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  • Morning Bell: The Obama Tax and Spend Hikes

    According to the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released today, only 26% of voters think the economy is going to be better in the next year, and 61% think the country is on the wrong track. Desperate to show Americans he’s fighting “every single day, every single hour, every single minute” to turn the economy around, President Barack Obama unveiled yet another economic stimulus spending plan yesterday. This time the President is promising to spend $50 billion over six-years on a “Race to the Top”-style transportation pork plan that will fund pet leftist projects like high-speed rail. The President promised: “this will not only create jobs immediately, it’s also going to make our economy hum over the long haul.”

    But even the President’s own officials aren’t believing the hype. Politico reports: “Under the best-case scenario, however, jobs would be created in 2011, the official said. ‘This is not an … immediate jobs plan. This is a six-year reauthorization that’s front-loaded,’ according to the senior administration official.” This Obama aide is half right: the President’s infrastructure plan will not create any jobs any time soon. As we have thoroughly documented before environmental regulations like the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) make it impossible for infrastructure spending to be implemented quickly. And even in the long run, as Heritage Foundation economist Ronald Utt has documented, the vast majority of independent academic and federal government studies show that the relationship between infrastructure spending and eco­nomic activity is close to zero.

    But spending is just one side of President Obama’s economic prescription for the country. Not only is he advocating another $50 billion in spending on top of the $814 billion in economic stimulus spending he has wasted so far, he is also advocating for a $921 billion tax hike set to take effect this January 1, 2011. The administration wants us to believe that this massive tax hike will have no effect on our economic recovery. But that is just not so. Raising taxes on work and investment would mean less work and less investment and can be regarded only as an overtly hostile anti-jobs policy. That is just one of the myths exposed by Heritage analyst JD Fosters’ new paper: Obama Tax Hikes Defended by Myths and Straw Man Arguments. Foster also details:

    • Myth: Small businesses would be only marginally impacted by higher taxes rates.
      Fact: Successful, growing, hiring small businesses are especially targeted by higher tax rates. Many Americans report business income from hobbies, sideline businesses, etc., thus inflating the number of so-called “small businesses.” True small businesses have employees and machinery, offer goods and services widely, and are far fewer in number. Yet they earn most of the small business income that would be subject to the higher rates.
    • Myth: Tax rates matter little in the long run.
      Tax rates have their most powerful effects on long-run growth and wages. The effects of tax changes take time to manifest fully because major business investments typically require extended evaluation, planning, and implementation. Similarly, while workers respond quickly to changes in tax rates, a full response takes time as they adjust their spending and budgets accordingly.
    • Myth: The country cannot afford not to raise taxes.
      The problem is spending, not revenues. The country cannot afford to let current spending levels continue. Taxes as a share of the economy will soon exceed the historical average. The current and projected unsustainable deficits are due to Obama’s spending surge, not a shortage of revenue.

    Our economy is not on the wrong track because we spent too little. According to Keynesian theory, a $1.4 trillion budget deficit should have already stimulated our economy into full recovery. Our economy is struggling because of uncertainty caused by the tax and spend policies in Washington. The President’s $921 billion tax hike is not helping matters. A sound, responsible budget policy absent tax hikes does not demand radically lower levels of spending but only reversing Obama’s radical spending. Congress should make current tax policy permanent and then get about the business of paring government spending to sustainable levels.

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    43 Responses to Morning Bell: The Obama Tax and Spend Hikes

    1. Len, Alexandria,KY says:

      Here goes Obummer again… he's once more selling Snake Oil at union Rallies promising jobs to be taking place two years from now….on one hand he talks Tax breaks which should have been done Jan 2009 and then promises higher taxes for Energy producers ( Malarky and Waxman plan) that will result in higher Energy Costs for all Americans ( MORE TAXES)…. He promises tax breaks for Research BUT to Whom??? ( to GE Spanish made Wind mills perhaps and not to PHarma for better medicine??)… he talks about receiving a car in a ditch but ignores the fact that he and his Kimrads have pushed that car over a cliff…. Granted he inherited a boat with aleak but he drilled 5 more holes and that's not working……

    2. Carol CA says:

      If you believe Mr. B HO has been working on Jobs or any thing else full time while he goes golving, having parties, while on vacation. I have some swamp property to sell you. This man is only good at grand standing, he is incapable of doing any thing right except signing his name to yet another bill.

      He lacks the very concept of what a president is and what is needed to do the job to the best of his/hers ability. Never in the history of AMERICA have we had such incompetency, this is not a on the job training position and even if we cut him some slack he can't do the job even when workable plans are laid out infront of him.

      Just this morning he has all the jobs ready to go. For all his union buddies and no one else. Tarmacks and road repair? I question his sanity and then there are days when I question Americas sanity as to how any one fell for his line of jackass excrement. Some things have to be made clear the elderly are in the fight for our very lives come this election in November 2, 2010 For many of us it will be a live or die situation.

    3. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Every day, over and over again, Obama continues to propose, not socialism, but pure Communism. Just look at this latest $50B addition to his already failed $814B "stimulus" bill. It's all under government control from soup to nuts. All government controled! This is the essence of Communism. Why can't we all recognize just who and what Obama is? This guy, and his lackeys, are openly and deliberately directing our economy into the rat hole. He continues to look on the American people with total distain because more and more of us are rejecting his agenda. Obama, and the radical left, know full well this is their last

      chance to "transform" this country. They are doing everything to complete their

      plans before the people rise up and stop them.

    4. Mick says:

      does anyone else get a chill up their spine when they read, I new government Bank that will loan funds to states? Does this mean that when California needs 100billon for a high speed train to take illegal immigrants from the border to the cities not only will they be able to spend the 10Billion they got from their state budget but leverage that from the Bank of Gov. which can lend to anyone whatever they want times whatever the legal leverage is at the time of other Banks. I'm not sure what number that is but I'm thinking around 32x. and if they default on that amount then well the Gov Bank will just pick it up.aka the tax payer. In a case like this or in general why can't we just let the people of Ca own it and stop making everyone else pay for it? ala Tarp funds. most liberal states are bankrupt and the only way they are surviving is with the funds from the other states being sent there. the Gov Bank can make sure that everyone will pay for the mistakes of the irresponsible.

    5. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:



    6. Kenneth Morris says:

      I enjoy your info on taxes and how they affect small business but I feel that if we can show the everyday worker how the nickle and dime taxes are the ones that hurt them. taxes such as sales,gasoline,unemployment,phone service, and all of the others. They affect the lower wage person as a much higher percentage of there income and are the ones that need to be checked.

    7. Terry Stone says:

      The infrastructure proposal sounds like a good idea by itself but not on top of failed stimulus spending, planned health care spending, and all of the other massive deficit spending.The idea as far as limited government involvement is concerned was proposed too late.

    8. Russell Sebring Fl. says:

      With the economy in the tank, all the pundits, the left, right and all the ones in between, are exalting their cause and solution to the problem. But nothing has stopped the ebb and tide of the economy.

      I guess I will weight in with my opinion. To start with, the ratio between goods and services is proportional or relative to technology.

      When the pilgrims first came to this country, they had to grow their own food and build their own house. They had little or no food to exchange for a service. While we are talking small, we can describe the problem. If the farmer takes the family to a restaurant The only thing the farmer could do is to charge the dinner. If the farmer had a little technology and grew more food than he could use then he would have something to exchange for his dinner. So the only way to measure the ratio between goods and services is debt.

      In theory all debt is bad. But in practice we have to put up with some debt. Is a mortgage really a debt? The bank owns the property. As the monthly mortgage payment is made the ownership is gradually transferred. Where the debt comes in is when the income is below the requirement for the monthly payment. This goes for autos, appliances, etc. Debt for short lived goods like food, vacations etc. is bad.. This debt has no collateral.

      In the public sector the spending on service was held to what was affordable, that is until the credit card was introduced.. The government sector is a whole different story. The Government as a whole is a service industry and is a monopoly. Therefore the cost of government must be added to the service of the private sector. The government has grown immensely and getting bigger. How big does the government have to get or has gotten to unbalance the ratio of goods and services? Because of the huge government debt, I would say that the government is way, way too big. The negative balance of trade has some effect on the debt. When the trade is in balance then the income and taxes of the exports balances the lack of the income and taxes of the imports. When we have a trade deficit we lose the income and taxes of the imports.

      “In economics, the Laffer curve is used to illustrate the idea that increases in the rate of taxation do not necessarily increase tax revenue. . Increasing taxes beyond the peak of the curve point will decrease tax revenue….” Have we reached this point on the curve?

      The only way to pay down this debt is to reduce the size of government.

      When a politician is elected to office they take an oath to uphold the constitution.

      Once they are elected they think they can do anything without regards to the constitution. Where is the judicial branch of government?

    9. Robert St Pe, Mandev says:

      If anyone in the government would really want to help this floundering economy, it is certainly NOT to feed 50 billion more down the rat hole. It would make more sense to forgive the 68 billion in outstanding SBA loans. That way we know where the money is going – to help the small businesses that really need the help. Every penny would be accounted for. But maybe that's the problem. Everyone will know where the money is going. Their way, the money can be covertly funneled to their cronies under the guise of public works projects.

    10. Jack E Lohman says:

      Ah Yes, spending causes high taxes and campaign contributions cause unnecessary spending, but somehow conservatives see no reason to reduce the latter through public funding of elections. Which, incidentally, would cost about $5 per taxpayer per year and would be a bargain at 100 times the price. And it would be optional to the candidate thus pass constitutional muster.

      Oh well, dig hole and insert head.

      Jack Lohman …

    11. ThomNJ says:

      I just love how so many politicians think that construction spending stimulates the entire economy when what they are really doing is figuring that they will be catering to mostly unionized folks and thereby buying votes in some form or fashion. Even with a lot of construction spending, there are only so many TRAINED construction workers capable of the expertise required in today's construction world. Just how many sign holders or grunt workers does obama think wil be added to the payrolls with stuff like this? And how does it help the electronics industry or teachers or insurance workers or restaurant businesses, etc?

      "The problem is spending, not revenues." And that statement, says it all. We STILL have people in New Jersey screaming for more government services and handouts when the till is empty. They just don't get it, and neither does the vast majority of people in our government.

    12. C LabOUNTY MERRITT I says:

      Yesterday's Morning Bell, stated there were more union members that work for the government than in the private sector.

      If that is correct, desn't that make us a full fledge communist country?

      "Mission accomplished" in less that 2 years!!

      Please tell me ifIi'm wrong.

    13. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      This past Sunday the Ann Arbor News (annarbornews.com) featured an article about “Right to Work States” and its effects on the labor force. While the article did not factor in the cost of living index it demonstrated that employment is higher in right to work states but their income is a little lower than “Union” states. Had Michigan been a “Right to Work” state we would have lost much fewer jobs. It seems to me that the socialists would be happy with greater employment opportunities and distribution of wealth from the “greedy” union employee’s to the non-union employees. Or is it simply socialists want their cake and eat it too.

    14. Stan W. says:

      It's being claimed as nothing more than political posturing going into the elections. He'll claim the Republicans are holding it all back but I agree with them—–wasn't the first stimulus to do all these things he's trying to accomplish now OR is one to figure that 800 billion was just wasted?? He and the Democratic position is very, very, weak. Every poll, every commentary says it'll be tough on them come Nov. I've already had 1 racial comment may to me on MSNBC; so, that stuff is back again…

    15. Ted Stein says:

      I live in a community that lies on the Atlantic Ocean. It's a barrier island with bridge access to the mainland. Over the twenty-five years I've lived on the island, there have been several major capital projects. The most notable being two bridge spans. Each project has lasted several years. Each produced significant economic benefit to the local community. Those benefits included retail stores for things as mundane as food, and as unrelated as bait shops. When the long day of pouring concrete ended, many of the workers bought fishing supplies and caught their dinner, or just enjoyed the sport.

      In the same area there's a toll bridge that was acquired by private money. Although it's an egress from the mainland in case of an emergency, is doesn't qualify for government funding since there are other adequate egresses nearby. Since the owners can't, or won't fund the repairs necessary to bring the bridge up to safety code, it's rotting in the back bay. The businesses that depend upon the bridge to bring them tourists are failing.

      Finally, any economist that can't calculate jobs saved, residual benefit, or the value of replacing an antiquated infrastructure, no matter what their ideological orientation, is a political advisor, not an economist.

    16. Timpclimber Provo, U says:

      Obama's dogmatic blindness to the negative reality of spend and tax is very disturbing. Has he surrounded himself with a Greek chorus of 'yes we can spend' advisors or is he really planning to wreck our economy? His proposals this last week give the feeling he has ridden his horse over the cliff and is kicking it to go faster.

    17. Christopher Popham S says:

      How much more of this Administration and Congress are the American people

      expected to endure? Borrow from the Chinese, tax and spend and spend

      some more.

      Where will this all end? Double dip recession? Deflation?

      Are we all really paying attention?

      Heritage does a terrific job in keeping us all well-informed, but respectfully, my head

      is about to explode if I hear of one more spending routine from the Administration.

      We are spent and mis-spent. The outcome is clear.

      In politics, one must always follow the money and for Washington and its ruling class,

      the money flows freely, while the rest of America struggles just to survive.

      Both political parties are culpable of the demise of this once great nation.

      November may alter this scenario with a slight up-tick in conservative power, but

      that remains to be seen.

      Good luck, America. Good luck.

    18. JPR, San Jose, CA says:

      The CA Spend and Tax governing model lives in DC. Just look at CA for the results.

    19. Norm Klevens says:

      The $814 billion stimulus package should have created those shovel ready infrastructure jobs by now, there are worthy projects, but they were used as props and the new 50 plan will go the same way. Pet projects like studying monkeys will be repeated. Obama is withholding some 300 billion from the first; why not draw the 50 from that ? Its another opportunity to bash the opposition. They back loaded the 50 with more pork they knew the Republicans would object to so the perpetual campaigner can go out and bash Bush and the Republicans once again again. Hey Nancy; where's the Pay Go ? As the Republican Paul Ryan has been saying all along, in this case particularly, cut 50 billion from the budget. Obama, in one of his unworthy quests said he would do that. I , in the LA area am waiting for the high speed rail between our Liberal bastion and Vegas. Will it get any closer with the new 50 ? Only democrat governors, union contractors and Obama donators need apply and as you plan for the site work, create paper work that says that 10 year tenured employee is a new hire and for every phase of the work, that same carpenter, electrician or crane operator is a newly hired employee. I can see Greece from here; it is approaching.

    20. Al in Fl says:

      It appears that those who believe that spending will solve the economic crisis, will cling to that no matter what. There will never be enough spending to fix the problem. All Obama admin jobs seem to be based on gov't spending. Once the gov't spending ceases, the jobs will go also. That does not help us and will bankrupt us. There are those who believe that we need to cut taxes and drastically cut spending. Each insists that his is the right solution and it seems that after each tax cut and spending reduction, the economy rights itself and each claims they were correct – that it was the spending not the tax cuts but it took more time, no it was the tax cuts etc. Well, we've more than exceeded rational spending so lets put in the tax cuts and spending cuts and return to economic prosperity and let the "economic experts" continue to argue their case.

    21. Bob VA says:

      Ah yes! The "shovel-ready" jobs are officially announced.

    22. Tom Georgia says:

      I enjoyed reading the article but it invoked a game of 40 questions that I am playing with myself. Here are just a few of them.

      How do we get fiscal sanity in our governments when both of our political parties believe that "faking it" is worth more votes on election day than would be actually engaging in sane actions?

      An observation: A genius can easily be just a very creative fool.

      What was the source of the myth that governments could and should manage and direct economies?

      When did the myth take hold of this nation and, apparently, Europe?

      How do we get rid of the myth and get back to a real economy for the real people who live in the fifty states of the real United States of America rather than having an economy whose primary purpose is seen by government officials to be the funding of our ever-growing over-sized poorly directed abysmally managed governments?

      Will We, the People of The United States of America, have to disown this federal government, disavow responsibililty for any of the actions of this federal government and take our Constitution to Topeka or some similar place and establish a new federal government before we will be able to have just a minimum of fiscal sanity return to the halls of our federal government?

      Are governments just destined to be inherently fiscally insane institutions who develop delusional cultures that make them able to delude themselves into believing themselves sane?

    23. E. Joseph America, F says:

      The author fails to disclose that the most damning part of this new stimulus bill will be to create, in effect, a nationaloized bank. The purpose of this bank will be to maintain sufficient ongoning funds to support the government's committments to the unions.

      This is how I understand the essence of this part of the bill. If this is true, I believe all Americans are due a detailed explanation.

    24. Norm Klevens says:

      #2 – Some democrats who post here really do need to get out more or at the least read an entire article. Paul Ryan and Erik Cantor, for two Republicans, have made many proposals over the last 20 months. The Obama – main stream media does not cover it. And what is it about the 1st stimulus that has worked to help the unemployed ?

    25. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      There's such a thing as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Obama and the Democrats say that

      the Republicans want to privatize Social Security. I say why not? After the Pinochet

      regime left office in 1990, Chile was deep in debt. The new Chilean government, a

      Socialist coalition, privatized their Social Security system. Maybe we should do the

      same. Privatize Social Security, privatize Medicare, privatize Medicare. Now let me make another bold, radical suggestion: Let's cut spending back to 1980s levels.

    26. Ken, OR. says:

      So called "shovel ready" projects make up less than 15% of the projects under development at a transportation agency. The other 85% are hung up in NEPA processes, which reach all the way down to final design and sometimes even into the right of way process. They cannot be accelerated by throwing money at them. When BO throws money at our overall problem by touting those type of "projects" he is kind of throwing gas on a dying fire. When the flash is over you have no more gas, no more heat, and everything is as it was before. He (we) need a huge paradigm shift to more substantive fuel for our dying fire. He doesn't get it and never will because of his overall agenda, which is to cripple us financially to render us vulnerable from outside influences. Lets find leaders who can reduce effects of NEPA and other essentially crippling regs. and write laws that can unleash our potential that has been put on the shelf of late.

    27. Tom K says:

      What in the world makes this IDIOT think that spending more money that we don't have is going to do any good!!! DA!!! Bob hit the nail on the head, the shovel ready jobs or another job for the illegals.

    28. KLIMAX Baltimore, Ma says:

      Congress should start impeachment proceedings against NObama tomorrow !!! He has lied to and cheated the American Citizens over and over with no legal action against him (Puppet Holder will never take action against NObama) and impeachment being the softer way of removing him !!!! NObama should be tried for Treason after getting in bed with numerous terrorist leaders and his total disregard for the American Citizens who are threatened on a daily basis by the Mexican Cartels who enforcers cross OUR Border and kill and kidnap people on a regular basis !!!! Just his refusal to enforce of OUR immigration laws which result in Identity Theft, Social Security Theft, Entitlement Theft, and all the laws that are broken by the illegals because it is way of life to them and all the diseases they bring with them like TB, and Sifilis, to name a few !!!!! NObama must be stopped before 2011 since he can do a lot of damage in 2 years if he is allowed to run free !!!! ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT !!! NOT AMNESTY EVER !!!!!

    29. Pingback: The Good, the Bad, the Political « Shopfloor

    30. dolores Zonca, annar says:

      MUST READ……WE'VE BEEN HAD by JAMES KEENA (Amazon)..completely covers Obama from early on radical muslim ties to the present connection with The Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers. His ties to muslims who paid for his education and contributed illegally to his campaign. How he was groomed and planted into this presidency by Ayers, Resko, and Soros, to name a few. How he was schooled in and taught the Alinsky tactics of Community Organization. From his political rise through radical leftist Marxists, through his connections to muslim royalty and Jeremy Wright's 20 year indoctrination of Black Liberation Theology (Muslim based White Hatred). Not Christian based. How he has lied about being a Christian in order to further his political position. Isn't it interesting how he used the analogy of the people treating him like a dog? Read through the lines…..muslims cannot tolerate dogs. People, don't be deceived, Obama isn't naive, he's a wolf in sheep's clothing and power is the name of the game. His mission is to Socialize America. For those of you who do not understand what that means…..we will be totally dependant on the government. A nice way of saying slavery. He's hell bent on reparations for the black people. In his eyes, it's payback time. He is not a uniter, he is a divide and conqueror. Anything to destroy the status quo, destroy the financial system whidh is why he keeps spending. He's allowing illegal immigrants to overwhelm the country not only to gain the votes, but to bankrupt the states. Read, read, read….then vote, vote, vote.

    31. Alan says:

      Infrastructure has become another catch-all phrase for politicians like fairness and justice.

      What is is depends upon who you ask.

      My town has miles of pavement scarified overnight and then paved by the next day.

      A mile here. A mile there.

      The problem is, after that mile, there is another two miles of defective pavement these pavement ninjas ignored.

      This repetitious "dig a hole then fill it in" make busy work has no net benefit other than keeping a potentially rebellions segment of the population from, well, rebelling.

      A hard reality is staring us in the face and those in power do not want to acknowledge it.

      A certain segment of our population, and this cuts top to bottom, wants to sustain and nurture at any cost the notion government has the responsibility and role to take care of, manage us, supervise us and otherwise hold the post of parent.

      A problem in disposing of this notion is that this over 75 year old model of governance is all that too many Americans have known at all as a caretaker.

      People seem almost afraid their individual rights to self determination and seem more assertive of the individuals rights to demand their government take from other ostensibly better off individuals.

    32. Robert, North Richla says:

      That depends on your definition of "radically lower levels of spending." Yes, the federal budget needs to be reduced- that is the ONLY way to reduce deficits AND not raise taxes (there is no economic growth anywhere on the horizon). However, wasteful and unconstitutional programs like welfare, and all federal mandates do need to be slashed radically – so that we can spend money on appropriate expenditures like: fixing our decaying infrastructure; upgrading out of date FAA systems; securing all of our borders and ports of entry and providing our troops the facilities and income they deserve. Currently, welfare spending (and welfare borrowing) eat up 58% of our budget. Your idea sounds like more weak-knee republican compromise to me.

    33. Jill Maine says:

      I think Ken Jarvis is really Barack OBama.

    34. Jill-Maine says:

      I think Ken Jarvis is really Barak OBama.

    35. Ron Hert, California says:

      You know it would really be great if some of the many articles would be recognized by this web-site. I realize that the material will vary, but the theme has not changed as far as Obama goes. There was an article on Obama's attempt to overwelm the Us economic system by extreme borrowing and then letting the US go bankrupt, the Title was, "Overwhelm the System to Destroy Capitalism and Freedom," by Wayne Allyn Root. This concept had been taught to Obama by his professors-Cloward & Piven at Columbia University. With this Muslim goal achieved, the people would then be forced to turn to Obama, and his Muslim Dictatorship,. Now, Obama has mirrored Hitler's actions of building up the infastructure, he has done alot like Hitler. I know that most people feel it too out of touch to make this comparison between Hilter and Obama, but if enough people say this then, more people will take notice and the Major media will go on the defense-which has become a dead give-away for suspects on the loose-Obama and accomplices. There is so much written out there and most it is thought provoking enough to at least consider the quantity and scope of the evidence. If Obama is spoken of, often enough, as being the Muslim that the Saudis stated that they'd have in the White House by the year 2008, then maybe people would have more to discuss when it came to Obama and more reason to vote him out come November.

    36. Woodie, FL says:

      Of course the employment rate is rising and spending more money will not change that. Think about it people, almost all of our industry has relocated into other locations in the world. Our industry is fueling others economy by not being here. You cannot expect a country to survive on a service based economy. We need our manufactuing to return to our United States. We can't possibly exist with a fast food industry driven economy. You need to have industry to support the fast food.

    37. Billie says:

      Mr. President, “every single day, every single hour, every single minute” to turn the economy around? No you aren't! If you are, more money would be your last resort.

      If you increase taxes and don't continue the bush tax cuts there won't be any jobs for the middle class and no reason for you to coerce the middle class with your favors to cut middle class taxes while burdening the boss into forced layoffs or out of the afford-ability to increase earned wages and or increase employment. What excuse is there why light rail isn't paying for itself? Like stadiums?

    38. Bobbie says:

      Mr. President, “every single day, every single hour, every single minute” to turn the economy around? No you aren't! If you are, more money would be your last resort.

      If you increase taxes and don't continue the bush tax cuts there won't be any jobs for the middle class and no reason for you to coerce the middle class with your favors to cut middle class taxes while burdening the boss into forced layoffs or out of the afford-ability to increase earned wages and or increase employment. What excuse is there why light rail isn't paying for itself? Like stadiums?

    39. PippN, Severna Park says:

      Who would have ever expected O'Bubblebrain would actually lend a helping hand to Republicans running for office? But this last bit of insanity is just what the doctor ordered. No longer do Republicans have to accuse O'Bama or his Democrat minions of losing touch with reality. He's out front letting us all know for certain, without one word being said by any of his opponents.

    40. Joe Minor, West Palm says:

      Somebody make him stop! He no longer cares about public opinion, he only wants to exercise all his executive power to force his brand of socialism on the country. The Democrats have to stop him, and even they have to realize the damage that's being done to the country. I expect a conservative victory in November, but it won't be enough unless some of the Democrats get behind the reversal of some of the policies and legislation. Two more years without effective abeyance will be irreversible.

    41. Joe (Slidell, LA) says:

      I guess the question that is begging to be asked is that if the "stimulus" has been a total bust, in whose pockets can the $814B be found?

    42. Linda, Louisiana says:

      Most of the above comments are very relative to the direction in which our Nation is headed. Spending is not the answer. Consumers are critized about purchasing with a credit card. The Administration and Congress are the prime abusers of this. Adding more money in stimulus funding is ridiculous when all of the previous stimulus funds are either unspent or have been spent without any worthwhile results for which the money should have produced. Allowing the tax cuts to expire, adding new taxes, and the taxes and regulations contained in the ObamaCare Program is one of the worst things that can happen. Doesn't anyone in Washington see that families will have any less money to spend with additional taxes placed on them. The spending of the Consumer is what causes jobs to be created. If a family has enough money, that otherwise under Obama's plan would be sent to Washington to be spent, to go to a restaurant to eat, the restaurant will need cooks, waiters/waitresses to accommodate the Consumer. The owner of the restaurant will have to buy more food to cook and serve in the restaurant, and where will it get the food. The farmer/food processor will need to produce more food, and he/she will need to hire more people to help grow and process the food. Trucking companies will need more drivers to take the food to the restaurant. The same principle applies to all other businesses whether it is buying shoes for the children, purchasing building materials to expand, etc. This exchange of money for goods and services and wages is a continual circle that will produce jobs, but only if the Consumer has enough money in his/her pocket to start the circle. Demand and Supply is a basic economic principle. If the individual/consumer is taxed more, the money goes to Washington where it is sent to a certain segment of the population (Unions for example) or banks who are afraid to loan it out, and the money just sits there. Tell me how sending the money to Washington does any good.

      This President of the United States and his staff knows nothing about economics. I can say this for this President, he has a line of gab that can sell a desert rat an umbrella, and that is all he can do, except lie. He can even lie about his own lie. Now, that takes talent, but not the talent, the intellectual knowledge to run this country or even to hire a staff that is capable of helping him.

      I am very scared for Nation, and I am very worried about what could transpire between now and after the November elections when the newly elected (I hope) take office. We must all be aware of what issues/funding is being pushed through legislation. Much of it will possibly be hidden. We must depend on Morning Bell, Fox News, and others of this caliber to keep us informed.

      The American people need to look for some way to impeach this President. Also, we need to push for term limits in Congress. We need to pray to God to save this Nation.

    43. Paul Revere says:

      How much of an impact will Obama’s new plans have?

      These proposals from Obama, are simply a tap dance to fool some Americans, into voting for His “Democrat Congress”, in the Congressional elections come November!

      Obama's lie, on the basis of re-starting industry in America! As the numbers point out, these are very small measures businesswise, it is a small water drop in the ocean, in relationship to the size of the country and the massive, amount of money that would have to be poured into these plans, to implement any percentage of positive economic growth or recovery!

      This is just Obama tossing peanuts at potential voters, in order to find some suckers, who would give him enough votes to save his Congressional House, so that he can pass some more draconian bills that will in the end bankrupt the American people and make them dependant on “Global style”, policies and government!

      Democrats and Republicans are on the run and pulling out all the stops at endeavoring to manipulate the American voters!

      It was announced on Lame Stream Media, National News networks that, "Michelle Obama", is being requested by Nancy Pelosi to campaign for the Democrats – as Michelle’s popularity Polls, are not as low as President Barry Soetoro,aka; Barak Hussein Obama!

      Democrats that are hard-line Globalist and Federal Reserve Bankster sympathizers and Marxist style Socialists, as well as, those that are Fascist RINO's and Parasite Global Elitist sympathizing Republicans like, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin ( from the John MCain camp)and Huckabee are going to do their best to manipulate setting up yet another regime toward building "One World Government"!

      Bribed and Blackmailed,Politicians’ scramble, to keep the people blind and fighting about Left and Right Parties, when in reality – Left and Right are the same party!

      The reason we must vote out Establishment Government Representatives, whether they are Left or Right, Incumbent or Candidate, is explained on this 2 minute News Clip below:

      TWO Party Paradyne System News clip:

    44. Nancy, Virginia says:

      Obama's "stimulus" bill to "save" the jobs of teachers, firemen, policemen was an outright payment to the labor unions. What happens to the money collected via member dues? I resent my taxes going to these unions, who simply turn around and spend it trying to elect democrats. This is outrageous and should be illegal! His latest "stimulus" bill for infrastructure is just another way to funnel money to the unions. We all need to stand up against this kind of tax abuse.

    45. Drew Page, IL says:

      I'm having trouble getting getting past the opening remark in the last sentence in the first paragraph of this article, "President Obama promised…". How could the author have possiblly thought that any words coming after that phrase were in any way relevant or credible? How could anyone?

      Yes, I saw the Milwaukee Labor Day speech and the staged crowd of SEIU members and their kids behind BHO grinning and applauding. It looked as fake as those faux marble pillars he used on stage during the campaign.

      He said his critics talked about him "like a dog". Not true Mr. President, most people, even your critics, like their dogs. My dog is a friend to me and my family; he protects us. He nuzzels the hand of friends, hoping for only a pat on the head in return and growls at those he sees sneaking around the house. He doesn't bite the hand that feeds him and he doesn't disgrace us by dirtying the house he lives in. No Mr. President, I would never talk about you like a dog, but I wish I could.

    46. Tom Beebe, St Louis says:

      Thomas Sowell wrote that the best prescription for recovery is for the government to do nothing. He noted we were on our way to recovery from the stock market crash when the New Deal stepped in, and the depression ensued. Likewise, following a crash, Reagen did nothing and we experienced a fast and long-lasting recovery. Steve Wynn of hotel fame said he's putting his money into China because the government is more stable there. In regards the economy, government 'butting out" might be the best solution, just as it could and should but out of so many other aspects of our lives.

    47. Renny MD says:

      Why railroads, they are all subsadised buy us taxpayers. They are not profitable business!! Down on our knees, is the only hope!!!!

    48. Pingback: » White House Aide Contradicts Obama on Stimulus II

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