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  • Why is Obama Letting Non-Citizens Get Away with Voting?

    As Matt Mayer vividly describes in a new Heritage Web Memo, the Obama administration is implementing a de facto amnesty that will allow the vast majority of illegal aliens to remain in the United States without being disturbed by the Department of Homeland Security or any attempts to deport them. We can now add one more general amnesty that the administration is apparently extending – no prosecution of illegal voting by noncitizens and a green light to becoming a citizen even if you have violated federal law.

    FOX News is reporting that DHS was informed by the county elections administration in Putnam County, Tennessee, about an immigrant in the U.S. on a work visa who registered and voted in the 2004 election. This immigrant has now applied to become a citizen. The only interest that DHS seemed to have in this information from Putnam County was asking the immigrant to submit evidence that he has been removed from the voter rolls. The letter also asks the immigrant, in an amazing example of bureaucratic incompetence, to explain when he “discovered” that he was “not a United States Citizen.” This would be funny if it did not illustrate such a profound lack of common sense.

    Let me try to provide some advice to DHS that they don’t seem to be getting from their in-house lawyers: registering and voting in elections when you are not a citizen is a felony under federal law. 18 U.S.C. § 1015(f) makes it illegal to claim you are a U.S. citizen in order to register to vote for any election, punishable by up to five years in prison; fraudulent registration and voting is also a felony under the National Voter Registration Act. 18 U.S.C. § 611 prohibits a noncitizen from voting in an election where there is a federal candidate on the ballot. False claims of citizenship in general are also felonies under federal law, 18 U.S.C. § 911, punishable by up to three years in prison. For more on this, see the Heritage paper The Threat of Non-Citizen Voting.

    The FOX story cites immigration advocates claiming that illegal voting can be an honest mistake. The director of the Immigration Advocates Network says that “a lot of people are truly very unaware about not being eligible to vote.” Really?! The official federal voter registration form available, here, asks you at the top of the form in its very first question (even before you fill in your name): “Are you a citizen of the United States of America?” In the signature block on the form, it specifically asks you to “swear/affirm that: I am a United State citizen.”

    It is pretty difficult to believe that a noncitizen would not realize that they can’t vote when they are asked to confirm they are citizens twice on the voter registration form used in every state. The question in the DHS letter asking the immigrant when they knew they were not a U.S. citizen is also completely ridiculous – anyone here illegally and even noncitizens here legally who went through the visa application process know they are not citizens.

    But this administration seemingly has no interest in enforcing federal immigration laws and apparently no interest in prosecuting aliens who register and vote in violation of federal law, stealing and devaluing the votes of legitimate American voters. And committing such voter fraud will apparently not bar you from applying for and being granted citizenship by the Obama administration. As the County Election Administrator of Putnam County rightfully said, “this frightens me for my country. Why would you let someone who committed voter fraud become a citizen? That’s what they’re doing.”

    I could not have said it better myself.

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    54 Responses to Why is Obama Letting Non-Citizens Get Away with Voting?

    1. Voice4liberty says:

      I agree is frightens me as well we need to get out in November and start taking our country back!

    2. JR, Weslaco TX says:

      Where I Come from (South Texas) I am sure the DHS would have a field day with the Illegal voters, but do they try? No, they are overwhelmed. Why pursue criminals when there are criminals to catch? Oh wait, A Criminal is a Criminal and illegal is illegal is illegal right?

    3. Barbara Idaho says:

      I can believe it. How many of the illegals can not read or write English? Next time your are in a Social Security office check out the number of languages they have translators for. Over 20 languages, citizens who do not speak English.

      I remember when studying US government; one of the prerequisites to becoming a citizen you had to speak English. How else could you take the test to prove you understood the constitution and the history of the US.

    4. Mary, Oceanside, CA says:

      It is very interesting that the President has no problem with illegals voting–I wonder why???? However, he seems to have no problem with the fact that military members who are fighting to secure our freedoms, many times do not have voting rights because of time and/or location in which they find themselves. Stop the madness. I recommend we prosecute the people who are breaking the law both by entering this country illegally and by voting. When did we become a nation that picks and chooses which laws it will enforce? If the President believes that these people have a right to come into this country illegally and then take the opportunity to vote, then he should seek to change the law.

    5. Ron Perry says:




    6. Penney, Newman Lake, says:

      Go figure, Obama needs all of the "Illegal" help he can get. He knows that he is in trouble (or, maybe he doesn't–he is so self-indulged!).

      I think that it is a disgrace how much this administration blatenly gets away with. It is definitely time to pull the plug–we can't afford, as a nation, to have Obama in office a second term.

    7. Barbara Tacoma Washi says:

      When the conservatives finally vote in a legitimate president who knows what needs to be done, every illegal who voted should be rounded up arrested and then deported back to their country never to be allowed to return to the U.S.

    8. M. Btok says:

      The answer to that one is obvious, he needs the votes – that is what he wants to use all of these illegals he is letting into the country by not securing borders for! As well as, to do Barak's thug work against the American citizens!

      Yes, Barry Soetoro, aka; Barak Obama is a bad puppet and yes, we need to get him out of office!

      Be aware, via the two party paradyne and an unlimited supply of your tax dollars, now owned by the Parasite Globalists’, that money – will now be used to promote many more of their puppets in waiting, now standing in the wings – while preparing to be launched upon the American citizens, should you be enticed to choose the wrong choices yet a second time!

      If the heart is not warm and pure and solidly enthusiastic about a Constitutional America, drop them like a hot potato!

      You shall know them by their fruits: The reason we must vote out Establishment Government Representatives, whether they are Left or Right, Incumbent or Candidate is explained on this 2 minute News Clip below:

      TWO Party Paradyne System News clip: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/2824363/the_obama_d….

      The Ultimate Red Pill Will Break Your Trance!

    9. Teri says:

      The headline, "Why is Obama Letting Non-Citizens Get Away with Voting?" is a question President Obama needs to answer publicly.

      We all know Obama is very generous with Illegal Immigrants. He has blurred the issue that they are breaking the law by being in America. That being said, it's obvious to me that Obama has bought their votes.

      That's right American tax money paid for Obama's 2012 campaign. We may never know how many Illegal Immigrants are currently living in our country. But, if allowed to vote, we will find they have a strong allegiance to Obama.

    10. Maryanne Brooks Tall says:

      Why would Obama do this?

      Could it be because he's intentionally cultivating support among illegals even as he erodes it among U.S. citizens? Isn't it clearly his goal to redistribute power: politically, economically and internationally?

      If he continues to succeed in these areas, the concept of US nationalism will be obsolete by 2012.

      Pray that God will grant us a leader of equal clarity and single mindedness to oppose him.

    11. james lee james , co says:

      this is just another illegal act of the many that that criminal in the whitehouse has caused to be instituted , he is going to get his socialist agenda whether or not "we the people " want it or not . by the time the sheep realize what's happening , it will be " a done deal " … we NEED to get this person OUT along with his band of fellow criminals before this country is destroyed from within ! GOD HELP US ALL .

    12. rick dallas says:

      why would he care? he isn't a citizen, and he's president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. Joyce Wills says:

      Well, of course Obama wants the illegals to have voting rights. Who do you think they will vote for? I rest my case.

    14. Big Bad John, Georgi says:

      It is apparent we have an illegal incompetant muslim at the helm and we are ready to hit the breakers. If we get rid of all the rats on ship we can steer to a safer course for AMERICA. THINK IMPEACHMENT!!!

    15. Roger Hamel N.H. says:

      i believe the law states that people that come to this country will follow the same path to become legalized citizens first and six months after they become citizens they have the right to vote.

    16. Carol,AZ says:

      Thank you for the detailed article.

      This action is in violation to America civil rights and obstruction of Federal Law..

      POTUS must be impeached and I'm so sadden to say it..

      What also shames me is the rest of of America hasn't said it also in the millions, and proceeding charges filed.

      How can this be happening in America?

    17. levotb says:

      I believe that this would rise to an Impeachabel offense. When the Republicans take over the House in late January, look for this issue–The White House telling DHS not to enforce Federal Immigration laws on the books is not only aiding and abetting illegal aliens but is perpetrating fraud on the American people.

      Congressional hearings on this issue are a must!

    18. James Tennessee says:

      Comeon folks do you realy believe the Obama mafia is going to anything to stop illegals from doing anything illegal? HE IS ILLEGAL AND ADMITED NONCITIZENSHIP WHEN HE RAN FOR THE ILLINOIS SENATE! That alone makes this whole government group nothing more than criminals. Eveyone of the clowns in congress knows it and does nothing but fill their pockets with your money. They don't give a rats as# what you think or who is joining them in the destruction of America. The more people they can slip in the sooner America will loose all semblence of the freedom we once enjoyed.

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    21. EBays says:

      I think this President is now entitled to impeacment. He has disregarded every inch of our constitution. He needs to go now not in another to years. IT is time to give him the option to resign or be impeached.

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    23. Jim, Pennsylvania says:

      It is a shame, for the peons of this country that work every day, try to be good Americans and vote for someone to represent them in government that they believe will do what is right for the country, that the politicians of this country deserve to lose this country because of their "ME" attitude.

      If you think that all is fine and we are in no danger and not slowly losing the freedoms that this country once knew, then you have your head in the sand or are too yoing to remember what this country once represented.

      Our borders are open to illegals some of which include terrorists that represent a "religion" whose sole intent is to one day make you declare your dedication to "Allah", maybe lose your head and at least pay a JIZYA.

      Most of who read this now, when that time comes, will be dead but if you care not what your grandchildren will face in their own country in their old age or what your great grandchildren will face from birth, if they are allowed to be born, then let things go as they are. If you care, stand up and make noise, be a man or like the Jews under Hitler you will die in servitude.

    24. Hank, MO says:

      Nothing infuriates me so much as cheating in an election. If that process is not held sacred, then how can one have any confidence in the government so elected? Garbage in, garbage out. Same principle applies. Corrupted election produces a corrupt government such as we now have. It's a laugh when our officials criticize the Afghan or Pakistani governments for corruption. Is that the pot calling the kettle black or what? Acts such as that done by the New Black Panther Party in the 2008 presidential election should be vigorously prosecuted, and the perpetrators should be jailed (or worse). The same applies to those who cheated to install Al Franken as senator when it is a known fact that his opponent won that election. If elections are not inviolate, what you have is tyranny. Death to the tyrants, I say.

    25. Larry Templeton says:

      It is absolutely rediculous that the government would not file charges against a non citizen for registering and voting in our elections. If this felony is permissible then what other felonies are considered to be acceptable? Also if a non citizen can commit felonies without consequence then what about just eliminating penalties for citizens also? We are a nation of laws aren't we?

    26. Winterhawk says:

      Yes, this regime continues to rule against the will of the people. It is time for it to be gone. He can bleame Bush all he wants but nothing he has done has changed anything. And to continue lieing to the Nation is unforgiveable. He needs to be gone.

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    28. John E. Walters, San says:

      Unless the voter registration forms are printed in Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, Polish, French, and Swahili, I don't understand how you can believe that the statement at the top of the form or the statement of affirmation are of any meaning to immigrants to the U.S.. We don't require that they learn English to become a citizen, what makes you think they read English to register to vote? In their own countries, 5 years in prison would not be the typical result. In their countries, they would be shot. Perhaps this is one time we should look to predominate foreign law for guidance.

    29. Dickie Wayne Snider says:

      Obama should be IMPEACHED!!!

    30. Drew Page, IL says:

      "Why is Obama letting non-citizens get away with voting?" Are you kidding?

      For the same reason his DOJ isn't prosecuting ACORN for voter registration fraud; he expects all of these illegals to vote for him. Mr. Obama and his fellow Democrats are buying the votes of illegal aliens with promises of amnesty and loads of freebies including food and rent subsidies, health care, welfare payments and public school educations for their kids — all at the expense of the Americans who pay federal income taxes (50% of wage earners, at last count).

      Obama supporters will say this is merely "political horse trading" in much the same fashion as the Senatorial payoffs to Nebraska's Senator, Ben Nelson, otherwise known as the Cornhusker Kickback, where in exchange for his vote on passing health care reform, Nebraska is forever exempt from making state contributions to Medicaid for their residents. And who can forget the "political horse trading" that bought Louisianna Senator, Matry Landrieu's vote for Obamacare. That $300 million payoff was known as the 'Second Louisianna Purchase'.

      I would be more inclined to call those involved 'horse traders' if those doing the trading actually owned that which they were trading. since they had no personal ownership of that which they were trading, I am more inclined to call them 'horse thieves'.

    31. BJ Ft. Myers Fl says:

      Well, you know that he won't resign. That being said I agree that impeachment should be considered. If in fact he instructed DHS not to follow up on violations of federal law, then he should be charged criminally for conspiring to violate federal laws. Of course if the Justice Department enters the scene, Holder certainally would not consider any action as he too has violated the same laws regarding federal voting rights and civil rights.

      Lets face it we have an extremely corrupt administration and the sooner we get them out of office the better.

    32. Tim AZ says:

      Why you ask? This has been going on for years, but since you are just now catching up. It is because they are not viewed as illegal aliens but as undocumented democrats. Some of you can try to deny this but which party is registering them to vote? I rest my case.

    33. Brian j conway Valat says:

      Barbara Idaho, above states that when she studied government, she learned about U.S. history, and understood the Constitution.. I don't think that is even taught in schools these days, or if it is, it's glossed over lightly. Most kids, or people under 40 for that matter,don't have any concept of how something becomes law., or other important civics information.

      Brian Conway

      Kinderhook, N. Y.

    34. Dave Aldridge says:

      Just think? Who gets sworn in if you impeach the "BIG O"? Biden, God helps us even more than we need now!! Get a conservative Congress in place to block any more of this socialists policies, appointments, etc. Ride out the next two years and then look around for someone who will enforce the laws and respect the Constitution. If he gets another liberal on the Supreme Court we are toast. Aside from all that, the only people who would benefit from imeachment proceedings will be the army of lawyers both sides will hire.There should be a law that lawyers can not run for political office.Once they get in they rewrite the laws to stay in office.I wonder how many lawers work in the U.S. Government??? At 125,00 ++++

    35. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Because they will vote Democrat. Period! When will everone realize Obama and

      the Dems do not believe in our Constitution nor the rule of law.

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    37. KLIMAX Baltimore, Ma says:

      Where can I file a formal complaint ??!! I am sick and tired of this kind of BULL……. and it must stop now !!!! The American Citizens must take it upon themselves to put pressure on the Board of Elections to require at least a photo ID to vote !! This will stop most of the illegals from voting and hopefully the State Legislatures will pass laws to require proof of legal presence to register to vote !!

      Voting is probably the most important "RIGHTS" we have next to freedom of speech and when it is reduced to the level of people making jokes it is a slap in the face to every American Citizen !!! Go to another country and try to vote and you will probably wind up in jail just for the attempt and if you do vote being a non-citizen prison would be in your future !!!

    38. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      My belief is that nothing will be done until a new congress is sworn in, since BHO and his cabinet have committed high crimes against the Constitution and the Country, no steps can be taken. If Biden and BHO go down now it's Pelosi who is next in line, God forbid. This whole Chicago Mob has been conspiring to take over the whole country any way they can. Immigration used to strict, my grandparents came here about 188? and had to swear the could support themselves and their family and not EVER become a burden to society. I worked in a Mexican Rest. during the late 60's and early 70's(Arl. Va) we were "visited by INS on a regular basis and if the workers didn't have green cards they were removed and deported. What happened last week, letting all those detained and scheduled for deportion free, is a travesty. We need to uphold the laws of this land and our Constitution, I agree with Glen Beck, Restore the Honor, we are becoming th laughing stock of the world. BHO has broken laws, connived to become Pres. and H—- bent on overtaking this country.

    39. Dennis Georgia says:

      It is easy to understand, they all vote for the dems. One does not cut off the hand that feeds, the dems and obama will feed them our hard earned money as long as they can stay in power. May God have Mercy on us and this country.

    40. Sue, Tucson says:

      Illegals should no way be able to vote, and should be immediately deported. Not enforcing this law is illegal and Obama should be impeached for such behavior. He just wants votes of non-citizens, because citizens will Not re-elect him! This must be stopped, and he must be stopped from granting amnestiy to all illegals!

    41. The clear Thinker says:

      Do any of you dunderheads have hard evidence that even one illegal alien has voted in a national (or state) election? No! Do you know why? Because there isn't any. Stop lilstening to the trouble makers and start using your God-given intelligence. When anyone tells you something so obviously irrational, ask for the evidence, not fairy tales, not just-so stories, and not just plain outright lies.

    42. Spiritof76, NH says:

      All Obama knows is what ACORN does. He wants desperately to get the votes of the illegals. ACORN does that with dead people.

    43. Drew Page, IL says:

      Mr. Clear Thinker — After the last general amnesty was declared all of the ILLEGALS became LEGAL. And guess what, they got to vote. Do you want to venture a guess as to which party candidates they voted for?

    44. Husker, IA says:

      Read Obama's two books. Need more be said.

    45. Gwen Thompson, 2318 says:

      VOTE out the Dems and VOTE in Republicans! This is our only hope because

      2012 is still a long way off and unless we can get rid of Obummer in some way,

      We' will still be in trouble with Biden. I'm not sure if he even knows the alphabet!

      WE NEED A REPUBLICAN HOUSE and SENATE so that these bills that

      Obummer wants passed WILL NOT GET PASSED !!!!! Every one needs to work


    46. Slick - Nebraska says:

      When these people are sworn into office, they place their right hand upon the BIBLE and swear before God and us that they will uphold the Consititution and the laws of this country. That particular procedure used to represent a sacred oath for which a man or woman was accountable, not only to the citizens they represented but to their Maker because by placing their hand upon the Bible, they were making that oath before GOD. The act in of itself had powerful meaning and each person took it seriously. Nowadays, not so much I am afraid. One has to wonder what the point is of this ritual if it is meaningless to most of those who are sworn into office.

      Perhaps when Judgement Day comes for each of them they will be asked at THAT POINT to be accountable for their lack of moral character, and lack of honesty. They will go down in history for their lack of integrity because their word was NOT their bond. What greater failing can a person have than that?

    47. Elaine Kahl says:

      WE discovered Voter Fraud in the 2008 Election and presented our investigative

      findings to Gov. of NYS, the Atty.General NYS, Commission of Board of Elections NYS and the answers received — "They find no problems with the system"!

      Last week we found out that there was indeed Voter Fraud in NYS in 2008!

      My opinion, NYS should require PROOF of CITIZENSHIP (Driver's Licenses" do

      not count! ) Social Security # should be verified at the Voting Stations! We have

      the ability to secure our voting systems if only the State would validate the

      voters! All future elections will be suspect if we do not implement verification!

    48. Barbara Bussell Texa says:

      Obama is wanting to get all the votes he can. No matter how he gets them. He is aMuslim and does not care about the moral and ethics of Americans.

    49. Vito Danelli, Darien says:


      That born-again, dry-drunk idol of "conservatives", George W Bush, was doing the same thing during his eight years in office.

      Where was the whining and pouting then?

      Bruce Bartlett had the guts and spine to write about what a disaster Bush was and got FIRED from his think-tank job over it.

      You're a fraud, Heritage Foundation!

    50. Bert, Lorena, TX says:

      Here's another injustice brought to you by Obama's DOJ:


      Funny how the Feds expect private citizens to make determinations of a person's immigrations status, but forbid schools to do so and punish law enforcement if they do.

    51. mike shaw in ct says:

      this is discusting and enough to makeme want to leave my country.

      when my wife ewas voting she forgot her liscense and had to drive back 5 miles to get it , yet these illegals get to vote with no id and can't even speak our language?

      they are killing me as far as work goes and just plain ruining my life .

    52. Dan Lenahan NY, NY says:

      I may be just a Homer Simpson but if voter fraud is going on in a state are the citizens of that state being defrauded by an illegal dissolution of their vote's value?

      If so can we sue for enforcement of validating a voter's citizenship? I'd be happy to provide my bona fides such as my birth certificate and my passport and to demand that the registrars demand that of me.

      I can understand that in decades past this wasn't done due to the sketchiness of records and abuses practiced against blacks. We are well past that at this stage of the game. I'd even be willing to set a birth year like 1930 as the entry point for proof of citizenship.

      Let's get back on course and ensure the validity of our elections, stop creating incentives like amnesty and control immigration to levels we know we can absorb without impoverishing the people who are already citizens.

      Funny how when we're exporting jobs we're schooled on how it's a global economy but when it comes to illegals we're being schooled how they vitalize the economy. If that were looked at as a single presentation we would conclude a global economy would not necessitate the need for illegal construction workers at the Colin Powell household since people already here and unemployed be more than happy for the work.

    53. Alan Rader says:

      I wonder why our DA Randall York doesn't prosecute this case? (You can figure it out– I did) I wonder why we had a convicted felon working in our election office. I wonder why we had convicted felons voting here in Putnam County?

      Could it be that the Democrats believe that this is the key to their success? To win at all costs? With total disregard for the rule of Law, the foundation of our Republic and to undermine our freedom by these elitists.

    54. Laurel, Virginia says:

      I am a green card holder and I am well aware that I am NOT allowed to vote. Voting is a privilege given only to citizens.

      How can they not realise that if anyone can vote without proving that they are a citizen then ANYONE can vote? Tourists could vote, perhaps the whole population of China could vote in US elections, even Osama Bin Laden could vote. These may be silly examples but diluting the votes of American citizens and perhaps changing the outcomes of elections is not silly – it is very serious.

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