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  • No One Has Right to Violate U.S. Immigration Law

    President Obama has submitted his administration’s legal dispute with Arizona over immigration to the U.N.’s Human Rights Council. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer called that move “downright offensive.” Her characterization is correct, albeit somewhat mild.

    It is highly offensive that the administration would submit a constitutional argument over federalism and federal preemption to an international body for review – especially when that body includes dictatorial tyrannies such as Cuba and China that violate human rights routinely and with prejudice. It is another sign that President Obama holds our constitutional system of government in low regard and has little interest in upholding American sovereignty.

    There is no universal right to violate a country’s immigration laws with impunity. It is no violation of human rights to enforce border security and basic immigration requirements. Indeed, the United States has some of the most open and permissive immigration laws in the world. Many of those criticizing Arizona, including Mexico, have much stricter and harsher immigration laws; their treatment of immigrants may justify human rights claims, but ours certainly do not.

    The Justice Department’s lawsuit against Arizona makes no human rights claims. It is insulting and provocative to include this dubious legal filing in the official “Report of the United States” to the United Nations. But it is certainly no surprise, given the administration’s implementation of a de facto amnesty for the vast majority of illegal aliens in our country, and its reluctance to enforce deportation orders and take other steps needed to get this situation under control.

    In the Universal Periodic Review, the administration asserts that “President Obama remains firmly committed to fixing our broken immigration system.” Yet the only “fixes” he seems committed to are not enforcing federal laws he disagrees with; preventing states from enforcing their laws if it brings attention to his administration’s failure to enforce federal law; and extending amnesty to those who have broken our laws and thereby shown utter contempt for the basic principle that guarantees all our rights and freedoms: adherence to the rule of law.

    Cross-posted at Politico.

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    3 Responses to No One Has Right to Violate U.S. Immigration Law

    1. LatAm, Washington, D says:

      orlando bosch and luis posada carriles are the cuban-born masterminds of the blowing up in flight, in 1976, of a cuban civilian airliner. the entire cuban fencing team, young people, were among the 73 victims (think lockerbee). when bosch tried to enter the u.s., DOJ found him excludable because he was a "terrorist." george bush sr. waived the objection and welcomed him in. when posada, who has a long list of other terrorist activities to his name, including the murder of an italian tourist in cuba, tried to enter the u.s. illegally, he was allowed by george bush jr. to stay, with only minor immigration charges pending against him. they both are openly proud of their actions as they roam miami freely. neither immigration nor anti-terror laws have applied to these two, among many others like them.

    2. Dexter60, San Franci says:

      Violation of immigration laws is not another phoney crisis, it demands total honesty to correct and we are all deprived of that, cheated, every day that goes by. All at the hands of Congress, the President and the Dept of Justice.

      Obama is not just declaring but is acting on an obvious afffiliation with those that break the law; for him the law is only a weapon that he may choose to use against the ememis of or obstacles to his agenda or else to ignore any law if that resolves any conflict in his favor.

      In only a few more months he will become a lame-duck president not even half way throught his term, having impeached himself and discredited the office of President — hopefully his legacy will not also be to bring violence to the effort to restore the Constitution.

      There is a reason that in most places aiding and abetting criminal activities is a felony, a crime that also applies to so many members of Congress as well as the President himself.

      We can see what is over the horizon for America just by watching California, the flag-ship and model for the disaster that is the game-plan from hell; it is not too late for the law abiding to aid in law enforcement in every way appropriate and especially at every polling-place in November or it may turn out to be the last one-man-one-vote election by Americans in America.

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