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  • Mexican Massacres, Immigration Control, and the Obama Administration

    The cold blooded murder of 72 illegal migrants by members of Mexico’s notorious Zeta cartel in the state of Tamaulipas is another stark and gruesome reminder of the current criminal and drug-related turmoil in Mexico.  According to press reports the victims came from Honduras, El Salvador, Brazil and Ecuador.  The lone survivor stated the migrants were killed for failing to pay off their Mexican captors.  This massacre runs against the conventional narrative that the escalating violence in Mexico primarily pits drug trafficker-against-drug trafficker.  It shows the significant overlap between transnational criminal organizations and human smuggling.

    Why then were these migrants and tens of thousands like them still willing to risk the perilous journey?  Why is there still such a high expectation that migrants will successfully cross the U.S.-Mexican border and find shelter in the U.S?

    Amnesty International rushed to blame the Mexican government for failing to “protect” illegal immigrants.

    “This discovery once again demonstrates the extreme danger and violence that Central Americans face on their treacherous journey north, as well as Mexican authorities’ abject failure to protect them,” Amnesty International said. “Mexico must immediately investigate this massacre, bring the perpetrators to justice and establish the identities of those killed so that their families can be informed.”

    Such harsh criticism of Mexico alone is not entirely merited.  The Tamaulipas massacre is yet another indication of systemic failures and of a chain of complicity that runs up and down the line.  It begins in Central and South America where leaders, politicians and large segments of society view the export of migrants to the U.S. as an easy solution to poverty and poor economic policies.  It involves Mexico where porous borders, lax enforcement and corrupt officials either ignore or even facilitate massive movements toward the U.S.  It involves the ruthless criminal cartels who victimize even the weakest without mercy.  It ends in the U.S. where failures and inconsistencies in enforcing immigration law and the Obama administration’s implementation of a de facto amnesty for the vast majority of illegal immigrants, helps to fuel the hopes of illegal migrants headed to the U.S.

    As Heritage’s Jim Carafano observed last year: The Administration can’t fight cartels and ignore illegal immigration.  People smuggling is part of the problem, not a separate issue.”  He adds, “legalization will only make matters worse. Granting asylum to people here illegally would only encourage more illegal border crossing. It always has in the past, because people assume that—if they enter illegally, they’ll eventually be “amnestied” too.  Likewise, failure to enforce workplace and immigration laws only encourages more to ignore the law.”

    These latest victims among Mexico’s 28,000 drug-related dead certainly carried with them a firm belief they could successfully cross the U.S.-Mexican border.  It was this hope – understandable but both patently illegal and highly dangerous – that led to the tragic ending on a ranch in rural Mexico.

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    24 Responses to Mexican Massacres, Immigration Control, and the Obama Administration

    1. John, Colorado says:

      Who said these people were migrants? No one knows where they came from or why they were in Mexico. The assumption that they have been on a perilous journey is hogwash. We do know that these people were murdered by either a cartel family, a Mexican gang or the Mexican government. Yes, the Mexican government commits or sanctions murder everyday. Most of these articles look for an end game and most of the time its to blame America's immigration policies with many writers eluding that our polices murdered these people. If we actually secured our borders these so called migrants would think twice about making the journey. If the Mexican government cared about the lives of these people they would be doing whatever they could to prevent their entry into Mexico. The reality is we may never know who these people are and we can only hope they perished quickly without much pain. The lesson here is the more we leave our borders open and out of control allowing for increased criminal activities, more people will continue to die needlessly.

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    3. Fred, Apopka, FL says:

      John in Co is right on. Our open border policy puts many aliens at risk. Not only are the aliens at risk, our current policies put Americian citizens at risk because it is so easy for criminals and terrorists to cross our borders. We must do all we can to secure all 4 borders, not just the most commonly talked about Mexico border.

    4. Tim Az says:

      These people died because they are continually lured to America by the left who promise them everything, in the hopes that these poor souls will vote to keep the left in power. The left doesn't care about those that die in their attempt to make it to America, they are expendable and do not merit any concern unless they survive the gauntlet, and are potentially exploitable for their illegal votes at the expense of the American Citizenry and the illegal aliens themselves.

    5. Tim AZ says:

      There is no sacrifice too great to further the goals of the messianic mouth piece of the regime, in their quest for power and wealth at the expense of humanity both foreign and domestic. Illegal aliens give their lives for a little more security so that Americans can be enslaved by socialists, Marxists, and communists. The joke is on the illegal aliens, because eventually they may find themselves once again oppressed by a government they thought they had escaped.

    6. Carol,AZ says:

      Correction; John ,Co

      The 72 people murdered are illegal border crossers, not immigrants

      "Illegal" under the laws of our land, still means "against the law."

      The Federal Gov't has sanctioned under full Federal duplicity to DO NOTHING to secure our borders, and IS certainly to blame..

      The man- power needed as in, BOOTS IN THE GROUND diallowed to be given to States like AZis a sceaming example of this.

      Do you think in sancturary CO you don't have a responsuibility there about this issue?

      .The few troops being sent is barely spit in the wind for what is needed to secure our broken border and requested for months.

      CO is so disconnected over this issue, your Stateis is givng Unemployment benefits to illegal living in there.

      The computer system for accountability purposely disabled to match the legal status for accountability.

      How's that working-out there? No jobless American in CO? The real stats on this issue are ~ 34 million Americans now jobless. What are you doing about it?

      How human of you to say, "we only hope they were punished without pain'?"

      Do you think a bullet to the head, with hands tied behind your back is human? Also a Z craved in your body for "Zeta" by the the cartel that are pround of their slauther?

      This is called terrorism.

      OWN it in CO, becasue your part of the problem.

      The policy from the Federal GOV't to DO NOTHING , which is called obstruction of justice by all agencies that are sworned to protect our borders IS also the central issue and your state is also one of the many Statres, that is now SANCTUARY under Federal Law. also ILLEGAL IN AMERICA

      That is another reason these faceless nameless people are dead.

      Here's a website from South of the border that is updated every day . http://www.blogdelnarco.com.
      It keeps track of the mass murderes and cartel's lust for violence.

      The 72 poeple recently discovered is more like 28,000.

      POTUS has givien millions to MX to fight against the drug cartels and most ends up in Swiss bank accounts.

      .Have you ever wondeered in CO why BANKING has never been targeted by our Gov't to follow the millions of dollars that flow across the borders in all areas of N.America?

      we E COULD to shut the cartels?The answer is sadly that our governemt is supporting Mexico and refuses to secure our American borders .

      So John in Co, I suggest you home boys get locked and loaded since I'm certain your MS-13 gang have been allowed operate there and will continue to, unless you and other in your state take back your state ofr state's rights.

    7. Wayne Bingham Panama says:

      We build walls around out beltways to block out noise that have cost a great deal more then a fence to keep out illegal's. Something wrong here!

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    9. Tim AZ says:

      Let's look at who's benefiting from this situation. Mexico benefits in two ways. First they have a constant infusion of American dollars in to their economy from illegal aliens who send the majority of their pay home to Mexico. Secondly those that die trying to cross into America are no longer a burden to the Mexican govt.. In America the socialists benefit by corrupting our election process, The socialists encourage illegal aliens to vote against the will of the American citizenry, so that they can remain in power long enough to bring about a fundamental transformation that is contrary to the American citizenry and our founding principles. Ironically the illegal aliens may find themselves once again oppressed by a govt. they once tried to escape. As always it's about power and wealth.

    10. KLIMAX Baltimore, Ma says:

      The biggest reason I can come up with against the invasion of OUR country by illegal aliens is the fact that most (90%) of the illegals do not want to become American Citizens like the millions of European who jumped into the melting pot but if NObama pushes amnesty down OUR throats the illegals will resentfully sign up only to stay in OUR country !! Only Spanish is spoken in their homes and to their children which makes education that much harder on OUR teachers !! I can remember my grandfather speaking Czech around us and my grandmother raising hell with him for not speaking English this never or rarely happens in Hispanic homes !!! They wrap themselves in Mexican flags to protest then go down to Social Services to get food stamps, housing vouchers,medical assistance, Etc. we must start removing these ungrateful illegals from OUR country immediately !! It will only require a law from Congress that would allow proven illegals to be deported without a court appearance !! I don't care what the bleeding heart liberals will cry about these people do not deserve the same "RIGHTS" as American Citizens enjoy and if they do we need to change the Constitution immediately !!! ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT !!! NOT AMNESTY EVER !!!!!!!!!!

    11. Dennis Georgia says:

      The "guvment" obama and clan look at the illegals as votes for power and contoll. They do not care about these people just the vote they will have in the near future. To secure our borders, one must have a concern and genuine love for this country. I do not believe obama, pelosi, reid, or most of those in Congress have any love or concern for this country or our citizens. They are after more power, more controll and are willing to let this country turn into the very thing the illegals are running from.

      We must turn this country around, we must see that God is allowed back in America, we must stop the woprship of flesh, of sin and satan. We must have a re-birth to the moral values that Jesus teaches, we can not serve both Matser, good and evil. May God have mercy on this country.

    12. WHICH WAY says:


    13. Jim Yardley, Rhinebe says:

      Based on his surge of troops in Afghanistan, President Obama does not seem to think that waging an undeclared lethal war against a group not formally affiliated with a recognized government is unconstitutional.

      Historically, Woodrow Wilson had no problem sending General Pershing into Mexico in a punitive expedition in pursuit of Pancho Villa. Villa, and 500 of his thugs, attacked the town of Columbus, New Mexico, resulting in the deaths of 18 Americans.

      How many Americans have been killed by illegals today? If Wilson was prepared to fight an undeclared war against persons who were not part of the legitimate government of Mexico (and remember that he, like Obama, was also a Progressive) why is our current president so hesitant? If he can fight such a war on the other side of the planet, why not right next door?

      Any time our homeland is threatened, or invaded, and nothing is done to punish those responsible, it simply invites further mayhem to descend on us. Thugs will always push the envelope until their is serious retaliation.

    14. dete mass. says:

      to Klimax Baltimore. If do not know ilegal imigrants can not get any benefits at all. How are they taking food stamps and other services?

    15. dete mass. says:

      This country was form by immigrants, a few generations later, everybody is forgeting where they came from.

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    17. Josh says:

      Carol, in your bid to dish it out to someone, you overlooked the fact that John CO is for more stringent border security

    18. Drew Page, IL says:

      There is no such thing as "limited amnesty". We have seen from history that blanket amnesty does not work. It makes a joke out of our immigration laws and subsequently encourages more illegal immigration. If you can illegally sneak into the U.S. for whatever reason and hide long enough (hopefully long enough to deliver an anchor baby) you have an excellent chance of being allowed to stay.

      Once an illegal is here, he/she becomes "entitled" to all sorts of government subsidies for food and rent, education of their children, free treatment in hospital emergency rooms and let us not forget the expense of arresting, prosecuting, defending and incarcerating illegal alien criminals.

      I admire those whose motives for wanting to help illegal aliens are purely charitable, not political. To these kind people I would say please feel free to voluntarily give all you wish to this cause and to encourage others to do the same; but do not assume for a moment that others feel the same degree of charity that you feel. Charity should always be voluntary, whenit becomes mandatory, it is no longer charity, but socialism.

      I despise those who propose amnesty for illegal aliens for political gain. These people are buying votes for themselves with taxpayer money and don't give a damn how much they have to promise to do it. It is especially odious when they try to cloak their political agendas with the cover of being compassionate.

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    20. Jose Angel de Monter says:


      Thanks for this interesting contribution on the situation that is happening in Mexico.

      Many people have rushed to criticize Mexico for this killings, what they don't know is that many of those who died there are also members of central and south american gangs and cartels, namely the infamous MS13 that extends it influence in many cities in the United States but also in Central America. They developed a corridor of drugs and illegal inmigrants decades ago that crosses through Mexico and they have been smuggling illegal aliens and drugs for many years. Many have been arrested by Mexican authorities and have been deported to El Salvador, Honduras, Ecuador and other countries where they originate.

      The problem is more than 400 thousand transmigrants cross our borders each year in route to the US border, last year the Mexican Institute of Inmigration detained nearly 200 thousand central and south americans and deported them back to their countries. More than half of illegals crossing the US-Mexico border are central and south americans.

      When the Mexican authorities begun the war on drugs almost four years ago when President Calderon took power, he launched the Mexican Army and Mexican Marines entirely to attack the cartels with solid results, killing and arresting the biggest drug lords rapidly. Most of the violence occurring now comes as a consecuence of a leadership vacuum in north Mexico.

      There are reports that the Zetas and other cartels are begining to move down to central america, As the Mexican army hunts them down and destroys their headquarters and their territories in north Mexico, they are trying to domesticate the maras salvatruchas, the ms13 and move in to central america to use their long established connections and criminal networks in central america. The Maras MS13 are putting up a fight against the Zetas, that explains the killings in large numbers of central americans. There are reports of zeta activities in Bolivia, Venezuela and Paraguay, those countries's armies are not prepared for the kind of challenge they pose. It has taken several years for the Mexican army and federal police to learn to fight them. So those countries are easy pray now.

      The Mexican army has begun patrolling areas of our border with guatemala, but there are many ways the smugglers can get into our country as we share many islands and the region is a huge dense forest difficult to control.

    21. VivaLaMigra, Boston says:

      Let's see: 1986…US gov't says there are "one million" illegals in the country, and "justice" demands they be amnestied. Three million are eventually granted permanent residency and citizenship. Fast forward two decades: US gov't now claims "12 to 20 million" illegals. Barry Hussein further trims this to "eleven million" in a speech, even though several studies, including one by Barron's, place it in excess of 20,000,000. If Congress enacts an amnesty, you can bet at least 30,000,000 foreign nationals will suddenly show up to claim the prize. Either they were here all along, or they'll engage in massive border jumping waves immediately following the amnesty. If a set period of illegal residency for qualification is established, it will be impossible for the bureaucracy to enforce. Everybody will get amnesty, including many career criminals. If the 1986 amnesty is the model, you'll get forty or fifty million new, "legal" residents. Probably more, when they import their entire families.

    22. weast, oxnard cal says:

      how come; they dont take back there state back {mexican}

    23. Wonderful Entry, If you dont mind I bookmarked your site to increase your rankings as well, as find new posts later on

    24. Fred Young, Laguna H says:

      Solution to Stop ALL Cross Border Crime

      An idea crossed my mind a while back which, if implemented, will virtually stop all cross border criminal activities (both directions). I have discussed this solution with peers, colleagues, friends and family, and all agree it is a solution that, although costly and immense in scope, is viable and sustainable. I contacted many media sources and government officials without much response and thought you might be interested in reading about this solution and perhaps sharing your thoughts about it with me.

      This solution won’t be easy to accomplish (things worthwhile rarely are). Difficult, yes; impossible, no. We have the technology and the ability and, it will take time and a great deal of money to accomplish. Even so, there could be dramatic immediate results if done right. The cost will be high, yes, but what price do you put on the thousands of lives that could potentially be spared?

      This project, if undertaken, will provide jobs for thousands upon thousands of workers at all levels on both sides of the border for many years to come during the establishing stage and thousands during the operational stage.

      Imagine, a solution that not only stops practically all cross border crime, but one that creates thousands of jobs, stops the need for drug cartels to battle for turf killing innocent citizens, elected officials and themselves, while humanely stopping illegal immigration, reducing to a trickle trafficking of all kinds and, if done right, would reduce pollution, provide a reduction of cost for transportation of goods and create a functional and useful barrier instead of an ugly, ineffective fence.

      This solution, which I call The "Grand" (taken from the Rio Grande) Canal is a functional canal extending from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean along the US/Mexican border following, for a large portion, the Rio Grande.

      Think about it.

      Fred Young

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