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  • Morning Bell: Obama's Desperate Times and Desperate Measures

    Faced with predictions of staggering losses for his party in November’s midterm elections, President Barack Obama today appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and said, “If the election is a referendum on ‘are people satisfied about the economy as it currently is,’ then we’re not going to do well, because I think everybody feels like this economy needs to do better than it’s been doing.” The prospect of that referendum is casting a long shadow over Washington as the President and candidates alike wrestle with America’s frustration over a still-stagnant economy, despite $814 billion in stimulus spending.

    So what’s President Obama’s solution? Kick into campaign mode and turn to even more destined-to-fail stimulus gimmicks, loaded with increased government spending and higher taxes.

    Yesterday, President Obama chose Cleveland, Ohio, (a state with 10.4% unemployment) to deliver a blistering, campaign-style speech lambasting Republicans and laying out the details of his latest effort to jumpstart the economy. His plan includes $50 billion in spending on infrastructure that, he said, “would start putting Americans to work right away.” Despite Obama’s confidence, The Washington Post reports that the President’s plan got a cool reception from lawmakers, economists and business groups alike. One high-profile dissenter was politically vulnerable Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), who said yesterday, “I will not support additional spending in a second stimulus package.”

    There’s good reason to steer clear of the Son of Stimulus. This week, a White House aide threw cold water on the President’s confident job-creating promise, telling The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank that the administration doesn’t have an estimate for how many jobs the new stimulus would create and that the best-case scenario for the timing of those new jobs would be “over the course of 2011.”

    And then there’s recent history.

    The Heritage Foundation’s Ronald Utt, Ph.D., notes that the first Obama stimulus, which included $48.1 billion for infrastructure, “did little to spur the recovery and nothing to create new jobs,” leaving us only with massive deficits. Those transportation dollars, in particular, were disbursed in a plodding, bureaucratic way, and much of it hasn’t even been spent. Given the historical failure of transportation spending to create jobs, why shell out even more dollars? Follow the money, Utt says:

    The President’s new spending plan should be seen as an effort to shore up support within a key constituency: organized labor. First revealed at a Wisconsin labor union picnic on Labor Day, the $50 billion in infrastructure spending represents tens of billions of dollars in high, federally mandated, Davis-Bacon wages for unionized construction workers.

    More government spending to placate Big Labor is not the solution to America’s economic woes, but something else can be done. Heritage’s J.D. Foster, Ph.D., says that before the November elections, Congress should act to rein in spending and prevent tax hikes, starting with extending the 2001 and 2003 tax relief for all taxpayers (a move that President Obama has resisted). Doing so, Foster advises, will “give the economy a needed boost in 2011.”

    Families and businesses are anticipating a huge tax hike come January 1, 2011, when the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts expire. The tax hike is bad enough, but given the state of the economy, what this tax hike says about Washington’s priorities is draining America’s confidence in its government. There is no argument for raising taxes on a weak economy, and Americans know it.

    Those tax hikes are part of President Obama’s election year class-warfare strategy, designed to strike a populist tone at the expense of helping the economy. The President has said he can hit those making more than $250,000 with a tax hike because they represent only a small percentage of the population and “are already millionaires.” The truth is, the Obama tax hikes will directly harm the most successful sector in America: small businesses, which employ 25% of the American work force. And that will hurt job growth.

    On top of President Obama’s impending 2011 tax increases, there’s word that the White House may raise tax rates on America’s manufacturers to pay for the new infrastructure spending. That’s another bad move for a country coming out of a recession. Another of his proposals is to make the Research and Experimentation tax credit permanent. While that’s great for the long-run, keeping current policy doesn’t do much for stimulus. And then there’s the President’s proposal to allow businesses to deduct their investment costs immediately, which will likely only have a modest impact, unless it’s extended for many years and coupled with a lower corporate income tax rate.

    Better solutions? Foster suggests holding back the unspent stimulus dollars and freezing total spending at 2010 levels. (Even the President’s first director at the Office of Management and Budget, Peter Orszag, has seen the light and called for extending the tax cuts for two years.)

    On “Good Morning America,” the President noted, “My challenge, and the challenge of every Democratic candidate who’s out there is just making sure the people understand there’s a choice here.” The President and Congress indeed have a choice between now and the election: more spending and higher taxes, or reining in government and giving taxpayers a break. It shouldn’t be such a challenge to make the right choice, cut spending and extend the tax cuts for the good of the country.

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    50 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama's Desperate Times and Desperate Measures

    1. Roberta Guagliardo, says:

      What is that definition of stupid? Doing the same thing over and over and

      expecting a different result. Does anyone in this white house have a clue?

    2. Mary.... WI says:

      Makes you kind of wonder just what the "October Surprise" will be.

    3. Bernard from Michiga says:

      This President is doing just as his manipulaters want. He is passing laws that are against the constitution and treacherous. Obama has stolen from the poor with intent, to shore up the wealth of the powerful. My question is why have Republicans (ALL) allowed him to get away with this. Why is their no investigation as to mis-use of power and the consequential result of it? It is time for us, the elector, to pick up our weapons and become pro-active against those who would condem us simply because we live.

      These may be my own opinion thoughts but actions speak louder then words and his actions are slowly condeming us to the wrath of a mighty GOD.

      Impeachment is the best thing for this nation, now we must use it.

    4. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obamacare's a millstone around the necks of Democrats, especially those who voted

      for it, and are now trying to get out from under it. Is it any wonder why Obama wants to BIOB? The Democrats are going down in flames in November. Compared to this,

      the ending of Tom Clancy's Debt of Honor would be a blessing.

    5. Clara H.Sciartelli says:

      has anyone considered that our president needs to have a mental health examination. what I'm hearing from him makes me assess this is what is needed.

      i really

    6. Stephanie Wells (Cal says:

      What the hell does OBummer plan to do with the monies left in the original stimulus package? The joke is on us, America.

    7. Cindy--Sacramento, C says:

      In the presidents attempt to bring down small business (ie. corporations who he feels have big bottom lines), what does he think that will do to the little guy. The ones who produce specific items for the nation, and at the same time only employ under 10 or 20 persons?

      In attacking the big corporations they are going to kill the little companies. I do not see how these small business can possibly survive this service providing destruction attack. Driving around the city you see many buildings empty, tractors sitting due to budget. He is attacking multi-million $ companies, but will destroy anybody smaller while causing nothing more than a dent in their bottom line. Future is very uncertain, and if you have problems the banks are not willing to help you in any way.

    8. cindy-sacramento, ca says:

      Our nation no longer is producing Men and Women, now we only have males and females. Our future is very dark when you take our education of the past few generations into account.

      Where are the MEN???

      certainly not in Washington

    9. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Obama is a NUTCASE

      HE wants to TAX people

      and GUESS which people he wants to TAX -


      Can you imaging???

      He wants to Tax those making OVER $250.000.

      Imagine – Taxing the RICH – The guy should be PUNISHED.

      Punished? HOW? Made to serve as Prez another 4 years.

      THAT will show him.


    10. Bob Reichert, Punta says:

      Each time the that Obama makes a speech only goes to reinforce what the majority of Americans already know: He is not capable of governing and does not understand the American Capitalist System. Keep speaking your numbers are falling.

    11. Joseph C Moore Cpo U says:

      Freezing spending will have little affect. Spending more will add to the disaster. Bailouts for companies instead of requiring them to restructure prolongs their fiscal negligence. Spending the way to prosperity will enslave our future generations in unconscionable debt. We (the US) are actually in worse shape than that belittled country, Greece, yet this administration continues it's bobsled ride into more debt. Socialism does Not, and never Has produced prosperity for ANY country. The entitlement mentality of Americans is leading all into enslavement to a weakening government. The Democrats do not have a viable answer, the Neo-Con Republicans likewise. Our founding fathers with the unimpeachable Constitution did. We must return to it and not have future administrations interpret it to their own liking to the detriment of the Republic.

    12. Roberta Guagliardo, says:

      Fidel Castro made an insiteful comment yesterday when he said

      "communism doesn't work" Duh – Do you suppose the white house

      heard that?

    13. Carol CA says:

      Dumb as a rock. Or, and this is the one I favor, Rush is right 99.6% Obama is doing this on purpose. What did he think that the expensive date night he and Michelle took would magicaly go away? How about the very expensive fly over NY to scare the excrement out of every one? Who paid for that? The trips back and forth to Denmark, Copenhagen I don't know it was some where over there for Global warming summit and then for the Chicago Olympics. Poof or is that Puff the magic dragon? Then there was the trip to France where he went, then sent home Air Force 1 to pick up the little lady and the kids for a shopping spree and then they all came home. 4 trips. Is he suffering from alzheimer's? It just goes on and on. Of course there are the never ending dinner parties and vacations at our expense. A vacation in Spain for the little lady.. Part of this year is the most he has been in the USofA in his entire 1 year 8mo and odd days. All he does is hold summits as Job summit. Yeild nothing, nada, zilch, zero. Stimulus package 1 and deux in the making. It just never ends and yet every day unemployed America citizens wake up to $572,602,739 in debt 365 days a year. This is what the Federal Government spend every day—just on INTEREST for our exploding national debt.

      Then his newest and lates soulution from the Morning Bell and Mr. B HOs own mouth "Kick into campaign mode and turn to even more destined-to-fail stimulus gimmicks, loaded with increased government spending and higher taxes. One day America (all 50) states (not 57) will wake up and simply refuse to go to work. Do that long enough and Mr. B HO will be out of office so fast he will not know what happened. I personally believe this out of control spending is on purpose to deliberately destroy America. Sad but true.

    14. SANDY says:

      He was touted as the most brilliant of all our presidents, a messiah and the answer to all our problems. The masses flocked to him, and he made promises. He was to cure all our ills. He and only he could save our country and the world. BUT, he had an agenda, and he accomplished it in less than two years. He has undone what has taken 200 plus years to construct. He and he alone was able to that.

      It has always been a simple procedure to burn down a house, and he has done so expertly.

      If one thinks that this is not his agenda think again. He wants to change our society. Doing so requires destroying it. Mission almost accomplished, let the masses be damned.

      He showers his own in extravagence while the masses attempt to toil and pay for his lavish lifestyle.

      He is like the pashas, the czars, the dictators of history. Living a lifestyle that he condemns and critcizes then surrounds himself with his well paid and paid of union thugs.

      A classic made for Hollwood epic is being played out in real time. Alas, we all know the final scence, good will triumph. His kind always destroys themselves and unfortunately we will suffer for his corroupt inept behavior. With it the ONLY place on earth that men and women were truly free. We are witness to EVIL at the highest degree and all due to a good reader of prepared speeches and the promise of getting something from the hard working American for those that will not work.

      Election Day cant come soon enough..

    15. Doc Hilliard, Calif. says:

      Mr Obama thinks voters are going to express themselves based on the "economy" when it is far more likely voters will express our disatisfaction with Mr Obama himself.

    16. JimC----CALIFORNIA says:

      It will be very interesting to really see the character of the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Barney Frank, and the other Progressives that have failed to represent the American taxpayer. Will they oppose Obama and extend the Bush tax cuts to all Americans? The so-called rich create jobs and spend money buying things that must be built or produced. Where does the money go that is taken by the Federal Government? To sue Arizona? Benefits for illegals? To send an Islamic Imam around the world raising funds to build a Mosque near 9/11 site?

    17. Wm. R. Streed says:

      One of the largest problems in all businesses, large or small is the requirements to report to various governmental agencies. Thbis requires that businesses have unproductive personnel just answering govenment agencies which have unproductive personnel recording information which in most part is meaningles. We need a people oriented study to remove any governmental bureauacrics which have no reason to exist in the first place.

      We also need to revies why the governmental offices and employees should have unions. Unikons have no place in government activities.

    18. Elaine, Ocala, Fl. says:

      Why don't  we resolve Obama's eligibity instead of stressing over what he is doing. If he's not eligible then it's all for naught.

    19. Drew Page, IL says:

      Nineteen months in office and he's still campaigning, still creating class warfare, still blaming George Bush for everything and still trying to buy votes with our tax money. It worked last time, so he has every right to believe that it will work again.

      However, many of those who believed what he said during his campaign and voted for him have come to learn that what he does is quite different from what he said he would do.

    20. Clifford E. Keys, PH says:

      Every time he opens his mouth, our President reaffirms that he out of touch with reality. Unfortunately, his smoothe oratory skills motivate too many people to ignore the validity of his obfuscations! His many broken promises make thinking Americans doubt the credility of his crystal ball! Nancy Peloci's comment about the Obamacare Bill – "Let's pass it and then we will have time to read it" set a new low for Washington "leadership', and now that it is being read, many hidden disturbing surprises are causing a legitimate backlash!

    21. Pennsylvania says:

      Obama's proposal to allow businesses to deduct their investment costs immediately is utter garbage since businesses can already deduct between $250K to $800K of capital investments, IRS Form 4562, section 179.

    22. R. R. Kopp, Southern says:

      The plan to start putting people back to work "right away" should have started in early 2008. But that wasn't the plan then and it isn't the plan now. I wish Obama would say something believable…something the other half of the country can believe in.

    23. dms coeur d'ale says:

      Caught a glimpse of his interview. Still blaming republicans for this mess. Did he forget who took control of the house in 2006 when all this mess started? It gets pretty old after a while.

    24. Norm Klevens says:

      This man is only interested in himself; not his own political party, not particular individuals and not the country. Any sane person would see that what he has done is not working, he would make changes. But he doubles down and offers up more of the same, only with higher taxes, which equates to more unemployment. Have we ever had a president who openly says he does not like this country? It seems we have one now. He says others do not have ideas. Republicans like Ryan, Cantor and Boehner have provided other ideas for the last 20 months; he just doesn’t like them, ignores them and knows his media is not reporting them. Beyond his rhetoric he knows what took place after the '01 and '03 tax cuts, but is only interested in himself, which involves pleasing the unions and his left wing base so he can be re-elected. The ‘011 tax cuts took an economical bite out of 9 1 1. His latest plan; son of stimulus is a half baked tax break, from academics on his staff and one that comes with a short term deadline and strings, like one has to be unemployed for 6 months for a business to get a tax break to hire. Obama is a neophyte that does not understand how business plans ahead for a longer period than 6 months or a year. His disdain for corporations is clear, but they create jobs, which is a conundrum for him. He would like to further destroy the corporations. Tax “breaks” comes before tax hikes on those who do the hiring. During the health insurance “debate” he openly criticized groups of Americans. The 1st stim package favored his supporters, while he kicks others like the bond holders. He is for the trial in NYC, he flies Air Force One over NYC, doesn’t care about the 70% who agree with the AZ law, tells us to take an aspirin to replace surgery, but on the Labor Day before his party is slated to lose big, he said Americans are hard working, which is the first time he complimented Americans. Has he ever said what a great country this is? The American president dislikes Americans and pits us against one another, unless he wants some of us to “get in their face”. We do have a choice as he told GMA [much to his chagrin] and we will start to end his rein in 55 days.

    25. toledofan says:

      No matter the logic, facts or common sense, this Administration and Congress are driving the Black Pearl to nowhere. They can't change course because their ideology won't allow them to and if they do change course it will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt thier ideology is fake. Their moral compass is way off and they just can't find true North. Look at all that has been spent, all that still hasn't been and look at the enemic results, 1.3 trillion added to our deficiet just this year, unemployment over 10%, home forcloseures are still at a record pace, our borders are being breached, and now we have the President and other notables weighing in on whether or not somebody can burn a book or build a mosque. Sounds like somebodies priorities are all screwed up, I just hope its not me?

    26. Dan Smith, Simi Vall says:

      Obama doesn't give a rat's a$$ about the US economy. He believes that any profitable enterprise has to have been built on the backs of the poor & disadvantaged and that it is government's job to redistribute wealth from those who work to people who won't work with the hope that these recipients will vote Democrat.

    27. Mary Jo Alton, Atlan says:

      I'm curious as to why Foster suggests freezing spending to 2010 levels, instead of freezing spending at 2008? With the stimulus now settled into the base from 2009, wouldn't we be better off going to pre-stimulus spending levels?

    28. Brian says:


      I am so sick and tired of this purportedly deep thinking, erudite chief executive who has long since demonstrated he has neither the talent or intellect for this job which seems to have been awarded as a participation trophy rather than a recognition of merit. That we must all wait for another helping of a long 76 year diet of welfare statism from a group of people think they are too smart is insulting.

      These people seem not to realize that the LESS they do the MORE we can do.

      For every contrived malady the state has created with intent of creating a bureaucracy to fix same, they should realize, they must accept the time has come to dissolve these bureaucracies, let people keep their earnings and let the free market and society address these problems. Problems which may not be as big when the magnifying glass of opportunism is removed.

    29. Judith in Michigan says:

      Mr Obama & Co will never implement the suggested remedies for the country's dire economic conditions because to do so would be to admit their Socialist ideas are wrong and do not work.

      This administration appears to think that if they continue to spin and "fudge" their rhetoric enough and attack Republicans enough, most Americans will soon begin to believe them. Not a chance.

      Educated and reasoning Americans listen to facts and details, not vicious attacks.

      Liberals have had their chance. But they have demonstrated just where their loyalties lie which is more power and control for themselves and the dimishing of the free market system in America. Now, they must be retired from office.

      Sorry, Mr Obama, but Americans are just that much into Socialism. We much prefer our freedoms.

      Thanks, but no thanks.

    30. ld, moon says:


      Obama's neoculture has been exposed, and he is losing Intel's grip on it's 100 years of investment is US sedition activities. He is responding by running up the national debt through deficit and stimulus spending that will attempt to run our economic system into the ground.

      This is a last ditch effort to circumvent the Bill of Rights and subordinate the US to a charter government under Britain's parliament, and this will only be possible through legislative treason or societal implosion occurring as a result of having successfully collapsed domestic and economic infrastructures.

      You already know this, H.

    31. Leith Richmond says:

      Obama's arrogance, class warfare and disregard of facts is making his situation worse, if possible. We must vote him out in 12 and take back our country.

    32. joel, Long Beach, CA says:

      Obama just doesn't get the picture. His arrogance and persistence in adhering to stimulus plans that have been proven ineffective demonstrates that despite his academic credentials and brief political career he doesn't understand the way economics works and refuses to listen to even his own advisors.

      The simple solution: Hold off any legislation that does not provide tax cuts for the American people and businesses. Leave the Bush tax cuts as they are for at least 5 years. Permanently abolish inheritance taxes or at least increase the ceiling from

      $1,000,000 to $4,000,000. Vote for conservative, fiscally prudent Republican legislators in November. Send Reid and Pelosi packing and prevent Obama from serving a second term.

    33. Don Harper says:

      Is it not possible to differentiate between the business income of a sub-S corporation that may have numerous employees and lots of overhead, and the income of,e.g., hedgefund managers and M&A types who make millions of $ in commissions just for managing money. I could justify tax increases on the later class of people while leaving the cuts in place for the former, who are the real job creators. The only thing I see wrong with this approach is that it gives more $ to the government when it already has too much revenue. It’s the Spending, Stupid!

    34. Stan W. says:

      There's an old cliche'. You can change the cover, but the book remains the same. If anyone is holding the middle class hostage, it's BO. The Repubs want to extend the whole package. He's saying IF you cut the taxes of the rich—-no one gets the cut. So who's using the middle class. Secondly, infrastructure, transportation, whatever, it's spending more money. That he does real well. The greatest of all time. The problem is there are people who believe him and a lot of Dems will vote for him no matter what. I used the term " like lemmings to the sea", they will follow him. I hope and pray this country has wised up and realize it's a lot of idle promises.

    35. Jim-MN says:

      The surprise will be that Obama will not seek a second term and that Hillary will be resigning as Sec-of-State. I wonder why she would do that…..

    36. David Bess, Carson C says:

      Above the $250,000 gross income bracket comprises only 1.5% of the household that are taxed or aproximately 2,000,000 house holds. To accomplish paying off the debt that number would need to double or tripple that amount. This would bring tax increases to everyone making greater than $50,000. The 50K-75K income puts a person in the top 15%-20% of wage earners in america.

      The total income from the 250K group would be 500,000,000,000. At 50% tax rate that would only bring in 250 billion to the government. A drop in the bucket aginst a 12 trillion debt that's climbing daily.

      My numbers may not be absolute but are very close and work for this example.

      Logic tells us that allowing Obama to tax the upper 2% will not solve the problem but will establish a mind set across the populace that the rich need to be punished. The next step is to reduce what is "RICH". That number will evenually hit every tax payer making 40-50K a year. Remember to a person making minimum wage of $7.50/hr, you are rich if you make $50k.

      In mid September anything that the administration promises will not have any effect on the economy until after the election. It is physically impossible for the government to react that quickly. So once again the democrats are using smoke and mirrors to try to look conservitive. If they succeed and win the house and senate the only part of obama's promise that we will see is higher taxes to cover his $50,000,000,000 "son of stimulus" package.

    37. Dexter60, San Franci says:

      The last gasps of failing fraud: it is not at all amusing to see what happens when so many people have to face the fact that the pig-in-a-poke purchased at high price turns out not to be a cat trying to get away but is instead a snake ready to strike.

      Such men as these usually know when there is no one left to rob they should already be out of town — but they are too stupid to know even that.

      We know who they are, what they look like, what they have done, and if things get bad enough there will be no place for them to hide.

      They have earned the Darwin Award for the 20th Century, plus.

      Thanx for the lines in summation, even if understanding does not take the edge off of anger.

    38. Jill says:

      Why does everyone keep missing the point that increasing the tax rates for the wealthy will cost everyone? Businesses that get taxed at higher rates will pass the increased costs on to all consumers, so we're all going to get hit.

    39. Anti - Liberal Santa says:

      If I've said it once I've said it a million times , liberalism is destroying this nation , pure and simple .

    40. Billie says:

      Please Mr. President, enough of your insults to the intelligence of the average mind. You've looked the fool for quite some time. You've created no jobs. You've made up reasons for work, otherwise known as make-work to jobs that already exist. These jobs are temporary and tax dollar consuming. Where are the jobs that promote freedom and an honest living? Where are the jobs with futures, Mr. President? Where in the private sector are you promoting opportunities that you haven't sent overseas?


      Obama claims to be a Muslim converted to Christianity yet you changed your Christian name to Muslim? Your words and actions are under the faith of deception

    41. robert cortes says:

      wow where to start, all the comments that i read already have said what i have pondered about this novice of a president along with the two weasels pelosi and reed. i just hope the american people read this bit of information on this administration and come to their senses and vote the right way by voting country not party.god bless this country that i love and hope that the people that are occupying the white house are sent packing and send them all on a permanent vacation.

    42. William Downey, JD L says:

      I could never be considered a supporter of this administration. However, we all have to admit that the infrastructure (transportation) has continued to deteriorate. That deterioration costs us in productivity as well as in quality of life.

      Before spending the funds from Stimulus 1 and the proposed "Son of Stimulus) we as a nation need to recognize the need for infrastructure upgrades, and prioritize it in a national transportation policy.

      Recognize that we have failed to fully and properly maintain our highways, rail and air infrastructure; that such a policy has to take into account ways to alleviate highway congestion. Further it takes years to design, permit and build these projects.

      Maintaining that the present patchwork approach to funding such plans is a way to create jobs and stimulate spending in the short term is counter productive: it is not a panacea for a lagging jobless recovery, it takes years for these projects to develop.

      What happens when we have spent the money and these projects complete? How do we fund the maintenance? Where will those construction workers, engineers and others go when the money runs out? Without a long term plan, and recognizing that this is an area for federal participation, it is just wasted spending.

    43. Seth Warner, Connect says:

      I think it would be good if the Heritage Foundation did some nonpartisan work to generate some publicity on what government's role in the economy really is or should be. Quite frankly I believe there is nothing in the constitution that says it is government's responsibility to make the economy run or create jobs. There is lots to be said about its not getting in the way of those developments which it does do far too much with ridiculous laws, regulations and taxes.

      But when you get right down to it there is nothing government can do to make the economy happen. It is people interacting with eachother's needs that does. It is the press that misleads the public into thinking that the economy is the government's responsibility, and then with the pressure from that on them to attract votes, the politicians do everything they can to accommodate which results in this ridiculous stimulus program that has done nothing for jobs or the economy but has hugely increased the national debt.

      None of it works. What we need is an intelligent program with lots of publicity to change the public's mindset into understanding this and to cut out the impediments to making it happen.

      The Heritage Foundation has gone a long way but seems to beat around the bush by not calling this spade a spade.

    44. Robert Bradley says:

      Does the Constitution require a PRESIDENT be born of natural-born citizens?

      Thank you

    45. Chuck S, Derry NH says:

      The election will not be as much a referendum on the economy as a rejection of

      him and everything he stands for.

    46. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Oh joy! A new word from the Paperhanger in Chief (get it? check kiter?) "Choice!" Thank goodness, I was getting ill from "Change!" The new generality is just as false as Obamahope because the Gimmie Gang will lie shamelessly about it, and, big bonus "Choice" offers no better description of what the Democrats will do than "Change" did. Gosh! Don't you love generalities! Such a wonderful way to lie! Like for instance "fundamentally transforming America!" They didn't say it was Communist slavery. Now watch the bums run with the new ball.

      I agree with Glenn Beck. I think America is the only nation worthy of actual Love. Like all the Words of Power, Love has been mushed. But on the spiritual side, America was built with a golden brick foundation of individual Sovereignty. Your immortal spirit is welcome in, child gods under God. That is the magic ingredient in America, truth. That is the truth. We actually are spirits inhabiting human bodies! And we are answerable to God alone. This is American Law! This is the root of our freedom. The truth is lovely. Love it!

      Dave Bess from Nevada is right. Crunch any of the numbers it will be clear that our deceptions have come from the highest levels. And you know, under the Constitution (in the service of Foreign Interests) lying the way these Officials do could be prosecuted by any Citizen.

    47. Peggy, Massillon, OH says:

      "Yesterday, President Obama chose Cleveland, Ohio, (a state with 10.4% unemployment) to deliver a blistering, campaign-style speech lambasting Republicans and laying out the details of his latest effort to jump start the economy." I guess no one informed the president that Ohio is run by Dems. Our governor has run us into the ground. Most of the mayors are Dems and look at the condition of our big cities. Senator Brown has voted 100% with Obama and Reid. Our Dem. representatives have voted 100% with Pelosi. Even Senator Voinovich seems more Democrat than Republican. But thankfully, he is retiring. I do not think that any sane Ohioan believes in the Change and Hope promises anymore.

    48. Lynn says:

      Obama thinks that we as Americans are weak and we don't mind the that he wants to take our rights away from us. The biggest mistake that all in Washington DC have forgotten is that we the taxpayers are the boss. They work for us and if we are not happy they lose their jobs. Obama knows he is done, they will be crucified in this election and we may be able to undo some of the damage he has done.

      I am just sad that so many people did not look at his character, the fact he never had a job, that he had only been a one term Senator, his religious views etc. He has no clue as to how much he is disliked in this country and that is from his arrogance. He has spent more time traveling and on vacation while Americans are losing their jobs, their homes, and becoming homeless. No one what to talk about that.

      Another thing he is arrogant about is that with so many out of work they are not collecting taxes that they were. If you do not have an income coming in you most certainly can not spend like they are.

      Yet when he is called out about his actions he gets angry and tries to throw everything back on Bush. Sorry to disillusion people but no matter what happened in this country Bush was always front and center. Can you say that about Obama. No.

    49. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      We must also look beyond the 2010 election. DON’T GET TOO COMFORTABLE!! Hopefully we’ll win back the House and/or Senate this year. And if we do, the GOP must work diligently, and not get too comfortable with its success. It must stop the agenda of BHO and his demon-crats. Stop cowering to the leftwing demon-crats!! We must also look at 2012, as we need to win back The White House to start reversing the damage to America since January 2009. I have to admit I made the same error. I began writing, commenting and avidly listening to talk radio (Rush Limbaugh, et al) during the Bill Clinton years. Of course, I got too comfortable, and drifted away from this in 2001 when GW Bush became POTUS and the Demon-crats were out of power. I suppose I took the GOP success for granted, until of course the 2008 campaign began, when I could foresee this current disaster coming. REMEMBER – the Demon-crats have been, and will be, sore losers when they’re out of power. They will lie about us to try to win back control. So we must fight them, and refute all their lies, and try to keep the leftwing statist demon-crats out of power permanently!!!!!

    50. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      If the Democrats lose control of Congress (which we hope!!) this November, it’s their own fault, and they have nobody to pat on the back besides themselves. It’s sad that American voters weren’t wiser in 2006 and 2008. I understand their frustrations with RINOs and GOP wimps who too often cower to the liberal democrats. But were people really naive or stupid enough to think the democrats would be better or more conservative?? Don’t they realize by voting for Democrats (or refusing to cast a vote against democrats), they were turning a problem into a disaster???? If they wise up, they should avoid repeating the 2006 and 2008 election errors in the future. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!!!!!

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