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  • While Unemployment Rises, 15 Minutes to Tee Time

    The latest jobs report showed the unemployment rate ticking up to 9.6 percent, putting the final nail in the coffin of recovery summer. The Obama Administration announced “Recovery Summer” last June to highlight the expected gains in jobs and economic strength resulting from Obama’s stimulus. Not. The economy is literally sliding into the fall.

    President Obama, who has already tried a massive and massively ineffectual stimulus bill followed by a series of policy gimmicks (cash for clunkers, tax credits for first-time homebuyers) has announced that, once again, he is focusing intently on the economy. The following from The Washington Post is telling:

    His advisers described his attentiveness—noting, for example, that he discussed the economy with New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (I) for 15 minutes before golfing—but got little traction.

    It is comforting to know the President has time to discuss the economy with the mayor of New York City—and to learn that he could spend 15 minutes doing so. Fifteen whole minutes he could slip into his busy schedule between golf rounds.

    There is in fact a good explanation for the President’s inability to spend more time on creating the millions of jobs he promised. As is now evident, he just does not know what else to try. The policies that would work—tax relief, spending cuts, free trade, reducing regulations—are anathema to him and his ideology. So, he can either change course or play golf.

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    15 Responses to While Unemployment Rises, 15 Minutes to Tee Time

    1. David, St. Louis says:

      Meh. I love Heritage, but mocking Obama for golfing just seems… immature. (Plus, as WSJ pointed out, it would probably be better for us all if he golfed more often!)

    2. Ryan, Dallas says:

      Does this really come as a surprise to anyone? When an incompetent person is hired for a job, the employer suffers, and all the implications that come with it. When that same person is hired, then is expected to hire other people to help get the job done, then one can only expect that failure is imminent. This isn't rocket science.

      Shame on the employer for not being diligent in checking references before the hire. Oh wait, that would be the American citizens. Well, at least we can say we've now hired a black man and the EoE non-sense should be minimized, right? Well, if there were indeed jobs, but I guess my employee would rather play golf.

    3. Billie says:

      Well, that fixes that. How considerate. His polices are wrong and he is insulting!

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    5. Robert Cochran says:

      He has far exceeded his level of competance, keep him on the greens.

    6. Bud, Montgomery, Al says:

      Can you imagine what the mass media would be saying if Bush was seen taking this picture when the economic situation was ongoing? If you can't imagine, search google for how Bush Elder was vilified when he went golfing during that economic downtime. It's all about consistency folks! Just goes to prove that no matter whom is in power, they do not care about us. It's all about maintaining their position of power. At least Marie Antoinette said let them eat cake!

    7. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      You still don't get it. Obama is neither incompetent, inexperienced, or naive. When are we going to understand everything Obama does is designed to deliberately destroy this nation. He, and the mother of his childern, continue to

      spit in the faces of the American people with vacations and gulf outings that are costing the tax payers hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars that could be better used to help the ecomony. Don't we see "the first family" is showing it's arrogance and distain for the people by showing us their middle finger when we complain. If this is not a "dictatorship" then what would you call it.

    8. Denise, Utah says:

      Well, at least if he's golfing he's supporting the private sector. Maybe he's trying to improve the economy single-handedly one vacation or afternoon of golf at a time! Go Obama!

    9. Denise, Utah says:

      Maybe he's trying to help improve the economy the only real way he can: one vacation or day at the golf course at a time. Go Obama!

    10. Stan W. says:

      I don't care too much about the Golf. I do care that now he's trying to spend billions to help a sluggish economy when I thought the 800 billion plus he already spent was supposed to do that? Didn't he say free up bank loans, infrastructure, etc., etc. I guess "cash for clunkers" didn't work. I guess $8,000 home buyer credits didn't work? I guess now he'll ask for all this money and he'll blame the Republicans for saying No ? Other than pouring bucks at it, he can't come up with an answer on anything. This guy is absolutely amazing and he still has followers???

    11. Gary C. says:


      Why is mocking his golf "immature"? He's The One (ooh, pardon me; just couldn't help it) that chooses to do it. No one makes him and it seems to be some refuge for him.

      This line says it all:" The policies that would work—tax relief, spending cuts, free trade, reducing regulations—are anathema to him and his ideology."

      Makes you wonder then what he's got up his sleeve for us next.

      BTW – I always thought after being pounded by MSM that golf was the sport of the elites…guess not anymore or until the next Republican term as POTUS.

    12. JoeBama says:

      I'm right there with David, Let him play golf. Don't focus on the economy! PLEASE! It will get better quicker without his help. Sheeesh.

    13. Drew Page, IL says:

      The more time he spends out of the office, the better off for all of us.

    14. Brad, Detroit, MI says:

      Well, at least Ken Jarvis was smart enough to stay off of the blog this time around and blame Bush some more. It really is all his fault, right ?

      Not sure what radio host made the comparison of Obama taking over to a new CEO of a private corporation, but it was spot on. Let's say Obama interviewed and received a CEO position with a "for profit (bad word)" corporation. It was losing money at a dramatic rate when he took over. After the 1st year, at the helm, Obama has tried lots of things to stem the tide of red ink. He goes before the board of directors and says – "Hey, give me some more time, I am trying to implement a new system in this company and the mess left by my predecessor was way bigger than I thought." The president of the board replies, "But, Obama, you lost almost 10 times more in one year than the worst year of the other guy. What leads me to believe you are going to fix things in year #2 ?"

      Obama comments, "Well, my new system takes time, and I know it's going to work, just give me one more year, besides, like I said, the other guy left a huge mess."

      The board decides to discuss the situation with themselves as Obama waits in the hallway. They ask him to come back and give him the good news. He's fired.

      Too bad I'm only dreaming . . .


    15. KLIMAX Baltimore, Ma says:

      NObama would do more good with the 50 Billion dollars he is dieing to spend if he had a drawing, involving the unemployed citizens, and give the winners $50,000 each instead of spending the usual $1,000,000 plus per job created !!! It would spread the money around and help the winners big time and get out of debt with the money being spent giving the economy a boost !!! It would be a win / win situation for the winners and the Government !!! "The winnings should be tax exempt across the board with no exceptions" !!! WHAT DO YOU THINK AMERICA ????!!!!!!

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