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  • EU's Smug Moral Posturing Crossing the Line

    EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton has today announced the appointment of more than two dozen new Ambassadors who will serve under the blue and gold flag of the European Union rather than their national colors. However, she should be keeping a closer eye on her existing corps. Having been outmaneuvered by European Commission president José Manuel Barroso in the appointment of his friend, João Vale de Almeida to the post of EU Ambassador to the United States, it is nevertheless still her responsibility to keep Almeida in line.

    His public letter to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger demanding a stay of execution for convicted rapist and murderer Albert Greenwood Brown goes far beyond the acceptable limits of diplomatic exchange; it represents an unconscionable interference in the sovereign affairs of the State of California. Almeida states: “any miscarriage of justice…represents an irreparable loss of human life,” even though California has a rigorous appeals process and as robust a justice system as any in the world.

    This smug moral posturing is all the more galling considering the EU’s own appalling record on civil liberties. Daniel Hannan, a British Member of the European Parliament recently highlighted the case of British holidaymaker Andrew Symeou, who was arrested under the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) and extradited from Britain to Greece. The EAW—falsely sold as a vital counter-terrorist measure—means no prima facie evidence is needed to deport one ‘EU citizen’ to another EU country; at the stroke of a pen, British citizens are being whisked away to Greece, France or any other member state of the European Union. From April 2009-April 2010, 1,032 Britons– almost three a day–were extradited on EU orders. In Andrew’s case, an almost-certainly innocent man languished in the notorious Korydallos prison for 11 months (having been denied bail on grounds of having no local address), with the case still hanging over his head more than three years later.

    It is not the job of the European Union to take the United States to task for its sovereign policies on judicial matter. It certainly isn’t the job of the Ambassador of the European Union to defend a convicted American citizen. And it is worth noting that in a recent poll, 51% of Britons supported reinstating the death penalty for murder. This EU-elitism explains why less than half of Europeans now think that their country’s membership of the EU is good thing—hitting a seven year low for Brussels. Lady Ashton and Ambassador Almeida should take note.

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    18 Responses to EU's Smug Moral Posturing Crossing the Line

    1. OralseClelm says:


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      What do you think about this?

    2. hattip says:

      What possible standing do those "Ambassadors" have? They should be sent packing.

      There is no nation called the EU.

    3. Mark, USA says:

      That's the way the next great superpower will be conducting it's affairs. This is just the beginning. The member countries have sold their soul and the world will soon see them flex their mighty muscles

    4. Matthew, California says:


      The US is made up of sovereign states. The EU of sovereign countries. Together they have more pull. It seems to me it makes sense to follow our lead if they want to have any significant influence in world affairs.

    5. Micki-Tamarac, FL says:

      What the He** is going on in this country? Am I going mad or are we all of a sudden being RULED! VOTE VOTE VOTE.

      Get this straightened out people while we still can, time is getting short.

      I am truly worried about our once Great America!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Dennis Georgia says:

      If hilary and obama get their way we will be under the rule of the un and the eu. They have every intent of doing away with our constitution and our laws. I would not be suprised to see them attempt to install shiria law as the law of the land. We the people must stand up now, we must take back our country and government. The freedom that we have fought and died for is slipping away under obama nd clan.

    7. Greg B. says:

      Matthew: You are comparing apples and oranges. The States do not have the authority to appoint ambassadors to other countries. The SEPARATE countries of Europe do. This in essence doubles the number of ambassadors from each nation and makes for a bureaucratic nightmare. The "EU" ambassadors should not be recognized as this violates international law with regard to sovereignty.

    8. Kim Gandy, Rayleigh says:

      When ARE these pro EU idiots going to realise what a COSTLY and RISKY exercise being party of this Communist regime really is?

      WAKE UP and smell the coffee – before you are literally being told how many cups a day you can drink.

    9. Tom, Peterborough UK says:

      Mark, the trouble is, we're not living in sovereign countries any more at all. All sovereignty has deplorably been snatched away from us by our gutless politicians, without us being asked; all countries that have been asked have voted 'No', and they were either ignored or, in Ireland's case, asked to vote again because they got the answer 'wrong'. Disgusting, and I can't wait until the British public rise up and vote us out of it. I'm a member of UKIP, and for those in the USA who don't know who we are, have a look at http://www.ukip.org or, indeed, youtube "Nigel Farage" for a glimpse into who we are and what we stand for.

    10. TJS, FL says:

      The US should expel that "ambassador" and all his slaves.

    11. england says:

      Even the europeans hate the EU. We have no national identity anymore and european law has already been given more power than british law.

    12. Mark, USA says:

      The EU's significant influence in world affairs may just be too much for the US to swallow. We have had a nice run at world dominance and I think overall we have been gracious and respectfull to to rights of most sovern nations. Will the EU be so curtious? Throughout history the nation holding most of the cards has not always been so kind. As we devalue our currency and go deeper into debt, the EU continues to solidify its finances. Operating like a finely tuned German machine the EU could become THE superpower much quicker than we think. We are not used to being told what to do by poeple we have not elected, but this super powerhouse may want their influence on us to be more than we think.

    13. Drew Page, IL says:

      There seems to be a growing deference paid to what the U.N. and the E.U. think should be done in the U.S. Our own State Department recently issued a report to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights suggesting that Arizona's recent passage of an immigration law, paralleling the federal immigration law, could be a violation of human rights.

      The U.N. decides that international commerence in small arms is a bad thing and based on that, we have politicians using this as an excuse to strip away our rights under the Second Amendment to own firearms.

      We have Supreme Court Justices who suggest we should be looking to the laws of foreign countries in order to interpret our own Constitution.

      The Europen Union was formed for the same reason most other unions were formed, to gain strength through membership that wasn't available as an individual. However, I believe that this E.U. will fail. For centuries, the countries in this union have had their own territories, their own languages, customs, religions, traditions, economies, alliances and counter-alliances and warred on each other. Like any partnership, it only works when all partners believe they can benefit from the partnership and that the benefits are worth the cost. But look at what's happening today. You have countries like Greece, Italy and Spain all in financial trouble for various reasons being supported by the economies of Germany, the U.K. and France. All these European economies are facing the same problems of coming up with the money to pay for all the social benefits they have promised their citizens. In France there have been demonstrations in the streets demanding that retirement age be kept at age 60, opposing the government's attempt to raise it to 62.

      At some point the countries throwing their money in to shore up the countries with failing economies are going to determine that there are no benefits offsetting the cost of membership. You know what happens then.

      I wouldn't be too concerned about what the E.U. thinks that America ought to be doing with our criminal justice system, or anything else. And I further think we should get rid of politicians and judges who believe that we ought to be guided by what the U.N. wants, or what the laws in other countries are.

    14. Kent Lancaster,PA says:

      It's time to remove those really progressive persons in our government who are leading us down the road to another world. They will be imune from all the trouble that they have legislated us into since they don't have the same rules that they are forcing us to live under. We are not part of the EU. Our values are different, our work ethic is different, and we have high hopes for our country's survival. We are not France with a retirement age of 62 and a country where Muslims control their own sections of a city. We are not Greece where retirement is in the 50's for certain job discriptions. Thankfully, we are a different breed of cat.

    15. Asian Brit, Georgia says:


      The problem with pulling out of the EU, is simple. We will have less clout. The MoD is being asked to make cuts of 10%-20%. This on top of already waning global influence. We don't have power by ourselfs anymore.


      I live in the 6th congresiional district and we have always voted for the Republicans. I have had to put up with Gingrich's idiocy, but Europe trying to spread Sharia law in America. Really!?!?

      I have lived under Sharia law in Saudi, when my dad was there with the British Ministry of Defence following the first gulf war. My mum was harrased for being a hindu (Hindus destroyed the mosque in Ayodhya), my dad was wipped becuase some of her hair was showing. So I first hand know stupid it is, but it will never spread in the west. It is just not compatable with our society. This is just fear mongering.

    16. Asian Brit, Georgia says:

      If anyone is wondering what I mean by Gingrich's idiocy. It is his comments on Obama's "Kenyan, anti-colonial behaviour". My dad was born in Nairobi, during the height of the mau mau uprising, and he has no idea what is means. Anyone?

    17. Mark, USA says:

      Drew, I think you are underestimating the EU's potential. The citizens of many members would normally be opposed to losing that much of their identity but are fearful of their place in Europe if they are the one left out. A few ( Hopefully England and Ireland) may get out before the EU gets to too big to escape. I believe soon the union will be to strong for a group of small member countries to stand up to. You would have something similar to our civil war. The Lisbon Treaty gives the EU the power to tax and to form an army. There is no comparison to the UN. We are looking at the formation of the next Superpower. God help us.

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