies that return value to shareholders by paying dividends are penalized. As Heritage fellows Rea Hederman and Patrick Tyrrell detail, companies will therefore pay out less in dividends. Retirees who rely on dividend income from stocks will then see their annual income decline. For tax year 2010, seniors are almost twice as likely to report dividend income on their tax returns as any other demographic group. Low-income households are also more likely to own dividend-paying stocks than high-income households. They will all be victims of the Obama Tax Hikes.

    The imminent threat to senior citizen’s health care will only be resolved once Obamacare is repealed. And the only way to protect senior’s retirement savings is to reject the Obama Tax Hikes.

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    37 Responses to Morning Bell: The Obamacare and Obama Tax Hike Double Whammy on Seniors

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Whatever Murdoch wants,

      Murdoch GETS.

      He has already ORDERED a GOP Takeover of Congress.

      What are his plans then?



    2. Mary.... WI says:

      I still call obamacare and all tax hikes that come with it "genocide" of the baby boomers. There are so many of us……it's going to cost $$$ to keep us well….the only solution is to slowly "get rid of us", so to speak.

      Unfortunately for Mr Jarvis, he's going down with the rest of us :o)

    3. Backgammon, Bonita S says:

      How do you get "old Democrats" to understand, this is not the original Demo party. My dad is 84 and has voted D all his life, because his dad did.

      When I point out articles such as this one, they don't believe what is going to happen to them. He has dividends, when will this hit him? In January?

      Where is this on a government site, or is that too obvious?


    4. MJF, CT says:

      Well Mr. Jarvis, the Statists haven't done a very good job since 2004, have they? The GOP is full of RINO's so the only answer is Conservatives. If we can get in with enough power, we can cut the government spending, kill most of the entitlement programs (which will cause Liberals to whine) and get the needed tax cuts out to EVERYONE (yes, the rich also). Then we could work on getting the Constitution back as the law of the land (that will tick off the Liberals, too). Face it, if we can get control, you Liberals will probably leave the Country.

    5. Lonemountain, Tennes says:

      The rest of the story is this: When my wife died my income dropped by 50% because her Social Security check stopped coming.(The same scenario holds true for military retirees). Most all of our expenses remained the same after her death. I cannot handle a further reduction in income. Neither can I handle an increase in health care premiums from the Avantage Plan to which I subscribe.

    6. Frances Victory, Smy says:

      I understand that hidden away in the Obamacare plan is a Real Estate Sales Tax of 3.8% to be implemented, possibly in 2013. This will seriously affect seniors who downsize in retirement, as well as all others. Do you have information on this?

    7. Carol, AZ says:

      Thank you M.B. for the excellent delination in this article.

      You have exposured the truth about this terrible monster created, passed and shoved onto all tax paying Americans.

      This insane idea was always designed/ as an example of the re-distribution of wealth.

      Along the road to perdition in the last seven months this is another prime example of our Gov't's fraudulent scam of epic proportion.

      ." we the people are the government" and have all forgotten the word REFORM of our current system.

      I'm proud to stand with my State, AZ and the 19 other States that see this deception clearly.

      I will ask the rest of you in America to demand that your silence, and your State, on this issue, be heard, loud and clear.

      "We the people gave our government its power,"

      Or did we? This program has been a pack of lies from beginning to end.

      20 States are saying NO!

      What's your State doing?

    8. Mike, Phoenix, AZ says:

      Murdoch? Is that all you are concerned about?

      Can you not read? I have many clients who are already recieving letters stating that their Medicare Advantage Plans are going to be dropped completely. Many of these folks they had to change into a lower cost plan last year, just to survive. Many switched to lower cost plans last year, many of these plans are now gone.

      What are they to do?

      Now they face having to purchase a plan that they could not afford LAST year, with LESS income this year. They will also be paying higher and higher Co-pays, how is this helping?

      Murdoch has NOTHING to do with this reality! Get your head out of your A**.

      Your Parents, your Uncles and Aunts, your friends and neighbors are the people who will be destroyed by ObamaCare.

    9. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Ken Jarvis – enough already of the Frankfurt School. The same can be said of George Soros. Read 'We've Been Had" by James Keena and if you are honest you will see the underlying agenda of the current Congress. It is not a pretty picture unless you are either in the top or bottom of society. Since you have previously stated you are on Medicare you will not be around to see the changes – but your kids or grandkids will (assumiong you have offspring) and they will be the ones picking up the tab for the out of control spending in Congress. It is for them we fight this fight.

    10. Bill Sr. Jacksonvill says:

      Having only a little more than our high school diplomas and the desire to live the American dream, my wife and I entered the work force in the early fifties and began raising our family of (eventually) four children. Over the years we both at times worked two or more jobs at a time. Our priorities were simple, always find good schools and neighborhoods for our children, try to be the best at what ever we were doing and always be looking for ways to improve ourselves, and most of all trust in God.

      Now, fifty six years later after getting all the children through college and more than fifty years in the workforce we’re retired. We were never able to accumulate a lot of saving other that the equity in our house so we rely on Social Security and a mild pension of mine. We were able to take pride in seeing that our children had the opportunity to get a much better start raising their families and not have to struggle from paycheck to paycheck. They all have become successful parents on their own.

      However, I now fear for the first time that Obamacare, new taxes, and the oncoming inflation the nation faces will drive us from our modest retirement home and turn our golden years walk to the sunset of our lives into a cast iron challenge for survival.

    11. KC - New Mexico says:

      I hate to watch our seniors who have worked hard for what they have left to only be taxed more and provided less but more expensive healthcare. I watch my mother in law and my mother losing everything due to the democrat administration healthcare and proposed taxes. And what hurts more is that the limited wealth of the seniors is being taken away by the democrat government and given to the poor who do not contribute to society. There is no excuse for this.

      What is needed –

      1. cut spending and reduce the entitlement funding to those who are unemployed or considered poor. They can receive entitlement funding only after they contribute to the society needs – good old fashioned work!

      2. Get rid of IRS – establish the fair tax – everyone pays 10 to 15% of income, no deductions, no exceptions.

      3. Fix Obamacare – this can be done but not with stupid politicians leading the process (republican and democrat)

      4. Cut the financial funding for 3rd world countries who hate us anyway and completely pull out of the middle east – no funding allowed. Use this funding for the USA – Americans who can prosper from the money.

    12. Mike, Chicago says:

      Medicaid should be cut back, not medicare. People paid into medicare, unlike medicaid.

    13. Dave Gardner, Crofto says:

      While Obamacare is ripe with many "unintended consequences," stripping $500 Million from Medicare Advantage plans was aimed squarely at seniors and private insurance. Demonized for showing profits, however slim, the truth is Medicare Advantage plans serve 30 million seniors quite well using managed care to contain costs. By comparison, guess how much managed care is found in Traditional Medicare? ZERO. So much for "bending the curve."

    14. Drew Page, IL says:

      Come on, don't you remember how Obamacare was not going to increase taxes for any family earning less than $250,000 per year (or any individual earning less than $200,000)?

      That $500 billion that is to be cut from Medicare funding? Don't worry about that. He's going to recover that out of all the savings that will be recovered due to Medicare fraud and waste. We can project those savings based on what he has saved so far by cutting waste and fraud in Medicare over the past 19 months. Let's see, zero savings over 19 months times 10 years = zero??

      Obamacare will also put 30 million more people on Medicaid and the end result will be a reduction in the national deficit and cheaper health insurance premiums.

      Yeah I know he said this, but we must have taken his comments out of context.

      And we who are age 65 and older should remember that our champions, the AARP gave its endorsement to this…"arrangement". I reminded AARP of this when I refused to renew my membership with them.

      And guess what else? Many seniors will be glad to learn that they are among the wealthiest Americans, and are therefore the target of 'asset' taxes. Why? Because many have paid off their homes. Yes, that's right. If you have paid off your home you are among the nations wealthiest because of all those assets you have amassed. And let's not forget that money you have in your savings account and in your 401k plan (assets), that may have grown over the years.

      Yes, you seniors you are among the nation's wealthiest people; never mind how long it took you to get there or what you had to go without to save it. By all measurements you are among the nation's "rich" and it's only fair that you pay taxes on those assets to help those less advantaged. Welcome to the Golden Years my fellow retirees, is this the Hope & Change you wanted?

    15. Freddel, Walnut Cree says:

      The AARP publically supported and endorsed Obamacare! There must have been a payoff somewhere. Right now, Medicare and supplemental health insurance for seniors are in the dumpster. The Democrats would do anything and stoop to any trickery to get Obamacare passed, so they threw seniors under the bus. Well, senior citizens vote in large numbers and my wife and I are going to do anything we can to oust incumbent representatives and senators.

    16. speros drelles says:

      Why don't you do a study on the impact of Fed's low interest rate policy on the income on Sr. I know what it has done to my own.

    17. toledofan says:

      This is a very bad piece of legislation and the real scary part is that we really don't know what all the unintended consequences of this bill really are going to be. I still don't hink anyone has really read it to understand all of the nuances that are attached. The Democrats, everyone of them, and the RINO's that voted YEA, need to be voted out and taken to court for money laundering immediately when they leave office, wishful thinking. After working for 40 years, raising a family and sending three kids through private school from kintergarden through college, working sometimes 14 hours per day, most weeks at least 6 days, saving and skimping, now, because of the ideology of a socialist, I'm supposed to just give it all up, For those under 50, you're time will be coming so you better start salting some away today and hope it's still worth something 20 years from now.

    18. SMD Missouri says:

      Dividend tax to rise from 15% to 39.6%? That would mean dividend income of $372,950 or more, using current IRS figures.

      Incidentally, I am a senior and my savings were in the stock market. I took a big hit. In addition, several companies cut their dividends, some by more than half. This happened under the Republicans.

    19. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      Obamacare is just one of the attacks on the elderly by this administration and it's lapdog minions.

      Home values have plummeted. After years of being told to treat your home as an investment and a financially useful asset the retirement legs were kicked out from under millions of elderly starting with their homes.

      Then came the Stock Market crash begun by the AIG and related insurance and banking collapses. Trillions were lost to collapsing stock prices and the accompanying stock and bond based Retirement Funds, private and public. 401s and IRA took a beating and these idiots can't understand why We The People aren't spending money.

      It's because we don't have it any more. Your 23 year old MBAs and our elite political class have seen to that.

      Now, last but not least the Social Security and VA disability recipients will very shortly start their third year of static payments. Last year there was no COLA and there will be none in 2011. Scuttlebutt is that there will be a couple more years without COLAs.

      The real odd ball in this is that if these yahoos in the WH and Congress really wanted the economy to pick up through more spending then raise to "paycheck" for the elderly. That money would be instantly spent!!

      Stimuli and so called Tarps funds wind up with people that already have enough money, they don't spend it. Believe me, as a SS and VA funds recipient I can tell you with certainty that any "raise" I would get would be instantly spent.

    20. Jim Ellis, ,Bellaire says:

      Well to be perfectly honest I am really tired of hearing what is wrong with Obamacare and higher taxes etc. and all the reiteration of the same old "s–t" about Washington and its thugs and carpet baggers. I would like to see solid comments on not what is wrong, hell we all know what is wrong, but WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT. I am 77 years old, a Korean vet, and this is not what I or any of my fellow service men fought and some died for. The present congress, senate, speaker and dingy Harry as well as the "??President??" are a disgrace. They are corrupt, self centered on their own agendas and carpet bagging and have NO idea what the hell is going on out here. Our congressman, Bart Stupak, saw the writing on the wall and "retired" because he saw the hand writing on the wall. God willing his replacement will be Dr. Dan Benishek, a surgeon from the Western Upper peninsula of Michigan whose slogan says it all. "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" He won the primary against a career democratic politician. This just might be the BEGINNING. GOD BLESS THE USA. OUR USA! Thank you.

    21. wade, texas says:

      is anyone surprised?? wait til the death panels!!

    22. STEVE, MASS says:

      Yes, Obama said that we can keep our doctors. However, what he didn't say is that our doctors who have accepted Medicare payments in the past, are now saying, NO…I don't accept Medicare. How do I know,? Mine did.

    23. Bob Pruitt, Calif. says:

      Ken Jarvis is an idiot. He is one of theidiots who voted for the Chicago band of thieves. I know he voted for Obama but with King O's appointees we ended up with a whole government of thieves. Google the "ShoreBank" and see who is benefitting from all of this……..

    24. Mary , Georgia says:

      We have Medicare Advantage and have had it for 3-4 years. It has been a great program. We pay our monthly fee which is nominal, but going up each year. We pay our co-pays which also are going up each year ( both Since Pres. Obama has been in office). We get notice each time we visit a doctor or hospital that shows, the real cost of the treatment, the amount the Dr. or hospital had to accept ( which is always much less than the cost), and the amount we are required to pay, which is usually the Co Pay only. The Drs. have agreed when they accept this insurance to be willing to accept less than their usual fee for the service performed.

      This MA was started by President Bush administration and has been a great program, but Obama would rather help all the people who have never paid for anything in their life, free food, free housing, free cell phones, free this and free that. Only a small few of these people deserve the freebies. Most do not and do not ever plan to work and earn their own living.

      We the American citizens who have paid our own way thru our lives, saved a little for our retirement, should not be punished so that the leaches can have what we had to pay for.

      Most people in real need should get help, and they always do, if they try. But illegals, and others who want to be lazy and collect freebies off the paying citizens of the USA, need to grow up and take care of themselves and their children. They will have more pride.

    25. Billl, Sand Lake, MI says:

      Wow this is change that I can believe in. We can hardly keep up now. Now on top of that, the Republicans are beginning to implode. I see the Dems still controlling bouth chambers but with only a slim margin. Never reelect anyone.

    26. Billie says:

      The pathetic mind-set lingers on.

      Bring back the equal opportunities you stoled to get rich, mr. president. We want to earn an honest living and omit your ability to take the opportunity away. Weakness shows tremendously, every-time you target and attack the innocent vulnerable. Shameful.

    27. Chet "Ski,&quot says:

      I feel sorry for Ken Jarvis, people. I fear he is suffering from dimentia. I get crazy e-mails from him off and on. I just am starting to ignore them because he runs on no common sense.— Now, as far as the annointed one and his thugs that he appoints to these various positions without confirmation,(proven marxists, communists, socialists), he is their pawn to give our sovereignty away to our enemies. Do you all remember when he was running for pres. he campaigned in Europe, making speeches in Germany, and couldn't even stop to visit our troops, because it was illegal for him to do so while campaigning?.—-Please tell me of any one of our presidents that campaigned on foreign soil. I knew then we were in trouble.—bowing to our enemies while sticking it to our allies like Poland, Check Republic by not giving them a missile defense system while they were fighting along with us in Iraq and Afghanistan.Also dismanteling our own missile defense system.Even his wife had a slip of her tongue, when she said his home country of Kenya.—How much more do we need to impeach this clown, before we are all obliterated.—As far as us seniors go, he bamboozled so many of them with his constant lies, while knocking off our cost of living adjustments for 2 years.That COLA also affects my military disability pension, which I rely on besides my SS. And at the same time, the govt. still gets their annual raise to their salary. It's amazing how the annointed one can see into the future by saying there is no inflation for 2 years and that's why there is no COLA, which is unprecedented since COLA'S were enacted into law in the 70's. Anyone with an ounce of sense can see that this clown should be impeached for what he has done to us, along with his union thugs, and cronies, thrown out.—GOD bless George W. Bush who gave us a 6% COLA before he left office. I guess he could see our bleak future with the messiah in the white house.

      Former Marine, and disabled vet. Chet F.

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    29. Judy, Monroe says:

      Thank you, Heritage, and God bless you for all of your hard work and detailed, wonderful, truth-telling information.

      Any who don't "get it" haven't taken the time to actually read the information you have here.

      This is an assault on the seniors of our country. And I suppose the Obama admin have protected their own "dividends" and his mother's "dividends very well.

      As I recall, in the old Soviet Union, from orchestra members I played with and from much reading, those in power always drove around in the fanciest limos, Mercedes, BMW's, while the rest of their paltry worker class-proletariat worker bees who had helped bring them into power lived in tiny apartments with little food and little heat and had to use buses and bicycles.

      Why don't some people get it, that the so-called "benefits" of "free education, free healthcare, free this and that.." is not free! It comes out of the pockets of themselves and their own "worker bees" with the Queen Bea directing it all!

    30. Dorothy Curley, Wood says:

      Thank you for informing more of our seniors and non-seniors of the pitfalls of Obamacare. Mr. Obama said "if you like your health care, you can keep it"! Remember? We were notified by our Medicare Advantage carrier in Nov., 2009 that our 2010 premium would be raised from $35. per mo. for each of us to $94. per mo. for each of us. That's about an approximate 165% increase in each of our premiums. We elected to drop back a plan that raised the premium from $35. ea. to $59. ea. with higher co-pays. Yesterday, 9/15/2010, we were notified that our Medicare Advantage coverage will no longer be available in 2011. We are already on a tight budget with high NJ real estate taxes. Now we are faced with waiting to see what carriers will offer for 2011, if anything. The Obama administration took $500 Billion dollars out of the Medicare funding which has caused this problem. I do hope the seniors in particular who voted for Mr. Obama will remember this in 2012. I know I will spread the word wherever I go. Remember who voted for this Obamacare reform when voting this November and in 2012! This must be repealed for sure.

    31. Oregon Bev says:

      I followed a thread here from the American Seniors Association. I dumped my AARP membership 3 years ago when it became obvious that the organization had no interest whatever in representing seniors honestly. More interested are they in the percentage of the insurance premium they get from recommending particular insurance to their members.They liked the idea that Bush was pushing another bloated program to be added to Medicare. I'd had enough………..to this date, I do not have that portion of Medicare nor do I ever intend to. I pay my own bills, not someone else's bills (that is when I have a chance to choose). In eighteen years I have needed exactly one prescription which amounted to under $20.00. Not bad for someone almost 74. I think I am sorry that I signed up for medicare……at the time it was a choice, NOT a requirement. It will no longer be so, I am sure.

      It shouldn't have been too hard to figure out how much Obama was planning to rip off seniors. Did anyone posting here try to read any of the "Obamacare" bill. There is very little in what I read of it that had much to do with healthcare…..there were a LOT of taxes in it. After 2013, if you sell your home there will be a 3.8% tax on that sale to be paid directly to the federal government. Can you imagine selling a $200,000.00 home and some bureaucrat rubbing his hands together with delight at collecting his $7,600.00 of your money? That is one of the more egregious taxes, there are many more such as a slightly less percentage tax on unearned income. That would include everything that you receive in interest, dividends, etc, without the customary formulas for gains…….right off the top. That also includes any rental income you receive if you have income property. Those who have been prudent and responsible with their money all their lives are (again) going to economically raped, while the slugs in the population collect those monies in welfare and other giveaway programs.

    32. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Let me add to your discomfort, fellow Seniors. For all those Obama-baffling reasons we are not going to live very long. Don't worry about those entitlement projections, they were based on Peacetime demographics. The Government cannot pay them, the Progressives have no intention whatsoever to actually pay Entitlements. Throw out all those CBO Figures, in warlike chaos it is the elders and the children who most lose their lives. Kloward/Piven actually means we will die in unprecedented numbers as the Economy crashes down around our ears. Damn the Seniors, what little is left will be spent to save the millions of starving American children.

      If it is intentional Mass Murder then we could discern that easily enough, Seniors will be denied dental care. (The majority of deaths in Third World Countries has its source in Peridontal Disease). If it were Soft Mass Murder, then America's elders will be herded into poverty. If it were Mass Murder then our handguns will be denied (just paint a target on my chest). If it were actually Mass Murder then our elders will be overmedicated and the drugs will be inferior and more expensive. If Obama intends to murder us elders, our Class will be denied Medical Care through every means possible. Low cost clinics will close, "best practice" will become Palliative Care, and our Incomes will be precluded by towering Unemployment. The leading cause of death? You can't afford Medical Care.

      Don't look now, folks. They have come for you.

    33. Robert Laakkonen , R says:

      What's next for seniors? The invitation to join Oboma's 'volunteer' work force at one of the governments Spa Camps they have set up all over the country. They're not hard to find as they are in every state. The one thing that struck me on the one we see in Wisconsin is that the concertina wire at the top of he perimeter fence is designed to keep people IN, not to keep people out.

    34. Helen, Arizona says:

      We can't afford Obama's plans. They will bankrupt Social Security and our country.

    35. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Remember the '80s game show Press Your Luck hosted by the late Peter Tomarkin?

      It aired on CBS between 1981 and I think 1986 or '87. The object was for three players to win cash and prizes without getting three whammies. One whammy was good. Two whammies were better, (of sorts), and three whammies were bad. The contestants didn't want to get three whammies because if they did, they'd be "whammied out." Well, Obama now has two whammies. Now he's in danger of getting

      the third and that's either going to be this year or two years from now. Either way, Obama's going to keep pressing his luck until he whammies out. :)

    36. Polly says:

      We have the costs affects that will impact seniors and Americans in general but not enough are devulging the other important side of this being rationed care and denial of care. The impact to physicians and their patients regarding treatment when the IRS overides the physician. Obamacare is about costs vs. the lesser value of a patients life. Hospitals are changing their infrastructure reducing the number of nurses and replacing with lesser quality care. The government will decide much that hospitals had the freedom to do. Long waits such as a year of more for care, then not necessarily seeing a physician.

      Nursing home facilities will go under. Home care will be cut. Pre-existing will find that they will not be exempt from eventual rationed care and denial when evaluating their treatment costs. This isn't even the tip of the ice burg. We need all who are emphasizing premium costs, business mandates, and more to also get honest with this being a European Socialistic form of government ownership of our lives and government run.

    37. Mary -Mt says:

      Obama hasn't done anything for us Seniors but we sure don't want the Republicans in there. Bush was the worst in my lifetime. We need a new party.

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