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  • Morning Bell: Obamacare vs. the Rule of Law

    Health Insurers Plan Hikes. That was the headline of a Wall Street Journal story last Tuesday which reported: “Health insurers say they plan to raise premiums for some Americans as a direct result of the health overhaul in coming weeks, complicating Democrats’ efforts to trumpet their signature achievement before the midterm elections. Aetna Inc., some BlueCross BlueShield plans and other smaller carriers have asked for premium increases of between 1% and 9% to pay for extra benefits required under the law, according to filings with state regulators.” And The Wall Street Journal was not alone. The Los Angeles Times and Dallas Morning News also reported rate hikes in their states, some as high as 16%. And this comes on top of news that Obamacare is forcing health care companies to stop offering coverage for kids and forcing colleges to stop offering coverage for students.

    Obamacare is deeply unpopular with the American people because, as the massive regulatory regime goes into effect, the American people are noticing that none of the administration’s major promises are being honored. The cost of health care is going up, not down. Health care spending is going up, not down. Millions of Americans are not able to keep their insurance. To combat this reality, the Obama administration struck back last Friday. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius sent a letter to America’s Health Insurance Plans warning them that “there will be zero tolerance” for “falsely blaming premium increases” on Obamacare. Specifically, Sebelius threatened to punish non-subservient firms by excluding them from the government regulated and mandated health insurance exchanges. Since these exchanges will be the primary way most Americans receive health insurance (especially if more private firms decide to end their current coverage) such a decision by Sebelius would be a death sentence for any insurer that does not comply.

    Never before in the history of our republican form of government has an administration threatened to extinguish individual firms for merely communicating with their customers. But such are the dictatorial powers Obamacare grants to Secretary Sebelius. There are over 1,000 instances in the more than 2,700 page bill where Congress granted Secretary Sebelius new powers to regulate the health care industry. For example, her power to “determine” what does or does not count as a medical expense alone will decide the fate of many health insurance firms.

    Is this the type of government our Founders intended our federal government to become? No. Hillsdale College Associate Professor of Political Science Ronald Pestritto explains:

    The Founders understood that there are two fundamental ways in which government can exercise its authority. The first is a system of arbitrary rule, where the government decides how to act on an ad hoc basis, leaving decisions up to the whim of whatever official or officials happen to be in charge; the second way is to implement a system grounded in the rule of law, where legal rules are made in advance and published, binding both government and citizens and allowing the latter to know exactly what they have to do or not to do in order to avoid the coercive authority of the former.

    Secretary Sebelius’ Hugo Chavezesque threats against the health insurance industry demonstrate why the fight to repeal Obamacare is also the fight for the soul of our country. Obamacare and the progressive movement represent a fundamental threat to our founding principles. For the left, “progress” means fundamentally transforming America through bureaucratic dictates that will engineer a “better” society by assuring equal outcomes. Through Obamacare, progressives would redistribute wealth through a distant, patronizing welfare state that regulates more and more of the economy, politics and society. The question Americans face is: Are we a country ruled by law or by bureaucrat?

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    74 Responses to Morning Bell: Obamacare vs. the Rule of Law

    1. Double Ace says:

      This is the first step in eliminating Private insurers, and moving everyone on to the government plans like Medicare. This is how they can control the medical care provided to Americans. This is how they can force senior citizens into the death panels. The plan is working exactly as Obama and the liberal democrats seen it working. Meanwhile Republicans are sitting on their hands and wondering which directionthey should go so they can keep their political careers alive.

    2. DAVE TROM says:

      This is not the America that I went to war for. The Washington crowd is so far far far out of touch that I am considering moving to another country.

    3. Mary.... WI says:

      I was not aware of the power given to Sebelius. But doesn't it all make sense…….the main objective is to "get rid" of private insurance companies and only have government run medical insurance. I call it "genocide of the babyboomers" since we are the ones that will be most affected it would seem although I realize all will be affected.

      I am very sad for this country and how ugly it is becoming. I'm praying the lawsuit hearing by FL attorney General today comes out in this country's favor declaring Obamacare unconstitutional.

    4. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      "redistribute wealth"


      HOT DOG.

      When does it START?

      And, WHERE DO I SIGN UP.


    5. don mrochek, prescot says:

      I appreciate your comments ie: Secretayr Sebelius has over 100 ways to regulate the health care industry. I would like to see a few of those instances. We are bombarded with what the administration is doing without the resourses to study the comments. There are innumerable web sites that throw out comments about "what they are doing to our country"

      It would be extremely helpful when printing a comment to back it up.

      I do agree they all should be removed but due to election fever stones are being hurled without resourse

    6. toledofan says:

      The more the government meddles in the private sector we can expect chaos because the burecrats have no idea of what the unintended consequences will be, how the private sector systems work, interact and change as efficiences are learned. I still don't know if we know everything that's packaged within the 2000 pages and I'd venture to say nobody in Washington does either. The way the bill was crafted by all Democrats, the back room deals made, the lies that were told and the costs that were deflated just to get it passed borders on being criminal. We can only hope enough people vote the bums out in November so we can start to regain our country and our freedoms.

    7. Pragmatic in Texas says:

      We are a country now being ruled by a dictator. If we do not vote this administration out by 2012, the U.S. will be unrecognizable by 2014. And the direction this country is heading is not the one I grew up in, nor the one I want to live in.

    8. KLIMAX Baltimore, Ma says:

      There are actually people out there that wonder why the rest of us are calling for the Impeachment of NObama and Company !!!!! It sounds like Sebelius is running a Dictatorship as you mentioned NObama's buddy Hugo !!!! November hopefully will clean house and get rid of the Dead Wood Congress has been carring !!! If we don't stop NObama now we will be another Third World Country in short order !!! IMPEACH NObama TODAY WHY WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW ???!!!!!

    9. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      Just as David Limbaugh says in his book, this administration are Bullies and Dictators, they must be stopped and Obamacare repealed.

    10. SCT, Virginia says:

      This is just one more example of the Obama administration overreaching their authority. Here's to working for a conservative majority in Congress this November.

    11. Jim Uberti--New Have says:

      This is not the first time that the Obama Administration has threatened insurance companies. One wonders whether the American public sees this for what it is, or, do they see a president "looking out for their interests". I can't remember a more important election in my life time(and I'm no kid). I hope the Republican Party is up to the task.

    12. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Is it any wonder why twenty Republican state attorneys general are suing over Obamacare? This is the most tone deaf administration in history.

    13. Douglas De Clue Orla says:

      Right wing drivel. There really isn't any "Obamacare" yet anyways since it doesn't actually take effect until 2014. God forbid Americans should actuallly HAVE a right to life or the liberty to pursue happiness unimpeded by death disease and disabilities that are the result of a lack of affordable healthcare that is available in every other Western industrialized nation. The truth is that Americans WANT affordable healthcare. They are literally dying for it. When rhe health insurance industry's profits are threatened however they will stop at nothing to prevent change. No lie is too low to tell AMD no price is too high to pay. The above post is just one more mortar being lobbed in the insurance industry's unrelenting war against the truth to preserve their obscene profits.

    14. Martin L. Shoemaker says:

      Cuba — CUBA! — is backing away from socialism (with halting, baby steps, to be sure).

      Meanwhile, we're running towards it.

    15. Chris, Springfield, says:

      President Obama was clear during his push for healthcare. He couldn't even start with the deficit until he fixed healthcare to get costs under control. Since he's actually made healthcare costs worse, I guess we know what that means for the deficit.

    16. John Greene Jackson, says:

      There has to be a way that individuals, like Sebelius, can be STOPPED legally for interfering with a private company's business. She has no constitutional right to abolish an individual or corporate expression of Freedom of Speech.

      It is extremely frustrating for a lay person to stand by and watch how our conservative and constitutional legal experts do NOTHING.

      Does this administration want a true revolution ( perhaps they do) with blood running in the street and criminal administrators and lawyers hanging from lampposts?

    17. Paul Terry Stone says:

      A relative's health insurance premiums were raised significantly recently.The findings above show that this Administration is a threat to our liberty and constitutional form of government. Our only option is to remember November while elections still mean anything in this country. State Attorney's General are taking the Judicial path concerning the Individual Mandate although this option may be overidden too.

    18. Johnny Mac, Chicago says:

      The point about an administration never before threatening indivivdual firms with extinction is what we should be very concerned about. Remember that prior to the auto bail-outs, never before had an aministration actually extinguish an entire class of lawfully protected investors for the beneift of a lawfully established subordinate class of investors. They did it then, they'll do it again. In fact what they really want is to kill the entire private insurance market.

    19. Glynnda White, Orlan says:

      They have been using "used car salesman" tactics all along. The old "bait and switch" routine. I am hoping that this horrendous measure will be cut down in the courtroom today. There was no question in my mind from the beginning that we will ultimately be forced onto the government healthcare system. I work for a local government and they are already heading in that direction, in fact in a recent commissioner meeting our HR head said outright that they don't expect to be able to pay out for healthcare benefits after 2014…..what a coincidence…..I think government agencies and unions are counting on the implementation of this bill so that they can dump this responsibility on the government – namely us……

    20. slats says:

      Just a general comment:

      I love what the Founders gave us, but citing the founders sometimes weakens the obvious strength of an argument. We, the people today in the USA, can notice the fairness or lack of fairness (freedom) in a law. It doesn't take a rocket scientist (or a Founder) for the average American citizen to know that our freedoms are under attack with the provisions and implementation of this law.

      Mark Young

    21. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      I have and will continue to post my personal experience with our federal government.

      I am a small business owner. I am mandated by the federal government to sign up for Medicare on my sixty fifth birthday – no choice. I have an eight year old daughter and am married. My health insurance costs will increase $3600 a year merely to maintain my current level of insurance for my family and myself. In addition, I am required to continue paying the 15% Self Employment Tax – half of which is for Medicare. I am being taxed twice on the same service.

      In addition, I have been required to implement “identity protection measures” in my business. The federal government, on the other hand, uses my social security number for my Medicare part B claim number. If my identity is stolen as a result of this the federal government will not be liable. But of course I am in my business.

      All of the above is current – before Obamacare is implemented. Citizens, beware.

    22. Billy Wilks, Moss Po says:

      How much longer can we stand by and see our country, it's citizens, and the CONSTITUTION, trampled by this anti-American administration. Pray, Participate, and VOTE

    23. DANNY, HERMANN says:

      I'm for the rule of law. We are seeing that rule by a bureaucrat cannot and does not work. Not int he country I'm used to living in. I'm afraid we are going to have to stomp this out quick in November before the vermin get a choke hold on us that we can't get out of.

    24. LizH, Oxford, MD says:

      I am covered under my husband's health plan through his employer, the University of Maryland. The HR department has told him to expect his premium to go up 15%- 20% next year. I'd like to see Sebelius take on the Terps!

    25. Neil Parks from Beac says:

      I am no fan of Obama. I didn't vote for him, and I don't like his policies and programs.

      But he said one thing during the 2008 campaign that made a lot of sense. He said that he would like to see all Americans have access to the same health care plan that was available to him as an employee of the federal government.

      Too bad he did not follow through on that.

    26. Glen Scott, Indianap says:

      Thanks for this report. I appreciate all of the heritage Foundation's work, and I look to it to point North in the midst of info, concerning constitutionality and founder's vision of how this gov't should work.

    27. Barb in Wiscosnin says:

      Comrades Obama and Sebelius CANNOT force Oabamacare on us as free US citizens living under the US Constitution. They cannot force us to buy anything! However, Obama and his bunch are Chicago thugs taught in the Chicago way of bully and bribe. Watch next they will try to force us all to buy GM Obamamotors electric cars! They wipe their backsides with the US Constitution daily and they must be stopped. Better yet tried and jailed. Inasmuch as it is commendable that 20 states are challenging Obamacare, why in this great free nation is it not all 50 states? Those other 30 states should not be sitting on their hands or soon through their inaction they will have lost their liberties. All we have to do folks is write to your representaives, tell them you are not participating in Obamacare and let's see if those 17,000 new IRA enforcement agents will come pounding at our doors to drag us all away to jail. Would that not be an impressive sight for the entire world to see? This is OUR country, not Obama's kingdom!

    28. Jack Hansen, Fort My says:

      It is obvious that we have elected a president who thinks that "hope" and "change" enables him to dictate as king. Whenever anyone or any branch of government disagrees with him and his like-minded appointees, they either sue or try to go around the opposition without regard to any foundation principles that made this country as great as it is. The silver lining is the awakening of Americans. Obama and his cohorts know they cannot win with just Americans anymore. They need aliens, outsiders, illegal or not.

    29. Ruth grant says:

      Wake up America-if you don't want to be a communist country- get out and vote

    30. kempton brayall says:

      Obamacare us nothing but apower grab to control people in all aspects of life and will cause major problems in getting proper care when we need it.

    31. Ted Stein, Philly says:

      After reaading each piece, I take the extra time to read the comments. I'm not claiming that the comments reflect the broad readership, but they consistently reflect the point of view of the author.

      This suggestes two possibilities. The only comments being posted are those pre-screened for control of the message. Second, the opposition has either stopped reading the site, or sees little content that would stimulate a rational debate.

      I can say with confidence that the readers reflected in "Comments" are the least well read of any site I read regularly.

    32. stevekoko, cleveland says:

      Many reading this story will roll their eyes when I say you had plenty of warning about the lies the obama army was telling about his health care overhaul. Rush, Galliger, Beck, Mark Lavin, and all the rest of the conservative talk shows warned us. Many thought they where nuts. WELL TAKE A LOOK AROUND!




    33. Bruce J. Kolinski says:

      We are ruled, not governed, by a paddock full of CFR fatted cattle each of whom has attended at least one too many CFR mind deletion study groups. The CFR study group leaders are narcissistic bulimics, who lecture on anorexia to starving street people.

      I doubt this is what the Founders had in mind.

    34. Marty Ramos Chico, C says:

      The exercise of authority by implementation of a system grounded in the rule of law (Ronald Pestritto) is already alive and well. Under the cafeteria plan in place at my husband's workplace, our coverage cannot be changed except by divorce or loss of job or change of residence until May of next year EVEN THOUGH the increases in premium have created a very great hardship financially and amounts to 51% of my husband's gross wages. In addition, the commissions granted to the insurance broker is GUARANTEED by the IRS through the implementation of this plan (since we cannot change it). Sounds like collusion to me. This is not freedom, this is slavery!

    35. Kevin says:

      This is really impeachable conduct by the Secretary. Abuse of power in the rawest form.

    36. ogie,Lewes,DE says:

      There is no more rule of law in this country~at least it is fast disappearing. We only have Obamalaw . Soon all private health insurance will disappear,cap and trade will be in place, the entire economy not just banks and autos will be in Obama's hands not to even mention our education system. We need to work together to unseat our duly elected dictator or there will be no further elections. Obama and all his aides and all his czars are scary scary men. We need to vote in 2010 in such a way that 2012 will see the defeat of Obama.

    37. paul s, meridian, id says:

      You say "never before" has an administration made such threats. That may be technically correct but recall that Senator Baucus took the same dictatorial position last year with respect to Humana when the company had the audacity to endeavor to communicate with its customers as to the implications of Obamacare.

      • Conn Carroll Conn Carroll says:

        The difference between Baucus and Sebelius is that Baucus needs 50 other Senators to agree with him before he can do anything. Sebelius can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

    38. Frank in St Louis says:

      Sometime I wonder


    39. Ralph Gizzip says:

      Kathleen Sebelius sent a letter to America’s Health Insurance Plans warning them that “there will be zero tolerance” for “falsely blaming premium increases” on Obamacare.

      I don't think the Insurance companies have anything to worry about. There's nothing "false" about why they're raising rates.

    40. KB in PA says:

      "The question Americans face is: Are we a country ruled by law or by bureaucrat?"

      And the choice to decide the answer to that question is indeed ours. It's just that there are two decidedly different types of people who define "ours."

      Many of us desire to be left to our own devices … to be unhindered by bureaucratic government … to embrace responsibility for ourselves.

      On the other hand, there are (already far too many of) those who are comfortably in bed with the bureaucrats, having long since opted for an existence on the government dole. Easier, by far, to sit upon one's oversized rear end and watch TV all day, checking the mailbox once a month for the handout, than to take responsibility for themselves. At some point in their lives, they allowed themselves to be duped into this sort of willfully uneducated "thinking" by their puppet masters, the Democrats, who have always known how much easier it is to control dependent people, than independent people.

      Our Constitutional "Rule of Law" government is only as good as the people who live under its doctrine. If said people, or, at least a majority of them, refuse to take the necessary responsibility for their own lives, then those who make up this miserable, lowest-common-denominator class of ne'er-do-wells will sink us all.

    41. Ms. D, Idaho says:

      Premiums on the insurance we have through my husband's employer are going up $250 PER MONTH beginning January 2011–that's $3000 a year!!! Last year's premium increase was $55! Then if our premiums are taxed as income, we'll be considered rich but will really be a lot poorer! Become informed–pray–VOTE!

    42. Granny says:

      I suggest civil disobedience. Don't sign up for obamacare, don't pay for it. If the government can't deal with 12 million illegal aliens, how will they deal with at least 75 million American citizens who just won't play the game?

    43. Dennis F. Wells says:

      IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776

      The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

      When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

      We the people MUST separate OBAMA from the Presidency!

    44. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Zero Tolerance is Unconstitutional, and illegal. The Law used to be filled with the phrase "Common Sense" and it guided nearly everything in Law (particularly the interpretation of it). I am not surprised Kathleen Sebelius would bring out this hammer. Nowadays I bristle every time I hear it, Zero Tolerance. The words are great to start a RINO stampede, but like everything else, Progressives are attacking the Rule Of Law at the roots! Indeed the very definitions. Keep in mind they are killing the best Medical Industry on Planet Earth. Tolerance? Tolerance? "We don't tolerate survival!" Uh, can I call you Sybel?

    45. Therese Kelly El Caj says:

      We will not be any better if John Boehner is selected as Majority Leader in January.He will not have the guts to stand up to Obama on any issue.We need an Issa,or my favorite Paul Ryan,or Cantor.We do not need any more RINO`s.

    46. Herbie says:

      This health care reform is just what it is called. The reform part is what i mean, transferring power to the federal government. If we were really interested in bringing the cost of health care and insurance cost we simply could have removed the restrictions on the insurance companies and allow them to cross state lines. You know free market competition. But i think that the insurance companies are just as guilty, they do not want to see this happen either.less money per premium, but more money over all. Who is in bed with who. Get the government out of the way so we Americans can live and prosper. They are like an anchor around our necks in the rapids of life.

    47. Richard Ahern Fremon says:

      Article 1 Section 8-Rulr of law

      For example, by law, our government cannot invest its money for profit and compete with free enyerprise. As for universal health care, the same holds true.Two things you will not find in the Constitution. Democracy and Socialsim. We are a Constitutional Republic. Abuse of Power in all three branches of Government. We must return to the original intent of the Constitution.


      Waste Watchers Inc

      P.O.BOX 7085

      Fremont, California 94537

      Richard Ahern-Vice President


      (510) 791-7964

      Cell (510) 673-2249

    48. Nancy, WA says:

      Well said–thank you for saying what many of us are thinking, but without a platform to be heard.

    49. Lil, San Diego says:

      I stand amazed at the continued "blindness" of some of the posters here! The published letter from Sebelius is a fact! The threat in her letter is a fact! The details in Obamacare are facts! Just read the bill! Yet the blind continue to rally around this narcissist, is it really so hard to admit your mistake in voting for this socialist?

    50. Drew Page, IL says:

      Sebelius would have never released her threats to the health insurance companies without orders, or at least authorization, from the white House.

      Don't you just love it? Obama and the Democrats shove health care reform down everyone's throat, without having bothered to read it, and are now claiming to be the victims of unfairness. THEY are mad as hell, and THEY aren't going to take it anymore.

      For over a year Obama and his Democrats have vilifed the health insurance companies in America as "greedy" and as the enemy of the people and continue to do so to this very day. Since Obama took office he has wanted to eliminate the health insurance industry in favor of a government run, single payer health care system like they have in Canada. Now, he and his administration THREATEN to completely put health insurers out of business for saying that the additional coverage mandated under health care reform is responsible for the increases in premium the carriers are asking for. Unlike the government, the health insurance companies have competition; they have have to ask for your money, they can't just take it, and unlike the government, they can't just print more.

      Over the past fifty years the federal government has mandated increases of benefits and of eligibility under the health plans sold by health insurance companies and provided by self-insured employer plans. Each one of these mandated increases resulted in more claims being paid out and corresponding increases in the premiums necessary to support those claims.

      The Sebelius (Obama administration's) threats to the health insurance industry

      should frighten all Americans. This administration is telling an industry that they are trying to put out of business "Try to blame us and we'll get you."

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    53. Timpclimber Provo, U says:

      The Obama Health care bill began effecting all Americans the moment it was signed. Yes it has year by year phase in provisions that don't kick in until later like getting rid of Medicare Select and have you seen the AARP ads inviting the thousands who will lose it to sign up for their version? The biggest immediate effects have been the health insurance accounts creating worse case scenerios and how to prepare for it (jack up the rates) or the waste of State resources figuring out how to pay for the unfunded mandates (37 by my count) or paying to fight it in court. Employers are reducing staff or going to part time (like me). Who ever thinks there are no effects of this bill until the future must live on a desert island. Is there room for the rest of us?

    54. mark, alabama says:

      Just study the socialist takeover of medicine in Germany and England. Lots of promises, lots of denigration of private healthcare. Both led to horrific care. Those in the Soviet Union knew first hand what socialistic medicine meant, no care for everyone, except those in government circles. Socialists and liberals pointed to the Soviet Union as the model for medicine. When that proved false, they pointed to Germany. When that proved false, they pointed to England. When that proved false, they pointed to Canada. Now Canada's system is failing so they are pointing to Australia and others. The story will always be the same — socialistic medicine fails to give health care and goes bankrupt. Look at Massachusetts and Oregon. Both states are dire straits due to their socialistic State systems.

    55. rosemarie, fresno says:










    56. Donita Kinney Orland says:

      Obama is a socialist pig that should be removed from office. I'm so tired of him trying to make this a muslem country, degrading our flag and our servicemen and women. Trying to disband the CIA because of their interrogation tactics. Boo Hoo. those idiots are allowed to torture our people, behead them burn our flag, etc. I am so so tired of some new stupid idiotic thing our so called leader has done again. WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE THERE ISN'T AN AMERICA ANY MORE

    57. Tom, Pennsylvania says:

      The health care bill passed by the Progressives was just the first step in destroying the health insurance industry regardless of its cost and pain to the people of this country. Their goal is to force all current health care companies out of business so the federal government can take it all over and then give us the same crappy system many Socialist European countries have. We will soon have people laying in beds waiting to die (look at Britain) because the system will be too broke and overloaded to work. Takes for all workers will have to go up to pay for the healthcare sytem. I pray to God that the Congress changes hands in November and they can get enough votes to repeal Obama care and put in the real reforms needed to stop the greed of health insurers and make health care more affordable. The Obama plan does none of this. It is the greatest scam and threat to the American way of life I have ever seen (other than the massive debt we have).

    58. Bruce Milwaukee WI says:

      As the memo from Secretary Sebelius states to the health care companies, that "there will be zero tolerance" for "falsely blaming premium increases" on Obamacare. Why would such a memo be required if Obamacare truely was set up to ensure that costs were held in check and that we would continue to have the same coverage with the same providers. It is further evidence that Obamacare is as we have suspected and has been reported by many that it will only drive up private insurance costs and force or better said herd people into Government Healthcare – something that we do not want as free Americans. Why do we want to destroy one of the world's finest Healthcare systems? Granted there are areas to improve as with any great system to keep it great. But, to destroy this system to fix a few problems is the same as cutting the patient's foot off for a hang nail. It is time to repeal Obamacare and implement a less invasive improvement to the cost of healthcare that is sensible. One of the best approaches is to reduce the inflated costs for health providers in the areas of insurance for their practice, greater access to the newest technology/medication and reduce the administrative workload to provide care. All of these areas are overhead costs that must be covered by medical practice and/or hospital to in their fees to provide care and stay in business. Whether we want to admit it or not health care providers are in the business of medicine and must meet their financial obligations.

    59. Susan K Shumway says:

      A friends of mine just got her health insurance bill and it is going to $1800.00 ,just for herself. She is a divorced woman who can no longer take care of herself. What is she and others supposed to do now. These people who are connected with Obama are doing just what they have wanted to do. They want to ruin this country. They spend and spend OUR MONEY!!!!!!

      Michele sort of reminds me of Marie Antoinette. These folks have no idea how all of us are suffering now. We have worked our whole lives to see everything we have worked for taken away and given to a bunch of THUGS from Chicago. They are destroying this country faster than anyone could have thought. They planned on getting rid of private health care all along. Hopefully there are a few bright lawyers out there that can help us combat these idiots in Washington. God help us all!

    60. Billie says:

      so, Sebelius doesn't tolerate truth! Since Obama (also intolerant of truth) told us there wouldn't be an increase, Sebelius must have a creative lying answer as to why there is and to address to the public immediately, as the effect has already permeated. Obama and the like, won't allow the insurance companies to tell the truth without punishment and HE wants to take over education!


    61. Peter G Alexandria, says:

      I have been elgible for Medicare for two years as part of my Part D Coverage

      I have private Insurance. Each year within six months I have received a notice

      from my Insurance carrier they would no longer offer insurance under Medicare.

      The elderly are being wiped out, to obtain commercial insurance at my age

      would cost between 2500. and 3500 per month. I am not wealthy and will be without any coverage at all. So much for CHANGE! If you ask me, to put

      this kind of burden on our Senior Citizens who have paid with their sweat to Medicare, is a cruel and unusual punishment. I do not beleive this President likes America or the people who reside in it.

    62. Chip says:

      How come so many people keep using "they" when referring to the government. …who are the one who will cause us to succumb to the tyrannical whims.

    63. Dave Gardner, Crofto says:

      Insurers must hold adequate reserves against future losses, so it should be no surprise they are building them now in the face of increased costs as PPACA is rolled out. This is not out of "greed" as even some opponents of Obamacare believe, but for their very survival. "Profits" in the health insurance industry as a percentage of revenues were already among the slimmest of any business in America even BEFORE PPACA was passed.

      Changing gears ……. I see no reason why a "back to the future" strategy to maintain private insurance couldn't work. The Constitutional underpinning is the right of FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY. The vehicle would be a return to the old mutual aid societies of the past – - – themselves forerunners to many modern insurance companies. These fraternal societies flourished for decades and based on many kinds of groups including religious organizations, tradesman, ucators, Masons and many others. On what basis can they be denied the right to organize themselves for beneficial support of their members? I say none.

    64. JR, Michigan says:

      This is exactly what the banks did. They were forewarned about the upcoming credit card regulations going into effect and hiked the interest rates, minimum payments beforehand to the point many people ended up filing bankruptcy because of it. I know I deal with consumers everyday that are going through bankruptcy. Many tried to work arrangements out with their banks that they could afford and the banks refused. Some even let the banks know they were forcing them into filing bankruptcy and they didn't care. It makes no sense, the banks get nothing when that happens. Now, insurance companies are getting the chance to hike up as much as they can and the consumers are they ones suffering. I have clients that can no longer afford their medicine, copays, etc and end up filing bankruptcy on their medical debt. (or, they use the credit cards to cover the medical cost and file on the credit card debt.) It's a vicious circle.

    65. Dennis Joe Web Kalam says:

      If the next election is not successful in ending the tyranny in Washington DC, I believe there will be assassinations or a shooting revolution in America. That will give the government a chance to declare martial law and suspend all rule by normal government. We now do not have government by legislation, we have government by litigation. We need to stop electing lawyers to public office.

    66. Dennis Joe Web Kalam says:

      If this election does not stop the tyranny in Washington DC, there will be an explosion of anger that will make an atom bomb sound like a firecracker. I fear that assassination and/or a shooting revolution is in our future.

    67. Brandon, Philly says:

      What worries me in general is that we on the right don't even realize that our own party is filled with progressives as well. Activist statists exist in the republican party as war hawks. (Note: I am all for going after those who intend to or actually do harm us but we have gone pretty far beyond the intention of our founders in meddling in foreign affairs). Many of you will say that "the times call for such actions" but that argument leaves the left the ability to make the same point on their favorite subject – domestic affairs. "The nation has more people than ever before and many are starving, homeless, jobless etc. and 'the times call for such actions'."

      The soaring debt is a direct result of the state "doing things". When the state does things it costs us all money. The more the state does the more money they need. Unfortunately in 1913-14 various purchased Congressmen, Senators and President Wilson made a deal with the devil and now the state doesn't even make its own money, it borrows it from the privately owned corporation – the Federal Reserve. And today, because Hayek failed to trounce Keynes "brilliant" Big Government Spending ideas as the bunk they are (Hayek's The Road to Serfdom was his rebuttal but came too late), Keynesian and Progressivism is now synonymous.

      The long winded point I am trying to make is that if we don't reign in our own big spenders we cannot ask the same of our counterparts in the democrat party. The only solution is for every single one of us to dust off our copies of the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence and go out an purchase or download the Federalist Papers (not many people have this INCREDIBLY important document laying around) and then dedicate a week of your time to studying those political works of art. After that, get a history book on the times of our founders and books about and written by the hands of our founders and study them to gain context on what tyranny the founders were trying to prevent and what freedoms they were trying to preserve. Then teach those values to your children.

      It is time to stop bickering for a second; its time to start reading and teaching our family and friends the true value and importance of our founding fathers ideas and truly, fundamentally, change our country back to what it was.

      My name is Brandon Wooton,

      I don't hide behind the anonymity of the internet

      If there is any personal attack anyone wishes to make feel free to write me and not waste other readers time.


    68. Brandon, Philly says:

      I take one part back, it's not time to stop bickering… Keep hammering the left for trouncing the U.S. Constitution…

    69. Ron Derry NH says:

      Unfortunately the CATCH PHRASE of redistributing wealth assumes that the politicians will do it with out political coercion and with out malice of intent…anybody with a third grade education and has read more than one comic book within his /her lifetime would know that scenario has never occurred on EARTH!

      We as a people, who have avoided the drugs, avoided the wasted life of parasitic economic consumption of others earned worth, have all but to sit back and watch yet another blind religious attempt to solve mankind's frailties with false promises cloaked in false catch phrases so the ignorantly enthused happily chain us to slavery with their lack of forethought, concern and with a demented exuberance for a promise of Utopia by the largest group of organized criminals on the planet.

      I pity this country and the results that the childish have accepted even desired and that is the destruction of the only safety net of defense against totalitarian corruption..which is liberty and free markets….and I say that with venom I hope because no people should become so arrogant as to think that totalitarianism is a protection against GREED, corruption or injustice…since some of have actually read history and accept its predictable outcome.

      These are sad days when the PEOPLE are still stupefyingly ignorant at the outcomes of historic paths repeated since the time of ADAM.

      Fiat money=Collapse of worth


      Communism=destruction of self worth/independence

      Socialized health care=less of every aspect accept cost

      Stupidity=government abuse of power

      repeating same scenario=INSANITY

      Liberalism promise of better outcomes has proved disastrous as has Communism, socialism and totalitarianism, having a base formula of spend, tax and regulate until society stops functioning, it is surprising that square pegger's who follow it are still hammering it into an undersized round hole called debt, that even as they dig it deeper their ridged ignorant square headed idealism still won't fit in it….but hammer it they will until the peg crumbles and us with it.

    70. Ron Campbell - Porta says:

      This article is on the money. Health insurance costs SURELY ARE INCREASING and insurers are shrinking their plans. I purchased a yet unused supplemental policy last year and last month noticed that my premium increased 10.8% over that of the previous 12 months. An inquiry to the insurer brought news that my plan was terminated in June although it is one that is "grandfathered" to existing policyholders. When asked if Obamacare had anything to do with either the plan termination or rate increase, the answer from the company representative was "no comment" and accompanied by a chuckle.

    71. Paul J. Evans says:

      This COULD BE not only a record breacking time in history of how modern medicine is handled in general, but as a hole. Should deseases such as Cancer, Diebetes, Heart Deseases; be broken down into smaller medical cares, accountible to much smaller boards, and directors; as well as new boards for Insurances payout policies. The opportunities are boundless right now if approached and handled with kids gloves, and about 500 tons of ripe bullhockey material.

    72. Paul J. Evans says:

      Buy-The-Buy—-I speak as a 4time Cancer Surviver so far. I'm doing my best with Metestatic Colon Cancer. I've see a lot of Desease in the last forty years, but expecially Cancer. In two months I will becelebrating Forty years of Survival.

      Also—The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (ie.Fred Huthingson/U.W. Med Center/ChildrensHospitla). All places are top notch w/top staff and most recents trials & treatments you might find anywhere.

    73. dannyroberts Phoenix says:

      president obama is the enemy of democracy and freedom and thats my

      humble opinion! bet you guys won't post this comment either.

      made a two or three sentence comment two days ago and it was under moderation for two days and not posted.

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