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  • Side Effects: More Bad News for Those Who Like Their Current Coverage

    When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Americans would have to wait until Congress passed Obamacare to find out what was in it, she wasn’t kidding. Since the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Car Act nearly six months ago, Americans have been faced daily reality checks from the health care overhaul, and none of them have been good.

    In fact, those Americans who own health insurance policies from smaller insurers are already feeling the pinch from Obamacare. Smaller health insurers may face additional obstacles to stay in business in light of the new law’s mandates, with some predicting Obamacare will drive them out of the insurance market altogether.  Not only does this mean that Americans who are currently happy with their insurance coverage will see changes they don’t like, but it signals even more choice restriction among health plans.

    One of the contributing factors for this fallout is the new requirement that insurers meet federally determined medical loss ratios. The ratios require insurers to spend a certain percentage of income from premiums on medical expenditures, rather than administrative costs, taxes or profits.

    In Texas, National Health Insurance Co. has decided to discontinue two of its health plans, citing Obamacare as the reason.  The Dallas Morning News chronicles the story of two Texans, Al and Jill Alcantara, both 63, who will lose their current policy because the insurance company says “it could no longer offer individual accident and health insurance policies.” While experts say not enough smaller insurers have left the market yet to point to a trend, the Morning News article notes that several health economists expect smaller insurers to be unable to make it under the new law.

    Other Americans will likely face the same ordeal as the Alcantaras.  The real irony is that the couple has “been pleased with their high-deductible policy, which is tailored to cover Al’s Type 2 diabetes and gives them access to all the doctors they want”,.  Obamacare will be responsible for the couple’s loss of private coverage, causing them to instead end up in taxpayer-subsidized, high-risk pools intended for those with pre-existing conditions who couldn’t get coverage on their own.

    This post was co-authored by Derek Pyburn.

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    13 Responses to Side Effects: More Bad News for Those Who Like Their Current Coverage

    1. Billie says:

      Where in any documents of America does it state the government impose infringing regulations and mandates on the freedom of the private sector for the obvious result of private insurance business collapse and government gain? Government can't compete with the private sector and use their authority to deplete it. It's not competition it's take-over!

    2. penny wyatt says:

      Put Obama, his family and all the legislators and their family members on tax payer subsidized public health care. If these leaders expect the rest of us to settle for diminished health care choices and consequently diminished quality of our heath care, then these bozos can suffer the same ill effects of this Obamacare fiasco. They created this proverbial bed, now let them lie in it with the rest of us.

    3. Slick - Nebraska says:

      I hate to say it but I think that sadly we are going to see an overwhelming amount of negatives, unintended consequences if you will, from the legislation that took 2,700 pages and NO ONE in congress read.

      The only saving grace may be that there is a possibility that this law may be overturned BEFORE it completely destroys the system we have. There are improvements that we need to make but totally destroying the current system that about 85% of Americans use to accommodate the other 15% seems rather unfair to me.

      Al and Jill Alcantara are being FORCED to sacrifice the coverage they want and pay for in order to offer free, or nearly free coverage, to the uninsured population. AND many of those who are currently uninsured have made the CHOICE not to have coverage. How is this a fair situation for the Alcantara family?

      Since when did we go from a society where the majority rules to a dictatorship? Our personal rights are being taken away on a daily basis.

    4. Les Stewart, South C says:

      When a government makes laws, rules and regulations for businesses to operate that causes those businesses to go out of business and forces the business's customers to do business with the government's company that is the same thing as nationalizing the business. Hugo Chevez nationalized most businesses in his country and if not for oil exports the country would have gone broke long ago. It has been proven numerous times that government cannot compete with private enterprise because of bloated beuracracy and regulations. This is why every country that has socialized medicine is losing money. Also, in each of these countries you find private hospitals with a booming business and insurance companies selling policies for private medical care.

      With the rules included in Obamacare Obama, Pelosi and Reid may as well send the Army in to take over the health care insurance companies. That is how its normally done when the government takes over a business. Why legislate them out of business? Don't waste time send in the Army!

    5. Randall Holland, Ari says:

      To provide healthcare for 10% of the population, Obamacare will hurt the other 90% of the population.

    6. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      The most chilling side effect I have found in the Health Care Bill is elusive in the vacuum of official history. The same bad outfit that destroyed Christianity two thousand years ago has its clutches on America. Know how I know? They use the same techniques that were used on the Gnostics, like false substitutes and demonization. Watch what the Obama Gangsters are doing. The resemblance is thrilling!

      Patriots are considered 'mad,' God-fearing people, Loyal Opposition, all quite mad. Let me quote Dr. Szasz: Psychology is "essentially Communist ideology in Medicine." And "following each of two World Wars, the pace of this Psychiatric conquest increased rapidly … all the difficulties and problems of living are considered Psychiatric diseases … life itself is … an illness … requiring mental health professionals." Said the National Association for Mental Health (officially) "Principles of mental health cannot be successfully furthered in any society unless there is a progressive acceptance of the concept of World citizenship." Mental Health And World Citizenship. The first priority of the founders of the WFMH in '48 was Global Citizenship. Their explanation was that nationalism and Religion are "outmoded loyalties."

      Study their diagnostics, profound National Loyalty and profound Religious convictions are main symptoms of mental disease. Under Obamacare any TEA Party member may be incarcerated against their will and their brains destroyed at Public Expense. Psychiatric Parity means 18th Century Junk Science is now the lawful "best practice" and may now be used against political opponents! And the Government will pay for it all against the patient's will. That's Obamacare, what it really is on the ground. Duplicate "best practices" in Obamacare's gigantic bureaucracy means the Government can make you pay back those Medicare, Medicaid and Insurance payments because the Federal Committee thinks the practice "wasn't the best." In Mental Health that means the Psychiatrist's hands are tied to those methods Russia (and eventually all Soviet Nations) used against their political enemies. It isn't a mystery how this was done. "Who teaches the teachers?" asked Joseph Stalin. Psychology's belief in no 'psyche' makes it Junk Science unable to cure mental problems.

      In 1958 Dr. George S. Stevenson MD said (Education For Mental Health) the mentally ill are "suspicious of others and sees an enemy, perhaps a Communist lurking behind every acquaintance." They ask "Do you hear voices?" Auditory memory is commonplace. But with overly broad questions your diagnosis is ready made to take out American Patriots.

    7. Leith Richmond says:

      I believe nothing Obama says about health care or anything else for that matter. Only the outcome matters to him and his cohorts. Ms. Sebslius never appears very happy. Will she be denied a new hip or knee? I think not. One size fits all medical care is insane and insures no quality care for anyone. Individuality means nothing to the Surgeon General or Obama. Socialists at heart.

    8. Drew Page, IL says:

      I thought I had heard of everything, that is until I listened to Obama's press conference this morning. When asked why health care premiums were still increasing now that Obamacare has been passed, Mr Obama said "you can't cover an additional 30 million people without costs going up".

      I sat there, stunned into disbelief of what I had just heard, because I still had Mr. Obama's earlier words ringing in my ears. Words telling us all how his health care reform legislation was going to reduce costs and cut the deficit. I have learned to stop believing anything this man says a long time ago. It wasn't so much the contrdiction that stunned me, but rather it was the matter-of-fact way he blurted out the answer. As if responding to a ten year old, It was almost as though he was saying "what on earth ever gave you the idea that health care reform was going to cost less?"

      I had to admire the delivery. It was the old 'Obama smooth'. When confronted with contradictions between current actions and prior promises, Mr. O responds to such confrontations as if he were being questioned by a stuttering Chinaman. He smiles politely and goes right on talking about something else. That's the 'Obama smooth'.

    9. Peggy, Massillon, OH says:

      Obamacare is just one of his many directives from George Soros. The intent is the total destruction of capitalism in America. Worse, Mr. Soros has decided that only the total demoralization of American liberties will suffice. He wants One Society with him at the helm. Do you think that Mr. Obama is really in control of what he says or does? Think about how he flounders when confronted with speech that is not provided to him via TelePrompTer. There is an old adage that you cannot be convincing if you yourself are not convinced. As a community organizer, Obama followed a script written by ACORN and SEIU. I do not think any of his own ideas would translate into the all encompassing changes he espouses. All of the legislation that so horrifies us has been written by organizations like the Apollo Alliance, SEIU and The Center for American Progress. That explains why our congressional representatives vote on them without reading the bills. What would be the point? As Ms. Pelosi said, "we have to pass the bill to see what is in it". Well, now we are all seeing what's in it, and even the Dems are running away.

    10. SueD, Phoenix, AZ says:

      Something must be done to stop this federal takeover and correct our health care and health insurance laws…. perhapsTorte Reform is a great start. Heritage Foundation experts have excellent input and suggestions, but will our elected officials pay any attention? Most Americans were sure their objectiions before passage of this disaster would amount to congressional refusal or change in the 2,000 plus pages of a bill even Democrats admit to not reading totally!. Sad isn't it! Americans got what the majority voted for, but hope and promises are lost and forgotten and the change is deplorable.

    11. Mrs. D, Idaho says:

      We are seeing up close & personal the effects of Mr. Obama's plans! My husband recently learned our health care premium through his work is going up $250 PER MONTH over last year's premium beginning January 2011!!!! Last year's premium increase was $55. And Obama says we CANNOT blame him–it's the nasty, greedy insurance companies!! It's a no-brainer to know who IS to blame! Thanks, Mr. President!

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