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  • Obamacare in Pictures Busts Health Care Myths

    As America closes in on the six-month anniversary of the passage of Obamacare and prepares for the November elections, liberal health groups are revving up to defend the unpopular new health care law. But the platitudes offered to justify the massive overhaul of the health care sector haven’t held up—as Heritage’s new online feature, Obamacare in Pictures, shows in graphic detail.

    Heritage’s Center for Health Policy Studies has compiled the best and most recent research on the impact Obamacare will have on various aspects of the health care system. These charts (available for individual download or as a package) illustrate the unintended consequences of the new law and expose the unproven claims the President and other proponents of a government overhaul of health care made during the debate, such as:

    • If you like your health insurance, you can keep it.
    • It will bend the cost curve of health care spending.
    • Obamacare won’t add a dime to our soaring federal deficit.
    • Not a dollar of the Medicare trust fund will be used to pay for Obamacare.
    • It will not lead to a government take over of health insurance.

    The graphics available in Obamacare in Pictures show how, rather than achieving universal coverage, some 41 percent of Americans will be uninsured in 2019 under Obamacare. Additionally, more than 17 million Americans are expected to no longer have employer-sponsored coverage because of the new law. Then there’s the $529 billion in cuts to Medicare that will be used to pay for middle-income Americans to purchase subsidized health insurance. The list goes on.

    The list of unintended consequences of Obamacare is long. Despite the exorbitant cost to Americans on several levels, the health care overhaul will fail to deliver on the promises for which it was sold.  The best way forward is repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act so that Congress can start over and get health care reform right.  Obamacare in Pictures makes this clearer than ever.

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    18 Responses to Obamacare in Pictures Busts Health Care Myths

    1. Adam, Illinois says:

      So I looked through your little slide show there and wanted to comment here. First off I wanted to poke at some of your numbers. Your claim that "some 41 percent of Americans will be uninsured in 2019 under Obamacare" is pretty untrue. In 2019 The US population is estimated to be 322,395,000. Of that the amount of people that will be uninsured are Illegals, Opt outs, Medicare Refusals, and Exempts (Insurance costs 8% of annual income or more). That number is estimated to be 23 Million. That puts the percentage of Americans Uninsured at less than 10%. That fact right there is one typical of arguments about Health care (Or anything it seems). Ridiculously inflated numbers are thrown into the debate with little or no backing on how the numbers were arrived at. Examples being the claim that there were "Double counts" regarding the deficit estimations. Those claims are simply unfounded. I find it interesting that the graphic lists 4 of those unfounded "Double counts" around the only real number in the graphic, one taken into account for the Deficit estimations, being discretionary spending. Bringing up the size of the bill (It appears to be growing with every claim) is getting tired as well. As an American, I really don't care how big a bill is if it is going to get things done the right way. I also wanted to address the claims of how many people would be losing their Employee sponsored health care. The only way this number is correct is if the study is assuming that so many companies will be subjecting themselves to the huge fines (Larger than the actual cost of Health Care per Employee) rather than keeping their plan. It makes no business sense to do this. Finally wanted to touch on the "unconstitutional" model presented towards the end of the slide show. The fact is that numerous people, from judges to constitutional attorneys, have said publicly that the bill is clearly constitutional and that federal law supersedes state law. The claims of "unconstitutional" originate from the mandate tax if you do not want to carry Health Care. The problem with this is that the Mandate tax is to raise revenue to pay for the plan. This is essentially the status quo inverted. Instead of Health Insurance cost rising to deal with the amount of people who refuse to carry health insurance, the people who refuse to pay for Health Insurance will be required to help raise revenue to keep costs down for those who do. Now I am not here to sprout a fight or anything, I simply wanted to point out some issues with your numbers. The Fact of the matter is that the New Health Care bill is still on pace to better the Health Care landscape.

      It seems to me that the only reason this argument is raging is because of party lines. If people were given a basic outline of the objectives of this bill, taking into account all aspects including the increased Government Regulation, and presenting the idea as party neutral I think support for the bill would rise greatly. I think there are many people who oppose this because they think they should, not because they fully understand it and feel there is a better way. I feel like party lines have become so glaring that the apparent need to conform to party standards has blinded people on both sides to methods on improving the Country's well being.

    2. Billie says:

      "unintended" is just a word of government convenience. Sebelius is threatening insurance companies to keep the increase as the insurance companies choice and not the true fact that government intervention is the cause! It is VERY JUSTIFIED that GOVERNMENT IS THE CAUSE, just too little, too incompetent, too corrupt to admit it! THERE IS NO TOLERANCE FOR GOVERNMENT DECEPTION!

    3. David, Seattle,WA says:


      The fine for not having health care is lower than the cost of the Health Insurance. The only way that costs will go down in the aging population is to refuse care to certain groups of people that raise costs.

      a. Smokers

      b. Overweight

      c. Elderly

      As long as you are healthy you are covered once you get sick you will not be covered anymore. This whole scheme is to take more money in the Government health care system and treat it like SSN. Spent on the Budget and not on what it is suppose cover.

      Less doctors will be available because they can not make a profit unless they see you for a minute and go to the next patient. Look at all the doctors that are refusing to take MEdicare patients. Why because they are getting less money per visit and they lose money when they treat the ailments. THe government thinks the health care cost should come out of the Doctor or the hospitals pockets. THe Federal government says what they are willing to pay and it is not the cost for the procedure. ANd they need to lower what they pay each year as more people come into the system.

    4. Doug, NE says:

      Adam in Illinois sounds like an "Obama machine" responder. Whether the numbers are correct or not, we all know Obamacare will be run as badly as the Post Office, but this time the Feds are messing with the health of its citizens where it has no business.

    5. Sara, SD says:

      Adam, if you really believe that then you chose to look past all the information presented in the slideshow. But it doesn't really matter whether you choose to believe the truth or not. You will be subjected to the horrible things that will result from this "bill" just like the rest of us.

      I wonder if you will still choose to believe the lies the Liberals are pouring out when the truth is staring you in the face. When you loose your leg because you had an infection and after waiting for days to be seen by the emergency room they had no chance but to amputate it. Will you believe then? Maybe, but it will be too late.

      Unless Americans fight this there is no hope of changing the oncoming tidal wave of destruction on our nation. We may still lose, but at least we can say we tried to right the injustice being forced upon us by our leaders. If we do nothing and choose to ignore the evidence that they are corrupt, then we will surely lose our wonderful American prosperity and will pay with our freedom, our rights and possibly our lives.

    6. NJONY says:

      We must stop Obamacare. Even if Adam was correct, I want the government out of my life as much as possible and this gives them to much control. It is good we are having the discussion because before we were complaisant and now we are on our toes and have our eyes pealed for any area the government is overstepping its bounds.

      Number one item to address is national debt. We must get this under control and Obamacare would just make it worst.

    7. Matt, Herndon says:

      Just a couple things in Adams comment jump out at me… "As an American, I really don’t care how big a bill is if it is going to get things done the right way…" Really? I presume "how big" refers to how much it costs, right? You really don'y care how much wealth is confiscated from those who created it and know best how it can be used to further their own particular aims? "Gets things done the right way"? What things? And in who's judgement are we to decide that the way things are done are "right"? According to what criteria? Once we have finally crafted some Utopian vision of heaven on Earth?

      You have to appreciate the fact that such sentiments are the downfall of centralized planning, be it for healthcare or any other economic activity… Health is an intensely individual thing – no central planner, no president, no advisory board, no administrator – no one – can possess sufficient knowledge of the peculiar circumstances of each person to craft a system that serves their needs better than they can on their own using their own knowledge and resources… The order that emerges from free individuals seeking solutions to their specific issues is inevitably better than a centralized solution which operates on incomplete knowledge… The difficulties in the distribution of healthcare are far more the result of government coercion than its absence…

      You know best how you should address your healthcare needs – an adminstrator in Washington doesn't – they simply cannot… Worse, you cannot know in what way the adminstrator of this plan or whatever comes next to fix its failings will be inadequate – you are therefore not free address these needs as you see fit… You can't plan for contingincies since you don;t know what they might be… This is the failing of a society that abandons the principles of liberty…

    8. Amanda, Louisburg says:

      If you think your health care is expensive now, wait until it is free.

    9. ozziemesa says:

      You can't trust Obama or Obamacare lies,lies and more lies.

    10. Blacknblue2 says:

      Adam, Illinois … you said that "The only way this number is correct is if the study is assuming that so many companies will be subjecting themselves to the huge fines"

      Isn't the fine normally less than the average annual cost of supplying employer sponsored health plans? I know the fine on individuals is a lot less than paying 8for a policy.

      Interesting that you say you "I really don’t care how big a bill is if it is going to get things done the right way." Most adults that I know, the adults with children, mortgages, utility invoices all CARE HOW MUCH SOMETHING COSTS. I will say that if you don't care about costs, you surely are a different type of person.

      Small insurance companies have already started closing their door. Companies that supplied insurance to satisfied consumers but are getting out of business. A long time ago I had a policy the company mentioned.

      "Two months ago, Al and Jill Alcantara, both 63, of McKinney, got a letter from their health insurer saying their policy would not be renewed. In the letter sent to the Alcantaras and other customers, Grand Prairie-based National Health Insurance Co. said it could no longer offer individual accident and health insurance policies. It blamed its decision on the company's inability to meet requirements of the health care overhaul signed into law this year.

      Smaller health insurers may face additional obstacles to stay in business in light of the new law’s mandates, with some predicting the new regulations will drive them out of the insurance market altogether. Not only does this mean that Americans who are currently happy with their insurance coverage will see changes they don’t like, but it signals even more choice restriction among health plans.

      While experts say not enough smaller insurers have left the market yet to point to a trend, the Morning News article notes that several health economists expect smaller insurers to be unable to make it under the new law."

      But the above is what the supporters of the new Bill were hoping would happen. Putting pressure on the current system will create fear in people and move more toward Federal & State provided policies.

      Why do I have that nagging feeling that you aren't going to be one of the payer into the new health care financing.

    11. Darrell Crane says:

      This is why there are currently 20 states have brought lawsuits against the White House refusing to take the obamacare. I'm sure it will tbe fast-tracked to the supreme court. I think rhe states have a valid case! REPEAL!!!!!

    12. Randy, NM says:

      All the libs seem to forget that it's NOT THE GOVERNMENT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO PROVIDE YOU WITH HEALTH CARE !! It's yours…..IT'S NOT THE GOVERNMNETS RESPONSIBILITY TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR PARENTS WHEN THEY GET OLD !! It's yours. IT'S NOT THE GOVERNMENTS RESPONSIBILITY TO TAKE CARE OF THOSE WHO BREAK THE LAW AND COME TO THIS COUNTRY ILLEGALLY. IT'S THIER RESPONSIBILITY !! Let them change their country for the better not mine for the worse. It really doesn't matter what the numbers look like. Anytime the government takes MY money without asking to gives to someone else, I have a problem.

    13. Stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      I would ask "Adam" if he understands that when you give Government control over the entire healthcare system that you are giving up your constitutional rights to decide how to live your life. I myself don't want the government making my choices for me (if I wanted that I would of moved to a socialist/comunist country long ago.)

    14. The Rogue Element says:

      Poor Adam, he is so out of touch with reality in his dissertation of the charts. He is wrong on all accounts. I will explain to poor Adam faults in his theory here. Adam states that it makes no business sense for companies to drop their insurance plans and pay the fine. I beg to differ!! Here are the numbers off my pay stub to support it. My employer pays $314 per pay period to provide insurance for me. That is $8164.00 a year that the company pays for one employee. The max fine for the comapny not covering an employee is $3000 for not providing affordable coverage and an employee taking the government assitance. Then if the company is larger than 30 employees it is 2000 times the number of employees. So lets assume my company employees 150 employees and drops the insurance coverage for all emlpoyees. The max fine would be only $300,000.00 (2000 x 150) per year vice having to pay $1.2 million for benefits as they are now. If I owned the business and had to choose a reduction in costs that right there save me in excess of $700k a year. Next poor Adam states that the double accounting is misguided. Again it is Adam that is misguided. This is how it works Adam. If the government is going to save for examples sake $500 million over ten years in medicare due to the health care law. It is only received once and thefore cannot be used to pay for expansion of other programs. If you need to Adam go to CBO's website and read this article and CBO will explain it in detail to you. Third, Adam states that the mandate is a tax and therefore puts more money in the pot as those who dont have insurance will be paying for it. Again, the level of the fine/tax is a mere fraction of what it will cost to insure someone via the insurnace pools. Last but not least we could attack Adams assumption of the number of uninsured but I dont have time in this comment to point out all the factual misinformation he spouts in his comment. Again Adam go to CBO and look at the estimates there then compare them to the research here and see your numbers are wrong.

    15. Randy, NM says:

      Excellent example Rogue !! I think part of the problem also is that most people don't look at thier Pay Check Stubs. I think the government likes it that way. Most employers require direct deposit to save money. What happens is people get used to their net pay. Imagine if you had to sit down on April 15th and write one check for all your taxes….. I think we would have a revolt. It's only going to get worse. I would encourage everyone who reads this to look at your check stub. Look at all the taxes that come out before you buy anything. Can you afford higher taxes? I can't.

    16. Doug, South Carolina says:

      Adam's sentiment on obamacare disturbs me as a free American.

      The whole idea behind this 'plan' feels just plain wrong.

      I haven't believed a word of the 'promises' from day one. I am in business. We won't be hiring anyone as long as this 'plan' is in place. It punishes employers for having employees. I should be free to offer whatever incentives and benefits that I choose to make myself more appealing in the job market.

      I agree with some of the stipulations mentioned in this 'plan'. There needs to be some fairness in health insurance and practices.

      obamacare is not the way. I will not support it in any way that I can.

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion, they just are not entitled to make their opinion law and force it down my throat. That's what the government and the liberal, progressives are doing.

      God Bless us all. We surely need it.

    17. Kathryn Nix Kathryn Nix says:

      Just to clarify, all of the data in this slideshow comes from government or other qualified and trusted sources of analysis. These are noted at the bottom of each slide.

      Regarding the slide on the uninsured, the slide claims that 41 percent of those who were projected to be uninsured in 2019 will remain uninsured. It does not claim that 41 percent of all Americans will be uninsured.

      Regarding the double counting, I would refer you to the Chief Actuary for the Center for Medicare and Mecaid Services, who writes in his analysis of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: "In practice, the improved HI financing cannot be simultaneously used to finance other Federal outlays (such as the coverage expansions) and to extend the trust fund, despite the appearance of this result from the respective accounting conventions."

      Finally, studies vary on how many employers will dump their employee's coverage, but many are expected to do so since the cost of paying the penalties for some employers, especially those with a larger percentage of lower income employees, would be significantly less than offering coverage.

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