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  • Businessmen Don’t Need a Lecture

    Yesterday, President Obama insisted that a coalition of Senate Republican legislators is playing partisan politics yet again. He told Americans that he knows exactly what small businesses need in order to start productively hiring, and that’s the Small Jobs Act, which is currently before the Senate.

    The business community does not need President Obama to lecture to them about partisan politics, and they certainly do not need him to do the same about legislation that replaces the private sector with agencies of the federal government to “promote” entrepreneurship, exporting, and so on.

    Businesses have witnessed an onslaught of federal legislation with the economy only sputtering along and a net negative balance for overall employment. The President fails to note that the health care reform legislation passed earlier this year includes crippling mandates and fees on small- and medium-size businesses. (Those testy Republicans would like to see at least one of these provisions, the new requirement that all businesses file a 1099 for every business transaction exceeding $600, repealed in any “jobs bill.”)

    No one questions that business owners want to begin productively hiring. This is highly unlikely to happen, however, when burdensome components of Obamacare, expiration of the Bush tax cuts, permanent extension of the estate tax, and possible new energy taxes all still loom.

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    5 Responses to Businessmen Don’t Need a Lecture

    1. Marcus, IL says:

      We also don't need this continued misinformation being spread. I cannot name a single business owner, including myself who's hire and fire plans are tied to paper work regarding HCR. It's a joke, and a hindrance to real needed changes for the media to keep pushing that talking point.

      The fact is, consumer confidence is in the tank. I don't hire because I'm bored, hiring is based on need and the fact is as long as people aren't spending (for whatever reason) hiring will languish. With that said, anything that makes more credit available should be passed.

      Both parties keep trying to attach random things to everything, why fight freeing up credit markets because a random rider isn't attached? That is politics as usual, if the GOP supports the tax breaks, pass them with our without all their attachments. If their amendments have merit, pass it as a separate bill. The same dems should have done with HCR and school loans and all that.

      But its a joke, and insulting for the media the parrot talking points under the guise of speaking for business people.

    2. Heather, Cleveland, says:

      I operate a small business and what we need are tax cuts all across the board to get our economy rolling. In November, we need to vote for solid conservative candidates ONLY, and who are pro-business and support the repeal of the healthcare bill. Get involve to help these candidates get elected. Volunteer and sign up to help them. Spread the word around about them.

    3. John ORourke, Vancou says:

      Obama inherited a mess because Mr Bush was asleep at the wheel. If you read his books you would know that he is the best man for the job and America's best hope for a better future for all, not just the wealthy. Thank god for better health care.. Do onto others as you'd like others do onto you if you were poor..Where were you all a few years back when companies advertised Mortgages : Bad credit, no credit – No problem! Where were you republicans huh? Your mess!!!!!

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    5. Bobbie says:

      Gee, John O'Rourke, where do you get better health care? Before his public quest in leadership, Obama spoke clear to reveal he wasn't qualified for the presidency. When he said that, I thought he was a respectful and commendable person. Since his dishonesty won him the presidency, sent a message, he is up to NO GOOD! A decent man, would have had the dignity to live by his word in such an important role. A piece of crap would use the freedoms, principles and values of America, against Americans.

      Obama was in the senate creating the origin to "blame bush." He did nothing to "change" anything when he was in the senate as this all is Obama's (and the like,) game plan. Obama isn't correcting anything, he is making all complex and exceptional according to Obama. Obama (and, or the like) had to have worked on that health care, freedom removal bill, long before he stated "i, I'm not qualified to be president."

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