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  • Remembering 9/11

    A mangled piece of the 360-foot TV and radio antenna that once topped the World Trade Tower North now stands in Washington D.C.’s Newseum, surrounded by 127 front pages of newspapers from around the world that reported on that fateful day, nine years ago. As one might expect, visitors to the museum walk by this exhibit and reflect, shed tears and remember.

    There are, no doubt, memorials of this kind all over the United States. Likewise, there are men and women in all walks of life who remain vigilant while  remembering the victims of 9/11. Today, is different, though, as many will formally gather to remember loved ones lost at the hands of vicious terrorists. Among those will be President Barack Obama, who yesterday called on Americans to mark September 11 with acts of community service:

    And finally, tomorrow we will commemorate not only the heartbreak of September 11th, but also the enduring values and resilient spirit of America. Both Michelle and I will be joining our fellow citizens in remembering those who were lost on that day and honoring all who exhibited such extraordinary heroism in the midst of tragedy. I’ll have further remarks tomorrow, but for now let me just note that tomorrow is a National Day of Service and Remembrance and I hope each of us finds a way to serve our fellow citizens — not only to reaffirm our deepest values as Americans, but to rekindle that spirit of unity and common purpose that we felt in the days that followed that September morning.

    Volunteerism strengthens our country and improves communities; Americans serve each other every day. Some may heed President Obama’s call to service today, others may remember lost loved ones, others may wish they could forget. But for the federal government, September 11 should not be another Earth Day marked by planting trees or cleaning parks. Instead, on this day, our government and leaders should honor the memory of the tragedy of 9/11 by ensuring that terrorist attacks on Americans at home or abroad never happen again.

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    46 Responses to Remembering 9/11

    1. Chris of Rights says:

      http://chrisofrights.blogspot.com for a remembrance of 9/11.

    2. neil says:

      It's just sad that this tragic day in American history has now been trivialized to a "National Day of Service and Remembrance" by a trivial-disaster of a president…a community organizer, NOT an American.

    3. Vivian Collins, Mari says:

      I still find it hard to listen or watch about that day. I love this country but it could be taken away from us very easy if we are not willing to defend it.

    4. Colleen, VA says:

      Well put. It would be different if we were planting a tree for each one we lost as a memorial, but being told to go do some community service is rather presumptuous.

    5. Zack says:

      What happened that day was truly sad and I know it was nothing but ignorant cowards. I will never forget 9/11 or will I forget the other story, that is much, much worse. That is invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. We found no W.M.D.'s. This country has made many mistakes, and the respone to 9/11 was one of them. 2,000 people off ALL religions and race died in those towers. Let's remember too, the cost of misguided leadership and mistakes that resulted in tens of thousands of innocent lives.

      Iraq Body Count from 2003 projected 95,888 — 104,595 civilian deaths as a result of the conflict. Wiki it for yourself.

      Now if any of you conservatives out there have a problem with this comment then you truly are confused. I respect this country. I condone all terrorism, but I have a hard time forgetting the damage and lives we took in Iraq. Is it really the cost of war? Our freedom at their expense? Is 100,000 innocent people in a different country not worth 2,000 innocent americans? I sure hope nobody says yes, and if so I would like to meet you face to face and give you a STRONG piece of mind.

      This is a great country. Infact, the best country in the world but mistakes have always been with us.

      Now, go ahead and attack me. Go ahead with the personal attacks about how I hate this country just because I have sincerity for the innocent people in Iraq and the reason we went to war. Demonize Islam, attack more Muslims and whatever else makes you happy. What I have written is right, and nothing can change that fact. Nothing.

    6. Zack says:

      correction. around 2,990 people died on 9/11 and over 300,0000 iraq soilders, american soilders and innocent citizens died since "operation iraqi freedom" started. Now, bring on the hate filled personal attacks just because I can't only sorrow the american victims of 9/11. Many more lives were lost for what?

    7. Zack says:

      Oh yeah, will all of you attack President Obama for his words regarding 9/11. Lets see how you conservatives spin this one. I give it about 2 or 3 comments and the hatred will start spewing.

    8. Kelley--Ohio says:

      Amen! This day should be set apart and treated differently. There were many amazing people, who with God's help and inner strength, accomplished unbelievable feats. That being said, it is more a day of solemnity and solidarity and should NEVER again have to be repeated.

    9. Robert, Jax says:

      Nine years past and many things have changed, but much is still the same. For many, the shock and pain have faded. The numbers of people who just want to get passed what happen, to leave the horror locked away and absolve themselves of any moral or civic duty to the memory of what was lost seems to grow each year.

      There are those who allow the emotions within them to boil over. As anger peaks, comments and actions of these people become harsh, thoughtless and filled with hate. The hurt, sadness and feelings of violation that once weighed heavy on the hearts of a nation is turned inside out and used to excuse their own acts of intolerance.

      Among us, we also have those still feel those terrible moments as fresh wounds when we unlock the parts of our hearts that we have guarded against, so we may carry on with life. We have not forgotten. We have not forgiven. We simply understand we cannot undo the evil inflicted on our nation that day by letting our emotions override our wisdom.

      The source of evil in our world is still strong. It infects many and is not limited to one group. The battles waged against it will go on generation after generation until the end of time. This battle must be waged. We must accept the burden of identifying and facing evil with full determination in protecting ourselves and delivering justice.

      Our enemies have been at war with us since the formation of our nation. Rather than being known as muslim terrorists, we knew them as muslim pirates. They raided, pillaged and murdered the crews and passengers of ships of all kinds. For many years, our nation even paid tribute to a variety of pirate fleets so they would not attack American vessels… with marginal success. We finally sent warships to deal with the pirates. The battles were not easy, but much like the fight before us today, the battles were necessary for the safety of our citizens and long term interests of our country.

      Our leaders have failed to respond to the openly spoken declarations of war and regular brutal hostilities against our citizens from militant terrorists for generations. The failures of our leaders to meet those threats left us vulnerable in ways we could not imagine and in ways our enemies could only have dreamed of. The leaders of today seem prepared to abandon all these painful lessons and return to policies of tolerating openly hostile declarations of intent even as such threats are routinely proven possible as the deaths of civilians tally in ever larger numbers.

      Some foolishly claim that self defense only inflames our enemies. They admonish us to return to a hands off approach to prove our desire and intentions of peace. Their words would have a ring of wisdom except for the persistent truth that led to our current state: They initiate the hostilities whether we seek peace or whether we use force in defense. Years of inaction did not serve as sufficient for these murderous villains who answered the years of passive action from our leaders with the deaths of thousands of normal everyday citizens who were simply going about their everyday lives.

      Only we can decide to hold our leaders responsible to their sworn duty to defend this nation, her people and her interests. Only together can we insure that the safety of ourselves and our fellow citizens is paramount in the priorities of our leadership. It is a task that we must not fail at or else we will find the terrors of just nine years ago repeated.

      So my question, whether you be a citizen of America or not, is this: Have we learned the lessons taught by the failures of the past? Will you allow our leaders to cast aside their sworn duty again?

      09/10/01 : Do you remember?

      09/11/01 : Never forget

    10. Donna Douglas Herndo says:

      Sept. 11th Will never be a Earth DAy for America.

      Sept. 11th had such a impact for American citizens.

      We christians volunteer in and around our communities all through the year.

      Sept. 11th is and will always be the Day this Nation Lost two remarkable buildings, the lives of almost 3,000 people and 4 planes.

      Spring and Fall are for planting.

    11. Frank B, Cleveland, says:

      Zack, a few things.

      First off, you write that you "condone terrorism." I hope you meant to write "condemn." How embarrassing for you.

      Second, you fail to understand what the Iraq War was about. It wasn't about punishing those who committed 9/11 — that's an obtuse argument meant to tar the war effort. And the finding of WMDs wasn't necessary to justify the war (Saddam Hussein admitted under interrogation that he never would have given up his pursuit of weapons of mass destruction). It was about liberating a country and taking down a dictator who committed genocide on his own people who also waged war against our allies. Do you disagree that, given the opportunity, Hussein wouldn't have launched a strike on U.S. soil? Would you prefer a free Iraq or an Iraq poised to war with Iran, again invade Kuwait, slaughter more of its people, and embroil the world in a Middle East conflict?

    12. Major Kerley says:

      I couldn't have been as eloquent Frank , Zack is such a appeaser and gonad-less that its sad. Let's pose this question to him. If he had a relative that left him 10 million dollars, but he didn't know about it, would he be MAD. the logical answer would be No because I don't know about it! Well people between 20-40 don't know what is in the U.S. Constitution. And that is there legacy, their priceless legacy I might add!

    13. Sue S, Kenosha, WI says:

      Well said, Frank. We did the right thing by going to Iraq. The Iraqi people are forever grateful to our troops for helping them achieve some sort of peace in their country. The world is a better place without Saddam Hussein.

      God Bless America and God Bless everyone!

    14. Tim says:

      Zack, you're so misguided – it's pitiful. As for obozo, this IS NOT A DAY TO GO TO A COMMUNITY CENTER SERVE OTHERS… It's a day of Rememberance, NOT ONE TO PUSH HIS FRIGGIN SOCIALIST AGENDA!

    15. Zack says:


      First, I didn't spell condemn correct. No, not really embarrassing at all. Are you that prideful to correct someones spelling?

      Second, Excuse me! I fail to understand what the Iraq war was about? Please tell me aside from the typical conservative spin that you already layed out. I have read everything you wrote, time and time again and no, its not a valid answer for invading a country. You fail to understand people in this country, very ignorant people, that just assume, bomb Iraq because individual terrorists attacked the world trade centers. Bush and Cheney led the effort under the false assumption of W.M.D.'s that were never there. That is the actual historical nature behind this mistaken invasion. And liberating a country by forcing democracy down the throats of people that neither understood or accepted it? And having over 100,000 innocent woman and children killed because of OUR ACTIONS is a form of liberation or nation building? Launched? With what, the Weapons of Mass Destruction that he never had? By the way, you tell me just how "free" Iraq currently is? Your argument is very flawed and just the same as every other person that justifies the SLAUGHTER of over 100,000 innocent people. The other hundreds of thousand that died, (regardless of being american or Iraqi soilders) still sickens the entire Invasion.

      Yea, war comes with a cost which is our freedom at their expense. And please, please, please tell me the middle east having the majority of the worlds oil reserve had nothing to do with this Invasion. That fact is to easy to stamp.

      I'm not anti-Bush. I liked many things that Bush did, but the war was a huge mistake and I feel he was led into it by ignorant members of congress and Administration. I still cant believe the war in Afganistan under Obama. President Obama to me, is losing alot of respect with this Afganistan War.

    16. Zack says:


      Really, was what Frank wrote well said? Really? Is that all you need to read? The same lies from the previous administration that have been told over and over and over? I can guarantee the Iraqi people are NOT forever grateful for the lives of their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, kids and friends that were taken because of America's ego-driven, fear mongered, misinformed slaughter of innocent lives. Yes, the world is a better place without Saddam Hussein-he was an insane dictator that needed to be killed. But it didn't end their. We used full military force and we are STILL in that country. You know, you conservatives are so funny sometimes. You say "mission accomplished", "the surge worked", "nation building worked" but you dare even question pulling out of Iraq, as all of you have so attacked Obama for keeping his word on withdraw. So which is it? So if it worked so well and we succeded then why are we still there?

      Yea, god bless american and screw everyone else right? This country sickens me sometimes with this ignorant anti-mosque issue, burning Quarans, burning a Mosque in Florida, a taxi driver killed by a bigoted anti-muslim nutjob, the fear mongering of Muslims all over conservative media, its truly truly so un-american I don't know where to start.

      How about you two send your family members or kids over there and see how you feel if something happens to them. These people died because of OUR countries actions. You say Saddam was bad, he sure was, but our actions made this so called war much much worse regardless of what you say. We should have taken out Saddam and left. This war is drain on every aspect of the economy and common sense and its still going on.

      Bring on the personal attacks and mislead information. Bring on the hate, i'll take every last one of you on.

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    18. virginia grosssnan says:

      something is really wrong about obom,s message in using earth day to honor the dead or murdered americans. when my mother died i put flowers on her grave. our president wants to change the subject of 911, it is as though he doesnt want to put blame on the killers. I am so insulated by him.

    19. Jenni Berke says:

      I totally agree with you Frank and wanted to tell you if you look up Maureen Dowd's column in last Sunday's New York Times 9/5/10 she gets it spot on and tell it so well. This is in the process of commenting on Tony Blair's new Autobiography. Her quotes are accurate and she puts together a time line that is accurate although it makes u sick. I think is entitled "The Poodle Speaks". I have it framed. There are so many ignorant people in the world even some who loose sons or daughters and somehow believe it was for a good cause. When my father returned from Vietnam as a high ranking officer we were all quite young but he retired from the military and said if there was ever such a worthless war he would personally drive both of my brothers to Canada and set them up. I guess humanity will never learn. History just keeps repeating all its atrocious acts. Keep the faith and don't let the people who have commented mess with your mind. It would be interesting if you had to give your IQ when commenting or steal an election I'm thinking about 95 for Bush.

    20. nmc, County of Whatc says:

      Hey Zack…I suggest you spend more time in a library. An Iraqi cab driver parked an explosive laden van in a Shia market place and killed 57 innocent shoppers. Why? A Sunni gave him $25! This is not politics, religion, nor idealogy. This is a desparate people who do not share your, nor my, morality. This one wanted to buy his wife a gold necklace! If he could afford to get to any city in the U.S., he'd do the same thing. These folks are not like you and me. He'd kill you the apologist in the same instant that he'd kill me the defender. For twenty-five bucks!

    21. Wm. Brownfield, Beve says:


      One of your best writings. Thanks.

    22. E. Joseph America, F says:

      For me, the words of the "Gettysburg Address" keep haunting me. The words are so appropriate to Ground Zero. Some may say "but Lincoln was referring to a battlefield of a war!" To them I reply that we are in a war – perhaps the most compelling war of the ages, second only to the Apocalypse. As Gettysburg was the deepest incursion the Confederacy made into the North, so we need to make sure that Ground Zero represents the maximum level of damage that we will sustain in this war. Make no mistake – Islam has declared war on the US and the world. 'Their hatred for us is greater, because we are perceived to be the last bastion of Christianity. Nine years ago President Bush tried to be politically correct, while still attempting to focus the American people in on the problem. He told us we were in a war – a war on terrorism. That was only partially true. We are in a war with Islam. People point to "peaceful" muslims, and say that the terrorists are only the "outer fringe". I say to you that there are "peaceful" muslims – but they are being used by militant islam as wolves in sheep's clothing, a Trojan Horse being sent ahead to soften the defenses of the "infidal". There is a difference between "militant" and "extremists" Extremists are the fringe – I believe militants are the core. We need world leaders are unafraid to meet the truth head on. Right now Great Brittain is realizing too late the mistakes they have made in their treatment of islam. We need leaders here in the U.S. who will abandon the P.C. rhetoric and face the enemy down withoiut fear and name them correctly. I believe the majority of Americans when challenged by such a leader would rise to the task. Let's get to it folks, we don't have much time left!

    23. Billie says:

      The president doesn't have to suggest in such a political way, how to spend the day. He should respect us as individuals, having been affected in our own ways that need no political calling in remembrance of the day.

      It is a somber reflection of the darkest evil of man and his weakness.

      It was humbling to hear those in attendance of the memorial were peaceful and respectful to each other and the names of the innocent lives murdered, as those who attended were of opposing sides. One- haters of freedom. The other- haters of violent beliefs.

      We sympathize with both the weak and the innocent.

    24. Laura, Battle Creek, says:

      I attended a college football game this past Saturday on September 11th and was disgusted that the announcer didn't call the terrorist attack a terrorist attack. He went on for a while saying a nice little political correct speech about how sad it was but never once uttered the word "terrorist attack" or "terrorism". I wish people would just speak the truth and not worry about who they are going to offend because it offends me when people water down the truth.

    25. Zack says:

      I'm well aware of terrorism. I know it exists. How does killing over 100,000 innocent people in Iraq justify fighting terrorism? More hundreds of thousands of American and Iraqi troops dead, gone.

      And the President is asking/inviting everyone to serve there fellow man. How in anyway is that bad or political? You guys, and you alone are making this political.

      You try and find everyway possible to turn what the President said into some political spin.

      You guys are insane.

      Again, will anyone answer any of the questions I asked about the justification about the Iraq War or will you continue with the talking points? The american people know the war was wrong and they still do. Every single poll says the same. I guess im un-american for feeling sorrow for the innocent people in Iraq and the mistake of invading that country.

    26. Bethany, Washington says:

      Hits the nail on the head – this isn't a day like any other, despite the fact that the New York Times seems to have forgotten to mention what happened in its home coverage city less than ten years ago while writing the copy for its front page. This is a day to remember lives lost and remember that we lost our innocence on that day – we have been at war ever since. We have (B"H), not had a successful attack on our soil of this magnitude since, but this doesn't mean we can turn 9/11 into Earth Day until the ideology of freedom overtakes that of radical Islam.

    27. Zack says:

      again, TERRORISTS attacked our county. NOT ISLAM. 19 INDIVUDUALS that preverted the way of Muslims and Islam attacked our country. Muslims acroos the world completely condemn the acts of those that attacked our country. These 19 INDIVIDULAS do not represent Islam as much as you and the rest of Conservative Media want to fear monger the people into beleiving and constantly trying to Demonize Muslims as much as you possibly can.

      Muslims died on 9/11. Many people of many faiths and race died on 9/11. OUR brothers and sisters died.

      And as polling shows, most CONSERVATIVES are against an Islamic Center to be built NEAR ground zero. REALLY? Are you really against it? Do you see all Muslims as evil? Have any of you actually read the Qur'an? Do any of you know great Muslim Americans that currently live in this country?

      And what in the heck is wrong with the President suggesting that serving others is a good thing? Look, I know most of you HATE this President regardless of what he does but the obvious nature of your attacks are becoming very clear. It's not politics. You actully think he hates American don't you? You think he is a Muslim right? You think he forged his Birth Certificate right?

      Research and study Islam. Turn off your Conservative led media, televisions, radio stations and stop listening to these money hungry fear mongers in the right wing. They don't care about you. The entire objective is to make money off lies and unfortunatley its working! Think for YOURSELF!

      Do you really have a problem with the President inviting all to serve your fellow man? Please, explain what in the heck the problem is?

    28. Steve S. California says:


      There will be none of what you expect here. Let me first say that the ability to label and neatly categorize people into groups is the foundation for being able to wage war aginst them. Why? Specifically, because it allows one to disregard their worth as human beings and their intellect, emotions, hopes and dreams. Also, it allows one to feel (incorrectly) superior to those with whom you have issue or disagreement by dismissing en masse anything you disagree with without having the onerous responsibility of actually having to contend with the points given by your "opposition". In fact, you really don't know what other people think and say. Of course that is of no consequence, as "nothing, absolutely nothing" can change your truth.In effect, what you are saying is that no one else knows anything that you don't already, and nobody is your equal in discerning the facts, or for that matter, has access to more information than you have already seen. That is a severe self inflicted limitation, one I am sure you do not deserve, being that you carry genuine concern for mankind in your heart. That much is evident. Conversely, your basis for arguing your case is weakened due to the fact that, as evidenced by your (for lack of a better word) "arguments" do run counter to facts revealed by diligent research. As one who has read the Koran, hadith, etc. for seven years, as well as becoming more informed about both history and worldwide current events (a word to the wise, our press doesn't cover this subject well at all), my conclusions are quite different, but as I said, they are fact based, after much effort expended. This is an ongoing. effort, as I have found out that the more you study, and the more you are open to all points of view, the more effective a citizen and more human you become. The day I stop learning one may sign my death certificate. So, in summary, what I'm saying is that attacking folks is not what I do, any more than I recite dogma or don't come from a position Knowledge based at it's core.This leaves me free to not take bait when dangled, or to become outraged when folks are thoughtless. Make no mistake, however. I can more than hold my own when it comes to discussion of this subject. Expend more effort in finding the facts, my friend. It can do nothing but help you. You may both learn and become an effective proponent for whatever your point of view, a status which you have not yet achieved.

    29. Julie T. says:

      God Bless ua all and God Bless America, . 9/11 is a day of rememberance. I strive to serve the Lord, my family and my fellow man for the rest of my days.

    30. Dayle, Puyallup says:

      I will always remember 9/11 as what it was…a day when terroism and fear was unleashed in our nation and I will honor those who sacrificed their lives in the very face of those two things. I will also honor those who live to protect our nation…they are true Patriots.

    31. Dennis Georgia says:

      Zack, I respect your thoughts, I respect your right to speak or write what you want. We do live in a free country ,for now, I am a Vet of Vietnam, go ahead and tell me that war was wrong too. Say what you want about me and that time in history, you can not say anything that has not been said, but you know I still have the right of freedom of speech, for now. Zack, I would like you to think about something. Those that have paid with their life, in Iraqi, Afganistan, Kuwait, Korwea, WW 2, WW 1, and all the wars before did so so that you would have the right to say what ever was on your mind. They gave their all for the freedom that this society has, for freedom of religion to worship as people please, to be treated equal under our laws, to live in piece. Yet there are some who would take this freedom away, who would strive to make us bend to their will and wants. These people must know that the people of America will not stand for this behavior. Some do not understand talk, nor or willing to change what they want. They are only willing to destry us to achieve their goal of domination of all.

      I can only advise you one way. You appear not to like what has been or what is being done to promote freedom, to preserve a way of life in this country as well as give others the chance to live a life of freedom. The attacks of 9/11 by people intent on destroying this country was and is the reason behind the war, they attacked us, not the other away around. My advise to you Zack, is get on the next plane or ship, your choice, go to what ever country you desire, live there under who ever is ruling at the time. Then voice your opinion on that governments actiop or the opinion of others and see where you get to go. I really think Turkey, Iran would be great for you.

      I pry we never gorget 9/11, just as we remember Pearl Harbor. May God bless and keep America in His hands and bless those that love Him.

    32. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      There are three dates I'll never forget where I was or what I was doing, first is Pearl Harbor, just came out of Church and heard it on car radio, second was the assignation of JFK, I was at work, in a restuarant just outside DC when my husband called and told me that the Pres. had been shot, had just came over police scanner. Later as I got in the car to go home came the news he had died. then comes 9/11, I was watching the TODAY show when Matt Lauer said a plane had just hit the World Trade center and they were turning cameras around. No sooner had the cameras turned when we saw the second plane go in. Later I heard about the Pentegon, my youngest son was on I95 going to work, another son in Arlington and a couple I din't know exactly where they were. No phones were working, my son and daughter in Fla were frantic they could not reach us. Son was on I95 next to where the plane hit, he felt te impact, others I knew had their homes shake. This will never be an arbor day for me or my family, it'll be a day where we realized that with all the modern electronics we had to wait to know if everyone was safe, it'll be a day just like 12/6, that we say a prayer for the families torn apart by hatred. I also had family in NYC and had to wait to know if they were Ok also. Thank God, all of my family was fine, there were other famiies not so fortunate and for those we need to say a prayer. Not Community Service but a day of prayer and recollection as well as Thanksgiving for those who survived.

    33. Drew Page, IL says:

      Zack, I don't know if there has ever been a 'good' war. Some were more popular with the American people than others. Wars seem easier to defend if your own country has been attacked. Certainly innocent people die in all of them.

      I agree wars are evil. I believe that there is evil in the world. I also believe that different people define evil differently. Radical muslims see non-mulims in Western culture as infidels, something evil, to be wiped from the earth. They also have some ideas that are rather "unusual" when compared to the thought processes of Western civilization in the 21st century. They see cowardly mass murder as an act of piety and religious necessity. Many of us here in the U.S. see this as "evil" and something to protect ourselves from.

      You continue to blame Bush, Republicans and conservatives for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. You believe that George Bush and his administration conspired to fabricate the concept of there being weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. But I remember that the terms of Iraq's surrender, following the first Gulf War, called for regular U.N. inspections. I remember when U.N. inspectors, acting on their own sources of intelligence, were demanding that Iraq allow them to come in and search for such WMDs, only to be refused time and time again. I recall that intelligence services of the U.S., Great Britian and Isreal advised Bush of the strong likihood of such weapons in Iraq. I believe that Bush gave Iraq every opportunity to allow U.N. inspectors into Iraq to search for the reported WMDs and warned Iraq of the consequences of its refusal. Yet you seem to ascribe no responsibility to Iraq for this refusal.

      I don't envy the leader of any country that has to make life and death decisions on the basis of less than perfect information, but it comes with the teritory.

      You talk about oil as the only reason we went into Iraq. Certainly our strategic need for oil and its impact on our economy was being considered, but more important was the possibliity that Iraq had nuclear weapons and a man in charge who was quite prepared to use them.. There are a lot of armchair critics who like to scold us for our dependence on oil while sitting in an air-conditioned office on a hot day, or a comfortably heated home in the dead of winter. Let me tell you something I'm sure you will deny, but is nonethe less true. "Civilization" as we know it has a very thin vaneer. Without oil and gasoline, you are stuck at home. You can't get to work, or the grocery store, or the doctor or the hospital and neither can the trucks, trains and planes that deliver the necessary goods to supply your jobs, grocery stores, clinics and hospitals. When the power goes out and you are on well and septic systems, you can't get water to drink, cook with or flush your toilets. It is either too hot, or too cold. Most people can put up with this for a day or two, but what happens when that turns into a few weeks or a few months? I'll tell you what happens, ANARCHY. Look no further than what happened in New Orleans after Katrinia. Then, people (maybe not you Zack) will be in the streets screaming for their electricity, their running water, their heat or air-conditioning, their transportation, their very lives (their gas and oil)back — and they won't care how we get it.

    34. Steve S. California says:


      Your argument about Islam is disingenuous, to say the least. Read my post again. Please answer these questions: What is Taquiyya? Kitman? What does Hadith consist of? What are the conditions for peace as defined by Islam? What is the Muslim brotherhood project? Which other religions does Islam Accept as being valid? What is Sharia, and how does it relate to us?

      How is the Quran arranged? What are the parallels between the Kuran and the life of Mohammed?

      You see, it's easy to ask who's read the Kuran, but even easier to tell who hasn't.

      The 19 you speak of are following the Kur'an, nothing more. I have read and continue to read it, and they are doing (and did) exactly what it says to do.This sir, is truth, and there's nothing you can do to change it! Not because I say so, but because THEY DO.

    35. Zack says:


      you stated-

      "You may both learn and become an effective proponent for whatever your point of view, a status which you have not yet achieved"

      You really must not have studied Islamic Culture or been around Muslim influence. You can hold your own? Really. Ok, then explain to me a reason for the slaughter of over 100,000 innocent people in another country that had nothing to do with 9/11. IF you can give me that answer, I will disgard your entire response which is filled with the exact same "talking points" that Conservatives have been giving since the "war" started. Some ego you have. What exactly have you learned? Let me see just how well you can "hold your own" because from what I read, its fairly pituful. Yea, "the press doesn't cover the evil nature of Islamic Culture and Muslims right? Oh, that "liberal media excuse is old as dirt. Your comment is ammusing at best.


      try and stick to the subject, we are talking about the invasion of Iraq. And how dare you tell me to go live in another country. You first. You justify the war in Iraq. Not me. Your comment was so misguided it sickens me. And you say "they" are trying to destory us…who, Iraqi people that had nothing to do with 9/11 or terrorism? Individuals attacked our country. If you ok to justify our freedom at their expense, then if it was up to me, not only would I suggest for you to leave this country, I would personally force YOU out. Another 'talking point" from another egotistical Conservative. You guys have anything new, anything of substance?


      your too easy. So tell me just how many W.M.D.'s we found? And if you do not think that was the misguided excuse for invading that country then farewell to common sense! Oh, and im sure having the majority oil reserve has NOTHING to do with any war WE have started in the Middle East right? But you say a possible abolishment of Oil in our land is a reason to invade Iraq?

      Every single comment given so far is pathetic. I expected to get nothing but "talking points" and thats exactly what I got.

      Now, could I get an answer with substance or more talking points. This war WAS a mistake and the majority of the AMERICAN people know it. hundreds of thousands of lives forcefully taken, over 100,000 innocent women and children for what? What have we gained? Is Iraq free? Is democracy filling the streeet of Kuwait? Did we find and dismantle those W.M.D.'s, did we capture Osama Bin Laden. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney along with both Democrats and Republicans in both the House and Senate will pay dearly for the mistake they made on the war. What a pathetic bunch of jumbled up responses you guys gave me. Is that really all you have? Let me say this again and let me be very clear. I will take every last one of you on.

      This website and comments from conservatives on this website sickens me. This country has made very, very bad mistakes and the world knows it. You all have ALOT to learn. Your personal attacks and criticism against me is hidden behind your embarrasing "talking points" with little substance. And such EGO from all of you! I can read exactly what your trying to say. I, on the other hand will make it very clear about how I feel regarding your comments. Your wrong. You are pathetic. You are so backwards on this war. Your…well, just plain wrong.

      Who's next?

    36. Dayle, Puyallup says:

      Thank you Dennis for your service to our country during the Viet Nam War. And thank you for your comments. God Bless You…

    37. Zack says:


      you stated-

      "Your argument about Islam is disingenuous, to say the least"

      -Why?, Because I think it's wrong to put every Muslim into an Evil Terrorist Category? Your lack of reasoning and fear of Muslims is the real problem here.

      you stated-

      "You see, it’s easy to ask who’s read the Kuran, but even easier to tell who hasn’t"

      -Some ego you have! Your an expert for laying out the most basic ideas and history of Islamic Culture and the Qur'an that most people already know?

      Your (interpretation) of the Qur'an is right because you say it is?

      -Yes, I know about concealing faith under threat, Islamic Law, The Muslim Brotherhood (that condemned terrorism and the 9/11 attacks by the way), anyone of Islam can accept whatever they choose depending on their interpretation of Law and their individuality, but denouncing this Law suffers the same conditions as Christians denouncing Christ( it's all ones opinion on faith and suffering), The Qur'an was arranged just like every other religious book(including the Bible) , piece by piece, by man, Muhammad as a messenger and prophet of God, a Leader, his life written throughout the Qur'an.

    38. Zack says:

      -What's your point anyways? I have studied the Qur'an, comparitive religions in College, taken in many debates, researched and participated in many religions, having many Muslim friends and been in many deep conversations with Muslims, along with many relationships with Muslims. Yes, most Muslims think Christianity is not of God, just like YOU and many others think Muhammed or the Qur'an is not of God. It's a basic religious difference of opinion that has been going on for thousands of years.

      -The truth is, while reading the Qur'an you find thousands upon thousands of distinct similarities with the King James Version of the Bible, and not even YOU can dispute that. You keep pointing out that you know more then me regarding Islamic Culture or the Qur'an, or Muslim's as a whole. I don't care if you do or not, but you seem awful proud and egotistical to announce being an expert in that field. Besides, what have you provided to debate the original questions I asked about the Iraq War?

      -If you really understood Muslims you would KNOW the MAJORITY of Islam is peace regardless of how YOU spin it. Your demonization will not work with me. Besides, how does having an individual opinion about a culture somehow make it evil, wrong or against human nature?

    39. Zack says:

      you stated-

      "The 19 you speak of are following the Kur’an, nothing more"

      -and these 19 people had their own (intrpretation) of the Qur'an and distorted the entire idea of Islamic Culture just like individuals of other religions have set out to cause harm against other people they do not understand based on the wicked nature of their own minds. That's the problem with people like you. You lump everything together and demonize an entire culture just becaue you fear something different. Now, that is the truth and there's nothing YOU can do to get out of that mental box!

      -I asked many questions that YOU have yet to answer. I answered yours. Now the ball is in your court. Until you can answer the questions I have asked, or if anyone can answer the questions I asked, nothing of substance can be taken in. So far, its all "talking points" Let me repeat all that had not been answered. Very simple but strong questions that need to be addressed…

      #1-Tell me why most conservatives are against the proposed Islamic Community Center that has a Mosque near Ground Zero?

      #2-What about the Mosque that has been there, 4 blocks away from Ground Zero, for years now?,

      #3-The Mosque in the Pentagon?

      #4-The other Mosque facilities and community centers across the country?

      #5-Do all Muslims wish to destroy America?

      #6-Did these terrorists on 9/11 represent all Muslims across the world, espically in America?

      #7-Did many, many Muslims from all over the world not Condemn the acts of these 19 individuals on 9/11?

    40. Zack says:

      -Now, aside from YOU being all over the place, with the ("I know more about Muslims then you do"), can we stick to the subject? Back to the real issue about understanding just how much of a mistake Invading Iraq was?

      -Tell me again, why our country slaughtered over 100,000 innocent lives?
      -After taking out Sadam, why are we still there?
      -Exactly, just how "free" is Iraq?
      -Did "nation building" actually work?
      -Do they really want democracy?

      Im so upset to see so many misguided people. It just sucks. I'm no better then any of you. I'm not ego-driven. I'm not smarter. I'm just giving my opinion that we can't demonize an entire culture that truly is about peace, just like Christianity is about peace, just like all other religions that bring peace. Religion is not one way, it has many different ways. Fear and lack of understanding is typical human nature, but we all have resources to understand better, but most people choose to stay ignorant.

      who's next?

    41. Slick - Nebraska says:

      Zach –

      Put your real name and address out there because I am going to buy you a one-way ticket to Iraq . . . or Iran . . . or Pakistan . . . or Afghanistan . . . or any other third world country because you will be much HAPPIER there!!! The only thing is that this is a NO-RETURN ticket – you must renounce your citizenship to accept – so if at some point about five years from now you realize that America is the best country in this world, it will be too late!!!

      Lucky for you that you are in America right now, a country who GIVES your the First Amendment right to speak your mind and not be punished for it. Perhaps you ought to check out what happened to that chap in England who sent our President a "impolite email" and decide if other countries offer their citizens the same benefit!!!

      So long, buddy. We will miss you!

    42. Zack says:


      I love American and know without a second of hesitation that this is truly the best country in the world and you want to kick me out for having a different opinion about the Iraq war and Muslims?


    43. Zack says:

      Heritage, please post my other 3 comments too. It's not fair to not post them. They are each shorter then the blog itself and they are within the rules of moderation. You can't just pick and choose because that ruins my voice of opinion. And other comments are getting posted before comments I have given. It's not right what you are doing and you know it. Be fair.

    44. Zack says:


      awaiting your upcoming "talking points"…..

    45. Billie says:

      All Muslims believe in one following of one man. Mohammad killed innocent lives or had them killed because they believed in anyone or no one else. You only know what you hear and don't even consider the ongoing history or everyday reality! OR YOU'RE A MUSLIM YOURSELF.

      Mohammad and Muslims are accepting of NO ONE that doesn't believe or follow in their way or that they can't convert. You hear their intolerances often and the GOVERNMENT and president, favoring them with bias. Your selective hearing may lead you deaf to that, though.

      He won't state it after he finds out it's been noticed, but Mr. Obama has addressed Muslims separate from Americans. Totally un-American leadership to draw attention to a specified religion, unless of course they're a threat to society. But the president isn't addressing Muslims as that.

    46. Zack says:


      will you answer any of my questions? will you go about your entire life demonizing Muslims? Do you have a single answer? It's cowards like you that destroy our countries credibility.

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