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  • Morning Bell: Neglecting Allies and Appeasing Foes

    In yesterday’s New York Times, International Herald Tribune columnist Roger Cohen reported: “Since taking office, President Obama has reached out to the Muslim world as a whole, to China, to Turkey and to Iran, but has devoted scant serious diplomatic energy to Europe.” Cohen then went on to quote prominent Paris-based defense analyst Camille Grand: “Europe is the object of benign U.S. neglect. Obama has not established or re-established a strategic relationship with any single European country or with Europe as a whole.”

    This analysis is dead on. In their report released last week, Defining the Obama Doctrine, Its Pitfalls, and How to Avoid Them, Drs. Kim Holmes and James Carafano detail just some of President Obama’s practice of extending an open hand to enemies while rebuffing friends and close allies, including: not welcoming the Dalai Lama to the White House when that dignitary made his first visit to Washington after Obama took office; reversing years of U.S. policy by supporting Argentina over the U.K. on the Falklands; caving to Russia by abandoning our missile defense plans with the Czech Republic and Poland; and backing a Hugo Chavez ally in Honduras.

    The problem with this approach is that the U.S. government has a responsibility to the people of America to act in its own and its allies’ best interests. Since World War II the United States has promoted security and liberty throughout the world by creating strong international institutions and alliances that promote self-governance, the rule of law, civil and political rights, property rights and economic opportunities. But partnerships will fall short of our expectations if the countries with which we align share neither our values nor our goals. Rewarding troublemakers while ignoring our allies only emboldens those who do not share our values and demoralizes those that do.

    Take the President’s campaign to “reset” relations with Russia. As mentioned above, one of President Obama’s first acts as President was to betray our Czech and Polish allies by surrendering our plans to build Ground-Based Midcourse Defense interceptors to appease Russia. The culmination of this campaign is the President’s New START agreement, which the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is scheduled to vote on this month. In today’s Wall Street Journal, former Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security John Bolton explains why New Start Is Unilateral Disarmament:

    In pursuing New Start, the Obama administration has essentially jettisoned the 2002 Treaty of Moscow, which only dealt with the limitation of nuclear warheads that were operationally deployed. That freed large numbers of U.S. launchers (land-based and submarine-based ballistic missiles, along with heavy bombers such as the B-2) to carry conventional payloads world-wide—a concept known as “conventional prompt global strike.”

    Such delivery flexibility is far more important to America than to Russia, given our global interests and alliances. Its wisdom was evident after 9/11, as we fought in Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond. New Start encumbers us with unnecessary constraints that will distort strategic priorities and weapons-development for decades.

    Now is no time to be limiting our conventional or nuclear capabilities in the vain hope that Russia will suddenly become a force for liberty and security abroad. As Cohen notes: “The Atlantic relationship remains the cornerstone of world stability even as new powers emerge. With its huge debt, America needs affordable influence; Western allies are the way to find it. The struggle of our age pits the state against the anti-state, with weapons of mass destruction potentially mixed in: The West embodies the values and has the institutions central to winning that fight.”

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is scheduled to address the Council on Foreign Relations today, where she will say of the Obama Doctrine: “Today we can say with confidence that this model of American leadership works.” But this claim ignores the realities in Iran, North Korea and Russia. Rewarding these countries will force friendly nations to look elsewhere, not to Washington, for arrangements that bring them greater security. And that will make this a far more dangerous world indeed.

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    40 Responses to Morning Bell: Neglecting Allies and Appeasing Foes

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Murdoch's WSJ and FOXNews, and the HF

      are the Voice of the GOP.

      NOT GOOD. Be careful WHAT YOU BELIEVE.


    2. Jack in Central Texa says:

      Wake up!!! Obama is determined to destroy constitutional United States and all other reasonably free societies. His history, writiings, and associates resonate a radical sixties hippie mid set. Remember the 60"s? Learn from history!

    3. Mary.... WI says:

      BO is literally changing the face of America. We won't recognize her pretty soon. America is becoming the "mean old country" Michelle Obama claims she's always known until BO became president. HAH!

      I've just come to expect BO and company will always take the very low road (like hell) to accomplish his change of America. It just doesn't matter what the majority of the American people want….we just don't matter….serfs.

    4. Carol CA says:

      All of this and (they) the Democrats call (those) Republicans that oppose Mr. B HO RACIEST! We are far more intelligent. We just plane do not like what he has and is doing this country, How inept he is for the highest job in the land.

      His lack of diplomacy and his lack of intelligence to do the job we AS IN WE THE PEOPLE! gave him. He (Mr. B HO) simply refuses to do a good job.

      If that all adds up to being raciest then so be it. But let me remind you out there that Janeane Garofalo was crying raciest way before Mr. B HO began screwing up big time. Then they send out the ever so senile X prez. Jimmy Carter to cry raciest. Call us what you want Mr. B HO is still not fit for the job of President.

      I am all for taking away his credit card and the keys to Airforce one and make him apply before he can go any where. There is nothing in his job description that says he can have more vacations than any other citizen on the job.

      IF ONLY HE WAS ON THE JOB Mr. B HO is acting the president and frankly Harrison Ford did a far better job.

    5. Gary Alaska/Nevada says:

      Meantime, everybody is a sayin what a marvelous job Hillary is doin, what a statesman she is, oh boy! Ya hoo, what presidential material she is! Yippee. If only she can get the Small Arms Treaty ratified by the Reid Senate, boy she can show how NO ONE has anything to fear from us radical Americans, anymore. Yipee. Yep, America, having proven that Capitalism and the Free Market are complete failures, America will be ready to join a global market, finally. Americans will learn to share their "peanut butter sandwich." Only there won't be any peanut butter or anything else, just war, strife. Inhumanity on a scale not seen since the Dark Ages of pre-rennaisance. .

    6. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      How much campaign money did Obama get from Europe? Nothing. How much campaign money did Obama get from the Middle East? Millions. Read "We Have Been Had" by James Keena to discover how he did it and why he bowed the to King of Saudi Arabia. Follow the money trail and it becomes clear why his foreign policy is at it is. It is about funding – not "world peace." James Keena connects the dots and the picture is ugly.

    7. david peacock,newnan says:

      well there you have it; as michelle obama said we will change America and the way you do things;; THE FIRST POST AMERICAN PRESIDENT HAS ARRIVED.

    8. toledofan says:

      When you look around and see who is running the show, Obama, Biden, Clinton, the Democrats; it becomes very clear that the only policy we have is a policy of non confrontation, appeasement and, basically, looking the other way. I'm not too sure that even if something bad happened that we would use the force necessary to make sure the enemy knows we mean business. And we thought it couldn't get any worse than the Carter years.

    9. Bill, Hendersonville says:

      America has reached it's lowest ebb since 1776 with the performance (?) of our president, coupled with the elected socialists and cabinet. Yes, obama has an agenda to destroy the private business sector, snub the Constitution (or circumvent it altogether). But Americans must recognize the real danger: our House and Senate. obama cannot shove his marxist policies and actions down our throats without the two houses approving. Please, pray all patriotic Americans show up to vote in November. We CAN stop the bleeding.

    10. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      You still don't get it yet. It's not neglect! Every move Obama makes is deliberatly designed to complete the destruction of our nation by weaking our world power. We had all better understand Obama was invented and groomed to complete a plan that has been in the works for decades. He will do or say anything to complete the plan. Now, because so many of the American has come to realize Obama' s true intentions, he's sending Hillary to the UN in hopes they will force us into submission.

    11. Sue Schultz says:

      The Third Way

      I have been aware of this system since the Clintons spoke of it with Tony Blair as being the system they indorsed and were trying to implement. This is the explanation of what Obama is now doing on a grand scale. In the article you will see a reference to Social Market which I have included in the second link…If you take the time to read this you will no doubt see what we are experiencing now and why our FAITH and DEPENDENCE ON GOD is being diluted so that this can be implemented…Sue



    12. Lloyd from Florida says:

      Obama and Hillary share the naive belief that if we unilaterally disarm, others will do so as well. They believe that the rogue countries will stop aggression against other countries if we become weaker. Obama's foreign policy ignores the lessons of the past where we have pulled out of countries only to see oppression take hold in the vacuum. Examples of this include WW II after the fighting stopped, we allowed all of eastern Europe to fall under Soviet oppression, we pulled out of the middle east after WW II and left dictators in charge so we now have chaos, we pulled out of Vietnam and let all of SE asia fall under oppressive dictatorships. On the other hand we stayed in Western Europe in force and these governments survived, we stayed in South Korea and it has prospered compared to the North, we stayed in Japan for years until they could rebuild their country, we stayed the course with Taiwan so far, and they have prospered but we will probably throw them under the bus at the first sign of trouble.

      The lessons of history are being ignored by this administration and we will suffer from their ingnorance of these lessons. Perhaps we should not be the worlds police force but we should protect our country and support our friends in the world. We can cut back on our military in Europe but we should not ignore these long time allys. We are ignoring the problems of the people of South America and dictators are taking over our traditional trading partners like Venezuela and other surrounding countries. Problems exist in Mexico which are becoming our problems. China has better relations with some of the countries in South America than we do. This is the result of neglect and our failure to project the cause of individual freedoms in these countries.

    13. G Buss says:

      Europe and our 'allies' have enjoyed our protection far too long. The Muslims will march on Europe as soon as they are strong enough. Continuing to bail out the Europeans will not force them to prepare for their self defense.

      Esoteric information and political advantage (read population control) appear to be pointing toward a general war that has been initiated and will greatly escalate over the next several months. This war will greatly resolve the economic situation as has occurred in our past planned panics etc. The trick for this republic will be to keep the government from using military force to put down the people. Peace as a process is a clever political lie. War is a process. Peace results when governments cease to interfere with the peoples innate wisdom.

    14. Pragmatic in Texas says:

      A more dangerous world, indeed. I cannot add anything to this well written article that I have not been thinking for the past 2 years. And I can't help but to add my "I told you so's" to UK blog sites where they have finally figured out Obama is no friend to Europe.

    15. Stan W. says:

      The theory of treating our trade partners and other nations as "equal" partners doesn't, I believe, sit well with most Americans. BO has probably singlehandedly destroyed hundreds of years of diplomacy with the UK in his handling of the oil spill. One of the first items mentioned to be cut by Barney Frank was European foreign aid. BO is self centered, him against the world attitude, and he's right and everyone else is wrong. I don't think he can save the Nov. elections for the Dems and it would surprise me greatly if most folks fell for hie rhetoric a second time?

    16. Eileen Conley says:

      Sometimes I can't sleep at night-all I can think about is how Obama is destroying our country. I pray all of the time-asking the Lord to help us stop Obama, his "czars" ,and his other socialist friends. I am so worried for my kids and grandkids.

      Thank you Heritage for helping me understand.

    17. Ace Sez says:

      It's amazing that a number of ppl still think having this black man in the White House is cool—treasonable actions demand impeachment—but who among the elected officials has the guts to begin the process?

    18. Allen L. Smith says:

      Why Oh,Lord did I press that name in the voting booth….. How ever just an old saying from the Mountains where we came from. Grandmother would say "Its like buying a new Car", "SOMETIMES YOU WILL GET A LEMON " get Rid of it and be more careful next time. "Life will go on."

    19. Richard Irish, Edmon says:

      It is obvious that Mr. Obama is being extremely effective in pursuing his goal to destroy our economy and our military while disrupting the fabric of our society in order to render us vulnerable to his one-world socialistic fate.

      The fact that he is not eligible to be president and all those "honorable" people ensconced in our government choose to do nothing about it, is what boggles the mind!

    20. Carol West Virginia says:

      The American people had better wake up and educate themselves as to what is taking place in DC. Obama is doing exactly what he has been groomed to do and that is to destroy our America and to this point in time he is doing a hell of a job. The liberals in both houses of Congress are nothing but a rubber stamp for obama. We must completely clean house in November and get rid of all career politicians if we are to save our Republic.

    21. Norm Klevens says:

      From 1993 to 2000 we had the world of Clinton, where our enemies were just getting their plans together and Bill Clinton's threats were less meaningful than the enemy's own. An agreement, albeit empty was made with North Korea and without what I call the Reagan verification. We saw what happened there. Enter Bush and one enemy attacked us, followed by 9 years of war. Bush took Saddam's nuclear threat away and without it, nuclear war between Iran and Iraq would be very possible. All the while what continued as the Clinton State Dept was working against Bush who did not clean house. Then the report from these fine liars in the State Dept said Iran discontinued their nuclear program as they were concerned Bush would follow Amb. Bolton's advice and attack Iran. Today, after sanctions, an enemy will have nuclear weapons, while their neighbor, Israel has been given orders from Obama not to destroy the nuclear plants in Iran, denying fly over rights for one. This plus most likely a strong threat from the fearless Commander in Chief toward Israel, who paid the US for fighter aircraft which Obama has declined to deliver. America, in a short 20 months has become a paper tiger with a weak, non sensible foreign policy from academics and a former president who was the luckiest president [and his wife] in modern times, without real conflicts other than self promoted ones. The only answer is Regime Change in two years plus luck that the enemy does not advance their plans further. And then it will take a Ronald Reagan II to make some reversals.

    22. Lynn, Austin says:

      The corruption from this president and congress must end! We are being made fools of.

      Now here is a link to the Court Dockets showing Kagan was the acting judge in all the eligibility cases brought to court by those challenging obama's eligibility. She threw them all out!!!!


      We must get this to everyone and demand discovery and that she be disbarred. They are blatantly breaking the law (not to mention the Constitution) because nobody has the fortitude to challenge it.

      Please write your Congressmen and send this to all you can.

    23. KLIMAX Baltimore, Ma says:

      NObama has about as much diplomacy as the Black Panthers his Injustice Dept. is protecting !!! The Secretary of State is a Joke Position that should not be filled with a looser like Clinton !!! Nobama is deliberately courting certain countries that can help him in his Islamic endeavors instead of working with the EU !!! The only thing he wants from the EU is their Socialistic ideas on Health Care and their open borders which some countries are starting to close !!!

      Impeachment is the most realistic thing to do with his obvious disregard for OUR Constitution and laws he just ignores to complete his agenda against the American Citizens and for the illegal aliens that he has ordered Homeland Security to overlook their illegal activities !!!!!!!

    24. Dennis Georgia says:

      Well written article, goes to the nuts and bolts of what obama is doing. I really believe he is going to destroy this country, his sole goal is to see the America we all love changed in a way that can never be undone. We are in debt so far and he wants to add more. This will only increase our ability to fail, not our ability to suceed at any thing. He has gone around the world to our enemies and told them how sorry he is for all our wrongs, has embrassed the likes of chavez, the radical muslims, any one that believes the same as he does. Never mind that when someone, or country is in a bad way that Amwerica has always been there to lend a helping hand, give money, time, blood and lives for the betterment of all. These things have no meaning to the wonderful one. We are a nation that is being lead to the slaughter, we have allowed a wolf to get in the "hen" house, and the liberal media is throwing all us "chickens" to him. We must reverse the way our "guvment" is being run, the goals that are being set are wrong, the image of America has to be restored to the world. VOTE IN NOVEMBER, OR LOOSE IT ALL.!

    25. Chuckwagonchuckie2u, says:

      None of this stuff has just happened. The Democrats are the ones to move us closer to the New World Order of the Nation States subjected to a World Centralized Power. One has to CONTROL the Muslims Masses and support those Oil Rich Countries along the way. It only makes for good politics to keep our Oil Allies in power. Obama has done a good job of cooling the fires of ISLAM in those Oil rich Countries. How would it look if Iran annexed the Shiite area of Iraq with its oil deposits ? How would it look if the Saud family was replaced by more radical elements in Saudi Arabia ?

      Our European Allies have already accepted Islam in their Diversity movement and will conform to Islamic law. Of course Obama's Policies are working they are part of the end of America's Empire Building and the Change the world demands for our future.

    26. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      SecState Clinton's remarks to the CFR revealed a huge rift in the Democrat party. She stopped barely short of declaring the atronomical debt of the US as piled on by this administration "A Clear and Present Danger" in her words, it is "a significant threat to National Security."

    27. john arizona says:

      Ken Jarvis: Time for you to get off the WSJ and FOX News kick, and wake up and see what your beloved Obama is doing to the USA, both nationaly and internationaly.

    28. voodoomedicineman NM says:

      Ken Jarvis is such an ass. Why do I say that because most crosswords I work use the clues, ass and fool, interchangeably. Keep drinkin' the Kool Aid soon you'll choke on it.

    29. DANNY, HERMANN says:

      Like a soap opera, the plot just keeps getting thicker and thicker. When are we going to say enough is enough and demand accountability from our so called leaders (masters). If every one of you reading this makes an individual effort to influence as many people as you can, who then influence more and more and more, maybe we will have a chance to take our country back this November. The truth is too obvious to ignore. Our country is being stolen and November may be our last chance to take it back.

    30. Jim Ram says:

      And some say Hillary will run for Obama's job?? They ALL need to be sent home …. wherever that is.

    31. Jackson, Denton TX says:

      But Americans HAVE to re-elect BO in 2012.

      He still has 57 countries left to apologize to; oh, I'm sorry that is 57 STATES…moron.

    32. Ted Stein says:

      The bailout of the financial sector was the single most important reality that this piece misses completely. The criticism lodged against this and the prior administration ignores the critical support the bailout provided to counterparties, many, if not most of which, were foreign, many European. Had the bailout not occurred, their banking systems would have failed.

      Add to that the reality that the US is the single largest consumer of foreign goods, much of which are European. Without the US, Germany's GDP would be halved. The European travel industry would collapse. Without stimulus, the US would have failed and brought the rest of the global economy with it.

      Finally, ending the war in Iraq removed the political pressure at home for allied countries and their leaders. Is the writer unaware of the hearings around the world aimed at those same leaders for their commitment to the Iraq war? Things are much more complicated than this writer grasps.

      Regarding the treatment of Moslem countries, we need an honest broker in our dealings with the Arab World. Unfortunately, there still exists a bellicose group tied to the defense industry. They made their fortune from that world and are not going to give up their status for peace. Not at any cost.

    33. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Obama, his associates, his supporters and all "progressives" are not for the USA! They are dedicated to World Globalism and the USA stands in their way. Everything they have done and continue to do weakens America, its values, its basis of government and its security. Obama is ANTI-AMERICA! No amount of his B.S. means anything. The proof of a pudding is in the eating! If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck, can you call it anything else beside a duck? Obama is a traitor and should be impeached or forced to resign. I'm sure Hugo Chaves would welcome him; but, on second thought, maybe not!

    34. rosemarie, fresno says:

      Ken YOU

    35. rosemarie, fresno says:

      Ken you are a `n IDIOT, tak OB and the dumb blond and stick them you knowe were ,

      OB need`s to be put out , he is a dangeres man , WE NEED TO SAVE AMERIKA

    36. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      In 1938, British Prime Minister (Arthur) Neville Chamberlain, went to Munich and sold

      Czechoslovakia down the river. What happened? Hitler invited Chamberlain, Daladier,

      and Stalin, all guarantors of Czech independence, to Munich and came away with a worthless piece of paper called the Munich Pact, and when he returned to Britain,

      he made the now-infamous statement: "We now have peace in our time." Well, "peace in our time," only lasted until September 1, 1939, which began World War II in

      Europe, and on September 3, 1939, two days later, Britain declared war on Germany and the British liner RMS Athenia was sunk by a German U-boat. If Britain had had a stronger leader in 1938, like Winston Churchill, then Hitler would have been put in a

      box. If war had broken out in 1938, then Britain would have rearmed sooner. As for the United States? In 1924, there was an air race around the world. The United States Army Air Corps participated in hopes that Congress would fully fund it. It didn't happen. Why? Because we wanted to pretend that we weren't part of the world. We wanted, in the words of Warren G. Harding's 1920 campaign slogan, "A

      Return To Normalcy." While we were busy playing with our toys, Germany, between

      1920 and 1935, was secretly rearming, Italy, under the rule of Benito Mussolini, went into Ethiopia, Spain, and Greece, in order to expand fascism. The four major naval treaties of the era, the Washington Naval Treaty, (also known as the Five Power Naval Treaty), the First London Naval Treaty, the Second London Naval Treaty, and the London Naval Agreement of 1935, which limited the German Kriegsmarine, (War Navy), to thirty-five thousand tons, but the German battleships

      Bismarck, and Tirpitz, the only ships of the Bismarck class, were larger than that.

      The United States had an obligation under the various naval treaties of the day, to

      build up to the limits of those treaties, but she never did. Why? Because she was afraid of offending the Japanese. The Empire of Japan, a signatory to the Washington Naval Treaty, declared in the 1930s that it was abandoning the treaty

      limitations. According to the book THE LONELY SHIPS: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF

      THE ASIATIC FLEET by Edwin P. Hoyt, the Asiatic Fleet had more destroyers than it knew what to do with. It had the following vessels: 1 heavy cruiser, (USS Houston), 1 light cruiser, (USS Marblehead), 13 World War I-era destroyers,

      1 destroyer tender, (USS Black Hawk), 29 submarines, 5 gunboats, 1 yacht, (USS

      Isabel), 6 minesweepers, 2 tankers, (USS Pecos), and (USS Trinity), 1 submarine

      rescue vessel. (USS Pigeon), 1 ocean-going tug, (USS Napa), 4 submarine tenders, (USS Langley), (USS Childs), (USS William B. Preston), (USS Heron), in

      support of Patrol Wing TEN. (VP 101 and VP 102), with 28 PBY-4 Catalina flying boats, that formed Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three, 3 submarine tenders: (USS Holland), (USS Canopus), and (USS Otus,) various other ships, including 6

      motor torpedo boats that formed Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three, 1 2-masted

      schooner, (USS Lanikai), also at Cavite Naval Base was the Offshore Patrol. We

      bent over backwards to appease our enemies at the expense of our friends. Did it

      work? No, it didn't. Ronald Reagan called for "peace through strength." Not for "peace in our time."

    37. ld, moon says:

      No. In fact, it's quite the opposite of what THF is describing. Obama is a Mentor to his Rex, Prince Charles of whales. Between Britain's scheming and US gullibility and slow albeit willing ascent to militarize for Intel, the NWO is pressing conquest, not diplomacy. It's going to fail, H. You neo folks are in for a reality check in this November's elections and again in 2012, so go have a Thimerosal/Fluoride cocktail and fade, please.

    38. June Gagnon - Golden says:

      At the moment, our "biggest threats", to national security ARE H. Clinton and obama! They both have as much "right" to hold the offices they are in as Mickey Mouse, or Pluto (frankly, I'd prefer the latter two). Someone, in another email suggested we "send in the Marines"!! That's the best idea yet – -send them into the white house, to arrest obama and ALL his minions; CHARGE EVERY LAST ONE WITH TREASON, HAUL THEM BEFORE A MILITARY TRIBUNAL (because every last one is guilty of treason against the US and our Constitution) AND THEN STAND THEM IN FRONT OF A US MILITARY FIRING SQUAD!


      We as americans the ones born and raised here need to wake up there will be a revolution to over throw the socialist goverment, tea party patriots, rise above this tereany and take back our COUNTRY. if we don't our grandchildren will pay. I will not live in a country which allows Muslims to pray in the streets of NY, but other religions can't have have the same rights as they do, mark my words they will kill all Americans, if they can.

    40. Monte, Prescott, AZ says:

      Llyod Scalian stated, "We had all better understand Obama was invented and groomed to complete a plan that has been in the works for decades." Very true, Lloyd, except that instead of "decades" this insidious plan began shortly after ratification of the Constitution of the United States of America in 1787.

      The "plan" has always been to eradicate founding principles and practices of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution from American public education and the American psyche until the great first and only experiment of individual God given rights being freely exercised under a severly limited Constitutional government is simply eradicated alltogether. I don't know if Obama is the culmination of that plan or only the "next" step. Whichever this obamination is, the "plan" underestimates the will of "We the People."

      With even progressive liberals, atheists, in fact most of "We the People" being bitten in the behind by seemingly "undesired" consequences of decidedly un-Constitutional Legislative, Executive, and Judicial implementations of the "plan," something wonderful is occurring in this greatest Nation on Earth. An across-the-board awakening of interest in what America actually is, has been, can and always will be is consuming former contentions and divisiveness and, as in the late 1700s, is uniting "Us" into "We the People." Do not fear Lloyd or anyone else. "We" will overcome and our Foundings will be restored no matter what other "plan" is attempted. God IS blessing America!

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