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  • Morning Bell: Holding Economic Recovery Hostage

    Last August, NBC News’ Chuck Todd posed a question to President Barack Obama from Elkhart, Indiana, resident Scott Ferguson: “Explain how raising taxes on anyone during a deep recession is going to help with the economy.” The President responded: “We have not proposed a tax hike for the wealthy that would take effect during a recession. … He’s absolutely right, the last thing you want to do is raise taxes in the middle of a recession because that would just suck up, take more demand out of the economy and put businesses in a further hole.”

    Fast forward to yesterday on NBC’s Meet the Press where — after host David Gregory asked, “When does the economic team think that Obama administration economic policies will have a sizable impact on the unemployment rate in this country?” — White House senior adviser David Axelrod admitted: “It took 10 years to create that problem … It’s going to take — nearly 10 years — it’s going to take some time … It’s going to take some time to fix it.” Meanwhile over at Fox News Sunday, newly minted Chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers Austan Goolsbee was admitting to host Chris Wallace: “I think it’s clear that the labor market is significantly weakened, has been for some time. We have to do everything we can to try to create jobs and get people back to work. … I don’t think the unemployment rate will be coming down significantly anytime in the near future.”

    So if the labor market has “significantly weakened” as Goolsbee admits, and “it’s going to take nearly 10 years” before Obama’s policies “will have a sizable impact on the unemployment rate,” then why are the White House and the leftist majorities in the House and Senate pushing for massive tax hikes on those Americans and small businesses that make more than $200,000 a year? Politics.

    The White House is determined, and has been determined from day one, on soaking the most productive and entrepreneurial Americans to pay for their massively expanded social welfare state. Just look at the President’s statement that he would not propose raising taxes on the wealthy “during a recession.” The White House plan all along was for President Obama’s economic stimulus to pull us out of recession so that the U.S. economy would support 137.8 million jobs by December 2010. The whole point of Vice President Joe Biden’s “Recovery Summer” was to signal the end of the recession and mark a transition to an economic recovery that would give the President the rhetorical room to raise taxes.

    But there’s just one little problem. The President’s trillion dollar Keynesian economic stimulus has completely failed to revive job creation and with only 130.3 million Americans currently employed, President Obama’s Jobs Gap stands at 7.5 million. Instead of taking responsibility for his failed economic policies and changing course, the President is again shifting blame to Republicans and stubbornly plowing ahead with his promise to raise taxes. So this past Friday, after an Associated Press reporter asked if the November elections would be a referendum on his handling of the economy, President Barack Obama accused Republicans of “holding middle-class tax relief hostage.”

    This is just plain false. The Republicans do not have the power, yet, to hold anything hostage. It is the left that controls the White House, the Senate and the House. And it’s the Democrats in both the House and Senate who are listening to the sound economic reasoning of the Scott Fergusons of America. In the Senate, at least four Democrats – Sens. Evan Bayh (IN), Kent Conrad (ND), Ben Nelson (NE) and Jim Webb (VA) — as well as Joe Lieberman (I-CT), have expressed concern that any tax increases would hinder economic growth. And in the House, Reps. Jim Matheson (D-UT), Glenn Nye (D-VA), Melissa Bean (D-IL) and Gary Peters (D-MI) are drafting a letter begging Speaker Nancy Pelosi not to raise taxes because “in times of economic recovery it makes good sense to maintain things as they are in the short term, to provide families and businesses the certainty required to plan and make sound budget decisions.”

    Raising taxes on work and investment would mean less work and less investment and can be regarded only as an overtly hostile anti-jobs policy. Raising taxes was a bad policy in August 2009 and with unemployment hovering around 10% it is bad policy now.

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    38 Responses to Morning Bell: Holding Economic Recovery Hostage

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      This is what happens when we put all of our eggs in the federal basket. We have given them full authority to do as they wish on our lives, including the entire economy.

      Though the majority of the blame belongs to congress, the president and all the federal employees who create and implement policies against American, the root of the balme belongs with the American Voter who either accepts the premice that government is the source of all solutions or that they go in and vote for a person who will help themself personally. Government only can manage mediocracy and they do not even do that well. Welfare is not aid – it is an horrable act of storing people aside due to failures imposed on us by other government programs. I dont care what government does, it is not about the enhncement of peoples lives – only the individual can ensure that. Government, through fees, fines, backlog, regulations and so on can only act as a vehicle of punishment and hinderance on the very people who pay their salaries.

      The solution is to recognize that government is not the answer and to get it out of the way. Bring true economic power back to the citizenry by significantly reducing the size and scope of the federal government. Let us not give them the power to hold our economy. our livelyhoods hostage. What is their ransom? They want more government and more power! Something we simply cannot afford on so many levels.

    2. Norma--North Carolin says:

      Agree with all your comments and this is preceisly why we must all let our federal legislators know that extending the tax cuts is the right course.

      That said, the president has a majority in both houses of Congress and he will probably be able to carry out his agenda which is not to do what's right for our economy but to promote socialism and to increase government and render the populace depent on government.He is bent on eliminating capitalism as it is part of a decades-old plan to "transform our nation."

      Our only course of action is to remove his majority by casting votes in November for candidates who will uphold our Constitution and protect our Republic, our sovereignty, our culture and our economic system of capitalism.

    3. Alan says:

      Democrats running for re-election are acting like virgins as they completely ignore 0bama and there is not a syllable about the healthcare mess they voted for.

      They are banking on a dull witted public with short memories.

      These people are running on made up record and predictably skewing to the right in an attempt to sell a lie.

      Even though this party has been in control since 2007, they take no responsibility for the outcome of their actions.

      Sad but typical.

    4. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      "Holding Economic Recovery Hostage"




      Murdoch is the most POWERFUL MAN
      in the history of the world.

    5. C LabOUNTY MERRITT I says:

      To the Editors at American Heritage:

      Please do a piece on comparing and contrasting socialism, communism and the current administrations policies and plans.

      I would really like an intellectual analysis of this.

      thank you

    6. Greyhawk says:

      Good morning friends and family. This morning I awoke around 4:00 a.m. after getting a good night's sleep after having had one of the best weekends in my life. This past weekend, I was back home in LaFayette, Alabama to celebrate our class reunion, the class of 1966. In that little small town in East Alabama, I lived in a culture that was representative of all the great things about America, and it was filled with the great people that were the products of this great culture in America that was still in tact in that little town. The kids I went to high school with were the best kids in the world, and they now comprise some of the best minds and citizens of the world and the United States of America. Our Class reunion was held on 9-11, 2010 just because it fell on a Saturday and also fell on a Saturday that was not a Home Game for our Beloved Auburn University Tigers—A Big War Eagle to All. It was a great weekend which I enjoyed by seeing my classmates, some of which I had not seen since High School. But, to see who these men and women are today, just inspired me to no end. Thanks to all of you my friends.

      At any rate, as I sat here this morning, a lot of things went through my mind as I thought about this past weekend, which fell on 9-11 and all the things that had been in the news in recent weeks involving 9-11, including the national and international attention that got brought down on one man who dared practice his first amendment right to express himself. The event was about some unknown preacher with a congregation of 40 or 50 like minded believers who wanted to use 9-11 as an expression of their beliefs and in doing so were going to burn some Korans, which they have every right to do. The Mainstream Media and our Own Government Came Down on this little man, who was one of We, The People, with all the force they could muster, and the man was intimidated and threatened to the point that they put his life in danger, and he had to back down.

      When I watched the News Media drum up support against this little man and take a local event and turn it into an international circus, and to hear Generals and President's condemning this little man, and telling him that he Was The Problem, I knew just how much Intolerance Our Government and Main Stream Media have of We, The People, if what We, The People, do Not Go Along With The Government's or the Main Stream Media's Beliefs, and Agenda.

      So, as I sat here this morning, I made up my mind that I am Personally going to Celebrate 9-11 in the future my own way. From thinking about that, I posted the following on my Facebook this morning. I love you all and I love my country, and I love Freedom. God Bless America and God Bless You All—Have a Great Day and Happy Trails—Jerome Ennis

      Jerome's Proposal for a 9-11 Celebration annually as a Celebration of All Things That Made America Great.

      On subsequent 9-11's, Americans should have a National Barbeque Pig/Burn The Koran Festival as a National Day of Remembrance that the Nation Of Islam declared war on the United States of America and on Western Civilization as a whole.

      And, we would also use this day as a Remembrance That We Are The United States of America and that We, The People and our Great Nation and All It's Underpinnings, which includes our Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution also came under attack. These Islamic Fascists do not believe in our way and form of government which gives individual rights and liberties to free people. These Islamic Fascists do not believe that we Should Be Able to Be Christians or Jews which are religions that according to Islam, are to be destroyed along with any Infidels who practice any beliefs besides Islam.

      First, we would barbeque our various kinds of our favorite pig such as ribs, back bones, neck bones, pork chops, etc. and saving as much of the pork drippings as possible to be used later.

      During the afternoon and early evening, we would eat our meals, after saying Grace and giving Thanks, of course, and generally socialize and talk about our lives and the great things that we have been able to accomplish because we live in America. The country that was created by great men and women of vision, hope, values and beliefs that inspired them to create first, the Declaration of Independence, which declared that Men and Women should Not Live Under The Tyranny of a Monarchy, which could declare and dictate any rule of law they deemed was in the best interest of the Monarchy, in spite of what the people's will would be, and in most cases, the Monarch's Rulings were in direct opposition to what was in their Subjects or the People's they ruled best interest.

      And in remembrance of the United States Constitution, which was the document that defined how we would be governed. The document that was designed with checks and balances to insure that no Dictator or Monarch could ever have absolute or totalitarian or fascistic powers and could govern or rule against The People's Best Interests. The U.S. Constitution that had as it's First and Only Amendments added from the start that were called the Bill Of Rights, Amendments, 1-10 that defined the People's Rights and all 10 of these First Ten Amendments defined What Our Rights as Free Citizens Were. These were Rights Directly Defining what the Central or Federal Government Could Not Do or Interfere With as Relates To it's Citizens who were all Sovereign as were The Individual States. These Bill Of Rights were to insure that We Would Never Have a Centralized Authority that Could Govern in a Dictatorial, Totalitarian or Fascistic Manner as Monarchs, Czars, and other Forms of Centralized Governments that Had Absolute Power at the Top.

      And, then around sundown, we would gather around a bond fire and throw in a few Korans and pour on some accelerant which is the Pork Drippings which we saved earlier from the fabulous pork barbeque. (Note from a Happy Camper: Pork drippings are great for starting fires. When I go camping, I save the Bacon Drippings to fry eggs, etc. and any that I have left over that is not used to fry things or to season food, I use to pour over my fire wood as it is a great fire accelerant once you get a small flame going.)

      You see how we could use 9-11 as an Event Of Declaration that We Will Not Be Subjugated, Humiliated, and or Destroyed by a Religion That Hates Us and We Will Not Allow This Type of Religion that has at it's roots, Fanatacism and Narcissism that makes it's adherents believe that Everybody Except Them ought to Be Destroyed if they are unable to convert them.

      And, we would be using our 9-11 celebration to remember that We are The United states of America that was Founded to Insure that We Would Continue to Be The Land of the Free and Not Be Dictated To and Controlled By a Central Government Which Can Become and Has Become Totalitarian and Fascistic.

      And, we would be celebrating the fact that We Are Taking Our Country Back to It's Original Constitutional Boundaries that Put The Power in the Hands of We, The People and our Individual States and not in the Hands of A Centralized, Out Of Control Federal Bureaucracy that not only has become Totalitarian and Fascistic, but at the same time is Doing More Harm Than Good and at the Same Time has become so huge and costly to Operate that it is Consuming The Nation's Entire Capital Wealth just to Service Itself and To Pay Back It's Political Machine that helps keep it in power. The Federal Government Is Consuming Our Nation and Weakening It to the Point that Islamic Terrorists can now just make threats of violence and retribution, and our Federal Government Officials, Politicians, and even Generals Tremble in their Boots to the Point that they Are Telling We The People What We Can and Cannot Do To Celebrate our Freedom or to Show Our Disgust For Our Own Government Officials or to Show Our Own Defiance To Our Enemies.

      Well, in future 9-11 Events, I am going to Celebrate the way I just described as a way of Telling Our Own Government That They Cannot Take Away My First Amendment Right which was given to my by our founding father's blood and guts and subsequent fathers and mothers since that time.

      And, as a celebration and reminder to our Federal and State Governments that they have Become Too Big and Costly to Operate and in doing so, they have become more and more fascistic in how they are governing as they are continually coming up with more and more ways to regulate and tax us just to fund itself as they grow out of control in size and lust for centralized power.

      And, as a reminder to show our Enemies, whether they be Islamists or some other Isms that have sprang up in our nation in the form of religions or governments such as Communism, Marxism, Fascism, and Totalitarianism that We Are The People Of The United States Of America, and we will not Be Silenced and Intimidated by Terror or Threats of Terror by our Enemies, foreign or domestic.

      Yes, 9-11 ought to be a Day of Remembrance and a Day To Rejuvenate our Hearts, Minds, Bodies and Spirits as One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice For All.

      A Day that we Declare: Never Again to 9-11 type attacks and Never Again to Our Federal Government that is Ruling Against The Will of The People and has grown so big and cumbersome that it cannot do anything very well, including defending our nation from 9-11 type attacks.

      Before the Military was downsized and cut into, we had an Air Defense Command that was Up and Running and Operational 24-7, 365 days a year with Aircraft sitting on Ready Pads with Engines Running and Pilots Standing By. These Air Defense Commands were strategically located in key spots all over this nation, and anytime that any aircraft, foreign or domestic, civilian or military flew into air spaces not authorized, those planes scrambled to check them out and if they were deemed hostile or that they were putting lives in imminent danger, those planes would be shot down if they did not willingly respond and land in a safe place. End of conversation.

      We have to rebuild our Military, and to do this, we have to stop spending billions and trillions on Welfare and Other Programs that not only do not help anybody, those programs actually destroy lives as they destroy people's sense of self worth that comes from working for a living and having self respect and dignity.

      Liberty and Justice for Our Own Citizens First, and It does Not Stand For Liberty and Justice For All Lawbreakers Who Enter Our Country Illegally or To Those Who Dare Attack Us In the Cowardly Way That These Islamists Did on September 11, 2001.

      So, you see folks how we can use 9-11 as a day of Thanksgiving for Living In the Greatest Country in the World, and as a Reminder to Our Government That We Will Not Live Under a Dictatorship, and that We Expect Our Government To Provide For The National Defense and Not as a Nanny State that Controls and Regulates Our Every Freedom of Choice and Then Taxes Us For Exercising our Liberties, and as a way to Tell Our Enemies, which right now seems to be Islam that We Will Not Tolerate Attacks on our Nation, and That We will Never Accept Islam as a Mainstream Movement in the USA, and all the Terrorist Acts Being Carried Out in the World Today, including the 9-11 Attack in the USA were carried out by Muslims who Were Following The Dictates of their Founder, Mohammed, that are Contained In The KORAN.

      So, in burning the Koran at our Celebration, we are sending a message to Muslims that we abhor every word of the Koran and it's founder who dictated the words found in the Koran as a way of expressing his own arrogance, his own hatred for Jews, Christians and Others and as a way of expressing his Sexual Perversions which included the marrying and or raping of small girls as young as age 7, and a religion that gives men the right to not only abuse women, but the right to murder them if they do not comply with his wishes and demands. And, we will not allow Islam to become Mainstream in the USA as the French, British, Germans, and others have done, and have lived and are living to regret the day that they allowed Sharia Law to be practiced at any level in their nations. We will not tolerate Sharia Law in the USA and if Muslims Want To Be U.S. Citizens, they will abide by Our Laws and Customs and not Supplant ours with Their Own Sick and Perverted Sharia Law which is a combination of Law, Government, Politics and Religion that was founded by a mad man.

      So, you see folks, 9-11 can become a Day that Trumps Them All. A day that reminds us of all the things we as a people have taken for granted. Most of us believed the U.S. military was still on the job in areas such as the Air Defense Command, and we found out too late that was not the case. And, since 9-11-01, the Air Defense Command Still Has Not Been Rebuilt. But, our Dear President Obama has said, "We are going to use NASA to reach out to Islam, and to celebrate all the great things Islam has contributed to the Space Program??? What planet is he living on?? And, Obama has said taht our Space Program is going to stop being used fo defense technologies and exploration, but is going to be used mostly for Studying Global Warming and other Green Initiatives."

      9-11, 2001 was a Wake Up Call, but we fell back asleep and in 2008, we elected a Radical that is destroying the nation and who also apologizes to the Islamic World & Bows To Saudi Kings, who are the Popes of the Muslim World.

      Never Again—-Remember 9-11 and Pray For America to Be Blessed and Delivered from the Incompetence that now is being represented by this president and congress. And, in the future, vote for people who truly love this country but who also have as part of their agenda the belief in Limited Federal Government and the Down Sizing of the Federal Government and putting things such as public education, and other matters back in the hands of local and state governments where they belong and which were the intentions of our founders of the constitution.

      And, demanding the Federal Government Rebuild the National Defense and Military Apparatus that includes Re-Instituting the Air Defense Command, and Demand that the Federal Government Abolish the Nanny State and the Regulatory Bureaucracy that has Destroyed Our Industrial and Manufacturing Base. It was the Industrial and Manufacturing Base in the USA that built this Dynamic Nation and It's Dynamic Economy That Produced the Greatest Country with the Greatest ability to attain middle class and a good standard of living than any other system or country in the world. We cannot allow any of the Foreign or Domestic Isms or Religions destroy this great nation, as it would also destroy the great people of this great nation.

      We are the greatest nation on earth because our system has allowed for the creation of the culture which I was honored to grow up in. My weekend class reunion and meeting up with my old friends was a reminder of how far down the tubes this nation has gone since our day. We were the Products Of A Great Nation and We had reached the Pinnacle, and we had been blessed, and since that time in 1966, the Federal Government has attained and siezed ever growing power and control and are destroying this great nation, and have almost killed the means of production.

      Our class was the end of the greatest era in the USA, and at the time, we were just young and innocent and thought that America would Continue to Expand in Greatness and Goodness. That is why I call my age and our era, The End Of The Innocence, and along with the Ending of that Innocence, the Federal Government Began It's Wholesale Assault on We The People and Began the Expansion of the Size, Power and Control of the Federal Government at the Expense of Individual and States's Rights.

      But, the last time I checked, the Constitution of the USA is still Around as is the Declaration of Indpendence. It is up to We, The People, To Take America Back To Constitutional and Effective Governance.

      This is my 9-11 Declaration.

      Have a Great Day, and Happy Trails–Jerome Ennis

    7. Greyhawk says:

      This morning on Red State, they were talking about how the Radical Muslims through Violence and Threats of Violence have Cowed Us Down Once Again. This is the same thing they have done in France, Denmark, Germany, England and other European nations, and now they are bringing Their Radical Threats of Violence and Acts of Violence To America. The following are my comments to this: Thanks–Jerome

      "So folks, welcome to the Kinder, Gentler America since we elected a president who is revered by Radical Muslims the world over, revered by Communist Dicatators the world over, revered by the Russians because he took down the nuclear shield that was in place in Eastern Europe as a reminder to the Empire Building Russians that they better not dare invade their neighbors.

      Now, we are going to go the way of France and England and other European Nations where they have allowed Muslims and Their Sharia Laws to supplant their civil laws. Where Rule is By Violence or Threats of Violence.

      Is it not pathetic that if you threaten to punch your next door neighbor in the nose that your neighbor can go and file a charge against you and you will be arrested for making terroristic threats, but if you are a Terrorist Religious Cult, you can Threaten To Murder American Citizens, and our government Does Absolutely Nothing, and in fact appeases the Radical Muslims.

      The Muslims have basically laid down the gauntlet that says: "If any American or Anybody Else dare Offend Us, We Will Terrorize You." And, what is really sickening about this is the fact that our own government and mainstream media is on the side of the Radical Muslims, and will use all the power of the U.S. Govenrnment and All the Power Of The Mainstream Media to Squash Anybody or Any Group that dares challenge them.

      Welcome Folks to the New United Fascist States Of America. Fascism defined means "No opposition allowed." This, my friends, is what our government has just told us. Also, look at what they are doing to Arizona and other States Who Dare Defend the Legitimate Laws of the Land.

      Better wake up folks and rally Conservative Voters on November 2, 2010. At the rate the Obama-Pelosi Regime Dictatorship is moving, there may never be any elections ever again. If they will not tolerate basic First Amendment Rights of Speech and Expression, how long do you think they will tolertate the rest of the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution, which one of the Communists in the Congress, Al Cee Hastings recently said when he was asked about the constitutionality of the Socialized Medicine Bill which they call Obama Care, Hastings replied: "What, the Constitution?? WE, The U.S. Congress do not care anything about the Constituton." Al Cee Hastings was speaking for All of Congress and the President of the USA.

      If you care about your freedoms and you do care about the Constitution, you need to get Out The Vote and Take America Back, and Totally Ignore the Mainstream Media, because they have just shown us how far they will go to Aid and Abet Our Enemies while Squashing A U.S. Citizen who dares express his Displeasure with Islam and With This Government and the Obama Regime. That little preacher in Florida had 50 members. Who would have ever heard of this guy had it not Been for The Mainstream Media and Our own Government Who Made it An International Event. Whose Side Is Our Government On?? Whose Side is our Mainstream Media on??? If you have been paying any attention at all at what is going on in America, you already know the answer to this question. Thanks—Jerome Ennis

    8. Mary.... WI says:

      Our out of control big government and out of control big spending has to stop. They look at the American people as their "wallets". Well, my wallet is running on empty.

      I'm hoping that republicans (after listening to the majority of the American people) can get control of the house and senate in Nov. and that they can force the hand of BO on so many issues in order to get this country up and running again.

    9. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      The Obama Administration is the most arrogant, tone deaf, stupid, and retarded, gang that couldn't shoot straight, that we've ever sent to Washington. Why raise taxes in a recession? Because they can. Why pass Obamacare? So we could find out

      what's in the bill, according to Princess Nancy. Why tax the rich? To make sure the poor and middle class "victims of the man" get their fair share. Screw the imperial

      presidency. What we have here is an imperial Congress. We have an imperial Congress that's not only tone deaf, but also corrupt. Alan Grayson is running ads in

      Florida saying that he cares about kids. Well, la-de-da, he cares about kids! So do I,

      but I'm not bordering on child abuse doing it. I'm not a member of the Legislaturist class in Washington like Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and Grayson. I should also includes my representative, who's running for the Senate, here in New Hampshire, Paul Hodes. We should through Legislaturists like Pelosi, Reid, Grayson, Hodes, and

      others who've been in Washington waaaaaaaaaay too long, out. As the old joke says: What's the opposite of progress? Congress. Obama should be included too. He's a member of the Legislaturist class. Throw the Legilslaturists out. Obama's lease on the White House is up in two years. If the economy's like this in 2012, he'll

      join Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush, in early retirement.

    10. Dennis Georgia says:

      The thoughts and policy of obama, redi, pelosi and those that support these people are not productive for the working person. The role of government is not to make decisions for all, it is to protect this country. I was taught in school many long years ago, that American government according to the Constitution was suppose to be a "government of the people, for the people and for the people". Under obama and clen this form of "guvment" has been kicked to the side. They belive that "guvmnet" is a source of handouts for those that have been brainwashed to believe the governemnt knows best, as well as a source of power and controll to remain in office.

      We the people have to except a large portion of the blame. We have just sat on our collective butts for years, we have not took an active part in the election system. We have not made ourselves aware of those running for office. When we allow only 30% to vote for those in power, we have short changed ourselves. The right to vote is not a guaranteed right under the Constitution, it is just a privilidge, very similar to driving a vehicle. Since it is a priviledge it can be revoked with a stroke of a pen. Once this happens we go to a dictator. It is past time for people to be active in the election of our Congress and President, we need to show those that we elect that our government is what it supposed to be, and if they fail to listen to the will of the people then they can and will be removed from office. We have way to many sitting in Congress that have decoded to make Congress a way of life, 40 years is way to long for anyone to be elected to anything. We must vote in Novemeber to cahnge the way this country is going.

    11. Don Mitchel says:

      Going green is not what they have been doing. Stimulus, if it affects the dollar amount of the treasury notes we have to issue, and the notes are bought by those who supply our largest employers their manufactured products, it will continue to enslave our country to the economic policy of foreign interest. If the military continues a plan offering incentives to foreign shipping bringing foreign goods into our country , asking them not to pollute our environment, while trying to limit US carbon emissions in manufacturing, while the administration negotiates currency manipulation, and hidden carbon emissions with a communist country, why would American manufacturing invest heavily in our country? Why is our president, trying to ease the economic problems of foreign ships, rather than trying to level the playing field for American manufacturing? By NOT helping foreign ships and protecting our environment and our economic interest, change with Ballast Water and how it is handled, mainly the timeline will create "CHANGE" that will affect America's stature in the world for many decades to come. It would be quite understandable for an American plan to subsidize what little shipping industry we have and perhaps even helping promote its growth. A slow plan helping foreign shipping will allow, for foreign ships to continue polluting longer, till foreign shipping industry decides to "take a step" with the military plan. The type of stimulus this administrations, military plan for change is offering, will only help foreign shipping and those who import foreign manufactured products, but may offer temporary economic recovery as foreign manufacturing powers carry the US on their coat tails , until the next economic crisis. Fast decisive legislation for ballast water as the law of the land, not providing economic incentives for foreign ships, from a foreign tax base, bringing foreign goods into our country, would send a message to American manufacturing and perhaps affect their investing policy, as it would level the playing field for industry to grow, providing long term jobs and economic security to our country and may even create stronger countries on our borders where poverty and a bad quality of life are breeding growing instability and violence. Soon, September this new military study created for "change" coinciding with the Coast Guard 20 year plan, and the EPA, — over two years after Senator Boxer killed the legislation created by the largest elected legislative voice of the American people,– will meet to discuss their "new" findings and they might have "new" recommendations. Will they continue on a slow course for change to protect foreign economic shipping interest, or will they speed up mandatory requirements to retrofit with technology, allowing faster protection of our waters and economic growth for our country?

    12. Tom, Lakewood, WA says:

      "reduc(e) size and scope of the federal government:" take Obama's executive czars off the payroll; we have the presidential Cabinet for advisors; in the Cabinet, eliminate the Offices of Energy and Education, both mission failures; eliminate congressional perks; . . .; add your own greivances of USG excess

    13. Carol CA says:

      Taxes here, taxes there, taxes everywhere. This is all fodder for greedy Washington DC. It is the class envy tactic to garner up votes, create arguments in a tug of war over the jealousy of the rich and make them pay. Only our current leaders just can not spend fast enough to make our economy collapse and they will come after all those that made a dime more than they think you should be making. Being of and still am just pennies over the poverty leves. We have managed to stay within our alloted pay level. We were just not blessed with extreme intelligence, looks or silver spoon. So we did the best we could, we have done without, until we could afford what we needed. We have never been jealous. For the reality of the facts that the Government will not tell you is.

      Top 1% earners pay 21.20% of all taxes paid average 24%, The top 2 to5% of earners pay 14,55% of all taxes average 18%. The top 5% pay @36%. The bottom 50% pay 3% of all taxes collected at an average rate of 2.98%.

      The truth and reality is this government wants to come after that bottom 50%. We are just not paying our share, in the world according to Obama. These statistic will vary, depending what year, who is doing them. The end results are the rich, the top earners pay through the nose, of course this is not enough for Washington DC. I mean how can they (House and Senate) not pay their taxes if we are not paying enough to keep them floating. The greedy (House and Senate) put their money in intrest earning bonds, stock, property. They make more money than any one on their investments of our tax dollars. By the time we catch up to them most will just laugh, as if this is a laughing matter, and agree to pay and that this was just an over sight. They will not pay on what they earned over years of being invested.

      The reality is Washington DC is pointing the fingers at every one they can. Un- fortunately they do not care who pays as long as we do. Rembmber Ms. Pelosi did not even recongnize "We the people" the working class, the laborers with dirty hands from a hard days work. The average, every day Joe, the voting class she called Nazis. I am sure she is convinced we do not pay enough Taxes.

    14. Terry Stone, Sumter, says:

      President Obama and the Congressional Majority are too dense and past hope. Remember November while elections still mean anything in this country.

    15. Greyhawk says:

      What we are seeing is a Federal Government that has Consolidated All Power in the Federal Government and they are now becoming what all Communist Governments Become: Totalitarian and Fascistic.

    16. Becky, in GA says:

      Greatest economic stimulus would be to implement the fair tax… it would move us directly towards recovery.

    17. Gary W. Griffin, Ph. says:

      This is a complex situation that both parties are complicit in creating, and neither party has any real ideas or solutins to fix it. Both parties suffer from the delusion that America needs to take a left or a right at this crossroads in its history. They suggest that their philosphical ideals are the correct ones, and so they keep the nation traveling in circles creating the "Inert America" condition which renders us powerless to move forward.

      If we consider society a system, then we can see from the simple mathematical formulas how both parties have rendered us powerless. The net sum gain between two equal but opposing forces is zero. We have two parties that are divided – 2/2 = 1. They cancel each other out 1-1 = 0. We need economic growth and prosperity to return, but neither party presents a solution to do that. The hold the middle class captive by their bad social policies that represent philosophical ideas that no longer apply to an information society and a knowledge-based society.

      What we need to return economic growth and prosperity is real systemic changes in American society. Our major social strucures – social, philosophical, poltical, and economic – are out of alignment with the macro level trends of an information society and a knowledge-based economcy. Those trends are 1.) The decentralization of production processes; 2.) The elimination of the need for time and space management; and 3.) Individuals as the new owners of the means of production.


      Gary W. Griffin, Ph.D.

    18. mark shevitz, santa says:

      Taxes are just one aspect of the pernicious activities in Washington DC that have undermined our economy. The administration has introduced tremendous uncertainty which will remain in the areas of environmental, health and financial sectors that materially impact decision makers ability to allocate capital. These uncertainties will remain as will the obligation to pay for the increased levels of spending and debt servicing put in place by the administration. Focusing solely on tax policy as the answer to our economic woes is merely a step in the right direction.

    19. james Harrington, vh says:

      It is thesse individuals that taxes are about to rise are the ones who would take this money and inject it back into the economy by taking risk of their own money into businesses creating jobs.

    20. Bernice F. Cochran says:

      how else is he and his "team" of demacrats going to pay for their mistakes, blame the conditons on repubicans; and make us the "real" goverment pay for their actions. we lose no matter what.and our great-great-grandkids will still be paying for obama's disregard for the American people.

    21. Albert, Vallejo, CA says:

      White House senior adviser David Axelrod admitted: "It took 10 years to create that problem … It's going to take — nearly 10 years — it's going to take some time … It's going to take some time to fix it."

      This remark from Axlerod tells it all. The entire Obama economic plan is a scam. At first Axlerod says it took "ten years to create that problem" then in his next sentence he corrects that to say it took "nearly ten years" to create it. Ten years back from the start of our recession puts the problem as starting during the Clinton Administration. Bush did not take office until January 2001. Of course Axlerod could never admit that a Democrat in the White House could in any way have made any mistake whatsoever, especially on economics. So, he changes his remark to "nearly ten years" to make sure everyone knows he is talking about the BUSH administration. This is rank politics and it is practiced by some rather rank amateurs, like Axlerod. An honest news media would have jumped all over this comment. But worst of all, it exposes Axlerod as a flack and Obama policies as self-serving pablum. Obamanomics are not intended to improve the economy. They are intended solely to buy votes with taxpayer money and incessant propaganda.

    22. toledofan says:

      Good article and it clearly underscorers the need to have experienced managers running the country. Whether we like it or not, the ideology of the far left has been proven, over and over, not to work and, basically, illustrates the narcissim of people like Obama who think they are the ones that can make it work. I think that the scary part of all this stimulus, 2000 page bills that nobody really knows what's in them, and the mismanagement of Washington in terms of weak foriegn policy, our economy, and our security won't be entirely known until these baffons are out of office. After spending 1.3 trillion dollars in less than a year and haven't anything really tangible to show for it is not only irresponsible, it boders on being criminal.

    23. Ken Kaiser, Battle G says:

      One of the biggest problems with the "recovery" is the uncertainty caused by the current administration including some RINOs. Thus when they say now is not the time in hopes of saving their seats so to speak, they imply that there will be a time and thus are not alleviating the feelings of uncertainty. They are just pushing the problem forward. We need solutions and if we are to win we have to present those solutions in a manner that is understandable to the voters. Not generalizations such as are included in the fund raising literature. Understandable specifics as part of a plan.

    24. Timpclimber Provo, U says:

      Its true about the mistakes of past 15 years of Repubs setting up todays economic crisis but note how the Demos cannot point the finger of responsibility at them selves? What were liberal legislators like Frank, Dode, Pelosi, Reed, and state legislator-community organizer Obama doing during these years? Using bully muscle to force private and federal housing loan agencies to write loans for those who couldn't normally qualify or pay them back. Have they stopped? NO! Now we are buying back these toxic loans and Freddy and Fannie are back begging for billions to bail them out again. We need fiscal responsibility now before its too late. We can do it in November.

    25. ROY S. MALLMANN II S says:

      You cannot incite open class warfare as Obama and his merry men have done, and then throw business "under the bus" in the process and then expect a decent economy. This is exactly what happens when you let the acedemics and "talking heads" run the government. These people have no business being in power and I will bet that not one has actually read The Constitution. He has pushed business into survival mode and unless and until the Republicans take over at least one house of Congress to nuetralize him and his anti-business, anti-oil policies, our national nightmare will continue. A lot of the people in this administration need to be in jail, not in public office. I cannot believe we let this happen, but we did through our past complacency and charitable attitudes. The media has totally let us down by failing to confront their lies and extortions of the facts. Elana Kagen's hands are dirty also whcih came out yesterday.

    26. Drew Page, IL says:

      The President will not agree that allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire is equivalent to a tax increase by him and his administration. He, and his majority in the House and Senate can say " We didn't increase taxes". But there will be an increase in taxes for everyone unless he and his Congressional majorities vote to extend the Bush tax cuts. Their failure to extend the current cuts will in fact be an increase in taxes to all americans who actually pay federal income tax.

      Obama has absolutely no shame in his deceit. To say that Republicans are holding middle class taxpayers "hostage" for refusing to go along with tax cuts for all taxpayers is complete dishonesty. The Democrats have the votes. they can pass whatever they want without support from Republicans, just like they did with the health care reform legislation. All the haggling and bargaining and bribery was strictly confined to the Democrat majorities. Yes, the Republicans were against the bill, but in the end it didn't matter because the Democrats had the votes to pass it on their own — and that's exactly what they did. They own it, every last piece of it. I believe they should be be given full credit for it every day, 24/7, from now until election day. Every single member of the U.S. House and Senate who voted for passage of Obama's health care reform bill should have their name up in lights from now until November 2nd.

    27. Barry N. Hewlett says:

      I don't believe the president is so stupid he can't realize how much he needs tax reform to save his country and maybe his party. This ploy of stupidity will end just before elections to make a big splash and make it look like he is the hero. Don't believe it for a second.

    28. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Ken Jarvis – enough of the Frankfurt School already. The same can be said for George Soros – and he has outstanding arrest warrants in other countries.

      The following is a letter I sent to Dingell, Stabenow, and Levin this past weekend:

      I have had it with your agenda to transform our country into a socialist state. You are spending money for things we don’t need with money we don’t have under the banner of “stimulating the economy.” I have spent the summer researching your party and have come to realize and understand the hidden agenda of those powerbrokers behind your back. If you are unawake of these people you need to look over your shoulder.

      Socialism doesn’t work for the good of society. It works only for the elite and government created dependants. Fidel Castro has admitted his economic system has failed – why should we adopt his now? The notion of “social democracy” is another fallacy in that either capitalism or socialism will prevail. I choose capitalism – do you?

      Clearly your party has been feeding the country a line of BS that most of the country has bought into – but not me and not my friends.

      If you sincerely believe you are in Congress for the “good of mankind” I request you take a serious look at the direction you are sending our country. If you study the short term and long term effects of your agenda, as I have, you will see that our problems have resulted from misguided noble intentions with disastrous unintended (I hope) consequences. The housing market is a prime example.

      If you are in Congress to get reelected and “spread the wealth” get out now and let responsible Americans correct your mistakes. I say this, not for me, but my daughter entering third grade. You are bankrupting our country leaving my daughter a debt she will be unable to pay and a life style far worse than yours or mine.

      We have one chance to fix this crisis- the time is now.

    29. Palm Springs, Ca. says:

      Their billfolds are fat, most have never run a small business. They have no concept of being jobless, homeless, and broke.

    30. john arizona says:

      With the economic walls collapsing around Obama and the Dems (who control the White House, the Senate and the House), we have the Obama administration blaming the Republicans, and Ken Jarvis blaming Ruppert Murdoch. Ken!! Wake up!! It isn't Murdoch's control of FOX News that's making the economy worse, it's Obama and the Democrats socialistic, "big government is best" philosophy that is stifiling the economy.

    31. Billie says:

      the man simply demonizes, blames and demonizes again! He has no respect and can't stand personal achievement, so he demonizes it as he takes the opportunity away from us all and our children.

      It's not the republicans OBAMA. I don't even want to include democrats. IT'S ALL YOU, MR. PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    32. Warren Lyckman Hills says:

      Electing a new Congress is certainly one step in the right direction, but only one step.

      When we have a Represative from Michigan whose father was elected to Congress in 1932, and was relected and relected time and time again until he died and then his son was given the seat and he has been elected ever since. And this is just one example. Look at the number of Representatives who have held their seat more than 25 years. And Senators in the same situation. For God's sake people, lets enact term limits and do it right now.

    33. MaxSt, KY says:

      The best thing that could happen to the economy and the American people is the enactment of the Fair Tax!

      “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” –Winston Churchill

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    35. EL Bob O, New Jersey says:

      The media is controlled by the 4 TV Networks, ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS. Followed by the large city newspapers and news magazines. The apparent intentional co-ordination that transpires between them indicates that there is an undeniable conspiracy in controlling what used to be called the NEWS.

      It also indicates that one does not acquire a position within the Media Club unless one passes a vigorous anti-republican, ultra liberal exam.

      With more and more Demoncrats abandoning Ship Obama, the media, TV Networks, print, and even Hollywood, form the only elements still remaining supporting the president. These industries must realize their survival may depend upon altering their viewpoints, or perish along side their chosen party and their beloved leader, President Barak Hussein Obama.

      The likelihood of all going down with the ship…. LOST AT SEA!

    36. Tim Sellers, Tulare says:

      When are people going to wake up and realize that we are in the middle of a "regulatory recession"? Want to create Jobs? How about Drilling for oil, Harvesting Timber, and opening up more Mining? Lets bring back the Jobs that the Liberals Exported!!!!

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    38. Pat says:

      Based upon time worn principles of frugality upon which Federal Government was convened in the U.S., it's shocking that Congress would fail to examine its own contribution to the costs that make higher taxes a necessity.

      While they may have the power to tax, taxing to indulge Congressional perks and privileges is an outrageous abuse of the powers of Congress, meant to indulge themselves, their needs and preferences – rather than to use the power to conduct well run, efficient, and responsible government.

      Fiefdoms are not difficult to notice and even easier to cultivate, but striving for excellence in government amounts to self retraint and self discipline that Congress, and lately, the Presidency, is lacking.

      Crossing the line from legitimacy to illegitimacy amounts to not minding the boundaries of what is the expectation and what becomes the norm of what one can do. Everyone one can do is not always what one should do, especially from the perspective of conscientious government that is embedded in every oath taken by anyone in government. Taxes are not, and have never been, play money for Presidents, or for Congress, or lately, for the Supreme Court, who has the potential to proclaim it as such by affecting the rights and the attitudes of what is Constitutional with regard to private property. Removing or reducing the 5th Amendment principle on takings has economic consequences the Supreme Court has never been privileged to affect on a national scale.

      The Supreme Court is about Constitutional values, not about national economics – to determine who wins and who loses – within the realm of equal application of government to every human citizen, which ordinarily should not include the dba and the assumed names of individuals operating as legitimate entities whether they are called companies, organizations, or associations.

      Taking the individual out of the Constitution is among the worst mistakes of government in any language.

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