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  • Heritage Launches the Center for Policy Innovation

    It is with great anticipation that I announce an exciting new direction for Heritage today: the creation of the Center for Policy Innovation. This has long been a dream of our colleague Stuart Butler and others here at Heritage, and we are excited to finally make it a reality.

    Dr. Butler, who has led our domestic and economic research team since 1982, will become Director of the Center he has envisioned. He will also remain a member of our Senior Management team and serve as a Distinguished Fellow.  He has been a dear friend, loyal mentor and courageous leader for over 31 years here at Heritage and his continued drive to improve the way we generate big ideas is greatly appreciated.

    Dr. Butler has been a font of ideas that have transformed the conservative movement. Whether it was Enterprise Zones, Welfare Reform, School Choice or—the subject of his most recent attention—healthcare, he has dedicated his life to thinking how to make American lives better. 

    Dr. Butler will lead a virtual team of insiders and outside individuals to think through and devise innovative breakthrough policy ideas – essentially a “think tank within a think tank.” One of the first challenges the Center will take on is how to break the paralysis on fixing the long-term fiscal crisis facing America. Learning from the nation’s most innovative companies, it will form specialized teams drawn from Heritage researchers and outside experts to work on these policy design projects.

    As Dr. Butler leaves his current day-to-day role to concentrate full-time on this new effort, he will be replaced as Vice President for Domestic and Economic Policy Studies by David Addington.

    Mr. Addington is a brilliant policy expert with over twenty years of senior experience at all levels and branches of governance. As a trusted advisor to two White Houses, the Defense Department and four congressional committees, Mr. Addington understands Washington and how policy ideas become law.  Most recently, Mr. Addington served in the Office of the Vice President, first as Dick Cheney’s counsel and later as his chief of staff.

    These are exciting times at Heritage. This year, we launched Heritage Action for America, opened up our new offices on the House of Representatives side of Capitol Hill and have led the conservative fight for good public policy in America like never before.

    Many people, especially liberals, misread conservatism as a force that strives to slow down change, a mere speed bump on the road to progress. Nothing could be further from the truth. As the great Russell Kirk wrote, “Change in society is natural, inevitable and beneficial; the statesman should not try vainly to dam the whole stream of alteration, because then he would be opposing Providence.”

    Leading “the waters of novelty into the canals of custom,” as Kirk put it, has been the lifework of Stuart Butler, and we’re lucky to have him keeping us on the cutting edge. Great organizations continue to improve from within, and that is exactly what Heritage continues to do. Please join me in congratulating Stuart on his new role, and welcome David to the Heritage family.

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    15 Responses to Heritage Launches the Center for Policy Innovation

    1. gerrit, your mom says:

      yeah this sounds like a great idea

    2. Daniel J. Hanley, Po says:

      Note to Dr. Butler,

      Make your "think tank within a think tank". A "Do Tank"! We have had enough thinking, it's time for doing. We all know what has to be done. Actions speak louder than words.

      Dan Hanley

    3. Cindy Norris, Ohio says:

      This really gives me hope for our future. I wish you all the best and eagerly await some of the ideas that come from this. We used to be so strong but how fragile we have become when one administration can destroy so much in so little time. We have been lulled to sleep over many decades and now it is time for the sleeping giant to come awake and reclaim this proud land.

    4. Jerry D Woods says:

      I would like to see more documented information on the candidates that running for national office. You never know what to believe from the political pundits and some people never go beyond their TV to discover who the person is for whom they are voting. It would be a great help if your research team would give a factual and fair assessment of who the candidates are. How did they get to where they are, what do they believe, and where do they want to take us. If people have that info to connect with the conservative reporting that you are doing, our future will reflect more of who the people are we would hope. Factual and fair Information is the best weapon to change the country.

    5. William Hooper, Los says:

      We need innovative ideas, techniques, stategies to begin dismantling this massive federal bureaucracy. How can we start unfunding, abolishing, weakening, tearing down and sun setting this massive, unelected government that is sapping our wealth and increasingly constricting the blood vessels of our economy and culture?

    6. Shell, MI says:

      Can you use the expertise of a conservative, Christian MSW with +20 years of state social work, policy and training experience? One who has taught as an adjunct professor in social work as well? An opinion from the heartland — and one from a gentleman who's beat the streets of Detroit making home calls — could be a great asset. My husband has been dealing with federal and state policy (and the pitfalls of mandates) for years.

    7. Sam Gross - Idaho says:

      All the Best. The only thing certain is change.

    8. Del Curtis, Williams says:

      Congratulations to Heritage on this new program and to Dr. Butler as he follows a vision into our future.

      To my way of thinking the greatest need, encompassing all other areas, is working towards a return to constitutional government. That will result in some pain as we try to wean the public from the federal troughs and a return to the dignity of independence envisioned by our founders.

      Heritage and Dr. Butler will be in my prayers as this great endeavor develops.

      Sic semper tyrannis,

      Del Curtis

      Williamsburg, Virginia

    9. Randall Holland, Ari says:

      No matter how many good ideas the "think tank" comes up with. It will be up to the liberal MSM and the elected elite that will determine what is going to happen. The MSM and elected elite will pander to the most hedonist of our society.

    10. E Vrachan, Plainfiel says:





    11. Neal Palmquist OH says:

      I would like to see a big plan that will grandfather all end of life and birthright entitlement programs and grandfather the IRS while paying the national debt so that a future generation of Americans have freedom to decide what they want to do and how they want do it. It would be nice to set America on an engineered plan where all these goals can horizon together at a specific date in the future, not unlike the goal for America to land on the moon.

      After we are dead, then Americans will have a clean slate PLUS hundred or so years of historical data. This data can be preserved so they can practice computer modelling of taxation theories. Failed and primitive thinking behind economic theories of the past will not burden future Americans before they are even born. See More

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    13. Jackie Bradley, Napl says:

      I am glad he is on board. We need to straighten out all our troubles ahead, with great minds. And leaders to look up to.

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    15. dennis, washington, says:

      I am a former employee of Heritage, and I am appalled at the appointment of Mr. Addington, though not necessarily surprised. For all the sugar-coated talk about "limited government," few have been more dedicated in recent times to expansion of government power (not authority) than him. Why is it that "conservatives," who claim to be for limited government, think there should be few or no restraints on that same power in "wartime?" Warrantless surveillance, torture, assassination, illegal and undeclared wars, abolishment of the ancient right of habeus corpus, contempt of oversight . . . these are the legacy of Mr. Addington. Does that sound conservative to you? Really?!

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