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  • Arizona Heat: Another Reason to Question U.S. Participation in the Human Rights Council

    The fact that the Obama Administration mentioned the Arizona law involving illegal immigration and the federal government’s legal challenge in its submission to the U.N. Human Rights Council (HRC) for the upcoming review of America’s human rights record under the Council’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) has been raising eyebrows.

    The UPR is a relatively new effort created by the HRC (at the instruction of the U.N. General Assembly resolution establishing the council) to review the human rights practices of all countries in the world. The UPR began in 2008 and is scheduled to examine 48 countries each year so that every country is examined once in a four-year cycle. The U.S. is up for review in November.

    The United States’ UPR report is a laundry list of everything under the sun related to human rights in the U.S., from how the U.S. protects fundamental freedoms of expression, religion, association, and political participation to fairness and equal protection under the law to domestic public policy programs designed to address social issues to the rights and treatment of detainees held in Guantanamo Bay. A large part of the report involves stating what U.S. law is and current actions being undertaken in the courts relating to human rights. Inclusion of the Arizona immigration issue in the report, especially since the Administration challenged it in court, is hardly surprising.

    What is surprising and objectionable is the manner in which the Arizona issue is presented:

    A recent Arizona law, S.B. 1070, has generated significant attention and debate at home and around the world. The issue is being addressed in a court action that argues that the federal government has the authority to set and enforce immigration law. That action is ongoing; parts of the law are currently enjoined.

    President Obama remains firmly committed to fixing our broken immigration system, because he recognizes that our ability to innovate, our ties to the world, and our economic prosperity depend on our capacity to welcome and assimilate immigrants. The Administration will continue its efforts to work with the U.S. Congress and affected communities toward this end.

    This phrasing subtly disparages the Arizona law and presents the Administration’s position as morally and legally correct. The Administration likely believes this to be true—it did challenge the Arizona law in court—but it should be neutral when characterizing unsettled domestic legal issues internationally.

    Unfortunately, the Administration fell victim to the temptation to aggrandize its record and disparage its opponents in several parts of the report. For instance, President Obama is referred to over 20 times in the 25-page report (minus appendices), and his health care reform is credited with vast achievements that have yet to be realized, if they ever will. The Administration deserves to be criticized for using politically what is supposed to be an objective report on the U.S. human rights record.

    But, as discussed in a recent Heritage paper, the larger problem isn’t what is in the report; it is why we are participating in this farce in the first place. The Bush Administration rightly distanced the U.S. from the HRC and withheld the U.S. share of funding from it. When President Obama decided to support and engage the council, he extended America’s credibility to a fatally flawed body. He also made it inevitable that the U.S. would participate in the dog-and-pony UPR show that it has proven to be—a process little more than a “mutual praise society” for repressive regimes.

    The Obama Administration was mistaken to believe it could improve the HRC from within as a member of the council. This is the inevitable result of its naïve faith—in defiance of record and reality—in multilateral institutions.

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    15 Responses to Arizona Heat: Another Reason to Question U.S. Participation in the Human Rights Council

    1. LibertyAtStake says:

      Why not question US participation in the UN? Or at least tell them they can find a home in a host nation they approve of. Like Cuba. Then we'd have a built in excuse for not sending anyone.

      "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

    2. Kathryn Wallwork, Du says:

      I was appalled when I read of the inclusion of the Arizona Immigration Law in the report to the U.N. I have been a Conservative since Barry Goldwater. I don't always agree with all the positions of our party (women's issues) but by and large feel the party serves our social,fiscal, military needs and our national interests.

      We should be a model to other nations and we are. But not by openly attacking each other. No doubt we have problems but we put the Super in super power.

    3. Ruth Deaton, Little says:

      The comment "Dumb as a post", seems appropriate for the current administration, and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. How dare they insult the people of the United States of America, and Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona, by "reporting" the 1070 bill on illegal immigration to such a vile group of individuals as the Human Right's Council, at the United Nations. I hope this latest fiasco is the waterloo for this administration. How much lower can they stoop? Whose side are they on? It does not appear to be the United States of America.

    4. Elaine Kahl says:

      Arizona is the leader in the fight to secure our borders and return the USA to the

      Rule of Law! The Human Rights of the UN has no business in dictating to the

      State of Arizona! We question why Pres. Obama has shifted the responsiblity of

      leading this country to the United Nations. I believe we should remove the USA

      from the UN roaster and always leave the door open for further discussion of

      urgent matters in other foreign countries! We have our own leaders to decide our

      course of action! Abdicating one's responsiblity is in, my opinion, a dereliction of

      presidential authority! I am appauled at this passing of power to an outside source!

      AMERICA — PLEASE STAND UP and VOTE in all future elections!!!

    5. Mike R. Las Vegas, N says:

      Didn't their mothers teach them to keep family business at home and not share it with the neighborhood?

      Hillary has forsworn her initial conservative upbringing (she actually did volunteer work on Goldwater's campaign) and her mom was conservative.

      I am not at all surprised by Obama as his mom was a communist.

    6. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Obama has again stabbed this country in the back. He cannot accept the fact that the American people now realize what a mistake he is. So, he turns to the

      Communist infected UN in hopes of having them help inforce his socialist take-over. A couple of weeks ago Hillary signed on to a UN's gun-grab schems that will supersede our 2nd amendment rights. Now this! Do the people of this nation not recognize the absolute hatred Obama, Hillary, and the Dems have for our American way of life? This is outright TREASON. This is our country. We decide

      our laws. No other country or puppet organization has any right to dictate to us.

    7. BJ Ft. Myers Fl says:

      To start with, this administration appears to be harrassing the State of Arizona for political reasons unknown to the rest of the nation. They have sued the State for passing a law that duplicates the federal law. They are conducting a Civil Rights investigation against Sheriff Joe ( and have found nothing) and filed a suit against the Community Colleges for doing what their suppose to do, check for green cards before hiring them.

      Yet they are not going after deportation of illegals who have not commited crimes in the US. They are not going to enforce voting violations, or Cities that harbor illegals. If anything they should be reporting themselves to the UN HRC.

      Other states have similar laws to the one in Arizona and the Administration has not gone after them.

      The reason, as I see it for this administration to pawn off responsibility to any other body is so that he can excuse himself from any blame. His montra is to blame someone else for anything that isn't working, which is almost everything he's done since he's been in office.

    8. Gary - Lansdale, PA says:

      Like everything with the current administration, this action is meant to do two things:

      1) disparage the prior administration ("broken immigration system?" – traceable to Ted Kennedy and the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965)

      2) aggrandize Obama ("Pres. Obama remains firmly committed…")

      Performing a "mea culpa" before the UN-HRC, whose membership can include some of the worst human rights offenders on the planet, is disgusting in the extreme. NO ONE need put his name in place of what should read, "The United States remains firmly committed…"

      Once obamacare is repealed, Congress' next act ought to be to pull out of the UN and throw UN HQ out of the United States. Let the rest of the world (much of which hates us and consistently uses the UN to say so) pay its own way for a decade or so while we get our own fiscal house back in order.

    9. R. James, Rochester, says:

      Good article, but should give pause to question our involvement in the UN.

    10. Billie says:

      get the U.S.. out of the U.N. and Obama out of the white house.

      American leadership have become an embarrassment to and disrespecting of human rights. The government leadership of America, by suggestion of the president, empathizes with the criminal while ignorant to the human rights VIOLATED OF THE VICTIM? American leadership seem to have lost the meaning of human rights as they encourage the acts of and provide the expense for and the procedures to abortions? Only hypocrites of extreme arrogance take part in an act they kill behind closed doors. Ugly people all around the world, never thought intentional ugly would be running this country.

      Much of a mess will take much to clean up…

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    12. Janie , North Potoma says:

      To put the state of Arizona in the same company as Iran, Libya, North Korea, China etc. is insane. The Obama Administration, State Department and the Justice Department should be ashamed. No matter, they will all be voted out come 2012.

    13. Lawrence Baker Arizo says:

      Hey Sheriff Joe, make the Federal Government and the Narco/bankster State of Mexico produce the Treasonous secret trade agreements signed by Bush and Fox and Obama and Calderon.

      NAFTA was illegally planned and implemented and was not ratified by Congress and it can not “legally” supersede our Constitution.

      The U.S Justice department is part of the Traitor criminal organization of World Banksters and Big Oil who have overthrown, by corruption, our American Independence, Constitution and Freedom.

      Not one Bankster was brought to Justice for the world’s greatest mortgage fraud (15 trillion), yet the Justice Dept. go after Arizona for enforcing a Federal law that the Feds refuse to enforce.

      The illegal and Fascist Federal government wants to implement the secret trade agreement and open the borders to the North American Union. The political appointed Fascist Justice Department is there to deliver for them and crush any state that gets in their way.

      The Fascist Federal Government and the Justice Dept is the back door criminals who refuse to honor our American Constitution which they have overthrown; they are the Treason criminals to our Democracy who someday will be brought to real Justice.

      Ask yourself why the Narco/bankster state of Mexico has kept the Mexican people down to starvation wages and live in third world poverty when their country is so rich. Cheap slave labor is why.

      The Feds is prosecuting and harassing Arizona because Arizona wants to enforce the law that employers verify legal immigration before hiring an employee. The Feds refuse to enforce the laws that are on the books or even collect income tax or employer tax from the employers or the illegal workers. Federal Illegal Immigrants are a freebee for multinational corporations at states expense.

      Racial Profiling is a Joke. If a white man stole my car, I wouldn’t be looking for a Mexican or a Negro! Get real!

      I stand with the Sheriffs and the State of Arizona to fight for our Constitutional Democracy, Independence and Freedom.

      It is still legal in Arizona to buy a gun and to join a state militia.

      It is a citizen’s responsibility to defend our Constitution that embodies our Freedom, Independence and Democracy.

    14. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      May I reiterate: Hey! Obama is lying about America! We love America. Glenn Beck is right that we must restore the Love of America. That is what Obama and his ilk have always attacked. They abuse Statistical Analysis to lie convincingly and that means they know what they are doing, they know they are undermining America. Our Nation is unique in going to war to save other nations and not taking their territory for our own. We are a Christian Nation by our Founding Documents, and to hate God, to hate Religion, to hate the Constitution and indeed, as Obama does, to hate every good thing about America, well, gosh! It is Un-American. Absolute confirmation is what Obama’s apologies mean, the confirmation that this guy is a Traitor! The United Nations makes a fine counterpoint to what America is, and it is perfect to have the likes of Venezualan Dictators and Iranian murderers decide what is humane. See? That is who the U.N. is. The only thing to hate about America is the Socialism and Communism clogging our hearts and stealing our lives.

      No, mister Obama, we love America. We are proud of our tradition and lies from our Commander In Chief? It sickens our very soul how you have betrayed us!

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