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  • VIDEO: Gov. Chris Christie Schools New Jersey Teachers Unions

    Funding for public education amid budget cuts and a tight economy is creating a political pressure cooker in New Jersey, as Gov. Chris Christie (R) and the New Jersey Education Association butt heads over education spending.

    In this must-watch video, the plain spoken Christie stands his ground when a local teacher complains about the governor’s budget decisions. Christie says teachers’ jobs could have been spared if the state’s teachers unions would have come to the table and made some small sacrifices.

    Watch the video and tell us what you think of the straight-talking governor.

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    127 Responses to VIDEO: Gov. Chris Christie Schools New Jersey Teachers Unions

    1. Jack, Camdenton, MO says:

      This is what our President should be saying about most of the federal budget!!!

    2. Bob, North Carolina says:

      Gov. Christi needs to move to NC… We need him!

    3. Kim, IN says:

      Bravo, Mr Christie! When are you running for president?

    4. Kim, Lebanon IN says:

      Amazing to hear a politician speaking clearly, without double speak, and the truth. Sir, when will you run for president?

    5. Gerry, Huntington Be says:

      I love this guy. Why can't we have more guys like him.

    6. Billie says:

      Chris Christie is a man who innately pulls no punches to address the truth. All people deserve straight talk of the truth especially from this country's leadership and nothing less, Truth is strength, anything but, is weak.

      Wouldn't it be fun if the American voters were together on requiring truth from government leadership? And if they're caught with their pants down or make poor decisions that won't meet the goal, immediate removal. There's a lot of strength to gain back in this country, by simply removing the weak.

    7. Lisa Ford-Berry Sacr says:

      Fiscal responsibility is key – My husband and I paid for all of our sons extra-curricular activities, bought all of their school stuff etc… as we should because it was and is our responsibility. We live within our means, and so should the schools, government and all the rest who sponge off of the tax payers!

    8. Bruce, Claremont, CA says:

      How refreshing to hear a leader speak directly and without fluffy words. We need more leaders who tell it like it is.

    9. Tony, Union, SC says:

      Christie is great, he tells it like it is, and he pulls no punches. Hope he runs for President.

    10. Ron Enumclaw Wa says:

      I am a member of a union and our leaders would of done the same thing, which they did in 2005 and 2008 which put us out on strike by asking for more money and benifits when others are out of work. I never will cross a picket line, however what the Gov. Chris Christie said is right on and I fully agree with it.

      The union only wants to keep those raises so they can keep their high pay as the union leaders keep drawing their pay while the members are on strike. I feel that the unions have changed over the years and want socalist agendas, as they think everyone is the same, and they do not like companies to make a profit without sharing it with them despite good wages.

      So Gov. Chris Christie is right on the money and its about time a leader stands up to special interest groups, and not aloowing to be pushed around. He was elected to fix the issue in that state of high taxes and other money issues and he is doing what the people want.

    11. Debbie, California says:

      Exactly! I sure wish he would come help us in California. Our teachers union could use some of what Governor Christie has to offer!

    12. Andrew, Arizona says:

      I'm a liberal who thinks education is critical to a successful nation and that government needs to have a big role in supporting education. That said, Gov. Christie's response was very convincing. He outlined the rational behind his decision and supported his statements with data. This is the kind of discourse we need in politics. We'll never agree on everything but at least we should talk about issues objectively with specifics.

    13. Darren Surrency, Jac says:

      I wish Chris Christy would run for president. He is exactly what New Jersey has needed for a long time. Finally someone that will stand up to big union. This man is a God send to New Jersey

    14. Sharon Hawkins, Germ says:

      Amazing! This entire country needs this type of leadership. The person who asked for prayer of the death of the Governor should be fired.

    15. John R Connor, Green says:

      I hope there will be a growing chorus of support for NJ Gov. Chris Christie to extend his common-sense and straight-foward conservatism to our nation overall. He would make an excellent and much needed US president to follow Obama's distructive first and only term.

    16. Susan, Chesapeake, V says:

      I'm a public school teacher (not union). I'll tell you that the unions are the WORST thing for education in this country. They do NOTHING to promote educating students, and they rarely do anything that really helps teachers (unless you're a do-nothing teacher who has paid up your dues). Really want to cut the funding in education? Investigate why school systems need 4 or 5 assistant superintendants, a director of curriculum, etc. Why does a high school need 4 assistant principals? I agree that teachers are underpaid (nowhere near that average salary that's mentioned in the video or touted in my state), but it's not because the government is underfunding the education system. It's because the money isn't being allocated wisely. Get involved! Start going to the school board meetings! If you have elected board members, get involved in those elections. Demand to view the school budget. Get wise people!

    17. Maria, Chattanooga, says:

      I am so sick of whining teachers and teacher's unions. Sick to death. She's an art teachers, for pete's sake. If I were Christie, art classes would be gone from the schools and just the three R's would be taught.

    18. Cindy, Lake City, FL says:

      Boy, I certainly agree with Susan from VA! I've always wondered why so many are needed in administration positions. If you look at a list in your district of all the fluff positions you see where all the dollars go. I've known of teachers that are just priming their teaching careers to attain these prosperous positions. It also makes me livid at all these school board members who vote themselves big raises each year. They all hold down a full time job and then make half of the full time job going to a meeting twice a month. And all this is done in the name of education for the children. Phooey!

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    20. Jan, Anacortes, WA says:

      I say "hallelujah" for the truth being spoken, and being spoken in an adult way. When things are so up in the air, and rumors and gripes abound, who knows which is truth and what's more, they get repeated as if they are truth but they are not. I, too, am a straight forward person and I can respect and applaud those who can enter into an intelligent discussion without snide remarks and collapse of the discharge. Thank you, sir. If I lived in New Jersey, I would vote you in immediately. Thank you Mr. Christie, for honoring the American Way.

    21. Kipp, Boston says:

      Great to see a leader with facts and not just some opinion. Reform is painful in these down economic times and we need more honesty. I'm impressed with the gov. of NJ.

    22. jeff, defiance misso says:

      Governor Christie is awesome!!!!

      He tells it like it is and tells the truth and points out how the Teachers' Union is the real problem.

      Union members have become so accustom to expecting everything because their "leaders" promise them everything and say they deserve it at the expense of the private sector and they have lost touch with reality! It is time for Union members to start thinking for themselves and realize how their "leader" are simply stirring up class hatred/warfare.

      America is the best country in the world and our Constitution and founders created a country where all have the same opportunities for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is up to the individual to make what they want out of life. It is not up to the government to take from those who work very hard to make a nice living for themselves and their children and give it to those who think they "deserve a better life"! President Obama made it quite clear what his position on our Constitution is during his presidential campaign when he spoke with Joe The Plumber — he said that he is all for redistributing wealth in our country, and this is what he has been doing ever since he was elected (i.e. he does not believe in our Constitution and is not upholding our Constitution which means he has violated his oath of office). The Unions are in his back pocket and did everything they could do to help him get elected and now Obama is doing everything he can do to grow the Unions, give them special exemptions from the Government Run Healthcare Bill, to Political Spending, etc. He is also working feverishly to destroy the private sector. When the private sector is gone what do you have left? A Soviet Union where people are told what to do. You no longer have a choice to pursue your dream; you are just a pawn controlled by a handful of pathetic dictators.

      Governor Christie in his town hall meeting makes it quite clear how the Teachers' Union in New Jersey were the ones who caused the teachers that were laid off to be laid off. The Union leaders would not budge at all on their "contract" in order to keep all of their "members" working. Instead, they used this as an opportunity to attack Governor Christie and America!. I'll bet if you asked all the teachers in New Jersey if they would be willing to take a 1-1/2% pay cut to keep all teachers employed they would have jumped at the chance — instead they listen to their Union leaders who don't care about the teachers at all. The Union leaders only care about themselves, and the dues they collect to keep themselves in power.

      Another thing that Governor Christie pointed out that really bugs me and many individuals like me is that a portion of their salaries our public state and federal employees receive are used by Union leaders to support political candidates of their choosing. This is wrong. No portion of union dues for public sector union employees should be allowed to be used for political campaigns. If public sector union employees want to individually donate a portion of their salary as they see fit to support their political candidates then that is fine and they have that right, but being forced to give a portion of their salary to a small group of people (i.e. Union leaders) to decide how to spend their money ("our money") politically is wrong — they are taking your money and my money and using it to support political candidates that we individually would in most cases not support. This is wrong and should be changed immediately.

      Governor Christie, keep up the good work and the fight you are fighting. I and millions of other Americans support you 100%



    23. Marc Iselin N.J. says:

      This teacher only embarrassed her self and all teachers. Why was she not screaming when Teacher of the Year was laid off? Why was she not screaming when Roxberry Township replaced Teachers with Rosetta stone DVD's? Why didn't she scream whe……n Jon Corzine let the Millionaires tax expire in 2009? Why didnt she scream when Corzine pissed through the Billion dollars Obama gave him? When teachers blame Christie, All they are doing is showing the people of N.J. how ignorent they are. We all know its their own union that is their enemy. Let the NJEA pay out the multi-millions dollars of yearly dues they collect help supplement what they complain about?

    24. Leslie Krous WA stat says:

      I am a retired school teacher in Wa and was WEA local president. If a member of my group had wished for the death of a principal, no matter how much I disagreed with the person, they would have lost their leadership position immediately!

    25. Brett Stapley, Okmul says:
    26. Madmax says:

      THANK GOD the REAL men are *finally* standing up to these cosseted schlemiels! Who amoung us has ALL SUMMER , holidays PLUS weekends off and still get paid?

    27. tallahassee florida says:


    28. Mark in New York Sta says:

      I wish we had a gov like your state. We are still sinking here and only Carl Paladino can save us. Good luck NJ.

    29. Rich says:

      This guy is great, please run in 2012!!!

    30. Greg, Suburban Chica says:

      Can this guy run in Illinois? Please? Wait a minute, I'm dreaming again.


    31. Joey Allen, NC says:

      It is just so good to hear someone stand up and tell what they believe without worring about what people or the press will say. This country should be made up of adults that can take the truth (even if it's hard stuff and hurts) with out getting mad and crying like babies, but I am afraid we are just a bunch of babies that are only worried about ourselves. Wish someone on national scene would be this honest about stuff like Social Security, health care etc.

    32. Santana, Hesperia, M says:

      BRAVO! Someone who is willing to call it like it is… keep it up sir and if you ever do run for presidency, you have my vote!

    33. Ledeen, North Caroli says:

      Love this guy!!!!

      I recently left California because the state is falling apart. the Public Employee unions have such a stranglehold over the politicians they are now raising property taxes out there to fund their pensions that were over promised and just like New jersey in California the teachers dont pay a dime for health coverage.

      In fact, when I worked at a small city, their pension system was after 10 years you qualified for a pension of 90% of your highest salary and 100% health benefits for life!


      In the private sector where the majority of us work, we pay 1/4 to 1/2 or more of our health insurance and contribute to 401K's .

      How is it right that the public funds the public employee pensions with our taxes when their benefits are so much higher than anything in the private sector!

      Why aren't we being allowed to vote on this stuff!

      The pensions in California with take up 90% of the revenues in a few short years, and this is out of control!

      Now they will get the Feds to bail the Public employee pensions out, and we all will pay for these out of control states like California as federal tax payers.


      Change those who can actually make changes in November and get a group in control that will stop this insanity!

      I thought we are were supposed to be equal, and the public employee pension systems in some states treat the union members as a special class!

    34. Rob Gatlinburg, TN says:

      I wish there was a way to fast track Chris Christie to the presidency…this gentleman ( and gentleman clearly he is ) if followed the same principals for our federal government would rapidly turn our much needed economic policy around. Though it needs to happen quickly, as we already seem to be on a no return to economic solvency in my life time. Fifty eight year old male here.

    35. Dan Neumann says:

      It is so refreshing to hear a politician answer anyone's questions these days!

    36. volt007 says:

      God bless him!!! I love this guy!!! Christie for President 2012 !!!!

    37. Sandra Scott Sellers says:

      I'm 100% behind the administration on this. I taught school in Indiana for 32 years and watched how strong and demanding the union became in education. The stronger the union became the declines in education could be seen. I preferred teaching when we had a Professional group only not the union influence. Hats off to this gentleman for telling the truth about this group!! I refused to join the teacher's union in my city and thank God had the right to still do that but was intimidated by fellow workers, etc. I do not like union strongholds and what they can do to the minds of the people!

    38. Mike Curry, Bryn Maw says:

      Christie is really the real "real deal" – a serious man who understands things and, as he says, is not afraid to communicate the truth. It is critical that he succeeds.

    39. Rebecca, Belleair FL says:

      Best thing since sliced bread! When you speak the truth you can not be shaken.

    40. pam, ri says:

      I LOVE his way of governing. This is what a true leader looks like.

    41. Chris, Springfield, says:

      The teachers' unions have made it such that if you question spending on education, you hate both children and teachers. Congrats to Governor Christie for stating so clearly the situation every community is facing and taking realistic action.

    42. Hubert M Blanchard J says:

      Powerful!!! Hope he runs for President!!!!

    43. JRS, MN says:

      I love watching clips of this guy…His directness is refreshing!

    44. Bill from Medford, N says:

      Like any union, the reason they voted against a pay cut instead of layoffs is because there are more teachers with seniority than not. They knew they wouldn't be laid off and didn't care about the younger teachers that would be.

      Republican ticket for president 2012: Chris Christie-Joe Arpaio

    45. Gary, New York says:

      How odd. A Governor who speaks the truth. Wish NY had one.

    46. Jon Banner says:

      After years of looking, a Patriot finally emerges as a leader!

    47. Pauline says:

      As a recently retired school teacher in New Jersey, I voted for Christie for governor and am so impressed with his performance thus far. I worked many years and long hours in the classroom and after school hours, but I also realize that the people of my state are suffering terribly over unemployment and high taxes. Christie is right when he says that "shared sacrifice" is necessary. Unfortunately too many voters think only of themselves when they enter the voting booth and do not think of all the people of the state and what is needed to turn our fiscal house around and put it in order. I voted for Christie for that very reason because I knew he had everyone in this state's interest at heart and not just the unions and other special interest groups. BRAVO, GOVERNOR! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

    48. Bryan says:

      I really wish he would run for 2012… We need him.

    49. Slick - Nebraska says:

      Gov. Christie may have a number of flaws, but one thing EVERYONE knows is: if he has something on his mind, he is going to say it and mean it. I have no doubt that when his term as governor is over, he will be re-elected because although he will make a lot of people mad, they will recognize that he is doing what he has to do to preserve the budget of NJ and will do the heavy lifting necessary to put that State on firmer financial ground.

      When asked if he would consider running for President, he said ABSOLUTELY not! Well, we will see. Hopefully he will recognize the great need we have in this country for a leader who believes in fulfilling the oath of office he takes, one who considers solutions that are the best solution for all Americans. . . . not just unions or backers . . . ., and someone who BELIEVES in the goodness of our citizens and in what our country stands for.

      I know I am not alone when I say that a majority of our country craves the leadership of a strong American who wants to uphold the Constitution and enforce ALL the laws of this country ALL of the time. We don't need more laws, we need to either enforce or eliminate the ones we now have.

      You keep on truckin', Chris Christie. Americans across this country are watching and applauding you and wishing you success in doing a really tough job!

    50. Chuck Collier says:

      Gov. Christie is right the unions are bleeding the states dry. They have got to realize that we the people can no longer afford their ridiculos demands. The union officals are living high on the hog but look what happen to the people that pay union dues they get laid off. That somehow doesn't make any sense to me.

      People that work for the government be it state or federal should not be in unions any way. This is tax payer money they are getting and I for one don't agree with anything union stand for. They are nothing but an arm of the mob and should be done away with. The teachers union certanily is not helping our children receie a good education so why have them . They could care less about the children it is all about greed and power

    51. S. Shrewsbury, Selle says:

      We need more Gov Christies. He tells it like it is. I pray for his success in a very difficult job.

    52. Les Stewart, South C says:

      Gov Christie is one hell of a man! If he is able to stand up to the most socialist group in America, yes I'm talking about the teachers, and survives to run for President I will be standing at my polling place with my hand on the door knob when the poll workers show up! Gov Christie should be cloned and both houses of congress well stocked with copies of him.

    53. Mia says:

      Marie Corfield isn't some poor little art teacher who can barely pay her everyday bills and expenses. She probably needs all the money she can get for her apparent start-up business selling "art" at a shop which, according to the yellow pages, deals in "metaphysical and new age" stuff – Marie Corfield.Com. She also has a web site of the same name.

    54. Lampe, Palm Beach Ga says:

      Riveting exchange on an issue critical to all Americans. I applaud the Govenor for taking the time to dissect the facts and clearly understand the issue in depth. I'm sure it took a lot of time to do a deep dive into this complex set of circumstances to understand all the moving parts. Yes, we need people like him in our leadership positions, not those in Congress that pass bills without even reading them, much less digesting the facts and being thoughtful about an appropriate solution. Bravo, Mr. Govenor, Bravo!

    55. Teddy Luszcz, San Di says:

      Is Governor Christie the only Republican with any cojones, telling it like it is?

    56. Michael Kucher says:


    57. Patty Sottile says:

      Go Chris Chistie don't let the mob union try to tear you down keep fighting for us , I don't care what they say there is alot of useless people they could fire and save millions . Finally someone with balls to stand up to this union Thanks Governor

    58. Rolf Hoerauf 80 Spri says:

      I am in full agreement with the governors stand on this matter, because for what ever reason teachers who we believe to be fairly smart, (because we allow them to teach our children), do not realize that this entire country is in a financial disaster. When all of this with the teacher's union first came to light, I wrote a letter to the editor of various county and local newspapers, basically saying that teachers should take their turn in the barrel, just like the rest of us out here in the real world. I would hope that the governor sticks to his guns on this matter, no matter how much political pressure he is subjected to.

    59. Ace Sez says:

      My buddy Rush Limbaugh has praised Gov Christie for his conservative stand on everything–but I question his attitude about the WTC site for a super mosque–other than that he is a gutsy politician and we sure need more of his kind in DC—there aren't that many around I'm afraid–but maybe so?

    60. Victor, Miami says:

      God bless this man. Can he be cloned?

    61. vegas says:

      Can I just say, I will pray for this guy to succed. We need more loyal americans like him to stand up to the union dictators and thugs.

      Why does everthing come back to teachers and police and fire fighters. I herd that it is more dangerous to be a pizza delivery guy the the above jobs. Go Pizza guy

    62. Gayle, Eastern Orego says:

      This guy is sound. How do we get him for President? I hate to steal him from NJ, but certainly, no other 'Moses' has stood up to lead us out of this Progressive bondage.

    63. Sam Gross - Idaho says:

      We will give and take and balance inconveniences. We will remit some rights so we may enjoy others and we will choose to be happy citizens rather than subtle disputants.

    64. John Marston, Ma. says:

      mr. christie can you be persuaded to run for president…. it is long past time since we have had a legislator without fear and with the courage to speak his mind and take the unpopular action necessary to enact change that is actually change for the betterment of his constituents. as a resident of massachusetts let me say that I am green with envy that the people of new jersey have a man such like chris christie as gov.

    65. Kathryne S. Clark PA says:

      He's GREAT!!! I thank God for equipping a man like him and raising him up for such a time as this! He deserves our prayers and gratitude!

    66. Lester Beers, San Di says:

      He's great! I think he should run for President!

    67. Craig - South jersey says:

      Awesome!!! Go Christie!

    68. Monica Unangst says:

      Chris Christie is right on! I love how he manages to convey his passion for whatever he is talking about and still remains polite and well spoken. There is some real leadership potential here, of the national kind!

    69. Sandy CT says:

      We need all of our Senators and Congressmen to take lessons from him. What a remarkable person he is.

    70. David, NC says:

      Excellent video, and the type of person we need in Washington. So many people go on what other people have told them, and get all irate, that they don't check their facts. Bravo, Mr. Christie!

    71. om_Beebe St Louis says:

      Enough talk from you fellow bloggers. Start the Christie For President petitions in your neighborhood. I'll pass out a few at the Tea Party Sunday. Let's address them to him, State House, Trenton NJ.

    72. MaryLynne Paul says:

      I wish there were many more like him. Respectful while asserting himself! Show me one video of a liberal that has done that. We need more representatives like him who speak from a place of knowledge and concern of community. If someone like him were to run for president, he would get my vote in a heartbeat.

    73. Arthur, Virginia says:

      Everyone who watches this video needs to pay close attention to this man, because on January 2nd, 2011, many people just like him will be moving into Congress! AND THANK GOD! Finally, we'll have striaght talking, honest, courageous people, who actually HAVE A SPINE,representing the American People! It can't happen fast enough!

    74. Jeff Minnesota says:

      Wow! Finally someone stands up to the grand rhetoric of the public school leadership!!! Kudos!

      Truth….accuracy…..real facts…..are what is needed throughout this messed up political scene.

    75. don rochester ny says:

      This is the reason politics have no business in education. The member of the teachers union that made that disparaging comment about the death of the governor is at war with the state of New Jersey. There is no excuse for such a remark, and as a teacher I am ashamed. I don't know the conditions in which that person teaches, but I have seen "war zones" in education. Education must be placed in a safe, harmless section of our governmental system. With all of this backbiting, and vengeful attitudes, how can teachers expect to teach, and how can children, who should be at the center of our concerns, be expected to lean. And by the way, LEARN BY EXAMPLE! I am leaving the profession after 35 years, but I am ashamed of teachers in my district, and in my state. There are wonderful caring teachers out there, but there light is being obfuscated by politics. To be honest, it's dirty politics on both sides. Let's come together and work for the benefit of the children that are in our care.

      Bobby Kennedy said, " the best result in any negotiation is both sides giving up a little of what they have".

    76. K Miller, San Marcos says:

      "Governor Christie" for President 2012!!

    77. Drew Page, IL says:

      I would vote for Christie for POTUS in a heartbeat, given a chance to do so. I have seen the video and listened to Christie's responses. We need him in the Oval Office.

    78. Steve, Arizona says:

      We need electried leaders who are willing to tell us the truth and have the confidence in our ability to make the right decisions based on the truth. The people of New Jersey should be proud of their decision to elect a leader with honesty and conviction. Professional politician? No. True leader? Absolutely.

    79. Mike, Retired Americ says:

      Fire the stupid, frothing at the mouth, lie spreading, unionist, communist sympathizing, left wing, teacher! She should be drawn and quartered, hung from the highest yard arm, made to walk the plank and keel hauled. Doom on the Commie Aparatichiks. We will purge them until they are all gone. So says Mike, the Retired American Fighting Man!

    80. Pat Pitton, Fulton I says:

      This governor is like a breath of fresh air.. It has been a long time since a dirct question got a direct answer. We need this man in the White House. If anyone can grab hold of the mess we are now in & turn it around to where we can again have respect for our leaders, then this is our man. You are in the prayers of all Americans who want justice to reign once more. thank you.

    81. Steve Jensen Redland says:

      Gov Christie should run for president if he hasn't already thought of that. We need him to get us off this ridiculous path the Obama clan has us on.

      Good job sir!!!

    82. Patrick Suppa, Ronko says:

      This is the type of leadership we need in Washington! We all can benefit from a man like Gov. Christie: strong, confident and not afraid to take on the liberal left. Good job Gov.Christie.

    83. marian lampl, cincin says:

      We need more leaders like Gov. Chris Christie who are willing to tell the unvarnished truth. I pray for "his success". The American teachers unions are the main problem with our public schools. Here in Cincinnati they have taken radio ads asking that citizens phone the Cincinnati board of education to influence they negotiations. I wonder how many teachers approve of this use of their union dues?

    84. Mike Santini Fresno, says:

      Wish he was our governor. I would vote for him for president.

    85. Adele Leader says:

      Everyone in today's economic climate is and should be expected to make sacrifices. Teachers included.

    86. Carol Newark, CA says:

      Great guy. Move him into Congress! We need more stand-up people just like him. Thank you Chris Christy and the team you develop!

    87. Rich Mistkowski, Lon says:

      It's refreshing to see a politician answer a question and have the facts to support it. As a business owner, who pays my own healthcare, if someone offered me complete medical insurance for $750 a year, I'd jump at it in a heartbeat!

      I hate to be selfish, but we need to stop the President stuff for Gov. Christie. The state of NJ is in such a mess, that we need to keep him focused here. What we need on the Federal, state, and local level is more politicians who understand the situation at hand and then develop a plan to address the situation. In other words, do what's necessary as opposed to tellling every special interest group what they want to hear.

      Go get em Governor. We may not agree all the time, but we support the direction we're going!

    88. Thom Humphreys says:

      As a teacher and a former Uniserve Representative for the NEA, I think this was the greatest response to a whinning, complaining, and somewhat bombastic teacher I have ever seen. Her agenda was was clear and is a favorite tactic by the NEA to go to board meetings and try to disrupt in an orderly manner, bring social justice to all and to discredit the speakers they disagree with. If you check her status n the union she is probably the building union rep sent by her local.

      WAY TO GO CHRISTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    89. mark moser buffalo,n says:

      Finally, a politician who does what he says and thinks.kudos to Gov Christie. I only hope more politicians stand up to out of control spending and change our government towards reasonable and responsible fiscal practices.

    90. Jean Kruse.farwell, says:

      Gov Christie is terrific and I wish we had 49 more goveners just like him!

    91. Jan,Mercer,Pa. says:

      Who ever prays for the death of another person don't know a thing about our God! God is Love & he don't answer such awful prayers! Some people should read the Bible & wise up! God bless you Gov. Christie!!

    92. Ron, Hollywood says:

      I personally know some NJ teachers, who say they actually realize the time has come to contribute to health care, and they know what reality is. HOWEVER, they say they cannot admit this to their co-workers, because they have to work with them.

      I would think NJ parents would want people of moral character and integrity, who can stand on their own two feet, having an influence on their children – not union marionettes.

    93. Mary, Pepperell, MA says:

      I think the Governer was right on with his reply. That basic concept regarding teacher unions can apply to any district and any state. When I hear how awful it is that the teachers have not had raises and they have to pay a portion of their health insurance, a top notch health plan at that, I say well how about losing 75% of their income, as is what happened to our construction business last year.

      I think this video should get out to as many people as possible because its the most honest answer from a politician I have heard in a long time

    94. Janet Lundgren, Seba says:

      I feel for the teachers but am also a parent of three and see that the unions are pillaging the system and not for the greater good. I do not know why the teachers are not in line with his train of thought when he presents the stats. In CA we suffer from the exesses of our corrupt unions and all the rest of the unions in the state and the country. Kudos to Christie for making very valid points that not only NJ should heed but the rest of the US.

    95. Ann, Illinois says:

      Wow – This man is a breath of fresh air. I am a regretful Obama voter, and desperately looking for someone who tells the painful truth, rather than blaming, finger pointing, whining, scapegoating, and sugar coating reality. This guy seems like a REAL leader.

    96. Stephen, New Jersey says:

      As a former NJ teacher, I wholeheartedly agree with the Governor. The NJEA should have acquiesced instead of digging in their heels. They have been the largest and most outspoken union in the state and feel that they are always right. They're not in this case.

      NJ needs to cut spending yet the state has over 600 school districts with each having its own Superintendent making 6-digit salaries. Come on, who's kidding who here? What the state needs is a County Superintendent and elimination of all of these other localized ones.

    97. Milton Greem says:

      He is right on. The Teachers Union has always protected the inadaquate.

    98. Amy Hsieh, Atherton says:

      Wow – we could use more straight-shooters like this governor. How refreshing!

    99. Dawn-Monmouth County says:

      Awesome!! It's about time we had a Governor that stood up to the teacher's union. As a teacher, I know the money doesn't get to the classrooms, but lines the pockets of union leaders and their cronies. I say abolish tenure as well. What happen to equal rights? No other group is protected in their profession and I have worked with "fat cat" teachers who won't even get up from behind their desk! Kudos Governor Christie!!!

    100. Nancy L. Deal Fairfa says:

      Thank goodness for Gov. Christie and his conservative thinking. It's just what New Jersey needs. If he would consider running in 2012, I would definately consider voting for him.

    101. Danyse Fusco says:

      I LOVE Chris Christie. Finally, someone who speaks the truth and stands up to the unions. We need him in New York State!! Watch your back Gov. Christie, those union thugs will be out to get you. We need you.

    102. Pingback: The Absurd Report » VIDEO: Gov. Chris Christie Schools New Jersey Teachers Unions

    103. Randy, NM says:

      I LOVE YOU MAN !!! That was great….. Why can't the rest of our elected conservative friends talk like that?

    104. Dutda, Oradell, Nj says:

      Gov. Christie is doing a great job and I hope he will run for President. We really need him here in NJ but I think the entire USA needs him more.

    105. Dutda, Oradell, NJ says:

      Gov. Christie is doing a great job and I hope he will run for President. We really need him here in NJ but I think the entire USA needs him more

    106. Colleen Mullica Hill says:

      I am proud to say I voted for him!!

    107. home says:

      bravo!!! Finally someone with enough savvy to stand up to the Teachers Union…what about the people that put their lives on the line everyday that gave up a raise……..get the all the facts before you just want more money…….we taxpayers have been bled dry by the Corzine admininstration…and are not going to take it anymore…….

    108. Win Moore says:

      49 clones would be a good start.

    109. Win Moore says:

      Speaking as a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, born and raise in the South, Governor Christie’s candor is a breath of fresh air.

      Most fellow Americans with whom I speak, simply want the truth as painful as it may be. Christie serves as a great great example of leadership.

    110. Paula Smith, Pittsbu says:

      This is the most inspiring discussion I have heard in years.

      Christie for President!

      At least we know there is one state where the insanity of the teachers unions is being addressed – BRAVO CHRIS!

    111. Jenny, Atlanta says:

      Wow. Love this guy! If he continues fixing what's wrong with NJ, maybe I'll move back home.

    112. Mike - LA says:

      A politician with a set of balls that says and actually does the right thing – Unbelievable !!!

    113. Kirk Jenkins, Indian says:

      I think I'm in love. My first bromance. The man treats his opponents with respect, but takes no crap whatsoever. As much as he's painted as a hard-ass I think he shows incredible restraint. Go get 'em, Gov.

    114. Charlie W. says:

      I haven't been this excited about a politician since Ronald Reagan was campaigning against Jimmy Carter. In fact, I think Chris Christie has the potential to do even more good for our country, in these difficult times, than Reagan did. He speaks honestly and concisely, in plain English; with the passion of his heartfelt convictions behind him. I will campaign for him if he runs. I may even campaign for him if he doesn't! Run, Chris, run!

    115. Angele D'Angelo says:

      I did not know that there are so many intelligent people in N.J. Let's keep spreading the word.

    116. Cliff, San Diego says:

      What a breath of fresh air! Like many of you, I am so sick and tired of the same ole' BS that politicians spew incessantly. I agree with those of you who see Reagan's integrity and character alive and well within the words and sincerety of Governor Christie. He can't get to the White House soon enough for me! Thank you, Heritage Foundtion for posting this for us!

    117. mari (ca) says:

      I like his straight talk…doesn't dance around Q & A's

    118. dinesh says:

      hi njjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    119. stan [ nj ] says:

      I'm 86 , disabled vet, hope I'm around to vote for Christie for PRESIDENT, to clean the mess in Congress and bring the "America" to what we have always been proud off.

    120. Cheri, Rochester, NY says:


    121. Peter B, Davidson, N says:

      About 200 clones of Chris Christie around the country would be a good start.

    122. Bill Ballou Williams says:

      Facts are facts. Perhaps, for the NJEA, inconvenient truths. Objective reporting is rare among correspondents, practically non-existent among politicians. Gov. Christie illustrates the power of the truth and serves as a model for each of us to emulate.

    123. K.Zielinski, MI says:

      This man really knows his stuff. No beating around the bush. I wish he were our governor instead of the foolish woman who's been in power for the last eight -twelve years. He's the real deal. Facts are straight and accurace and honestly communicated. What a guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    124. K.Zielinski, MI says:

      This man really knows his stuff. No beating around the bush. I wish he were our governor instead of the woman who’s been in power for the last eight -twelve years. He’s the real deal. Facts are straight and accurate and honestly communicated. What a guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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