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  • Video of the Week: JFK Says No to Obama Tax Hikes

    As Congress returns to Washington next week, the fight over the Obama Tax Hikes has already begun. President Obama has indicated that he plans to allow taxes to rise while also announcing a new “stimulus” that even some in the White House refuse to promise will stimulate the economy.

    The Winston Group has created a new video contrasting President Obama’s positions on taxes with that of another president who understood the importance of keeping taxes low: President John F. Kennedy.

    As we explained in our own video last month, the Obama tax hikes are exactly the wrong prescription for an ailing economy. Here’s wishing President Obama will take heed of his predecessor’s sound advice.

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    4 Responses to Video of the Week: JFK Says No to Obama Tax Hikes

    1. Russ, Clarkston, WA says:

      If JFK were to run today, he would among the more conservative candidates available–not afraid to use the military when needed, and in many ways a fiscal conservative. During arguments with liberals I enjoy telling them that I support the same ideas that have been proven to work that were espoused by JFK and Reagan; it knocks them off-balance for several minutes. Go ahead–try it!

    2. Alex, DC says:

      This comparison is and has always been hogwash. Kennedy's tax cuts were progressive (in the sense of a progressive tax, not in the sense of ideology) — the greatest rate reductions were in the lower and middle class brackets. Keeping the middle class tax cuts from Bush but allowing the upper-class tax cuts to expire is actually the course of action most closely wedded to the Kennedy legacy.

    3. Drew Page, IL says:

      You gotta love Mr. O's adaptability. One minute he's promising that his health care reform legislation will not increase taxes on any American (family) earning less than $250,000 a year and that it will actually reduce the deficit. The next minute he is talking about everyone's taxes going up.

      Despite unemployment hovering at 9.6% (actually more if you count those who have exhausted unemployment benefits); the DOW languishing at 10,000; forcloses still occuring at a high rate; and consumer confidence at an alltime low, both Mr. Obama is out there every day telling all who are willing to listen that "the Stimulus is working" and Joe Biden is telling us all to "ignore that man behind the curtain". I guess we all should start singing Happy Days Are Here Again.

      This is all reminiscent of the Monty Python 'dead parrot sketch', where a customer returns a recently purchased parrot that died to the pet store and the clerk behind the counter keeps trying to convince the customer that the parrot isn't really dead, but only sleeping. After several minutes of arguing, the frustrated customer begins pounding the dead parrot, stiff with rigamortise, on the counter screaming "dead, dead, dead" and the clerk responding "asleep, asleep, asleep".

    4. Jackie, NYC says:

      Unfortunately President Obama and the Democrats can't read – the ultimate failure of these economic policies has been proven over and over again here

      and in other countries. Maybe hearing the effective policies from a Democratic icon like JFK will get through.

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