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  • Florida College Under Fire for Censoring Conservative Students

    A conservative student in Florida says he has the evidence that implicates a public college administrator who last week ordered members of Young Americans for Freedom to leave a campus event after they displayed Heritage Foundation research papers.

    Palm Beach State College activities director Olivia Morris-Ford, a Facebook fan of President Barack Obama and filmmaker Michael Moore, booted the conservative students from a rush event. Morris-Ford claimed they didn’t have permission to be on campus.

    Her assertion stands in conflict with evidence YAF state chairman Daniel Diaz shared with Heritage. Diaz presented both a June 21 e-mail from student Christina Beattie to Morris-Ford requesting permission to be at the event and Beattie’s phone log from June 23, which shows a call from Morris-Ford. Beattie said Morris-Ford approved the request on that call.

    Yet, when Diaz and YAF state vice chairman Eddie Shaffer arrived at the Sept. 7 event with Heritage materials in tow, Morris-Ford took just enough time to see the literature they planned to distribute to tell them to pack up and go home.

    The Heritage research materials included “Obama’s Second Stimulus,” “The Unsustainable Welfare State,” “The Obama Tax Hikes” and “Obamacare: Hurting Those Who Need Health Care the Most.”

    When Beattie joined Diaz and Shaffer, in a testy exchange caught on video, Morris-Ford said she never talked to Beattie on the phone.

    “I need you to move your stuff. Period,” Morris-Ford says on the video. “You are not authorized.”

    When contacted at her office, Morris-Ford declined to comment on the incident. “There’s two sides to every story,” she said. “I would love to tell you, but I can’t.”

    Other college representatives offered a few more details, but also contradicted each other.

    “Basically, they were asked to leave because they were not a campus club,” said Grace Truman, director of relations and marketing for Palm Beach State College.

    Don Miller, a campus security guard who was present at the fair, said, “I was there, but nobody got escorted out. … They weren’t even asked to leave.”

    Beattie acknowledged she had not yet succeeded at creating an official YAF “campus club.” That was why she requested to attend the fair in the first place. Beattie still plans to apply for official club status, and, thanks to the publicity from the event, plenty of students now want to join, Diaz said.

    YAF is also now seeking help from the Alliance Defense Fund. Legal counsel Casey Mattox said the college has questionable policies that, for a public institution, border on unconstitutional.

    “This school appears to have a policy that requires any student or any student group to give 24 hours notice to the school before they intend to speak or distribute literature of any kind and then it gives the school complete discretion to decide whether they will permit students to speak or distribute literature or not,” Mattox said. “So if that is, in fact, the policy, and it appears that it is, that’s clearly unconstitutional.”

    According to an official statement, Palm Beach State College “unequivocally supports the constitutional right to freedom of speech for … students, faculty, staff and all citizens.” Until college administrators explain this incident and school policy, however, that freedom will remain in question.

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    26 Responses to Florida College Under Fire for Censoring Conservative Students

    1. Barbara, S.C says:

      Our Generation that has Children coming of College age clearly need it to be known that we will not send our children to Colleges, that sensor speech, and the free exchange of ideas. that is why we send our kids to college in the first place. The parents of these kids need to demand that these practices stop or tuition will….

    2. LJ, Torrance, CA says:

      Paranoia strikes deep

      Into your life it will creep

      It starts when you're always afraid

      You step out of line, the man come and take you away

      We better stop, hey, what's that sound

      Everybody look what's going down … (lyrics from Buffalo Springfield)

      Funny how history has a habit of repeating itself. The leftover Socialists of the '60's have become "the man" today and, if you dare challenge them, they "come and take you away."

    3. Bobbie says:

      See how Morrison-Ford activity organizer (something students use to and can do and should do as organizing is a learning tool,) without pay from the tax payers, limits the thinking of impressionable minds? Not allowing opposition to this colleges production of education as it offsets the indoctrination and offsets free thinking. For an opportunity at an honest living, she could be in the auto dealership enterprise?

      Dictatorial authority of Morrison Ford, is unacceptable. Conducting rules with bias, discrimination, both unacceptable.

      A mind is a terrible thing to waste on indoctrination.

      Life's experiences are much more educational than having tax payer paid dictators teach you what GOVERNMENT WANTS YOU TO KNOW. Find a good college if you so pursue, COLLEGES WITH PROFESSORS THAT ARE IN IT FOR YOU!!!… and not in it for the the President or michael moore.

    4. Rob. Sacramento - Ca says:

      So, this is a public college funded, in part, by taxpayer dollars. Therefore, it qualifies as a government entity where 1st Amendment privileges and immunities apply.

      Now, once again, we have a public official who is qualifying, or in this case disqualifying, application of 1st Amendment rights by a student group based solely on her dislike of the materials presented. This official failed to provide 'due process' in denying this student group, and even went so far as to discriminate since she allowed others to remain.

      What happened to "tolerance" of opposing views that liberals and democrats have been preaching to the world?

    5. wes brown-Az says:

      l expect lots more of this type of censorship from the liberal colleges

      and friends of the left..This is why the majority of americans are fed up

      and will take our country back in Nov from the socialistic agenda that

      we have in Washington today…….

    6. Judy, Monroe says:

      Sounds like selective memory going on with the campus official. How typical her reaction is on many college campuses! God bless Heritage for standing behind these students, and good for the students for documenting everything.

      Actually, Heritage could well be offended/disturbed that their wonderful, truth-telling, well researched information and materials were essentially banned by this campus. Had the students had pro-Obama info or pro-Che-Guevara info to distribute, there would have been no ruckus at all, and a blind eye would have been turned to the so-called "non-permission" granted rule.

      Perhaps next time they need to send in a test student for the same project, with pro-Obama materials! And then come to their table with their other truth-telling materials. Of course, that would be more deceitful, which the Left would be well-acquainted with such tactics.

      Sad, but true, this is a typical reaction across college campuses. The Left has made sure to get into positions of authority and most often put into place a lof of women in most, nowadays, of the director positions of authority. Ask any white male who has tried to work under them, and especially if they are a Christian, as to what an uphill challenge it can be.

    7. Tucker, Grand Forks says:

      It's too bad the young lady wouldn't have had a printed copy of the email reply that she received from the administrator. It might have jogged her selective memory.

    8. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      This is the kind of behavior shown by the Liberals, if you diagree with us we will shut you out. BHO uses this form of blackmail against members of congress and any others. Ever notice questions asked him are prepared ahead of time, as are his answers, this is indocrination. This is why we have to vote Nov.2, and get others to the polls too. We must not let anyone use intimidation or any other means to keep us away from the polls. Do a favor to someone who might not be able to vote and see they get a ride also. If everyone took another voter with them just think how many votes that would be.,

    9. Angus E. Parvo, Wart says:

      Love how Ms. Morris-Ford says “I would love to tell you, but I can’t.” Of course you can't, because your actions were wrong, you know they're wrong. She'll just hide under her desk for a week or two.

    10. Pragmatic in Texas says:

      It never ceases to amaze me that liberals can lie with a straight face, even when told from the opposition that they can prove their case with substantive evidence. What do they gain by it? It's very creepy, in a Manchurian Candidate sort of way.

      I agree with the first poster. Demand that the quashing of the first amendment by the administration cease immediately, or you will take your tuition money elsewhere.

    11. WHICH WAY says:


    12. Tony, Everett says:

      It does not appear that Ms Morris-Ford left any "physical" evidence of her permission. Instead of replying to Christina Beattie's e-mail, she called her. A recording would have been illegal. How convenient. It says they kicked them out because they were not authorized. I did not see anybody in the video refer to a list of "authorized" clubs. It also sounds like this group had been kicked off the year before and this time had tried to follow the process to get access.

      Move along here. What 1st Amendment?

    13. Jess Atwell Midland says:

      The progressive liberals have usurped the education curriculum and solidified their control thru unionization. They have cemented their power thru political party placement of select liberal graduates in gov't positions. Education system control was hijacked while we were complacent sheep re-electing the same politicians again and again. To be certain that our children are not indoctrinated, we will have to regain local control of our schools and their curriculum. Washington politicians will fight tooth and nail to maintain control because money is involved. It's becoming more obvious as exampled in Florida that we will have to defend the constitution and free speech from our universities and gov't.

    14. Jeffrey Bezore - FL says:

      Stories like this almost make me feel ashamed to be a native of the great State of Florida. Our liberal/progressive educators should look back to one of the great liberals, Justice Abe Fortas, and revisit his opinion on student rights (Tinker vs. Des Moines) where he opined that neither teachers or students shed their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse gate. Shame on Ms. Morris-Ford's hypocrisy.

    15. Brad, Detroit, MI says:

      Typical liberal. They agree with the right to free speech, unless of course, your view is different than theirs.

    16. Vicki, Duluth, GA says:

      Sounds like Don Miller, the alleged security guard, is blind and deaf, at least. His hiring must be part of the Americans with Disabilities initiative.

    17. Dennis Georgia says:

      Oh me!!! Who would have though a conservative would be on campus of a college. The liberals could not have this, someone might wake up anmd smell the bulls**t that is being spewed by the administration. These are the ones that sucked up all the puk and got us in this bigger mess. They need to see the other side of the coin.

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    19. Drew Page, IL says:

      This will be the greatest boost the YAF could have gotten. This will give the college students some real insight into what conservatives have been saying about the liberal bent of many college professors and of college administrators as well.

      Colleges and universities are notorious for inviting radicals to speak on campus on any topic under the sun, the more controversial the better. This is always explained by the administrations of higher learning as exposing students to non-conventional points of view so they can be exposed to all sides of an issue. The glaring exception, it seems, is when there are proponents of conservatism who wish to speak.

      It's OK for grade school teachers to regale the kids about the wonders and splendor of Barack Hussein Obama (ummm, ummmm, ummm), or the dangers of "man-made global warming" and how it's killing all the poor polar bears (tell mom and dad to support Cap & Trade). But teaching kids about the failures of socialism and communism? Teaching kids about american exceptionalism? No way.

    20. Drew Page, IL says:

      Our universities and colleges seem to have no problem inviting radical speakers onto their campus, regardless of how controversial and out of the main stream their views. This is always defended by the administration as exposing students to many different points of view and broadening the perspectives. Hardly any topic is off limits, unless of course the topic is conservativism, the failures of socialism or communism. Then of course, the topic is taboo.

      Grade school teachers can regale their students about the wonders of (ummm, ummm,ummm) Barack Hessein Obama. They can be instructed about "man-made global warming and how it's killing all the poor polar bears (don't forget to tell mom and dad to vote for Cap & Trade). But are they ever taught about the failures of socialism and communism?

      Are 'A' students who study hard, keep up with their reading and do their homework ever asked to "share" their A with an 'F' student who played and didn't study, who watched TV and didn't read, and who never did homework so that but could have a passing 'C' grade? This would be the only question that schools would have to ask students for them to learn the "rewards" of socialism.

      Better still, would school administrators whose schools lived up to all state or federal requirements, raised the test scores for all their students above and beyond required levels, and therefore earned additional government funding, be happy to give up that funding to another school which continually failed to meet state and federal requirements and whose students rountinely failed to meet minimum test scores?

      This is when the redistribution of wealth doesn't sound so good.

    21. The Mink, Georgia says:

      Unequivocally? I don't think so. Only if they agree with you – then you can stay and distribute anything you want. I thought colleges and universities were supposed to teach higher learning but it is more like indoctrination these days…

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    24. Tom Stilton, Atlanta says:

      It's time to start using all means necessary to ensure that the conservative message is not downed out by these transgressions. There's too much tolerance of the liberals, disabled, blacks, and women with hyphenated names. This country is in the dumper because we keep pushing quotas and getting people like this in our universities, companies, and churches. We need to restore this country to it's Christian foundation and send all those who will not accept Jesus as Lord, savior, and President of Presidents back to wherever their ancestors came from. November is coming. 1) Repeal Obamacare. 2) Round up the Islamists 3) Close the universities that don't truly protect free speech 4) Try Barack Husein Obama for perjury for being a Muslim and then lying about his birth 5) Declare Christianity the official religion of the US 6) Ban abortion and inprison all abortionists 7) Release all information about area 51.

      Can we do it? YES, we can!

    25. Jackie in Chicago says:

      @ Tony Everette, It is perfectly legal to record a phone conversation as long as one of the parties knows they are being recorded. I did this several yrs. ago when I spoke by phone to a former employer about why he had fired me. Of course, the, "Proud To Be a Baptist", lied to me during that phone call, (just as I expected). I sent a copy of the recording to unemployment and waited for the 3-way phone interview between my former employer, myself, and the unemployment caseworker.

      The interview day came, and both I and the interviewer let my former employer proceed to tell his story, a.k.a, lie. You should have seen my smiling face when the interviewer played my recording of the earlier conversation between me and my fmr. employer! My ex-boss was pissed! I wish I could have seen his face!!

      Tip: I used a land-line, because when I tried to record with the little suction cup/wire thing (Radio Shack), on my cell phone, nothing was recorded on the tape. Whichever way you go, be sure to do a test run by calling a friend and recording a conversation with them. Another time I tried this with the county child support office in my state and my voice recorded, but not the person on the other end. I don't know if government agencies can put a block on their phones that makes their employees' voices unable to record, just for this reason. Does anyone out there know?

      ALSO: record every conversation with persons in authority, or anyone you think would first tell you what they think you want to hear, and later, deny, deny, deny.

      GOOD LUCK, y'all. USE those weapons of technology to YOUR advantage!!!

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